Best CPAP Cleaners in 2019 Reviews


Those who have CPAP machine installed in their home or office will know the cleaning hassles associated with it. There is an evident need for proper maintenance to assure that the device continues to function. It is a known fact that the easiest way to maintain the cleanliness of your CPAP equipment is to use the right CPAP cleaners. Without regular care, the machine may stop working or may even harm the user.

Whenever your CPAP equipment is filled with dust and bacteria, it creates health hazards. However, this can be overcome by regularly cleaning your CPAP equipment using CPAP cleaners. Clean CPAP equipment will guarantee good health and increases the durability of your machine.

As there are plenty of CPAP cleansers readily available on the current market, it’s clear that you might get confused about which one to select. Thus, to clear that fog, a number of the greatest CPAP cleaners are given below.

List Of The Top 10 Best CPAP Cleaners in 2019 on

10. Sleep-8 CPAP Cleaner

Sleep-8 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Automatic Cleaner Sanitizer Machine

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The effective cleaning of bacteria and germs in the least possible time is made possible with the help of this CPAP automatic cleaner and sanitizer by Sleep-8. It is quite easy to carry this machine without any hassles. Moreover, it is quite easy to operate this machine.

With this item, there’s absolutely not any demand for soap, water, cleaning solutions, or maintenance. It is possible to operate this system by one control button.


  • Clean with 1 Click: an efficient and speedy option
  • Travel friendly, easy to carry
  • Completely compatible as there are no adapters needed

9. Disinfector Portable Mini CPAP Cleaner

Portable Mini CPAP Cleaner Disinfector

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Equipped with an effective sanitization technique and safe operation, this CPAP equipment cleaner and disinfector is the perfect equipment for effective cleaning of CPAP machine. It is an easy use, button-controlled cleaner and provides an automatic mode for disinfecting.

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It is compact in design and can destroy up to 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, germs, and many other pathogens. With the help of natural, safe, and activated oxygen, this cleaner thoroughly sanitizes the whole CPAP mechanism. It does that by removing any debris or germs that may have come in contact with it.


  • Time for cleaning is roughly 25 minutes
  • Compact, light-weight option with a one-button control
  • Size: 6.3 x 2.9 x 2.1 inches

8. CPAP Cleaner by Medihealer & Sanitizer Kit

Medihealer CPAP Portable Cleaner and Sanitizer Kit - Best CPAP cleaners in 2019

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Medihealer has created this portable CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Kit that helps to clean your CPAP machine efficiently and on-the go. It helps to eliminate preliminary bacteria, mold, grease, oils, and other leftovers stuck in your hose, mask, and/or machine.

It is rechargeable and quite easy to use as it gives you the option to charge with a USB charger. This function frees you from having another cord hanging off your nightstand.


  • Quiet when sanitizing your CPAP device
  • Includes cleaner, disinfecting box, adapter, charger, USB cable, cleaning cloth, and instructions to use it
  • One-button control that can disinfect your hose, mask, and machine within 35 minutes and it automatically turns off afterwards

7. Perfecore CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer Bundle

CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Bundle

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This CPAP equipment and mask cleaner can prove to be a useful option in order to sanitize your CPAP machine. As a matter of fact, this equipment is capable of destroying 99 percent of the bacteria, molds, and viruses within 30 minutes. For the most part, these pathogens develop inside the CPAP hose, mask, and water chamber and are difficult to clean within an effective cleaning and sanitization machine.


  • Completed in 30 minutes
  • Small, quiet, quick, and light-weight option
  • Long lasting battery that charges within 2 houros
  • Includes a leak-free bag for sterilizing and storage, along with 2 heated tube adaptors that will fit most of your CPAP devices
  • Comes with 1-year warranty for any product issues

6. BeautySu. Classic

 BeautySu. Classic CPAP Equipment and Mask Cleaner:

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With the help of ozone, this CPAP cleaner is capable of destroying 99.99% of bacteria and germs present in the machine. To do that, it makes use of ozone, better known as the activated oxygen technology.

Because of this, it will help sterilize the CPAP machine, masktube. Most importantly, it isn’t hard to operate. You will need to link this item to the pipe and then press on the button and zip up the casing.

5. Moocoo 2019 – CPAP Cleaner

Moocoo 2019 2in1 Multifunction CPAP Cleaner

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This Moocoo 2 in 1 CPAP cleaner is an effective option for powerful daily sanitizing. It is flexible, easy-to-use, and effortlessly connects to your CPAP machine. It proves to be one of the best in regards to safety and efficiency when it comes to purifying your CPAP equipment.


  • It reacts 3000 times faster than chlorine, ensuring that the safety and cleanliness fo your hose, mask, and cushion come first
  • Includes the CPAP cleaner, sealed bag, 2 upgraded heated hose adapters, USB power cable, and AC adapter
  • Weighs less than 0.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 2.4 inches
  • Requires no maintenance, no soap, water, cleaning solutions, or on-going maintenance

4. Portable Mini CPAP Cleaner Disinfector CPAP Air Tubes Clean by scenstar:

 Portable Mini CPAP Cleaner Disinfector CPAP Air Tubes Clean by scenstar:

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This compact and portable CPAP cleaner from scenstar can be operated with just the touch of a button, making it an efficient and easy-to-use choice.

The CPAP mask and tube can get extremely dirty unless it is cleaned regularly. However, by using this cleaner, no dirt remains. This product comes with a power button, charging indicator, working indicator, charging hole, pipe connection part, and air inlet.


  • This CPAP cleaner can easily fit CPAP tubes of 22 mm diameter
  • This package includes all the necessary items like the cleaner, power adapter, and USB cable
  • Noiseless operations due to its high power processor
  • This machines has effective sterilization of pathogens due to the use of ozone
  • It has a long-term rechargeable battery life within a 25 minute charge

3. SoClean 2 + ResMed S9 Adapter (SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Bundle with Free Adapter):

3. SoClean 2 + ResMed S9 Adapter (SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer Bundle with Free Adapter):

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This CPAP cleaner from SoCLEAN is the best when it comes to sucking the air in. That’s because it uses safe, natural and activated oxygen to do that. Therefore, you are assured of 99.9% removal of germs, bacteria, and other pathogens from the CPAP machine. Above all, no messy chemical or water is involved in its operation. In fact, in order to operate it, you just need to place the mask inside, shut down the lid and then allow this cleaner to clean.

2. SClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer (Adapters Sold Separately):

 SClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer (Adapters Sold Separately):

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What makes this CPAP cleaner an appealing machine is that it connects seamlessly to CPAP, VPAP, Bi-PAP, and BPAP. Also, this machine removes germs, bacteria, and pathogens quite effectively. It makes use of natural, secure and activated oxygen to meticulously clean and disinfect the whole CPAP system. In order to operate it, simply put the mask inside, shut down its lid, and allow the cleaner to do the rest.


  • Reliable quality since it is patented, FDA registered and autonomously lab tested
  • It features an updated interface, compact built, and bright indicator lights
  • For cleaning your CPAP machines, there is no need to disassemble them because this cleaner cleans even from the tiniest corner
  • It is specifically designed in order to accommodate different mask types inside its SoClean unit
  • Majority of the full face masks effortlessly fit into its internal chamber

1. The Sani Bot 360: CPAP Mask Sanitizer Cleaning Machine:

 The Sani Bot 360: CPAP Mask Sanitizer Cleaning Machine:

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You can now get professional-level disinfection at the convenience of your home. As a matter of fact, it is important to clean up the CPAP masks regularly in order to keep it hygienic and safe.

Also, unlike other CPAP cleaners available in the market, this cleaner does not use ozone. Instead, it uses a combination of water and reliable disinfectant tablets. Not to mention its exceptional heater that ensures comprehensive cleaning and superior disinfection.


  • Automated cleaning process
  • Removes debris, dirt, oil and several organic residues in a quick and easy manner
  • There is no after-use foul odor
  • Removes harmful bacteria, mildew, and mold
  • Compatible with an extensive range of mask types

Final Conclusion:

It is important to clean your CPAP machines and accessories from time to time and that’s why you can consider one of the above-listed CPAP cleaners. With the present advanced technology, these cleaners facilitate a high-quality CPAP cleaning process. Furthermore, the above-listed products are easy to operate and guarantee complete removal of bacteria, germs, and harmful pathogens.

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