Best Combat Boots For Women in 2019 Reviews


Gone was the time when combat boots are worn only by military soldiers. In present times, military boots have attained excellent popularity and they are gradually becoming a style statement. The reason why people incline towards its use for showcasing fashion is that they are amazingly styled with comfort. For both men and women, these boots add a unique style quotient. When women wear these boots, they would look even more beautiful and grabs everyone’s attention. The top features to consider are materials, comfort, support, design, size, cost, etc.

The women combat boots are usually manufactured from synthetic or genuine leather. Furthermore, their soles are constructed from highly durable rubber. On the other hand, the toes are shatterproof with metal or reinforced composite materials. Presently, there are many best fashion combat boots obtainable in the fashion markets, so it is vital to make the appropriate choice. Discussed below are the finest combat boots for women to simplify your buying process:

List of The Best Combat Boots For Women in 2019

10. Shoe Dezigns Mark and Maddux Travis 05 Military Boot for Women:

 Shoe Dezigns Mark and Maddux Travis 05 Military Boot for Women:

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Women will definitely fall in love with these combat boots from Shoe Dezigns due to its incredible functionality and durability. These boots are specifically designed to deliver utmost comfort and support to your feet and ankles. You can activate the creativity within you and begin trying with the great versatility offered by these boots.


  • You can easily pair these stylish women combat boots with jeans, skirts, and a majority of casual attired.
  • Those who have already used this boots suggest that these tall boots work to enhance your appearance and personality.
  • Great comfort is ensured with the help of rich leatherette material layers, PU padded inner lining insole, the rubber outsole, and the upper sole. This type of arrangement also provides flexible support to the ankles.
  • The round toe design ensures easy wear.
  • Manufacture material is manmade Crinckle Leatherette ensuring flexibility.

9. Soda Womens Combat Boots:

 Soda Womens Combat Boots:

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If you are looking for versatile military boots, or stylish boots to wear on your dresses or skirts, try this product. Incorporating these boots would complete your wardrobe and add a unique style statement. Those looking for stylish, affordable, and comfortable combat boots can buy this.


  • There are two back bands and delicate stitching throughout these combat boots.
  • It comes with the side zipper for convenient on and off.
  • Equipped with minimalist design, these boots allow you to wear them on an extensive range of outfits.
  • You can quickly wear and remove them with the help of a side zipper.
  • Its heel has a dimension of 1.5-inches, and this is considered as the perfect height for your ankle. The sizing is found to be accurate.
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8. Breckelle’s Georgia-43 Combat Boots for Women:

 Breckelle's Georgia-43 Combat Boots for Women:

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Recognized as one of the most well-known combat boots for women in current times, these boots are equipped with elegant design and appealing look. Every time you wear these boots, you would feel confident. Intended to provide comfort and durability, these combat boots from Breckelle is an ideal solution.


  • The shaft of these boots is positioned 4.75 inches from its base. In this manner, you would experience comfortable walking.
  • It comes with ankle high heel, with a goal to let you look stylish and elegant.
  • The stitch detail is found to be extremely useful to enhance the complete look of these boots.
  • You can choose from multiple color options as per your preference.
  • The boots may occasionally click when you walk but within a few minutes, you would not hear the clicking noise. This is because it is not the soles but the zippers located on the back that makes a clicking sound.
  • You can wear these boots with any dress.

7. DailyShoes Military Lace Up Combat Boots for Women:

 DailyShoes Military Lace Up Combat Boots for Women:

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Now you can stow away your valuable items in a unique way using these pocketed combat boots enclosed in a 2.5-inch by 4-inch pouch with zipper.


  • It comes with slip-resistant soles that work to keep you stable when you walk, jump, play and dance.
  • The soles are thick and durable. They are found to be slip resistant with a view to providing a comfortable grip.
  • The boots come with modern zipper doubles as a pocket to conveniently store keys, cash, headphones, and many more stuff.
  • With its zippered hidden pocket, all your financial documents and belongings stay safe.
  • These boots feature a beautifully detailed external design with a heel that assures you to present a stylish flair.
  • It comes with the secret cardholders in the zipper that work to keep your credit card details confidential. Whenever you pull it down, a secret compartment would open up.
  • The compartment is capable to hold every small personal item. This ensures that you easily identify the required things like identification cards, debit, and cards, cash, keys, etc. There is no risk involved in the items getting stolen.

6. Wild Diva Timberly-65 Lace Up High Boots for Women:

 Wild Diva Timberly-65 Lace Up High Boots for Women:

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This combat boot model is a popular one from Forever Funky. What makes this combat book unique is the inclusion of durable synthetic material in its making. Therefore, you can use it for long period.


  • The boots’ shaft is located 14 inches away from the arch. It is found that this height reveals great protection and comfort.
  • It is made up of leatherette material. This material is manually made by professionals and experts in this field. So, there are no chances of material scratching or abrasion.
  • The distance of the heel is 1.25 inches from its base. Therefore, women can walk comfortably without worrying about falling down.
  • Its sole is made up of manmade material, and this involves careful design from the hands of experts.
  • The laces used in this boots are of high-quality and you can tie them easily.
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5. JJF Women Combat Foldable Boots:

 JJF Women Combat Foldable Boots:

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Dedicated to providing outstanding support while you walk and use, these combat boots from JJF are worth to try. When you try them once, you would fall in love with them and would like to use them again and again. These combat boots come with the traditional Military-inspired flair and found to be one of the best affordable options.


  • These boots come with a rubber sole that is designed with a circular toe and padded insole. This type of design offers outstanding support and its soft interior lining would let you stay warm in the cold weather.
  • For enhancing the style, the boot comes with a zipper finish and a buckle strap.
  • Its top part is designed in a manner that you could fold it down. This type of design depicts the checkered interior lining.
  • The zipper would last long even if you use the boots continuously for long-term.
  • There are no chances of breaking up even if you wear them on regular basis.
  • For comfortable fitting, the boots come with circular toe design, buckle strap finish around the foot as well as a top shaft, careful stitching details, and a small section of the concealed elastic band on its top opening.
  • The inclusion of finished rubber sole, padded insole, and elastic interior lining lets to stay warm throughout the day.
  • There is side zipper closure for convenient on/off.

4. Refresh Wynne Combat Style Ankle Bootie for Women:

 Refresh Wynne Combat Style Ankle Bootie for Women:

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For those looking for an irresistible style in their combat boots and those who admire to be comfortable and stunning, this women combat boot is an ideal solution. You would not regret when you try these lace up ankle booties. When you wear these boots, you would be able to attract everyone’s attention, wherever you walk through by creating a new fashion statement.


  • Its faux leather upper layer is expansively combined with the bracing versatility.
  • You can conveniently pair these stylish combat boots with different outfits and showcase your unique fashion.
  • There is a knitted flip and its collar appears elegant.
  • These combat boots are usually manufactured from a supreme quality material that delivers supreme comfort and long-term durability.

3. Forever Women’s Ankle High Combat Boots:

3. Forever Women's Ankle High Combat Boots:

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Finished with faux fur border throughout the interior, these combat boots would let you stay warm and comfortable. For comfortable walking, the boots come with a soft insole and non-skid type rubber soles. There are lots of useful benefits offered by this women combat boot.


  • The prime features of this boots are circular toe design, high-quality faux nubuck upper, lace up front with powerful metal grommets, cushioned collar and meticulous stitching details.
  • For ultimate comfort, these boots are manufactured from manual man-made leather.
  • You can choose from different color options -black, camel and tan.
  • Overall height is medium and it could extend up to 4 inches from the arch.
  • It also comes with a cushioned collar with the intention to deliver ultimate comfort.
  • Prepared from high-quality materials, these boots present a thick and durable sole that is completely slip resistant. The intention behind this is to let your feet stay stable irrespective of where they are walking.
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2. Dromedaris Womens Kara Print Boot:

 Dromedaris Womens Kara Print Boot:

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Characterized as short cushioned lace-up combat boots for additional adjustability, these combat boots from Dromedaris are definitely recommended to try. Apart from style, these combat boots provide excellent arch support.


  • It comes with an internal zipper for convenient entry. Moreover, there is cushioned waxy leather that is twisted to provide it a wrinkled effect.
  • In order to present a cute and stylish look, these combat boots present printed leather clout.
  • Its linings are made up of leather and faux fur works to deliver ultimate breathability, softness, and comfort.
  • An extremely stylish last with munificent toe room let this style assume the ideal fit.
  • There are total 19 colors to choose from.
  • The inclusion of leather footing, lug sole and zipper closure delivers ultimate comfort.
  • Its outsole is prepared from Thermo-plastic rubber, and this provides soft padding to your feet. There is no compromise in stability.
  • The boots’ toe box is spacious and the heel is not extremely high, thus there are no chances of falling down.

1. Taos Crave Boot for Women:

 Taos Crave Boot for Women:

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Those women craving to attain ultimate comfort while walking, these combat boots are ideal solutions. The boots are capable to deliver remarkable comfort that transforms any concrete jungle into your personal playground. At the top of the list, the Taos’ women high-end combat boots secure the position.


  • The inclusion of an internal zipper and lacing delivers amazing fit. This type of arrangement lets it effortless to slide on and off.
  • Modern style is presented with the faux fur as well as leather lining. Moreover, the style is enhanced with the help of soft support adjustable footbed.
  • These combat boots are manufactured with a blend of leather and suede.
  • There are lots of color options to choose from.
  • The boots present precise sizing and they appear gorgeous. They are capable to work with a wide range of styles and they fit in most settings.
  • With great durability, you can use the boots for plenty of use before they begin showing indication of wear.

A high-quality pair of women combat boots must be supportive to deliver ultimate comfort when used. The choice of material used greatly decides the use of women combat boots. For experiencing additional comfort, you need to pick a suitable pair of boots with cushion along the collar. Women usually look for style and durability while picking the best one. In addition to that, the cost of these boots is the prime aspect to focus on. While picking the stylish and comfort combat boots, keep in mind that the high price tag usually means superior quality craftsmanship.

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