Best Adjustable Beds in 2022 Reviews

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People usually go for adjustable beds if they have some concerns in getting comfy sleep at night or they face from any physical ailments. These beds equipped with classy specifications like wall hugging, pillow leaning, high-quality massage, lumbar support, as well as programmable memory positions. Your doctor might advise you to have this bed if you are uncomfortable to find a relaxed sleeping position on your existing bed. When you sleep on these beds, you have the flexibility to elevate your feet, your head, or both, which offers a great convenience to people facing medical conditions. You can even read your favorite book or watch TV right from the comfort of these beds. Let’s read the details of the 10 best adjustable beds in 2022:

List of Top 10 Best Adjustable Beds in 2022 Reviews:

10. Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed

 Split King Adjustable Bed Base

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The adjustable bed can easily fit inside the majority of the bed frame. Basically, it comes with four-part type patented adjustable legs.


  • It comes with wireless remote as well as separate head up and foots up motors, located on both the sides of it.
  • There are twin XL adjustable bases located on either side but it needs two different twin long mattresses.
  • For purpose of assembly, no tools are required, only screw over the legs are needed and then just plug it inside.
  • It has a whisper quiet motor operation which ensures noiseless operation.
  • It incorporates a heavy duty frame instead of cheap steel.

9. Mattress America Adjustable Bed Frame

 Mattress America Adjustable Bed Frame

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The product from Mattress America brand comes with adjustable legs.


  • You can independently carry out head incline up to 60 degrees and you can carry out foot incline up to 45 degrees.
  • There is a provision of dual USB charging stations, located on either side of the bed base.
  • It comes with a wireless remote with massage wave, massage, as well as under bed lighting.
  • Its batteries come with three programmable memory options available to align to your preferred position.
  • You can conveniently raise your feet, head and you can also massage yourself while sleeping.
  • The set up is easy because all you need to do is a screw on the legs, then plug into the power box, and finally plug it within the outlet.

8. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed

 iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

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You can avail extra comfort while sleeping which permits the head to get aligned to 70 degrees and it allows foot alignment up to 42 degrees.


  • You can carry out full body massage with 4 modes including wave, 3 intensity levels, pulse, etc.
  • It comes with fully featured wireless back-lit remote consisting of total 18 buttons, anti-snore features, 3 different pre-set positions, and flat button.
  • The motor used is of 850 lbs. capacity per unit, with quiet operation. It works to employ zero-clearance design for appropriately fitting within the prevailing bed frame.

7. reverie DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed

 reverie DynastyMattress 8Q-Series Adjustable Bed Base

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The appealing aspect of the bed is that your head and foot could be easily elevated to any angle which facilitates the supreme level of comfort for you.


  • It comes with an ultra quiet massage feature that consists of total 10 different intensity levels.
  • You can select from foot and head or there is the availability of full body options.
  • There is a provision of gentle massage by letting your head raised up by the alarm function installed on the app.
  • It comes equipped with a remote stand (including USB port) and two AC outlets for the purpose of charging.
  • The bed has bluettoth module incorporated within it and it can be controlled using Apple smartphone with the help of the brand’s free app.

6. leggett & platt Adjustable Bed

 leggett & platt S-Cape Split King 2.0 Adjustable Wireless Wall Hugger Bed Base

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The adjustable bed base comes with S-Cape 2.0 foundation style and also it is an ideal approach to get great comfort in the bed.


  • It comes with technologically advanced back-lit wireless remote stands incorporated with security lock feature. The remote can be placed on the nightstand for quick access.
  • You can have complete body dual massage with a wave. This is because you can relax after spending a hectic day with the dual-wave massage. The massage is done in a manner that it travels from head to the toe to rejuvenate your entire body.
  • In order to gain extra safety during the instance when the electricity is gone, it’s emergency power-down feature functions to gradually lower the base with the help of a battery backup.

5. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Bed

 Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Affordamatic Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base/Foundation

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The bed is basically known as an adjustable mattress friendly, and it is perfect for use with latex, froth, and air mattresses. The product is just perfect for reading, watching TV, etc.


  • It is an economical alternative to costly ergonomic bed bases.
  • The bed’s wired remote is simple to operate and it comes with a distinct foot and head elevation options which makes it simple to read, watch TV or work on the laptop.
  • You can use with or without a standard bed frame.
  • You can elevate or lower down the head and feet of the bed base with the help of the wired remote control.

4. HOFISH One-Step Adjustable Bed

 HOFISH One-Step Assembly Customizable Positions Twin XL Solid Wood Slat Adjustable Bed Base

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Engineered keeping in mind the utmost sleep comfort for people facing from issues of surgery, this bed works to facilitate air circulation and relieves acid reflux.


  • Its back-lit function makes sure that you adjust your bed base with no hassles.
  • There is a provision of handy pocket for putting in remote control, and this prevents the remote from getting misplaced.
  • There is no requirement of motor assembly or tools; you can simply screw in six-bed legs.
  • It comes with two sides USB design which permits you to charge your devices effortlessly.

3. LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed

 LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base

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You can now comfortably enjoy reading, watching a movie, etc. with extreme comfort using this adjustable bed.


  • You can find the ideal comfort position as desired by merely pushing a button located on the wireless remote.
  • It comes with wireless remote incorporated with batteries and flashlight.
  • Its battery and flashlight come with programmable memory option for aligning to preferred position.

2. Classic Brands Adjustable Bed

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Full Adjustable Bed Base

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Enjoy the comfort while sleeping and avail supreme health advantages with the help of this adjustable bed.


  • It comes with programmable elevation positions, facilities for the head and foot massage, wireless remote, and USB ports.
  • The adjustable bed is perfect to use with latex, memory foam, and air mattresses.
  • It also comes with a whisper quiet base with the individual ergonomic head as well as foot elevations.

1. LUCID L100 Adjustable Bed

LUCID L100 Adjustable Bed Base-Adjustable Beds

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The adjustable bed from the brand LUCID can suitably fit within the majority of bed frames. Also, it is easily compatible with every LUCID mattress and several other mattresses of size less than 14 inches.


  • It makes use of a premium motor which is quiet in operation, reliable and responsive as well.
  • While sleeping, you can elevate your head to heal the symptoms of congestion or acid reflux.
  • With the help of head and foot incline, now you can conveniently sit on the bed to watch TV, to read books or to work on a laptop.

Concluding Note:

The best sleeping alignments are the desire of most of us and this can be accomplished comfortably with the help of adjustable beds. All of these beds come with technological sophistication for the ease of users.

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