Best Circular Saws in 2019 Reviews


Circular saws save you a lot of work

Their portability and power also save you a lot of time. You can get a lot of work done when you upgrade to a circular saw. Using one of the top 10 circular saws in 2019 makes a lot of sense. This is especially s when you have construction deadlines to meet. Using one of the best of the best also shows your good judgment. You can’t go wrong when you use one of the top 10 circular saws in 2019.

List of Top 10 Best Circular Saws in 2019 Reviews

10. WORX Compact Circular Saw

WORX Compact Circular Saw

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It may be smaller than a regular circular saw but you still can cut 2 by 4s. You can also get a 45-degree bevel cut. Its 4 ½ inch size means business as its design provides you with a clearer cutting line. Plus, the safety trigger protects your hand as you cut. You get good balance and easy to depth adjustment capabilities. The included thin carbide tipped blade cuts down on saw tension as well.

Special Features:

  • Carbide tipped bladed included
  • 45-degree bevel
  • Parallel guide included
  • Lightweight
  • Easy depth adjustment

9. SKIL 7-1/4- Inch Circular Saw

SKIL 7-1/4- Inch Circular Saw

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The 15-amp motor provides you with 5300 RPM which is all the power you need to cut through wood. Then the depth adjustment lets you cut up to 2 3/8” thick while giving you 51-degree bevel cutting ability. The 6-foot power cord will let you maneuver with ease. Plus, the included carbide tipped blade will cut through just about any material you throw at it. The protected trigger reduces accidental starts.

Special Features:

  • Laser guiding system
  • Power indicator light
  • 15-amp, 5300 RPM motor
  • Dust blower function
  • Guarded trigger

8. Kreg Circular Saw Guide

Kreg Circular Saw Guide

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With this guide you can make great crosscut and rip cuts with ease. You will not lose your way as your saw travels across the wood. With one set up you can cut more than one piece of wood to the same size with ease. You will save time as you do not need to mark what you are cutting. Plus, this guide is compatible with most circular saws. Doesn’t matter if they are left or right sided blades.

Special Features:

  • Attached ruler
  • Sturdy guide
  • No measuring or marking needed
  • One-time setup for multiple pieces of wood
  • Works up to 2’

7. Rockwell Compact Circular Saw

Rockwell Compact Circular Saw

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Even at 4 ½”, 5 amps and 3500RPMs, you get a lot of power with this compact saw. Weighing in at 5 pounds, your hand will not tire as you make cuts all day. You can still cut 2 by 4s and get 45-degree bevel cutting action with this small circular saw. Its slim grip won’t let your hand slip. The left-handed design allows you to see your cut line much easier as well.

Special Features:

  • 3/8” arbor
  • 3500 RPMS
  • Carbide tipped blade
  • Slim grip
  • Bevel cuts

6. DEWALT Li-Ion Circular Saw

DEWALT Li-Ion Circular Saw

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The 5150 RPM motor powers the carbide tipped blade and cuts through most materials with ease. You also get up to a 50-degree bevel function. Making those angled cuts will never be easier. You can also cut 2 by 4s and other sized pieces of wood with ease. Then the magnesium shoe keeps the saw light while providing the strength you need to work all day. The ergonomically designed rubber handle will not tire your hands out. The battery power eliminates the need for a cord.

Special Features:

  • Battery powered
  • No electrical cord getting in the way
  • 5150 rpm motor
  • 50-degree bevel capability
  • Lightweight

5. DEWALT Lightweight Circular Saw

DEWALT Lightweight Circular Saw

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Over 1900 watts provide 5100 rpms to power this circular saw. But, the unique feature on this saw is its electric brake. It will stop the blade after 2 or 3 seconds. That is once you released the trigger. Then you get 57-degree bevel cuts at a depth of 1.9 inches. The depth and bevel adjustments are easy to use, and you won’t waste time changing the course of the blade. Designed to be easy on your hands, this saw does not carry a lot of weight.

Special Features:

  • Up to 57-degree bevel cut
  • Electric brake
  • Ergonomically designed handle and trigger
  • Lightweight
  • 1900 watts of power

4. BLACK+DECKER MAX Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

BLACK+DECKER MAX Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

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You do not need to worry about an electrical cord getting in the way of your cuts. This battery operated circular saw has none. It does have bevel cut capability, 5 ½ blades, and easy depth cutting adjustment. It also comes with a continuous power feature to lock the trigger down. This allows you to cut faster without stopping. Plus, the compact saw has a high torque motor powering your cutting action.

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Special Features:

  • Battery powered no electrical cords
  • Easy bevel adjustment
  • Tool-less depth adjustment
  • Continuous on feature
  • 5 ½ inch blade

3. Makita Magnesium 7-1/4- Inch Circular Saw

Makita Magnesium 7-1/4- Inch Circular Saw

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Makita is a trusted name in power and construction tools. They have been making top quality tools for decades. This circular saw’s motor puts out 15 amps of power and 5,800 RPM. 2 LED lights makes sure you can see your cut line and keeps you on a straight line. Plus, you can cut up to 2 ½ inches deep and get up to a 56-degree bevel cuts. Its
magnesium construction keeps the saw light and easy to maneuver.

Special Features:

  • Magnesium construction for strength and light weight
  • 15 amps of power and 5,800 RPM
  • 2 LED lights
  • Easy bevel and depth adjustments
  • Ergonomically designed handle

2. SKILSAW Worm Drive Circular Saw

SKILSAW Worm Drive Circular Saw

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The magnesium construction materials keep this saw lightweight and easy on the hands. Then the 15-amp motor produces 5,300 RPM and has an anti-snag function. The easy to adjust bevel cut feature gives you up to 53 degrees of bevel cutting action. Then you can cut up to 2 3/8” deep at 90 degrees. Weighing just over 11 pounds, the handles on this lightweight saw are positioned to make sure you can cut right each time.

Special Features:

  • Cut up to 53-degree bevel
  • 2 3/8” deep cutting action
  • 15-amp motor and 5300 RPM
  • Anti-snag feature
  • Carbide tipped blade

1. Black & Decker 13 Amp Circular Saw

Black & Decker 13 Amp Circular Saw

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You get a laser guiding your cuts when you use this saw on the job site. Your cuts will be true and straight each and every time. The spindle lock system allows you to change blades quickly and easily. Plus, the bevel and depth adjustments are easy to maneuver You will not lose time making any cutting action change. Then the 13-amp motor provides you with all the power you need to work efficiently.

Special Features:

  • Lightweight, easy on the hands
  • Spindle lock feature
  • Laser guided accuracy
  • 13-amp motor
  • Easy adjustments to the depth and bevel functions

Some Final Words

When you have the right tools for the job, then your work becomes much easier. Using one of the top 10 circular saws in 2019 is using the right tool for your cutting duties. They are specially designed to make your construction life better.  They have easy adjustments, some with laser guidance systems and others with LED lights. Using one of the best of the best is a smart move to make. You cannot go wrong when you choose one of the top 10 circular saws in 2019.

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