Best Bushcraft Knives in 2022 Reviews

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People basically design the Bushcraft knives to be versatile in nature. These types of knives are generally fixed and they could also be mounted on a stick as a stab. Moreover, their handles are quite easy to maintain and their sheaths are easily portable. If you are bushcraft, it is certain that you need the finest bushcraft knife which could assist you to effortlessly accomplish day-to-day wilderness tasks. These tasks include skinning hunted animals, shedding tree limbs, or cutting woods.

In order to pick the finest Bushcraft Knife, it is advisable to focus on a few of the major factors like handle profile as well as the blade profile. Now make a wise decision when you go on to buy the best Bushcraft knife by first reading the details of the 10 best models available in the market.

Check Out The Top 10 Best Bushcraft Knives in 2022

10. Schrade SCHF36 Steel Fixed Blade Knife

 Schrade SCHF36 Steel Fixed Blade Knife:

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The brand Schrade is well-known for creating reliable knives that are ideal for different outdoor adventures. If you go out for camping, hiking, executing bushcraft, or any other outdoor activities, this Bushcraft Knife from Schrade is your best and strongest companion.

What We Like:

  • You can confidently carry this blade without worrying about it slipping off the hand. The high security is ensured with the inclusion of front quillon, finger choil, and thumb and grip jimping.
  • Quick and effortless access is conveyed with the use of a polyester belt sheath.
  • They ensure the durability because this blade is prepared from 1095 powder-coated steel along with a TPE handle that comes in a ring texture.
  • It is a kind of stoutly-built knife that is intended to withstand excessive abuse for long-term use.
  • You can use it for emergency use, like breaking windows, rod work, eliminating back bands and tenderloins from the occasional gubbermint goat, etc.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Poor powder coating. 
  • Need better steel. 
  • Sturdy but a little heavy. 

9. ESEE Knives ESEE-3MIL-P Knife

 ESEE Knives ESEE-3MIL-P Knife:

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This Bushcraft Knife model is the first one from ESEE that laid the foundation for all the successive models. After completing the design of rat-3 for Ontario Knife Company, this model served to be the first design conveyed by Esee Knives. Since the knives are manufactured from high carbon 1095 steel, you can rely on its strength and regular use.

What We Like:

  • It comes with a lightweight design, thin profile, and lots of sheath options that make it a perfect knife for law enforcement and military teams.
  • The handle material uses Micarta and the sheath is made up of foliage green molded polymer. Both these aspects suggest the high durability of this knife.
  • Its blade is finished with a black powder coat to give a shiny look and high durability.
  • This knife is a lightweight product because it weighs 5.20 oz and with sheath, it weighs 9.30 oz.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The knife is very thin.
  • The handle is a little slim. 

8. Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife

 Ontario Black Bird SK-5 Knife:

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It was Paul Sheiter who designed this Ontario Bushcraft Knife model. The person expressed the opinion when asked about it. As per Sheiter, when the product becomes more complicated, it is more likely to fail when your life relies on it. Due to this reason, Shelter designed this knife to attain supreme function delivered using pure simplicity.

What We Like:

  • Its blade is manufactured from American made 154CM steel. This steel is renowned for its supreme toughness, sharpness, edge-retaining capacity, and corrosion resistance.
  • The blade thickness is 0.13 inch and it presents a full-taper grind.
  • In order to deliver a comfortable grip, the perimeter of its handle is rounded.
  • Its handle is firmly attached to the knife tang with the use of stainless steel Allen screws. This ensures a well-crafted design.
  • This knife comes with a MOLLE compatible sheath along with a belt loop that presents a sturdy protective insert.
  • Its blade grind assumes a full flat tapered design that ensures excellent hardness and easy handling.
  • The material used in making the sheath is Nylon and the sheath is Molle compatible.
  • The open length of the knife is 10-inch which makes it an easy to carry type product.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The knife seems a bit dull. 
  • The flat grind on the spine is uneven.
  • The fasteners affixing the handle are of poor quality.
  • A bit expensive for its quality. 

7. Buck Knives 863 Selkirk Knife

 Buck Knives 863 Selkirk Knife:

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When you wish to carry Bushcraft Knife in rocky and tough conditions, this one is an ideal product to try. The knife is named after the rocky Selkirk mountain range that begins in Idaho’s Northern Panhandle. Basically, it is a mid-sized knife that packs many additional features to maximize survival in tough conditions.

What We Like:

  • In order to enhance sharpness, the knife uses a razor-sharp blade of 4-5/8″ Drop Point 420HC steel.
  • The knife is intended to deliver outstanding strength, and it comes with corrosion resistance and edge retention features.
  • With its overall length of 9-1/2″, it would not occupy much space. Moreover, it is a lightweight knife, so it would be easy to carry it around.
  • The knife incorporates an injection-molded nylon sheath. For easy portability, you can easily configure it into vertical or horizontal belt carry.
  • During emergency situations, the fire striker with a whistle included in the grip helps a lot.
  • In order to present ultimate security, it comes with a contoured Micarta handle with steel support. This assists you to securely grip the knife while you work.
  • You can use the steel bolster as an ad hoc hammer for outdoor use.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Appear to be a bit bulky. 
  • Not made in the U.S.A. 

6. Tops B.O.B. Brothers of Bushcraft Survival Knife

 Tops B.O.B. Brothers of Bushcraft Survival Knife:

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Brothers of Bushcraft knives are found extremely for skinning, carving, and other common woods work. It comes with a 1095 high carbon steel blade that is finished with partial coyote tan finish. This implies how well-crafted the knife is.

What We Like:

  • The handle uses Olive green linen micarta material. It is found that these handles present a divot which you can use as the opening for the fire bow drill tasks.
  • It comes with a finger guard and a lanyard hole for efficient use.
  • For easy portability, the knife features a Kydex belt sheath along with the metal clip. It also includes a Ferro-rod attachment point.
  • You can use the fire starter and black colored survival whistle.
  • For enhancing the blade sharpness, the blade is made up of Plain Edge Drop Point and finished with Coyote Tan.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Chipped Blade 

5. Handmade Bushcraft & Hunting Knife from Perkin

 Handmade Bushcraft & Hunting Knife from Perkin:

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Are you in the middle of seeking any quality Bushcraft Knives that arrives with a razor-sharp blade? This will enable you to connect to various items?  This knife comes from Perkin is what we would like to recommend you. The aspect that turns it into an extraordinary one is the utilization of 01carbon steel in the blade construction of its. This knife comes with a durable heft that is simple enough for batoning woods. 

What We Like:

  • For convenient portability and ease of accessing, the knife provides a handmade leather sheath.
  • To allow users to handle it comfortably, the item arrives with a walnut wood handle. This way, it turns out to be non-slip and wear-resistant. At the same time, the handles are well created from premium-quality materials for enhancing strength and durability.
  • Its leather sheath is the product of handmade; thus, utmost care is provided in its design.
  • You can easily chop or cut any hard materials all thanks to  its sharp blade.
  • There is also a 90° edge on its spine which works seamlessly for a ferrocerium rod.
  • The knife offers a number of grip options to assist you in accomplishing carving and a lot of other bushcraft duties.
  • Its sheath is well-crafted and covers the knife perfectly.
  • The belt loop features a convenient size. As a result, it would conveniently fit many belt sizes.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Blade length does not even go for 4.5 inches.
  • The blade does not come sharp.
  • It does not present a firm and solid handle. 

4. 1086284 Ontario Knife Co RTAK-II Knife

 1086284 Ontario Knife Co RTAK-II Knife:

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Recognized as a highly durable Bushcraft Knife, this product from Ontario Knife is committed for long-term use with appealing blade finish. Located in the beautiful Southern Tier of New York State, the Company -Ontario Knife manufactures one of the best, most comprehensive, and wide-ranging items in the cutlery field.

What We Like:

  • The knife is made up of 5160 carbon steel, and its handles are made from canvas-textured Micarta material. This makes it a durable product.
  • Its blade comes with foliage green texture and careful powder-coated non-reflective material.
  • For firmness while use, its full-tang blades are securely hardened to the 54-56 HRc.
  • For comfort, while used, the knife includes a nylon sheath. The sheath is heavy duty and when you apply your creativity, you can use the pocket as well as the webbing on it, in order to prepare a kit.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The handle has micarta scales but they aren’t shaped well.
  • Big blade. 

3. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Knife

3. Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Knife:

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Those who are looking for the best companion for their camping, hunting, and different outdoor activities should try this Bushcraft Knife from the brand. It is a kind of full tang heavy duty knife, perfect for all the camping chores. Moreover, the knife is from Olean New York, U.S.A, and the design is by Ethan Becker.

What We Like:

  • You can easily secure this knife in the sheath. Once this is ready, there is a point on the rear side of the sheath where you could impose pressure using your thumb to liberate the knife.
  • For utmost safety, this knife locks into a fixed place. Therefore, there are no chances of the knife falling out.
  • For enhancing the strength, the knife incorporates a hard shell black nylon sheath.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The black coating is too thick.
  • The coating covers up very poor bladesmanship by the manufacturer.
  • A bit dull. 

2. Condor Tool & Knife Condor Tool

 Condor Tool & Knife Condor Tool:

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The present model of Survival Knife from the brand Condor Tool and Knife holds its outback to 1787. Made complete using the blasted satin finish, this knife is capable of assuming this finish with the help of sand or bead flashing the uncovered metal part of the blade. Furthermore, its manufacture makes use of supreme quality cutlery and tools.

What We Like:

  • The overall look is made classic with its hardwood handle scales. These scales are firmly held using the two brass rivets.
  • The leather sheath is incorporated in this knife.
  • You can choose from different colors: gray, brown, black, etc.
  • Its manufacture includes 1075 high carbon steel to ensure high strength.
  • The material that they use to make the handle is hardwood micarta material to allow easy grip.
  • The overall dimension of this knife is compact and would easily fit in your hands.
  • There are a total of 44 sculpted vents and its soft pads are replaceable.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The handle is a little bit too long.

1. Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife from Morakniv

 Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife from Morakniv:

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This Bushcraft Knife from Morakniv is recognized as a necessary tool for suiting a wide range of hunting, tactical, emergency, and outdoor applications.

What We Like:

  • It makes use of high carbon steels that can work well for the applications that need high durability and recurrent regrinding.
  • At its core, there is a razor-sharp, heavily built with a carbon steel blade featuring great thickness. This blade is finished with a superb coating of tungsten DLC based anti-corrosive coating.
  • The inclusion of scandi grind lets it an ideal knife for a variety of applications. This is because it secures this knife from falling off easily. The grind would bite into the surface and would not get stuck. It is made sharp for long-term use.
  • The blade comes with a length of 109 mm and is made relatively thin. So, you can easily carve different items.
  • It arrives with a black plastic sheath that is able to firmly hold a Morakniv Fire Starter.
  • The product highlights a built-in diamond sharpener. This lets it simply sharpen the blade.
  • There is a belt loop included in its plastic sheath. This would allow the knife to stay securely at your side.
  • It is a lightweight product with a net weight of 229 g.
  • The blade’s spine is ridge gourd in order that it could be easily utilized with the Morakniv fire starter, capable of lasting for around 7,000 strikes. This would emit a 3,000-degree spark during the wet condition.
  • Its ergonomic handle equipped with a high-friction type rubber grip provides you the feeling of easy control. This would simplify the cutting tasks in a unique way.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Insecure sheath. 
  • The sheath is not designed for left-hand use. 

Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Bushcraft Knives 

Bushcraft knives are the most essential tool for outdoor adventure. In fact, it is one of the best tools to help you survive in the wild. Aside from its size which is easy to carry around and fit in a pocket safely, it is also important that it is effective enough to serve its purpose. It is designed at least 3 ½ inches long and small enough to carry around during emergencies. It could be complicated to pick the right one even though you might think it is just a knife, but all of them come with different qualities. To ensure you pick the best one for your adventure, here are a few guides you should consider before purchasing a bushcraft knife. 

The Blade

The blade is the most important factor to look at when looking to buy any knives, not just the bushcraft knives. For the bushcraft knives, you want at least 3 inches long of blad to be effective for multiple purposes. Ideally, we suggest that you look for one with a drop point which is good for piercing. Another crucial part to look into is the full tang blade since it allows more force to be applied to the blade without the worry of the knife snapping at the bolster. 

Type of Steel

One of the most commonly used steel is high carbon steel since it is more durable and capable of holding the razor-sharp longer. Although for the high carbon blade, you want to look into one that is highly corrosion-resistant, since this type could appear to be prone to corrosion. 

The Handle

Handle material is very important. For the bushcraft knives, you need to ensure that you get a good solid grip. G10 material is the top choice for a durable handle and great texture for a smooth grip. TPE is the second-best option for Bushcraft knives. If you are new to shopping for bushcraft knives. We highly recommend these two materials for a good handle of the knives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are bushcraft knives used for?

A: In general, this kind of knives are used to perform any outdoor activities. Those include cutting the bushes during your hiking or camping. More than that, it is regarded as one of the outdoor survival kits that you might necessarily need.

Q: What makes a bushcraft knife?

A: One thing that you can notice whether or not it is a good bushcraft knife is when that item comes in a full-tang. That is to say, you can see the blade thickness goes from the start-up to the handle. Because of this, it enables the knife to perform excellently in handling some thick and strong bushes.

Some Final Thoughts

It is true that Bushcraft Knives does not always offer the same quality, use, performance, and design. Hence, it is vital to learn which model is best suited for your needs. To make the informed decision, you can dive deep into its specifications and features. Also, you can look at these types of supreme quality Bushcraft Knives available on the market as discussed to make the best decision.

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