Best Bumper Guards in 2019 Reviews


However skilled you may be as a driver, there is always a possibility that someone hits the bumper of your car or puts a dent on it while trying to park their car. A bumper guard is a must-have car accessory, if your car is invaluable to you. The bumper guards are designed and made to protect your car and its bumper from any kind of damage. Thus it indirectly helps you save a lot of your money. There is a wide variety of bumper guards sold in the market and picking the best one is not all that easy. To ensure that you needn’t be visiting the service station now and then, you need to go in for a superior bumper guard.

Keeping in view the safety of your car, we have come up with a list of the ‘Top 10 Bumper Guards for the year 2019’:

List of Top 10 Best Bumper Guards in 2019 Reviews

10. COSMOSS Bumper Guard

COSMOSS Rear Bumper Protector - Best of Bumper Guards in 2019

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This is a high quality bumper guard that’s best suited for sedans. Its precise dimensions are that of 41″ x 3″ inches. The entire bumper guard is made from high quality silicone polymer. This unit is temperature resistant, anti-aging, waterproof and UV resistant; all because its primary material is Silicone polymer. This bumper guard effectively protects your car from scratches and, it can also be used to cover already existing scratches or damages incurred by your car.

Special Features:

  • Top Quality silicone polymer material, waterproof and UV resistant
  • Hassle Free Installation
  • Distinctive design and non-slip surface

9. Bumper Bully Rear Bumper Guard

 BLACK EDITION Bumper Bully - Bumper Protector

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This is a truly one-of-a-kind bumper guard as its ‘stabilizer bar’ design is literally patented. The primary material that’s been used in its making is the top-quality PVC. Without steel reinforcement, its trunk traps are waterproof in nature. Although it does not come with safety reflectors, it offers an extra wide bumper protection, covering more of your car’s bumper than usual. With that, we come to its dimensions. Its extra-wide dimensions are that of: 46 x 12 inches. The unique shape and the black on black design give it a distinctive look, which gives it an aesthetic benefit that’s unique in bumper guards.

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Special Features:

  • Patented stabilizer bars
  • Waterproof trunk straps, made from premium grade, soft elastic rubber, that is PVC free.
  • Super Wide Bumper Protection Area 46″ x 12” inches

8. Bumper X Bumper Guard

 BumperX Car Bumper Guard and Protector

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Designed to fit most cars, this high-quality bumper protector is so designed as to serve as a 2nd skin to the bumper of your car. If you want to remove it, you can do so easily with a pinch of elbow grease. It reduces the cost of repainting considerably. It adheres over prominent scratches, punctures holes, chipped paint, and almost any small damage on your bumper. The dimensions of this simple bumper guard are that of: 6 x 62 inches. Furthermore, the bumper guard is weather resistant and hence, its durability should not be a major area of concern.

Special Features:

  • Dimensions 62” x 6” wide rear bumper far, easy to bend and easily modified to fit most bumpers
  • It is resistant to UV/UVA rays, rain, snow, waterproof.
  • Peel and Stick Protection, with a 3M adhesive to adhere on automotive.

7. Pacer Performance Black Deluxe Bumper Guard

 Pacer Performance 25-502 Black Deluxe Bumper Guard Kit - 4 Piece

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Pacer’s deluxe bumper guards are an attractive alternative to protect your vehicle from minor scratches and blemishes. Its approximate dimensions are that of 26 x 3 inches. The easy installation for one is a great advantage of this product. With no drilling required, it makes use of a special 3M adhesive that easily sticks on to the majority of bumpers. It is sold in pairs and is an extremely affordable option for prospective buyers.

Special Features:

  • Deluxe gloss black UV protected PVC material
  • Attractive and inexpensive way to protect your vehicle from minor parking lot scratches
  • Installation using 3M adhesive
  • Sold in a complete 4 piece kit

6. FH Group F16408 Bumper Guard

 FH Group F16408Black Universal Fit Rear 'Bumper Butler' Bumper Guard Protector

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The FH Group bumper perfectly fits most sedan cars and comes with a very durable and long-lasting rubber design. Coming with adjustable straps and a hook that can fit onto the inside of our trunk, it makes the installation of it for a non-mechanic very easy. It even folds into your truck cargo when not in use, thereby accounting for space-efficiency. It has the capability of blending with any vehicle’s shape. The top-quality safety reflectors that it’s equipped with ensuring that the vehicle onto which this bumper guard is attached, stands out from the crowd. This can be of great help during times of emergency. Coming to its physical specifications, the precise dimensions of this bumper guard are that of 43 x 11 inches.

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Special Features:

  • Durable and distinctive design
  • Made out of the top quality rubber
  • Neoprene seat covers with a durable design for Sedans and SUVs
  • Easy installation with Safety Reflectors for enhanced visibility

5. Runmade Bumper Guard

 runmade Universal Black Anti-collision Patch Bumper Guard Strip Anti-scratch Bumper Protector Trim for Cars

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The Runmade bumper guard boasts of an elegant, dynamic and unique design. Its dimensions measure 14.6 x 5 inches which makes it suitable for almost all car brands and models. It stylishly covers the majority of existing scratches and protects your vehicle from additional wear and tear. Another purpose of this product is that it successfully protects the bumper edges from abrasion and scrapes while parking. It can be easily installed in the front and rear of the car bumpers, thanks to the simple installation process. Much of the bumper guard is made out of durable and high-quality rubber, which is one of the reasons for its superior performance.

Special Features:

  • Hassle Free Installation
  • High-quality rubber materials, with a perfect fit for most cars
  • Durable, unique and flexible design.

4. Rhino Guard BumpTek, Bumper Guard

 Rhino Guard by BumpTek

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This heavy duty and durable bumper guard offers optimum protection against scratches and scrapes. The air pocket on the backside is the highlight of this protector. Because of this unique design alteration, it offers superior protection to your car. Coming to its dimensions now, its precise physical dimensions measure 20 x 2 inches. It’s made out of top-quality European materials that have a reputation for being long-lasting. The black matte finish is UV stable providing an OEM appearance to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle and protect it, at the same time.

Special Features:

  • Air Pocket Design to safeguard vehicle from scratches and scrapes
  • Durable and high-quality flexible material
  • Easy installation

3. BUMPERSAFE Bumper Guard

 BUMPERSAFE Bumper Protector - Black Bumper Guard for Cars

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BUMPERSAFE bumper protectors are durable and sturdy enough to protect the entire bumper including corners and sides. When compared to other bumper guards, it’s one of the widest out there in the market with its precise dimensions standing at 72 x 9.5 inches. Surprisingly for its size, it’s extremely lightweight which makes it quite easy to carry and store when not in use. It gets along with the majority of the car models on the road. One can order this quality product without any second thought because of its durable and soft foam material that ensures that no damage is done to the aesthetic appeal of the car. It ensures that there’s no paint that’s ‘pulled away’ from the car. Super-easy to install, it comes duly attached with safety reflectors which enhance its visibility in entirety.

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Special Features:

  • Safety Reflectors; enhanced visibility
  • Made from sturdy and durable material
  • Extra-wide dimensions; encompasses the full car
  • Universal fit design; fits onto the majority of cars in the market

2. ATMOMO Bumper Guard

 ATMOMO 4 Pcs Auto Car Body Bumper Guard Protector Sticker Anti-rub Bar Strip Car bumper strips

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The ATMOMO bumper guard features a durable and waterproof design which is both durable and long-lasting, thanks to the high-quality material used in its making. The stainless steel and rubber material prevents it from looking too shabby and gives it a perfect finish that gets along with most vehicles. With double-sided adhesive tape, the paste on Car Body becomes more stable, making it last longer than most other products. The precise dimensions of this bumper guard measure 16.1 x 0.98 inches.

Special Features:

  • Hassle-free installation
  • Crafted out of top quality rubber and stainless steel
  • Double-sided adhesive tape for increased stability

1. Edge and Corner Bumper Guard

Edge & Corner Guards Set

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The Edge and Corner bumper guard is adjustable in length with a unique shape that ensures the maximum protection of your bumper and a custom fit that will enhance the style quotient of your car. It has hook and loop fasteners that make sizing and attachment quick and easy without tools. While, on the other hand, it’s supplied with bungee cords and super-strong suction cups that offer options to secure 6-point attachment. Thereby ensuring maximum protection for the car. Owing to its flexible design, it can be used to protect more than just a car bumper. It can be used to safeguard car doors, tables, furniture etc. It’s a certified safety product. Furthermore, it’s equipped with the best-in-class 3M advanced tape and offers all the benefits that come with it. Lastly, coming to its dimensions. They are that of: 22 x 15 inches, with a wide-fit option.

Special Features:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • High density covering imparting complete protection
  • Distinctive design with durable built
  • Superior protection and top-notch safety features

There are countless bumper protectors available in the market and you may end up choosing the wrong one for your car. Get the bumper protector that will offer you the best protection, ease of use, durability, and peace of mind.

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