Best Bluetooth Floating Pool Speakers in 2020


Do you enjoy listening to music even when you’re chilling out in a pool? Then this is the perfect time for you to get a floating Bluetooth pool speaker that will provide you unrestrictive music inside water. Here we proudly present this list of the top 10 best Bluetooth floating pool speakers in 2020.

List of Top 10 Best Bluetooth Floating Pool Speakers in 2020

10. NUVA presents Pool Float Portable Bluetooth Floating Speaker with 5W Audio Output, Dustproof, Shockproof

 Portable Swimming Pool Float Bluetooth Speaker Wireless

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Carry your entertainment hub in a pool and enjoy the unstoppable wave of music that will keep you refreshed. This floating Bluetooth speaker is specially designed to sustain in water and boasts its fantastic sound. You’ll surely appreciate the deep bass that shakes the ambience at your home, office and at indoor parties.

  •  Protected by IPX7 rating mean that this speaker is not just splash proof but you can take it down for 3ft under water and will find no damages incurred on it.
  •  Crisp HD quality sound provides high-quality output in and out of the water.
  •  With a wide connecting distance of around 120ft connecting this speaker to the Bluetooth is very easy and fast.
  •  A built-in mic lets you use this speaker as a handsfree device for answering your calls.

9. Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker Blue by Innovative Techology

 Innovative Technology Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lights

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Premium quality superb sound that satisfies your soul with an enriched bass that makes you stand up is the speciality of this Bluetooth floating pool speaker. Connect this speaker wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled tablet, laptop or mobile phone and stream high-definition entertainment every time.

  •  A wide connecting range of 33ft gives you the freedom to keep your mobile phone safe outside the pool while the speaker is floating with you inside the pool shaking you with its rich sound.
  •  Apart from these features you can enjoy the speaker’s glowing LED light that helps you recognise it at night.
  • No more replacing of batteries as once charged the rechargeable batteries lasts up to 6 hours.

8. AOMAIS presents SURF Black Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker with HD Quality Output of 16W

 AOMAIS SURF Touch Bluetooth Speakers, Portable Wireless IPX7 Waterproof Floating

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Suffice your craze for music with this ultimate Bluetooth speaker that boasts its powerful 16W output and banging deep bass. Featuring digital sound that reaches your ears with its noise and wind reduction technology to give you the clarity of each and every beat.

  •  Connect two of these speakers and create a 32W surround sound in your home, office for all indoor parties.
  •  Protected by high-level waterproof technology this speaker has got an IPX7 rating that lets you test its efficiency by keeping it 3 feet under water for 30 minutes without any harm.
  •  Large capacity rechargeable battery lasts for 8 hours continuously when you play it at 50% volume.
  • True to their word, the manufacturer offers a worry-free 12-month warranty on this premium quality product.

7. Meepo presents High Definition Surround Sound IPX7 Portable Speaker with LED Mood Lights and FM Radio

 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Shower Radio

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Powerful enriched sound packed in a tiny device with a specialised subwoofer that puts this Bluetooth speaker on a different level. SO if you’re looking for a speaker that is more towards banging the surrounding with its bass then you should choose this one.

  •  Don’t worry about subtle damages as this speaker is protected with the IPX7 rating which means that it is dustproof, sandproof, waterproof.
  •  Featuring an amazingly clear and bombastic sound of 5W output this Bluetooth speaker is known for its deep bass.
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery you can enjoy unrestricted entertainment for up to 8 hours on this speaker.
  •  Apart from all these features, this speaker is protected by 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime service.

6. MIX HERO presents Blue Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Pool Speaker with FM Radio and Powerful Bass

 Wireless Waterpoof Bluetooth Speaker Shower Radios

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Never stay away from music whether you’re at home, office, outdoors or even inside a pool. This is one of the best portable Bluetooth floating pool speakers that boasts of its superior quality sound and rich shaking bass.

  • Compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth devices playing wireless music is just easy on this speaker that has the anti-distortion function which provides crystal clear streamlines sound.
  •  High quality output of 5W and the IPX7 waterproof rating makes this speaker special.
  •  The suction cup at the bottom helps the speaker to float on water or you can even stick the speaker on a smooth surface like wall or mirror.
  •  Blue coloured built-in LED light helps you recognise the speaker at night.
  •  Don’t worry if you’re away from your Bluetooth device, you can enjoy listening to the radio on this speaker at such moments.

5. GAME presents Wireless Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker

 GAME Bluetooth Pool Speaker

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A smart and reasonable option to buy is the GAME Bluetooth speaker. Play unrestricted music on this speaker by connecting it to your Bluetooth device.

  •  For your assurance, this speaker is protected by IPX7 ratings which means that you can take this speaker 3fts underwater for 30 minutes and take it out without any damages.
  •  Apart from this, it is dustproof, sandproof so that you can take this compact gadget for all your outdoor adventures and even at beaches.
  •  Once charged this speaker will give you superior quality sound for the next 8 hours.
  •  With a built-in mic, you can answer your phone calls through this speaker.

4. Outdoor Waterproof IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker with Mic (Grey)

 CYBORIS IPX7 Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

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An excellent choice for music lovers that suffices the knack for outdoor entertainment is the cybrosis Bluetooth speaker. Featuring studio quality special sound from a 5W quality speaker makes this speaker for your indoor parties and all the outdoor adventures. Experience the punch of a powerful bass with the special subwoofer that makes the most to groove you on music.

  •  Wide range connection of 120 ft lets you put your device away while the speaker is floating with you inside the water.
  •  Connect two cybrosis Bluetooth speakers together and enjoying surround sound by using them as left and right channels.
  •  Fully safe, this speaker is protected by IPX7 waterproof ratings for your assurance.

3. ARCHEER presents A106 Bluetooth Floating Speaker with 20 Hours Playtime, Built-in Mic (Black)

 Archeer Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers

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Get this premium quality speaker that boasts its crystal clear sound and heavy bass to match all your expectations from a Bluetooth speaker. you can even connect your non-Bluetooth device through the aux cable for enjoying rich quality music.

  • Strong and durable construction this Bluetooth speaker is protected by IPX5 waterproof rating that makes it rainproof, dustproof, splashproof and shockproof.
  •  Featuring advanced Bluetooth technology you can play music from your device from a long range of 33ft.
  •  Incredible battery life of 20 hours, when used at 80% volume, makes this as one of the best speakers to carry for outdoor adventures.

2. AquaLife presents Floating Bluetooth Speaker with LED Lights

AquaLife Wireless Bluetooth Floating Sound System

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Rugged waterproof construction that throws premium quality sound is the speciality of this Bluetooth speaker.

Connect your Bluetooth device with this Bluetooth 2.1 speaker and enjoy seamless music that grooves you up.

  •  Wide range of 150ft when the speaker is in the line of sight and 60ft indoor range makes it perfect for use.
  • Colourful LED lights create a beautiful ambience when you put the speaker in water.
  • You can even play music by connecting a non-Bluetooth device with an aux cable.
  •  Also, comes with this pack a docking station that can be used to keep your mobile phone and it auto-pairs the phone with your speaker.

1. BassPal presents IPX7 Waterproof Poratable Bluetooth Speaker

 BassPal Bluetooth Speakers, IPX7 Portable Wireless

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This is just the best Bluetooth speaker for using inside pool with its premium quality design and sturdy make.

Protected by IPX7 waterproof ratings this speaker is not just splashproof but it is really waterproof and you can submerge this speaker for 30 minutes under 3ft water. Apart from that this speaker is dustproof, shockproof and sandproof making it a sturdy gadget.

  •  The suction cup at the bottom enables the speaker to float on water or you can stick it on a smooth surface like tiles and mirror.
  • Powerful 5W audio output with a specialised subwoofer for enhanced bass makes it a delightful companion for all your outdoor adventures.
  •  Wide connecting range of 33ft lets you keep your Bluetooth device safe while you can take the speaker inside a pool.
  • Backed by a 30-day money back guarantee you can confidently purchase this product.

Groove on to Superb Music

Never stay away from listening to high-quality music when you’re out for swimming. All the speakers listed in this list are not just splashproof but they are real speakers that have special waterproof ratings to give you the best musical experience of all times.