Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers in 2019 Reviews


To make the boring life interesting and add fun to your routine, colorful bulbs work uniquely. Have you ever thought what if the speakers are equipped with colorful bulbs? If not, then you need to look into this matter, to make your life interesting and joyous. Whether you are looking for ways to entertain your kids, add unique professionalism in the business, or add a contemporary accent to your home, the Bluetooth bulbs surpass your imagination.

You can get relieved from the daily chaos and can refresh your mood by arranging the Bluetooth light bulb speakers on your part. It is usually a hectic task to arrange everything for the party, and incorporating these bulb speakers would simplify some of your concerns. For different occasions –Christmas, New Year, Birthday parties, etc., these bulb speakers enhances the overall look of the surrounding. When deciding to pick the best Bluetooth light bulb speakers, the knowledge of the 10 best models is necessary, for that, refer below sections:

List Of The Best Bluetooth Light Bulb Speakers in 2019

10. BSOD LED RGB Color Bluetooth Control Smart Music Audio Speaker Lamps:

 BSOD LED RGB Color Bluetooth Control Smart Music Audio Speaker Lamps:

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Equipped with environmental protection features, this Bluetooth light bulb speaker ensures bright light and energy saving features. The product makes use of the LED chip in form of its light source. It is found that this speaker is comparable to a 50 W halogen bulb.


  • It comes with multifunctional features because you can use it as Bluetooth speaker or light bulb.
  • The speaker could make the colorful light dance with the audio output.
  • Right from the convenience of your bed, you can easily control the lights whenever you wish to sleep.
  • It presents dimmable features which allow you to make use of the 24 keys controller to automatically control the desired color of RGB LED bulb speaker.
  • With the help of IR Wireless controller, the distance covered is approximately 10 meters.
  • The speaker can work with Bluetooth 3.0 compatible gadgets.
  • The unique feature of this speaker is it comes with a built-in memory function that maintains the last color or the program mode.
  • It can work seamlessly for 110V and also for 220V.
  • Different devices like Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, etc. can work with this speaker. Also, devices with Android 4.3 or higher can work with it.
  • There are total 20 pre-programmed modes including crossfades, strobe etc.

9. LED Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker from Texsens:

 LED Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker from Texsens:

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If you are looking for a multicolored, appealing in design, and energy efficient smart LED light output, choose this Bluetooth light bulb speaker from Texsens. This speaker is suitable for your bedroom, cabinet, closet, corridor, basement, workshop, oil depots, garage, door, and many other places.

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  • The speaker makes use of 100% modern and high-quality material.

It comes in a variety of colors to let you choose as per your wish.

  • With the help of remote control, there is no need to use any app, and you can manually adjust the light color.

The bulbs consume less electric power and found to generate less heat during the operation.

  • Within a few minutes, you can easily install it.
  • Using a single remote controller, you can easily control more than one bulb simultaneously. It should be kept in mind that only one bulb can be connected to one Bluetooth device.

8. LED-088 Flush Mount LED Light from CASasa:

 LED-088 Flush Mount LED Light from CASasa:

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The music LED bulb speaker from CASasa uniquely features the light-bulb revolution combining speaker product and LED light. You can use it for architectural emphasis, party, holidays, outdoor decoration, Christmas decoration, or for decorating your drawing room, bedroom, etc.


  • The main features of this speaker are app control, multi-adjustable color, energy saving light, internal speaker, etc. These features make this speaker a unique product on the market.
  • The bulb is capable to fit inside the typical household E27 screw base lighting fixtures.
  • You can control its lighting using the freely available “iLight” APP from Apple iTunes store and Google play store.
  • Just connect your smartphone to the bulb using the Bluetooth connection and enjoy wireless streaming of your music; you can also control the colors.
  • It comes with 50 hours of lifespan.

7. Magic Hue Bluetooth Speaker Bulb with Speaker:

 Magic Hue Bluetooth Speaker Bulb with Speaker:

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Now you can personalize your lighting with the desired color presented by this Bluetooth light bulb speaker. You can conveniently choose from a color palette of more than 16 million colors and a wide range of tones of white, ranging from 2000k to 9000k. This includes pure white, warm white, and natural white. You would be amazed by the fact that every color is dimmable. Make your children’s bedtime a pleasing experience, or commence the party in an exceptional way.


  • This bulb includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker capable to play songs taken from sources such as Spotify, Pandora, etc.
  • You can easily sync the lights to the finest of the songs. This helps you to relax after working for the whole day.
  • It comes with an energy saving feature. The speaker comes with a lifetime of 20,000 hours.
  • The bulbs are easy to install and use. You just need to screw in this bulb, power it on, and then download the freely available app -“MagicHue Bluetooth” app. This allows you to conveniently use the next generation light bulb.
  • It comes with an alarm timer that allows you to create sleep timer or wake up timer. The feature allows you to let the desired colors wake you up and convey you to sleep.

6. Smart Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker LED Light Bulb:

 Smart Bulb with Bluetooth Speaker LED Light Bulb:

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The light dancing with music is now possible with the use of this Bluetooth light bulb speaker. It comes with the app that enables you to enjoy your preferred music and light.

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  • This smart lamp can be paired with a single phone for efficient control. If there are multiple bulbs, it needs multiple Bluetooth connections to be appropriately configurable.
  • You can save the favorite colors because its app enables you to save 5 preferred colors.
  • It comes with timer mode that implements the timer option to power on or off the smart bulb, whenever you wish. This helps you to wake up in the morning.
  • The speaker comes with multi-color changing feature and white color dimmable feature.

You can change the colors based on music.

5. LightStory Light Bulb Speaker:

 LightStory Light Bulb Speaker:

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Recognized as color changing speaker bulb from LightStory, the product features four color models of light.


  • There are over 12 bright shades to choose as per your preference. The speaker depicts the latest color of light that you utilized previously.
  • It comes with timing alarm and sleep assistant functions. Using these functions, you are allowed to power the bulb on / off at a particular time.
  • The speaker allows you to wake you up naturally using the soft light during the morning and begin your day delightfully.
  • The process of installation is easy. Just screw in the bulb, drive it on, and just download the free app into your smartphone. After that, you could play your chosen music with the choice of right color.
  • Using the stereo speaker inside, users could easily play your smartphone or tablet music.

4. Autai LED Light Bulb:

 Autai LED Light Bulb:

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The unique specialty of this device is its RGBW multi-color changing feature. You can choose from warm white and cool white for adjusting the brightness.


  • There is the provision of “iLink” app to adjust colors.
  • The wireless control distance is found to be 16-26ft.
  • Its packaging includes the sound speaker of the light bulb. This allows you to play your smartphone music n exhausting day.
  • The feature of timer setting allows you to set times of this smart bulb to power on/off automatically at a specific instant of the day.
  • This bulb would automatically shut off once you go to sleep. After that, you can wake up easily with the soft light in the morning.
  • You can change the color as per the music.

3. Sengled Solo Smart Bulb with Dual Channel Speakers:

3. Sengled Solo Smart Bulb with Dual Channel Speakers:

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Recognized as the world’s first LED-based light bulb with stereo speakers, this smart speaker bulb is assured to entice you. It comes with energy-efficient feature and lots of useful aspects that worth the price offered. The device incorporates a left-right stereo sound effect for unique music experience. Now enjoy music anywhere and anytime.


  • It comes with the app control access that allows you to play music, control volume and adjust dim brightness easily from your Android or iOS device.
  • The process to install is quite easy. All you need to do is just screw into any typical E26 light socket/fixture. There is no hassle of cables or power cords to power it on. You just need to pair this device with your mobile device using Bluetooth connectivity. Once, this is done, scan the QR code shown on the package, in order to install APP software, i.e., Sengled Pulse. At last, launch the Pulse App and link it to your pulse solo bulb.
  • The device comes with energy savings features. This allows you to relish the low power consumption utility without compromising the light quality. It comes with a lifetime of 25,000 hours.
  • It supports a broad range of Bluetooth and wirelessly operated audio configuration files. These files are compatible with different devices that have Bluetooth connectivity.
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2. ICOCO Bluetooth Smart Speaker:

 ICOCO Bluetooth Smart Speaker:

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A perfect Bluetooth light bulb speaker for your bedroom, corridor, cabinet, workshop, basement, stairwell, garage, door, and other places, it is recommended to try out this device. Basically, it is a kind of multi-colored smart LED bulb with built-in Bluetooth speaker. It is not always feasible to incorporate a sound system in all the rooms of your home. For such cases, his speaker from ICOCO helps a lot.


  • This speaker can be easily controlled through your smartphone without installing any app.
  • Its remote control comes with red, green, blue and 16 adjustable colors.
  • It can support wireless connectivity to minimum 10m distance.
  • The speaker can seamlessly connect to any device that demands access. Therefore, if you reside near hackers that may wish to gain private access, you would be warned.

1. LED Wireless Light Bulb Speaker from Ustellar:

 LED Wireless Light Bulb Speaker from Ustellar:

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Packed with lots of user-friendly features, this smart speaker bulb from Ustellar is basically a wireless based energy efficient and multi-colored device. Without any hassle, you can control the speaker with the help of your smartphone or tablet for enjoying music. This speaker is suitable for the restaurant, bar, bedroom, corridor, cabinet, workshop, garage, oil depots, door, and several other places.


  • It comes with an advanced dancing light feature that allows the device to emit colorful light dance as per the music rhythm.
  • With the help of remote control, you can adjust the light and volume.
  • A single remote control is capable to control multiple bulbs simultaneously. But you need to make sure only a single wireless device should be connected to a single bulb.
  • It comes with energy saving feature to save the power consumption and protect the device from overheating. You will be amazed by knowing the fact that the speaker bulb can save 85% on the electricity bill.
  • There are total 13 color choices available for you to choose from. Also, there are three modes to operate this device. These modes are Flash, Strobe, and Fade.
  • No requirement of the app to control this speaker. If you wish, you can manually control the light color.
  • The device is shock and vibration resistant.

It is really great to able to change the atmosphere of home, office, party venue, garage, corridor, cabinet, etc. with the use of color lighting. This is successfully accomplished with these Bluetooth light bulb speakers. The choice of right bulb would help you efficiently control the music and lighting of the devices.

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