Top 10 Best Car Air Beds and Mattresses in 2018

You never know when you might just need your car for an overnight stay. Perhaps, you have been on a road trip and need to rest immediately but can’t find a good place during late night. With a car air beds or car mattress, you can easily solve this problem. It is convenient and comfortable if you can find the best car inflatable beds.

If you are often on the road or would just like to have a backup plan in case, then you need to buy the best car air bed. The market offers a lot of variety since it is a common product used by many. So if you get confused while buying, it is known to happen. Thankfully, we have created this list of best car air beds and mattresses that are available in 2018.

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10. DYZD Car Inflation Bed

10. DYZD Car Inflation Bed, Multifunctional Air Bed, Extra Thick Travel Air Mattress, Back Seat Extended Mattress, Waterproof and Environmentally Friendly


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This is a multifunctional air mattress that comes with a backseat extension. DYZD has manufactured it using high-quality PVC. The material is not just designed to be soft and comfortable but waterproof and environmentally-friendly too.

This car air mattress consists of two parts. Each part can be inflated separately along with control of how much volume one needs. The fact that the legs of the mattress can be inflated separately makes it multi-function. It can easily be used on the floor or flat surface. Given its dimensions, it fits perfectly and remains inflated throughout the use.

The entire product package includes the mattress itself, an air pump and repair patch along with glue kits. It also features two inflatable pillows so it is a complete and comfortable deal. You will get a storage bag that is convenient when not using the mattress.

Some people report that the surface of this mattress is a bit too soft. It is quite close to a velvety velour, which can make it clumsy to move around. If you face the same problem, you can simply use a fabric sheet over the mattress to compensate.

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9. FBSPORT Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

FBSPORT BSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed Cushion Camping Universal SUV Extended Air Couch with Two Air Pillows

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This inflatable mattress comes with the luxury of oxford cloth. It can be used for multiple purposes comfortably. You can take it with you for camping, those days-long music festivals, surfing trips, and other travel adventures. Long car rides will become much less of a hassle if you have the FBSport car air mattress as a backup plan.

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The package typically includes 2 inflatable pillows, one air pump, and storage bag along with the air mattress. It can be easily fitted inside the mainstream car models and SUVs. However, it is not feasible for rear middle bridge cars. The reason is that this part can be high; particularly in micro-miniature cars.

The quality of the mattress is good enough that it does not lose too much air even if you sleep on it for the entire night. Additionally, the extra-protecting air cushion makes the product ergonomic and health-friendly.

If you want something reasonable for your long journeys, this car air mattress will not disappoint with its comfort and convenience.

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8. Hooke Road Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

8. Hooke Road Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Inflatable Bed Camping Back Seat Extended Mattress

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Just because you are traveling and need a quick fix for resting in your car, it does not have to be uncomfortable. With the Hooke inflatable mattress, you can make any hours of sleep in your car just like sleeping in your own bed.

This car air mattress is made from heavy-duty PVC, which happens to be soft and comfortable as well. The surface has a feathery feeling so lying down is one of the comfiest experiences you with have with a portable mattress.

Not only is it simple to inflate this bed while on the go but its light weight makes it easier to carry around. Therefore, if you are going on a long journey that might require a bit of hauling, then you won’t have to worry about lugging the mattress around.

One of the cool features of the Hooke car air mattress is its sleeping chamber design. This gives the mattress plenty of flexibility and allows it to be uniform in terms of the human body bearing force. Additionally, the design reduces bumps and noises that are created in case the vehicle is moving. Therefore, you will have a restful sleep even when the car is on the move.

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7. Shelterin Inflatable Car Air Mattress

7. Inflatable Car Air Mattress Camping Travel Air Bed Back Seat Extended Mattress Air Couch with Car Air Pump

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If looking for the best car inflatable bed, then you definitely want versatility and high comfort level. The Shelterin car air mattress is manufactured using high-quality TPU and oxford material. This makes the mattress soft and comfy while being extra durable and waterproof. The surface features 0.6mm flocking material that gives the mattress a micro-fluffy and feathery feel. Whether the vehicle is moving or at rest, you will be able to enjoy a super comfortable bed for relaxing.

The company has also used a newer generation of oxford to make this model a better one than the previous. This particular oxford not only adds to the comfort level but the strength of the product. It is claimed that the durability of this air bed is over two years.

The typical contents of the entire package include the mattress itself, an electric air pump, 2 inflatable pillows, a storage bag, and repair patch. Additionally, you will also receive a baffle for children safety. So this car air mattress is family-friendly.

Another thing customers will appreciate is the appearance of the mattress. It looks ergonomic and aesthetic.

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6. NEX Car Travel Air Mattress

6. Car Travel Air Mattress Air Cushion Bed Multifunctional Mobile Inflatable Bed Cushion for Sleep Rest and Intimate Motion (Blue)

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If you simply want convenience and comfort without having to go into the fuss of designs and structures, then this car air mattress by NEX is quite suitable. The material of the air bed is of good quality, strong, and durable. The company claims that it is also non-toxic.

In case of pressure or strong movements, the inflatable bed will easily resist and maintain comfort. It can take up to 300 pounds of weight, which is a reasonable feature for a portable bed.

When folded and stored, the mattress is quite lightweight so can be easily carried around. You won’t feel it to be an extra hassle is taking it with you on a long journey. In its inflatable form, it can be easily fitted in multiple models of cars. It is compatible with most SUVs, MVPs, and saloon cars.

If you are looking for a practical but comfortable solution to your resting problem while on the go, this is a good purchase. It also happens to be easy to clean so if you travel frequently, you can keep the mattress in good condition between your journeys.

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5. SmartSpeedCar Air Mattress

5. SmartSpeedCar Air Mattress Mobile Bedroom for Travel Car Back Seat

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This car air mattress has a sleek and smart design. It makes a good choice for those who have a taste for minimalism. Available in several colors, you can choose one that you like or that goes with the seats of your car.

The high-quality PVC used to make this makes it comfortable and durable at the same time. It offers good portability as it can be inflated and deflated without hassle. Furthermore, the weight of the mattress is feasible enough for easy carrying around.

Users will find the inflation check valve quite convenient. It considerably takes away from the fuss of inflating the bed to the right volume. It can also easily fit within a fair amount of car models.

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4. Wolfwill SUV Dedicated Mobile Cushion

4. WOLFWILL SUV Dedicated Mobile Cushion Extended Travel Mattress Air Bed Inflatable Thicker Back Seat (Green)

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When the product says dedicated, you can expect it to provide you with extra benefits as compared to the typical models. Wolfwill ensures that is possible by providing a car air mattress divided into 3 parts. Each part can also be inflated separately so that increase the versatility of this product.

In terms of convenience, this mattress provides the feature of the best car air bed. It can be adjusted for the volume of inflation required by the user and is easy to inflate and deflate. It merely takes 2 minutes for both functions. When deflated, one can carry it around without much hassle.

The material used for the mattress is also quite noteworthy. It is a compound, breathable, and eco-friendly PVC. Additional features include the material being non-toxic and odorless. The flocking is double-sided so each side is feathery soft. The sides are also reversible. So it is not just about having a comfy spot to lie against but creating the best relaxing environment.

The mattress is compatible with multiple car models, especially SUVs. On the other hand, it can also be easily used as an outdoor recliner or beach chair. Therefore, you will be getting more value out of the money spent.

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3. Sailnovo Car Air Bed

Best Car Air Beds in 2018

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This blue and black car air mattress is not just sleek-looking but does its function quite well. It gets the comfort and durability from the high-quality PVC.  The material also happens to be incredibly soft. It will give off a feathery feeling beneath your hands.

Like most typical travel beds, this one also takes merely 2 minutes to inflate and deflate. The air pump that comes along the product makes it quite easier to fill up to the required volume. You will also get a storage bag that increases the convenience. Overall, it is a lightweight mattress that does not need lugging around.

The mattress is also resistant to body weight. It can easily bear up to 150 kilograms. This means at least two adults can comfortably use the air mattress.

The mattress is compatible with many car models. It fits well in mainstream models of sedans, SUVs, and even minivans. Furthermore, you can use it outside the car too. It makes for a great portable recliner if you are taking an outdoor trip like going to the beach or for camping.

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2. Goldhik Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

2. goldhik Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Flocking Air Bed Camping Universal SUV Back Seat Extended Air Couch with Two Air Pillows

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This is your standard car air mattress that offers all the expected features. The material is PVC and flocked to provide a soft feeling. Additionally, the material is also non-toxic; good for the environment and does not give off an unpleasant odor. Therefore, it covers the comfort feature reasonably.

Like most air mattresses, this also comes with an air pump, storage bag, and two inflatable pillows. The inflation and deflation can be managed in minutes. Furthermore, the amount of volume needed for inflation is adjustable.

It has a fairly lighter weight, which added with the storage bag, makes the mattress easy to carry around when traveling.

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1. Berocia SUV Air Mattress

This mattress has its super comfortably from quality flocking and thickened design. The material is 6P environmentally-friendly; certified with CE RoHs. This means that the mattress uses material that does not produce toxins and is completely odorless.

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The inflation can be adjusted according to how much volume one requires. Both inflation and deflation are quick to manage. It actually features a special air tap, which enhances the inflation and deflation speed. The accompanying air pump is also of better quality given its pure copper core. This means that the pump will not heat up even after a long use of 15 minutes.

Berocia’s car air mattress features 3 separate air bags. If you fold the last bag, you can convert the backseat into a bed. The material of the bags is designed to be cold resistant. It can function well even in temperatures below zero.

This mattress has one of the highest compatibility with car models. The company has researched thoroughly so a wide range of vehicles can use it.

Buyer’s Guide for Portable Car Beds

We have reviews 10 best car air beds above. If you are looking for additional specifications to make the best choice, then follow the guide below:

What Factors Should be Considered before Buying?

When you go to the market and compare most of the top air mattresses, you will discover that they share almost the same features. This is evident from the above reviews as well. Therefore, there are a few factors that you can depend on to make the right choice.


A best car inflatable bed will probably have standard dimensions that go with most vehicles. But you never know if a tiny difference is going to be a problem or if your particular model was tested. This is why you should measure the car and buy accordingly.


Car beds are supposed to be lightweight since they need to be portable. But not every bed is going to weigh the same. Ensure that you can carry the inflated and deflated bag. Check the added weight of the storage bag too. Also, keep an estimate of weight to durability ratio in your mind.

Air Pump

Most car beds offer an air pump within the product package. You should ensure that the pump is of as good quality as the mattress. Otherwise, the air pump is going to give up after a few uses and you will have to buy another.

A high-quality pump should be able to inflate the mattress within minutes and not heat up despite long-term use. Inquire what kind of material has been used for the pump’s core.

Weight the Mattress can Resist

There are different weight-bearing standards for the mattresses available in the market. You should buy one that can at least bear the weight of two people at a time. You will be able to find more options if you have a bigger car and looking for accommodating extra people on the mattress.

Washable and Storable

Obviously, you are not always on the go and will want the portable bed clean when you need it again. This is why it is important that the material is easily washable and good for long-term storage.

How Many Time a Single Portable Bed can be Used?

The materials of a high-quality car air mattress have been designed to long-last. While inflated, the tight seals of the mattress will also prevent the pumped air from escaping as someone lies down on it for long hours. However, these seals and the material itself is going to deteriorate with time since the pressure-resistant feature will become poor. Therefore, it is possible that the mattress becomes torn and loses the ability to be inflated. Although, the best car air bed will last multiple uses before reaching this stage.

Is PVC Comfortable?

You will notice that most car beds use PVC for their structure. The material is, however, flocked so as to offer the comfort level of a soft bed. The highest quality beds are micro-flicked so the texture is even softer and feathery to touch. Additionally, modern brands are now making the material non-toxic and odorless. This not only increases the comfort level but is friendly towards the environment.

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To buy the best car inflatable bed, you should start by shortlisting the top best products. Follow the buyer’s guide above to compare them and keep your own requirements in mind too.

If a particular product is offering attractive extra features, it is recommended to only buy it if you will have actual benefit from them.

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