Best Calligraphy Pens in 2020

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Calligraphy is one of the exceptional forms of writing that demands high-level of skills and practice. This type of writing is usually seen on wooden pieces, stones, memorial documents, and many different surfaces. Most of the people consider calligraphy writing as a hobby while some consider it for their profession. To bring excitement in life, the significance of art is immense. Calligraphy writing is one of the unique arts which get enhanced if you focus thoroughly and effectively. The writing does not yield effective results if inappropriate tools are used. It is recommended to invest your money in the right tools to obtain exceptional results. It is found that there are many different calligraphy pens available in the market that makes your writing elegant and exceptional. To write beautifully, let’s look at the finest calligraphy pens available presently:

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10. Bianyo Metallic Brush Marker Pens, 10 Colors Calligraphy Pens:

 Bianyo Metallic Brush Marker Pens, 10 Colors Calligraphy Pens:

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Now you can write flexibly without any issues with these calligraphy pens from Bianyo. There are total ten colors available for you to choose from.


  • The pens come with flexible calligraphy tip with the line width of 1-2 mm. which lets you write precisely with a soft brush tip.
  • The water-based ink is non-toxic and free from acid.
  • You can choose from a total of ten colors i.e., gold, silver, red, white, green, light green, purple, grey, blue, and brown.
  • They are opaque and not streaky.
  • It is found that these pens work seamlessly on the glass, paper, plastic, stones, pottery, ceramics, and wood. The pens work best for black card stock.
  • There are many metallic felt pens that make writing so shiny that it is hard to observe the difference in colors. This issue does not happen with these calligraphy pens.
  • Its ink flows freely and uniformly.

9. 2 Dual Tip Black Brush Pens for Lettering Calligraphy Pen.:

 2 Dual Tip Black Brush Pens for Lettering Calligraphy Pen.:

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The unique characteristic of this calligraphy pen is the2 dual tip black brush based design with a fine brush and standard brush.


  • The pen is presented in glowing black pen color which seems excellent for lettering, drawing and outlining.
  • Since each pen comes with a dual tip, in total there are four different tips into the two pens. Due to its black color, the pens can be effectively utilized for standard calligraphy style.
  • In addition to calligraphy, you can use these pens for elegant lettering and create borders on any invitation card or letter.
  • The quality of ink is supreme and functions as a permanent ink. It would not make a mess whenever you unintentionally spill on your hands.
  • These pens’ brush tip remains unbroken after heavy use and would not bleed the ink.

8. Zig 0.45mm Memory System Tip Millennium Marker:

 Zig 0.45mm Memory System Tip Millennium Marker:

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This black marker type calligraphy pen is a great choice for beginners. It is quite simple to use this marker and they are easy to handle.


  • This pen is best suitable for scrapbooking and also for rubber stamping.
  • Once the ink dries out, it is photo-safe, lightfast, acid-free, and smear-proof.
  • The pen comes with 0.45-mm tip which is precise and narrow, so beautiful writing is presented in the unique
  • You can rely on its quality since the pen is imported and follows the ASTM D4236 standard.
  • If you wish to label images you captured during your vacation trip then you can use this pen.
  • The brand Zig presents a set of eight markers, in many different colors, and their colors combine
  • The set of pen provides great versatility through the help of its dual tips feature.

7. Kuretake Calligraphy Pen – 12 Color Set:

 Kuretake Calligraphy Pen - 12 Color Set:

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Presented in a set of 12 calligraphy pens, they are capable to draw large and small letters both.  There are 12 different colors available to choose from. The brand Kuretake has developed a series of markers which can suit different purposes, and this product is one of them.


  • These pens are twin type calligraphy marker that comes with 3.5 mm core and 2.0 mm core. Smooth writing is made possible with the help of a wide deviation of softness, thickness, and color of the tip.
  • When you hold this pen, it gives smooth touch in your hands.
  • There are no hassles to carry this pen because its size is made compact, so it can be easily placed in pen punch.
  • With a wide assortment of colors, you can easily alter the color for the content of the schedule; alternatively, you can do calligraphy writing with your favorite colors.
  • The refill is made available with the pen, so you can continue using your preferred pen.

6. Refill Brush Marker Pens for Lettering – 4 Size Black Calligraphy Ink Pen by BOXUN:

 Refill Brush Marker Pens for Lettering - 4 Size Black Calligraphy Ink Pen by BOXUN:

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If you are looking for a calligraphy pen that is free from harmful chemicals and safe to use then try this set of pens by BOXUN. Basically, they are brush marker pens with a refill to allow you to use for long-term.


  • The packaging comes with all the necessary items like four calligraphy brush pens – extra-fine, fine, medium, and brush.
  • It is completely safe to use these pens. They make use of non-toxic materials and water-based, pigmented black ink.
  • They come with reusable features because they are basically refillable to last for long period.
  • These pens are found versatile in use as they are used extensively for art drawing, calligraphy practice, and hand lettering for beginners.
  • All the four pens work seamlessly with beginners and experts. Moreover, you can effortlessly create different graphics using these pens.
  • The pens feature a simple brush that is capable to make creative drawing and painting.

5. Sakura 38062 8-Piece Pigma Assorted Colors Brush Pen Set:

 Sakura 38062 8-Piece Pigma Assorted Colors Brush Pen Set:

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The brush pen set from Sakura features 2-in-1 functionality because they can write like a pen and can also paint like a brush. You are ensured with high-quality writing with this calligraphy pens set.


  • Manufacturing process of these pens makes use of archival quality ink that is chemically stable, fade resistant and waterproof.
  • They would not spread, quill, or bleed-through on the majority of papers.
  • Sufficient amount of ink is delivered to the sides and also to the tip of the flexible brush.
  • The pen set consist of one pen each of black, blue, red, green, purple, orange, brown, and rose color brushes.
  • Using these flexible pens it is possible to twirl, draw, create fine lines, and broad brush stroke.
  • Its brush is found utmost comfortable to hold in your hands and would also respond to instantaneous changes in direction or pressure.
  • The inclusion of bright, fresh color improves handmade compositions and also depicts stylish personality.
  • People belonging to different professions like cartoonists, manga artists, illustrators, and hobbyists can use these pens on different papers to make a unique and long-lasting mark.
  • The high-quality use of these pens is due to their supreme quality pigma
  • It is found that these pens are applicable to calligraphy, brush art, scrapbooks, rubber stamps, freehand art, awards and certificates, fabric projects, and religious text.

4. Set of 4 Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens 1.5, 2.4, 3.8, 6.0 mm by Pilot:

 Set of 4 Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens 1.5, 2.4, 3.8, 6.0 mm by Pilot:

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You can now write with beautiful handwriting using these calligraphy pens which presents the art in an exceptional manner. After the use, you would find how unique and beautiful the calligraphy writing is.


  • The set includes four pens of different nib sizes – 1.5 mm, 2.4 mm, 3.8 mm and 6.0 mm.
  • Every pen box consists of a parallel pen, two ink cartridges, nib cleaner, converter for cleaning the unit of the pen, and instructions and care guide.
  • These calligraphy pens feature a nib that comprises of two parallel plates to let you create crisp and smooth writing.
  • In case if it is hard to pick one ink color, you can mix together the ink of two parallel pen nibs together in order to create blended inks with extraordinary color effects.
  • To blend the two parallel pen nibs, you just need to hold one pen vertically and then touch the second pen to the previous one for several seconds. After that, you can start writing with the first pen and enjoy the combination of the two colors.

3.  Daveliou Calligraphy Pen Set – 19 Piece Kit & Case:

3.  Daveliou Calligraphy Pen Set - 19 Piece Kit & Case:

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This set of calligraphy pens is perfect to get started in the calligraphy art. Those who admire the craft of writing, this set is suitable for beginners, expert calligraphers, adults, and kids.


  • These pens are packed in a beautiful setting with five colors of nontoxic inks, two straight dip pens, and twelve nibs. The packaging comes in elegant gold and black box.
  • You can invoke words of beauty or create elegant drawings with this calligraphy pen set. Moreover, you can also use the wooden or glass nib holder to distribute ink smoothly in varying thickness lines.
  • Since these pens add a touch of sophistication to your writing, they are ideal for cards, invitations, letters and many more.
  • They are equipped with long-handle to offer excellent control and stability. In addition to that, they also deliver smooth ink that uniformly lows with great simplicity.
  • Every stainless-steel nib is covered with iridium alloy which guarantees that they stay intact even after many years of use.

2. STAEDTLER calligraphy pen set, Complete 33 piece tin:

 STAEDTLER calligraphy pen set, Complete 33 piece tin:

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Those looking for practicing calligraphy or developing their own calligraphy style can try this pen set from STAEDTLER. The kit includes all the necessary components to let you create elegant calligraphy writing and drawing/


  • The nibs of these pens are available in five different sizes and shapes, varying from extra fine to extra broad.
  • You can enhance your calligraphy skills for showcasing your creativity through an extensive range of lettering styles.
  • Its kit comes with an instruction book and a practice pad so that you can get started easily. The entire set is made available in a carefully structured storage tin.
  • You can choose from the 20 assorted cartridges to add color to the page. These color options are blue and black, orange, 2ea yellow, green, pink, and brown.
  • The interchangeable nibs in sizes like fine, extra fine, broad, medium, and extra broad could be utilized with any of these fur pens.
  • As per the convenience, you can explore different line variations by holding the pen in a way that the nib attains any position from 30° and 45° angle to the horizontal line of writing.

1. Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen:

 Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen:

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Equipped with precise and high-quality brush tip for different lettering and drawing methodologies, this brush pen from Tombow is best suitable for calligraphy and art drawings.


  • For smooth writing, the set includes soft and hard tip Fudenosuke brush pens.
  • It comes with a flexible brush tip for making various lettering and drawing techniques.
  • The variation in brush pressure would generate fine, extra-fine, or medium strokes.
  • It is found that the brush tip of the pen is prepared from flexible and durable nylon fiber that improves bold or medium strokes by controlling brush pressure.
  • The pen’s barrels are manufactured from reusable polypropylene plastic.
  • You can conveniently write because it comes with a soft tip and hard tip water-based pigmented black colored ink.
  • For easy access, this pen has a pen cap with pocket clasp.
  • The set includes a blue plastic template which offers assistance on writing Kanji characters, mainly on cash gift envelopes.

Concluding Note:

The love of writing or drawing with art is incomparable and there are lots of tools available for the same. One of the great tools of this type is calligraphy pens. These pens are available in sturdy and flexible design, elegant colors, and appropriate nib for smooth writing.

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