Best Android Car Stereos/Android Auto Head Units in 2020

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When it comes to driving around, the integration of technology has become vital as there is a new need in society for tech-enabled commodities. Having said that, Android love to keep looking for the best android car stereos that support them. This can include their navigation requirements, music preferences, and ability to assist with tasks.

These Android car stereos are some of the best options on the market. These are reviewed to showcase the top features in each device. Understanding your needs and matching them to a car stereo that provides all the requirements you are looking for is important for optimal compatibility. Learn more through our 2020 reviews on the best Android car stereos below:

This Article is about Android Car Stereos for Car,  But if you are an iPhone user Check this out for the best Apple Car Play Stereos in 2020

Check Out The Best Android Car Stereos in 2020

12. Kenwood Excelon DMX905S

Kenwood Excelon DMX905S

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Starting off the reviews is the Kenwood Excelon, a top of the line feature for all android auto head unit. The device has a 6.95″ capacitive touchscreen display that creates a user-friendly surface with easy convenience. It is compatible with the SiriusXM satellite radio tuner and has the capability to be linked to Apple CarPlay, Weblink, and wireless Android Autos. This acts as one of the best Android car stereos in the market.

11. Pioneer AVH4200NEX

Pioneer AVH4200NEX

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The Pioneer Android Car stereo has a CD receiver along with an internal amp which is 14 watts RMS cea-2006/50 peak x 4 channel. It comes with a built-in Bluetooth function for the hands-free calls as well as streaming the audio. It is able to support two phones simultaneously. There are built-in Apple control adapters as well for viewing video content purposes. It works aligned with the Sirius Sxv300 tuner to support new tune mixes. 

10. Pioneer in-Dash Double DIN 6.2″ with WVGA Display 

Pioneer in-Dash Double DIN 6.2″ with WVGA Display

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This touchscreen car audio stereo has a 6.2-inch touchscreen along with a stereo receiver and Bluetooth functionality. It has a peak power output of 50 watts for four channels; the RMS Power Output is 22 watts for four channels. It also has 3 sets of 4v preamp outputs, from the front, rear, and subwoofer. The rear RCA video output is used for connection to separate monitors and other devices.

9. Sony Car Play/Android Auto Media Receiver

Sony Car Play Android Auto Media Receiver 

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The Sony Car Play Media Receiver is a very great choice as it has great voice control with both Android Auto and Apple Car Play , providing all phone users the opportunity to be in use, compatible with their car. This Android car stereo’s touchscreen functionality includes an ergonomic rotary dial for distraction-free purposes, allowing you to drive safely while staying connected.

8. Kenwood Car stereo

Kenwood Car stereo

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The Kenwood car stereo provides a beautiful color LCD display with LED backlight, alongside a clear panel. With multiple functionalities integrated for compatibility purposes, it is a great product for any phone user. The variable key illumination allows drivers to easily see and utilize products on-the-go.

7. Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEX Car Stereo

Pioneer AVIC-W8400NEX Car Stereo

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The Pioneer AVIC Car Stereo is a top choice for car stereos. The compatibility for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provides the opportunity for users to talk to Siri, have a phone conversation, or get directions from Maps which allows you to stay connected and accessible while you are focused on driving on the road. There is a built-in navigation system for easy access. This contains a large database for you to store points-of-interests, such as favorite restaurants or gas stations nearby.

The Bluetooth calling and audio streaming features allow you to stay safe on the road. This allows you to easily use the typical car functions without needing to pay too much attention to the device. This device also comes with lifetime tech support from the company.

6. Eonon Android – Navigation with Touch Screen

Eonon Android Touch Screen Navigation

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The Eonon Android system the newest operation system which improves the radio startup speeds a lot, as well as the functionalities of notifications and settings. The Google Play Protect helps to keep your car radio safer.

Many cars are applicable models for this product and it is compatible with other devices such as hot-spot, or rear camera, that you can connect and introduce to this car stereo. Lastly, the ability to stream from your phone via Bluetooth allows you to listen to music easily and have personal phone calls hands-free. For Android devices, you can achieve bidirectional control with the USB cable to access your favorite applications.

5. Lexxson Car Navigation

Lexxson Car Navigation

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The Lexxson Car Navigation system is great for an up-to-date version. There are constant updates on the application and device itself. There is an easy connection between your smartphones and your car stereo. This allows you to stay connected with normal car functionalities and your social life.

The product comes with a pre-built navigation system, allowing you to download any navigation map that you are looking for. There is offline navigation, once you download the maps. You are able to connect with Wi-Fi to do so. Lastly, the wireless functionalities with your smartphones give you the ability to call and listen to music conventionality.

4. BOSS Audio Car Stereo

BOSS Audio Car Stereo

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The BOSS Audio Car Stereo is a good choice as it provides high accessibility to your smartphones. It integrates maps navigation through either your smartphone or a third-party application. Branching off of that, there are different devices that are compatible with this device, from rearview cameras to backup safety functions.

This product comes with a 3-year platinum online dealer warranty. This provides the user with a safety net when purchasing this device.

3. Pioneer AVH-X4800BS

Pioneer Motorized DVD Receiver

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This version of the Pioneer Motorized DVD Receiver has built-in Bluetooth, allowing for up to two phones to be connected at once. This product allows for built-in functions to be used with Apple and Android products to provide hands-free calling and audio streaming as an option for the driver. It works with the SiriusXM Sxv300 tuner to support new tune mixes.

2. XTRONS Android Car Stereo

XTRONS Android Car Stereo

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The XTRONS Android Car Stereo focuses on the new Android 8.0 Operating System and is compatible with the Google Play Protect. This adds to the security and Bluetooth connectivity of smartphones. The dual camera switch and steering wheel control allows the drive to be in a safer position. This is important for on-the-go purposes, providing both the accessibility to stay connected and safety features in this device.

1. ATOTO A6 – Best of Android Car Navigation Stereo on

ATOTO A6 Android Car Navigation Stereo - Best android car stereos

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ATOTO’s Android Car Navigation Stereo is our top choice as it is developed from widely used Android Marshmallow OS, and is deeply customized and optimized for prime vehicle performance. There are many vehicle-based features, creating the best in terms of compatibility for all purposes and functionalities. The dual Bluetooth chips inside not only work as a hands-free and media streaming but it also connects the phone’s ability to connect to the internet.

There is a built-in GPS that allows users to download the maps for offline navigation throughout their drive. Alternatively, users can use their phone capabilities to adapt their navigation systems to their preferences. There is continuous product support and updates so that the purchase can flow seamlessly. As our first place winner, they are the optimal and best Android car stereo in the market.

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Having talked about the Android stereos cars, it brings the questions; what should you look for when buying, and also the benefits which accrue owning an Android stereo. When looking for android car stereos, there is a number of the features which are supposed to look before you decide which is the best auto head to install.


Quality of The Sound

The quality of the sound is one of the factor you should consider when you want to upgrade your automobile. There are varieties of the sound system available, and they majorly come in different cost packages. However, there is a need to ensure that you select the best sound quality irrespective of the cost.

Something very crucial to note is that the power of the system would help you to choose the best sound quality system. For instance, if it’s low priced systems, it would mean it produces low-quality sound while those who are highly-priced, they have excellent sound quality.

Ease to use

You should always buy a head unit which is easy to use irrespective of the budget which you have set for yourself. If you ensure that the stereo is easy to use, it would mean you will never have problems to operate the system. There are several android stereos which come with some clear guidelines on how to use, and this should prompt you to buy such head units.


Always ensure that the auto head which you buy for your car is more secure to you and other users. There are some key security features which get included in the new head unit, which would ensure that your stereo is much protected.

For instance, the security codes features would allow you to ensure that your head unit is not prone to theft. In addition to that, there is a detachable feature which would ensure high- tech protection of your stereo.


Head unit should support the auxiliary inputs, audio/ video outputs, and USB connections, which would ensure that your system connects with some portable music players. Also, the new stereo should support external amplifiers and powered subwoofers. An important feature which you should look for in your new stereos is whether the head units support Bluetooth or the USB input to ensure that you listen to your favorite music.

Cool Cosmetics

Your new stereo should have some unique features such as high- tech show and also some cutting- edge which would enhance some good appearance of your car in the interior side. In additions to that, you should consider the colors of your displays which would make the car to look smart. Another essential feature which you should look for is the touchscreen feature which would help navigate well while listening. If you consider such a simple combination, it will ensure that your stereo is simply the best.


Improved Entertainment

Once you have an Android Car stereo in your car, you will be able to boost the entertainment due to the new feature which comes with the new systems. It supports some key features which would ensure maximum entertainment in the car.

For instance, the auto head unit would support the music player, which ensures you select the songs which you want to listen. In addition to that, it has an expandable unit which would ensure that you connect the stereo with an outside player.

It Enables You to Interact with Your Smartphone.

With the new android Car stereos, you would be able to interact with your smartphone and enjoy some key features. For instance, you can be able to interact with your phone by making some calls, which are the new feature in the auto head units. In addition to that, you can also send and receive the text messages which would ensure you have a comfortable ride.

Easy to Use and Navigate

Android Car Stereos have been modified in a simpler way to ensure the users have an easy time to access all the features and also navigate well. It comes with the packaged instructions on how to operate the system, which makes it possible to use the system. There are some entertainment systems which get installed in the cars which are complicated to use, thus making it difficult for the users to navigate.

It Has a Rapid Android Charger

Android Car stereos come with a quick charger which is inbuilt and ready to use. It gets connected with the USB port, which would ensure that you can always access the charger at any time while in the car. These chargers vary subject to the receiver model. It is an important feature which, as an owner of the car, would not hesitate to get because it would always ensure that your Android device does not run out of power.

Dual Input Camera

It is the best feature which comes with the new stereos once you have installed in the car. It has both cameras which include rear and front cameras. The backup camera always ensures that rear-facing is clear, thus facilitate the reverse. While you are reversing the car your rear camera would help to have excellent visibility, thus preventing you not to hit an object or someone car.

Speed Limit and Warning

While you are driving, you will be able to access the speed limit notifications and also the hazard warnings which will always get displayed as per the GPS location which you are. It is a unique feature which would help you to avoid breaking the traffic rules while you are driving. In addition to that this crucial feature will be associated with equipped receivers which would ensure there is swift navigation.


Android Cars stereo is the best entertainment systems which any car owner should buy. However, one should be keen when purchasing the auto heads to avoid purchasing some counterfeits product. Always invest your time in choosing the best Android car stereos for your car, and you will never regret it.

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