Best Corner Edge Guards in 2019


We have all those furniture sets placed in different rooms where we are sure to gets bumps and injuries from the corners and edges. At times, the injuries can get severe especially for kids and elderly people. To cover up those corners and edges completely, there are corner edge guards available that keep the original look of the furniture by blending properly. The following is the list of the top ten best corner edge guards in 2019 that you should consider buying immediately to prevent accidental injuries.

List of Top 10 Best Corner Edge Guards in 2019

10. Roving Cove Corner Guards

Roving Cove | Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards

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These foamy corner guards are made up of non-toxic and nonflammable chemicals. If you are planning to attach them to the corners of the table, you can be sure that they are free of BPA, heavy metals, and phthalates. The thickness is optimal and it is designed to absorb shocks conveniently. There are 18 feet edge cushion and 8 corner cushions. It can cover an area of 18 feet and suitable for all sizes and shapes of tables. The adhesion is very reliable and secure.

  •  The foam is dense to absorb all impacts.
  •  The material used is of the purest form.
  •  Suitable for all tables of all sizes and shapes.

9. Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards

Roving Cove | Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards

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This is another corn edge guard from the same company as the above. But this one features under Amazon’s Choice and it is also made up of purest material. There are no chemicals and toxic products added so that it does not affect the health as it is going to be placed in the dinner table. The thickness is quite high and the density of the guards is extremely high. It is going to absorb all the impacts and the adhesion is secure and reliable.

  •  Double sided tape makes the adhesion fully secured.
  •  The density and thickness of the foams are high.
  •  The material is chemical free and won’t affect health.
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8. BeRicham Furniture Corner Guard

BeRicham 20 Pack Baby Safety Clear Furniture Corner Guards Corner Protector

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The product is extremely good at absorbing shocks and pains and the bumps you take won’t be painful anymore.

There will be no injuries and no bruises from sharp edges. They are applicable to all the different types of furniture with corners such as chairs, tables, tanks, cabinets, shelves, and others. The adhesive is very strong and the installation is super easy. There are 10 L-shaped guards and 10 ball-shaped guards available.

  •  Provides maximum safety and blends well with furniture.
  •  The material is free for all toxic chemicals.
  • Easy to remove and clean from time to time.

7. The Hamptons Baby Clear Corner Protectors

Clear Corner Protectors | Caring Corners Guards by The Hamptons Baby

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The protector set has a superior adhesive that comes pre-applied and it is having highly resistant gel. The product features under Amazon’s Choice for having a high sale figure. The design of the product is such that the protectors blend with the furniture seamlessly. They are ready to rough wear and tear. The installation is easy and it is applicable to all the different types of the furniture sets. They will prevent accidental injuries and bruises arising from the edges of objects.

  •  The adhesive is stronger than most other products.
  •  Super easy to install perfectly with pre-applied gel.
  • Ball-shaped protectors absorb all the impacts.

6. Ezire Corner Guards

 Ezire 20 Pack Corner Guards

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The protectors come in various shapes and sizes to fit all the different types of furniture and other objects with edges.

It will fully prevent injuries, bumps, and bruises arising from the corners. They are highly flexible and take a few seconds to install perfectly. These also protect your walls from getting defaced by the strikes of the edges. The material quality is premium and they are free from toxic elements as they are mostly used in the tables where people eat food. Even the removal of the adhesive is pretty easy.

  • They are semi-soft and provide maximum safety.
  • Matches seamlessly with the shape and size of objects.
  • Ultra-strong adhesive and easy removal is special technique.
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5. Child Safety Furniture Bumper Table Protectors

Roving Cove | Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards

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The product comes from Roving Cover which is one of the most popular brands in this corner edge guard category.

The material used in this product is of the purest form and it is safe to use in tables where you dine. The density of the material is superior so that it can withstand high-impact shocks properly. The adhesion is highly secured and reliable with multiple layers of gels provided. It is suitable for all sizes and shapes of furniture.

  •  Different sizes and shapes of protectors available.
  •  Safest material used for use in dinner table.
  • The construction is dense and thick for absorbing impacts.

4. Bebe Earth Edge and Corner Guards Set

Edge & Corner Guards Set - EXTRA LONG 22.0ft Coverage Incl 8 Pre-Taped Corners

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The set has one of the densest material constructions and dense construction is always better than thickness protection. The product is non-flammable and it is free from all chemicals and tested under US regulations. It is going to protect one and all from accidental injuries from the corners and cuts and bruises from sharp edges. There is double-sided taping for optimal adhesive strength. The company offers a lifetime warranty of the product.

  •  Extremely dense material used in construction.
  •  You can wrap the entire table with this non-toxic protector.
  •  Suitable for all objects and furniture sets.

3. Bebe Earth Jumbo Edge and Corner Guards Set

JUMBO Edge & Corner Guards Set

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It is a certified product as its material is free from all toxic components. You can use it anywhere and it is safe for babies who touch them and put their fingers in their mouth. The density of the construction and material is of highest degree. The thickness is optimal and there are advanced adhesive layer provided. The company offer lifetime warranty and you can cover the entire furniture if you want to have a uniform layer.

  •  Reduces the risk of injuries and cuts to the minimal.
  •  Advanced adhesive for rough wear and tear.
  •  Easy to install and remove for cleaning.
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2. Ellas Homes Vebe Clear Corner Protectors

VEBE CLEAR CORNER PROTECTORS | High Resistant Adhesive Gel

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The protectors are highly transparent and you can clean it from time to time. It blends with the furniture sharp and size perfectly. The original look of the furniture will stay intact. It is child-proof and the material is non-toxic. The installation is super easy and there is a special technique to remove them when required like cleaning from the inside. It absorbs shocks and bumps effectively.

  •  Transparent and maintains the original look of the furniture.
  •  Prevents injuries, cuts, bruises, and painful bumps.
  •  The martial is certified for containing no toxic element.

1. Willceal Baby Proofing Corner Guards

Baby Proofing Corner Guards Willceal 12-PACK Keep Children Safety

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These protectors are suitable for all the different types of objects at any angle. You can place it on tables, chairs, any objects with sharp edges. The semi-soft design is extremely dense and absorbs all the shocks completely. The adhesive is strong and pre-applied from the factory. The removal of the guards has a technique for and you can clear the corners and edges from time to time. The material is of high-grade and there is no toxic material used.

  •  Can be cleaned on the exterior as well as interior after removal.
  •  Double-sided adhesive. Pre-applied from the factory.
  • Semi-soft and high density with the safe material used.


There are different shapes of corner edge guards available and you should always opt for dense material construction over thickness protection. Too thick protectors will look odd and mess with the entire look of the furniture. Furthermore, you should take into consideration the material itself as well as the adhesive system. The installation of all the above-mentioned top 10 best corner edge guards in 2019 is extremely easy and so it the removal with proper technique.

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