Top 10 Best Cross Training Shoes For Women in 2019


Cross training is gradually attaining immense popularity due to the fact that it presents lots of benefits in a reliable manner. Basically, it is an athletic activity that would assist a person to enhance his/her flexibility and fitness. Men and women both can try this activity to perceive notable changes in their physical fitness. The reason why women admire cross training is that it assists them to lose weight effectively and attain the desired body shapes. Apart from that, cross training is usually considered as a fun-filled exercise that would not need any specialized tools. You may get everything you need for cross training but it usually happens that you may forget the important thing i.e. cross-training shoes.  These shoes let women feel comfortable, stable, and flexible while doing cross training. So, you can consider one of the below-discussed cross training shoes for women:

Check Out The Best Cross Training Shoes For Women On in 2019

10. ASICS Women’s Conviction X 2 Running Shoe

 ASICS Women's Conviction X 2 Running Shoe:

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The intention with which these cross training shoes are built is the high-intensity training with the use of advanced Lace Garage technique, flawless upper construction, a breathable sock liner, and innovative design with improved fit. Women would just love using these shoes for their cross-training activities.


  • These shoes possess a sock-like fit which avoids the issue of chafing even during the intense workouts.
  • Implementation of the lace garage technique in which a tiny pocket pushes your laces away would protect you from tripping over the own feet when you are busy working on HIIT exercise or jump roping.
  • Those women who have tried these shoes suggested that their feet experienced no pain and ultimately felt great comfort.
  • Women can go walking, running, or intense workouts using these shoes.
  • The use of durable materials ensures long-term use.
  • They provide excellent lateral movements and toe support.

9. New Balance 608

 New Balance 608:

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You can continue walking, running or doing exercise when you put on these cross training shoes. This model of shoes is considered as the most recent generation of this classic trainer shoes that highlights superior cushioning and extra outsole flex grooves to enhance the flexibility.


  • For comfort while use, the shaft is positioned low-top from the arch. So, the overall performance is improved.
  • In order to present perfect fit, they come with a lace-up
  • You can consider the shoes for long-term use since they are designed with durable leather upper.
  • There is the inclusion of inner shank for support.
  • For cushioning, they come with EVA foam footbed.
  • The unique blend of the dual-density collar and IMEVA midsole facilitates your feet with the most favorable cushioning and solid density foam for ultimate support.
  • There is the use of rubber sole in its manufacturing which provides the user with ultimate comfort and reliability.
  • Women would get modern and light feels due to their stylish design.

8. NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes and Styles

 NOBULL Women's Training Shoes and Styles:

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Whatever form of cross training you need and wherever you need, these women’s training shoes from NOBULL surpasses your expectations with their outstanding functionalities. With the regular use of these shoes, you would find improvement in your physical fitness.


  • Whether you wish to walk, run, slide, climb, lift, grind, etc., you can do all the activities using these shoes.
  • They are breathable, lightweight, and offer flexible protection throughout the day.
  • These shoes feature outsole lug pattern that was specifically designed for multi-environment practice. So, there is a seamless transition between internal and external part through the correct blend of traction, flexibility, and support.
  • The upper part of these shoes features a flawless one-piece construction of SuperFabric. This material is found very durable, and resistant to abrasion.
  • On their mesh base layer, there is the application of the SuperFabric guard plates. This would offer 360-degree protection from rope climbs and zombies.
  • In order to enhance protection on sidewalls, the shoes are equipped with high carbon based lateral and medial outsole guards.

7. AVIA Women’s Avi-Tangent Training Shoe

 AVIA Women's Avi-Tangent Training Shoe:

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Women will certainly admire the superior construction and outstanding heel support delivered by these training shoes from AVIA. You can carry to the gym or for everyday activities without any hassles.


  • The use of synthetic sole and detachable casted ethylene vinyl acetate insole provides excellent grip.
  • Their unique construction highlights faux leather upper, cushioned tongue and collar.
  • For providing additional support, these shoes come with a multi-part outsole with an exterior
  • Irrespective of how intense your workouts are, there are no chances of feet injuries such as stone bruises or contusion.
  • These shoes are equipped with a cantilever design outsole which works to position the heel at the central part over a concave sole. It is known that this type of arrangement generates a trampoline effect which is capable to absorb impacts more effectively.
  • The heels are designed such that they support your body weight. It is true that a poorly designed heel may deteriorate your body posture and creates fatigue in your feet. However, this pair of shoes comes with extra heel support for stability.

6. Inov-8 Women’s F-lite 195 V2 (W) Cross Trainer

 Inov-8 Women's F-lite 195 V2 (W) Cross Trainer:

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Designed keeping in mind versatility, these cross trainer shoes are suitable for running, indoor or outdoor workouts, weightlifting, and functional fitness. This pair of shoes is an updated version of the iconic F-lite 195 shoes.


  • The lightweight design is made possible with the help of simplified upper materials, and durable, breathable type one-piece
  • This pair of shoes comes with a power flow midsole that delivers lightweight comfort. Moreover, this midsole provides 15% better energy return and 10% better shock absorption.
  • Application of meta-flex technology facilitates natural bending in the forefoot. In addition to that, the built-in met cradle lacing mechanism works to securely hold your foot into the shoe. So, the shoe would move naturally with your foot.
  • The overall design is such that it allows the shoe to acclimatize with the enhanced durability.
  • Their adhesive rubber outsole presents Rope-Tec support for the purpose of rope climbing. You are ensured to get wonderful traction and flexibility for movement.
  • Over the forefoot, there is webbing to maintain the stability of shoes.
  • High level of traction is presented on the sole to avoid issues of slipping.
  • For intense workouts, the responsive cushioning helps a lot.

5. Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

 Fila Women's Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe:

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Now you can feel comfortable along with great performance and complete protection during workouts or cross training with the use of this pair of slip-resistant shoes from Fila. They present a rubber slip resistant outsole in order to provide sufficient traction against smooth or wet surfaces.


  • The use of highly durable leather and synthetic cover conforms to your occupational needs.
  • Excellent traction is presented with the help of their rubber slip resistant outsole.
  • You would feel comfortable the entire day because the shoes incorporate midsole and memory foam sockliner.
  • There are perforations on the body for sufficient breathability and a lace-up front closure to present convenient fit. This closure is variable in nature to face the intense workout challenges
  • You can use it for long-term since they are manufactured from durable leather and synthetic covers.

4. APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs Women’s Ascend Sneakers

 APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs Women's Ascend Sneakers:

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The APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) sneakers are manufactured from quilted jersey and perforated mesh. So, your feet stay cool and dry throughout the workout. Those looking for stylish footwear for their cross training or workouts should try this pair of shoes.


  • The shoes’ mid-cut silhouette offers the required ankle stability, and the outer heel counter supplements the stability.
  • Their fit is such that your feet stay locked and loaded whenever you require it the most for any workouts including squats, lunges, etc.
  • You can pick from the wide assortment of colors to suit your sportswear.
  • It is found that the compression midsole is engraved out in the major areas, thus decreasing the overall weight and simultaneously offering a good balance of rebound and cushion.
  • There is the lace-up closure for convenient ft.
  • Their textured rubber sole presents comfort and style in a unique

3. Reebok Women’s Yourflex Trainette 8.0L MT Training Shoe

3. Reebok Women's Yourflex Trainette 8.0L MT Training Shoe:

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This pair of training shoes for women from Reebok is exclusively designed for strength workouts including sprints, heavy lifting, and cross training. Its manufacturer considers that appropriate body fit commences with a stable base. Therefore, the brand provides you with comfortable, versatile, and lightweight shoe products.


  • For convenient fit, the shaft is located at 2.25″ distance from the arch whereas the heel’s dimension is 1″.
  • To accommodate orthotics, these shoes come with detachable ethylene vinyl acetate sock liner. As per your convenience, you can detach it to accommodate orthotic innersoles.
  • In order to enhance support, comfort, and breathability, they are equipped with tri-zone leather, perforated mesh, and flexible molded jersey upper.
  • When you put on these shoes, you would run faster than that of normal shoes.
  • You would find the implementation of an Ultralight technology and silhouette for extra flexibility. So, women willing to purchase an endurance-training shoe pair can try this shoe

2. Reebok Women’s Ros Workout Tr 2-0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

 Reebok Women's Ros Workout Tr 2-0 Cross-Trainer Shoe:

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If you are looking to get across training shoe pair that resembles the look of sneaker then got this footwear from Reebok. You would find great traction, stability, and considerable mileage.


  • The low-cut design in a compact, lightweight open mesh presents asymmetrical lacing as well as anatomical shape.
  • The IMEVA midsole and multi-surface rubber outsole provide sufficient traction and comfort.
  • For the functional fitness training, this updated version of cross-training shoes from Reebok will prove to be the preferred training partner.
  • It is found that the anatomical shape embraces your feet with excellent support and also allows them to freely move and flex for employing proper balance.
  • Their underfoot cushion is designed for the impact control that you require during severe workouts.
  • There is a proper balance between comfort and rigidity. The features related to comfort are ideal for jogging while those related to rigidity are perfect for lifting.
  • If required, you can quickly cross a few miles of distance without any hassles.

1. RYKA Women’s Hydro Sports Water Shoe Cross-Training Shoe

 RYKA Women's Hydro Sport Water Shoe Cross-Training Shoe:

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Equipped with innovative design, you would love the dynamic features and versatility presented by this pair of hydro sports water cross training shoes for women. The footwear is suitable for all your water fitness requirements. This shoe pair is an ideal solution for every woman’s training requirements.


  • You can consider the shoes as aquatic cross trainer footwear that includes breathable, removable nitracel footbed as well as drainage ports within the sole. The footbed is dedicated to providing comfortable support for intense workouts.
  • The manufacturing process uses sticky rubber to enhance traction on damp surfaces.
  • Facility of webbing midfoot cage offers medial and lateral support. These features combined with lightweight benefits present innovative design. The innovative design is recommended for long-term use.
  • The upper is made up of synthetic material and webbed arrangement.
  • They are prepared with quick dry upper, webbing bracket for midfoot support as well as efficient drainage mechanism in the outsole and midsole.
  • You will be benefited by their easy on-off design that presents a convenient
  • With the help of rubber sole, this pair of cross-training shoes highlights a sticky surface to provide enhanced traction on different kind of surfaces.

Women carry out different forms of cross-training activities to stay fit.  It is wise to invest in a high-quality cross training shoe pair to perceive how effortless the training becomes. All of the discussed shoes are intended to provide comfortable wear and convenient fit even for the severe workouts.

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