Best Butt Pillows in 2019 Reviews


Whether it’s working on a computer, cooking, driving, or studying, we often spend long hours in a day being seated. Spending most of the time seated can have a lot of harmful effects on our body, especially on our back, neck, and legs. Since it is so little we can do about sitting for long durations, we must do the next best thing, which is getting ourselves the best butt pillows available to have a comfortable and painless time.

The best butt pillows available in the market have been listed below for you. You can select the best one suitable depending on your requirements.

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10. Dr. Flink – Seat Cushion Pillow

Donut Seat Cushion Pillow Memory Foam

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Dr. Flink’s cushion pillow is ergonomically designed to give the most comfort. It has special contours designed to impart comfort to the person sitting on it. It is made of high-quality material, portable and fits perfectly on all type of chairs. The cover can be removed and cleaned easily if it gets dirty at all


  • The contour shape distributes weight evenly – increased comfort and relief from all pains
  • Provides comfort for the back by promoting spine alignment
  • Good for reducing tailbone pain, hemorrhoid pain, back pain, coccyx, and sores
  • High-quality foam does not cause irritation to the butts
  • Machine washable

9. Foam Chair Cushion by Dr. Tushy

Memory Foam Chair Cushion Pillow with Straps, Best Comfort & Wider for Lower Back Pain

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The cushion pillow of Dr. Tushy is one of the comfortable butt pillows available with contours with more coverage to decrease pain and tiredness. It can be used to relieve discomfort from hemorrhoids and maternity. This cushion can be used to turn the most uncomfortable of seat chairs into a comfortable, relaxing place

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  • Increased seating area
  • Has a valley cut-out type of design
  • Good sedentary orthopedic aid
  • Has seating straps which can be adjusted – allows readjusting and prevents slipping
  • Foam is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial memory foam
  • Can be machine washed
  • A great orthopedic friend for aged people to help them with frailty

8. Seat Cushion by TheraCushion

Seat Cushion For Car Office Chair Home | Tailbone Coccyx Lumbar Support Pillow Lower Back Pain Relief

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The Theracushion’s seat cushion is the answer if you are a person suffering from back pains or other discomforts while being seated. Its foam cooling orthopedic pillow is superior to every other product in terms of comfort and quality. It has a patented design which is specifically for improving the posture and relieving pressure.


  • Good for both lower and upper back pain
  • Has a layer of cooling gel inside – more comfort and reduce inflammation
  • Has patented design
  • Suitable for any surface, seats or chairs
  • Is made of good quality fibers and has a breathable velour cover
  • Relieves pain from conditions like sciatica, inflammation, slipped disc, vertebral fractures, scoliosis and more

7. Medcare – Brazilian Recovery Pillow

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This booty pillow of Medcare is specifically designed for people who had a butt augmentation surgery. It helps very much in the recovery process and helps to be seated without imparting much pressure to the butt region. This is very comfortable and does not make people feel tired after sitting for some duration.


  • Is very comfortable and reduces pain and stress
  • Can be used for instant relief and recovery
  • Is recommended by doctors to people with back problems
  • Is lightweight and made of good quality materials
  • Can be machine washed
  • Perfect product to use while t home, work or even traveling

6. Dr. Tushy Foam Seat Cushion

Dr. Tushy 100% Memory Foam Seat Cushion

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The Dr.Tushy’s seat cushion will help you with all the pains by relieving pressure while sitting. It is made of memory foam of high density which does not flatten after repeated use for long durations. The cushion can be used to get relief from conditions like coccyx fracture, sciatica, hemorrhoid pain, prostate inflammation, pelvic relief, etc.


  • Provides great comfort and relaxation
  • Premium design and durability
  • Suitable for home, office and vehicle usage
  • The portable and perfect remedy for relief from tailbone pain
  • Improves blood pressure, reduce leg pain and alleviate numbness
  • Can be used while performing yoga or any other meditation
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5. ZIRAKI – Seat Cushion

Coccyx Seat Cushion Orthopedic, Luxury Chair-Butt Pillows

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The Ziraki seat cushion was made after long research to create a perfectly designed cushion apt for supporting the hips, lower back and coccyx. It is a very comfortable one with breathable material. The foam is of high quality and durability which will retain its shape after long usage. The cushion is soft on all sides and stays in place


  • Secure in Place, Breathable and Comfortable
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Healing and relief from back pain
  • Promotes a healthy posture and proper alignment of the spine
  • Improves the blood flow to the lower back and other extremities
  • Helps to sit right, ease pain and relaxation
  • The zipper type of cover is machine washable

4. Aylio Seat Cushion

Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion | Back Support, Tailbone and Sciatica Pain Relief

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Aylio’s seat cushion is something you must have if you are someone spending long hours in your office chair, car or home. Having a proper and comfortable seat cushion can make a great difference in the work you do and its effect on your body. The U shape of the cushion prevents the contact of the tailbone with the hard sitting surfaces.


  • Special U shape to offer comfort
  • Relief from numbness or pain from long hours of sitting
  • Reduces discomfort while working in an office cabin in front of a computer
  • Helps in road trips, daily commutes, and even long flights
  • Has an extra padding for rough chairs
  • Suitable for coccydynia (labor-induced. or pregnancy

3. Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Pillow

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The Brazilian recovery pillow is one of the cushions that can provide you with the most comfort and aid you in back pain. It is machine washable and has a handle for carrying around without any problem. It takes the pressure from the butts and distributes weight evenly. This pillow will fit almost any chairs or surfaces and stay in place without slipping off.

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  • Provides great comfort and pain relief
  • Has a cover which is machine washable
  • Has a handle for carrying around with any effort
  • Suitable for post-operative fat transfer
  • Fits all types of chairs, car seat, airplane seat, office chair, etc.
  • Made of high quality and lightweight materials

2. ComfiLife Premium Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion

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The ComfiLife’s is a comfortable seat cushion with a premium design to provide the most relaxed feeling. It is a multi-purpose product which helps in reducing back pain as well as sciatica relief. The pressure on the tailbone is relieved while sitting and hence the chances of having back pain are reduced very much.


  • Reduces pain from sitting for long durations especially in workplaces
  • U shaped cutout for distributing the weight
  • The soft zippered cover which is machine washable
  • Has an ergonomic contour design for a healthy posture and correct spinal alignment
  • Assists in sciatica relief
  • Made of a high density and durable foam cushion which does not flatten
  • Has a rubber texture which holds the cushion in place without slipping off

1. Adiona Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Adiona Orthopedic 100% Pure Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion

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The seat cushion of Adiona is an orthopedic option to get relief from back pains and other pains while sitting. It is designed with the sole purpose of relieving pain on butts, legs pain and other parts. The cushion helps to attain a proper body posture which helps in reducing all the existing pains and discomforts.


  • Durable, lightweight and easy to carry around
  • U-shape and contoured design paves the way for even distribution of weight
  • Helps in blood circulation in legs, reduces back pain, neck pain and more
  • Premium design and made of long-lasting materials
  • Perfect product for all age groups who spends more time sitting
  • Has a machine washable seat cover and polyester mesh


Whatever the reason may be, long sessions of painful sittings on a chair can be a very uncomfortable process. Choose from our list of butt pillows, and you will never be disappointed.

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