Best Cutting Board Oils in 2020 Reviews

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A trustworthy cutting board is useful to let you prepare the meals effectively. It can help you irrespective of how often you prepare your meals. It is not mandatory to buy the costliest or largest cutting board to accomplish the task. After buying a suitable wooden cutting board, it is essential to protect it properly. Doing this may help you keep it protected from drying out as well as absorbing the distasteful smell. When oils of low quality are used, it is found that there is a slow absorption of water and food flavors. Moreover, they also prevent oil build-up which can make your cutting board turn sticky. It is crucial to maintaining a wooden cutting board in our kitchen so choosing the right oil is vital. Let’s look at the 10 best cutting board oil in 2020:

List of Top 10 Best Cutting Board Oils in 2020 Reviews

10. CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil

 CLARK'S Finishing Kit - All 3 products in one convenient set

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The cutting board oil product from the brand works to condition, clean and protect your valuable kitchen surfaces.


  • This product is a comprehensive solution for maintaining your old or new cutting board, bamboo cutting boards, butcher block, wood utensils, salad bowls, and wood countertops.
  • The oil adds a protective barrier after you apply it. This works to give extra protection from unnecessary liquids oozing into your kitchenware.
  • This product is formulated with the help of FDA approved ingredients and targeted for direct and indirect exposure to food.

9. Premium 100% Pure USP Cutting Board Oil

Premium 100% Pure Food Grade Mineral Oil USP

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You can be assured of the quality of the cutting bard oil from the brand because it is completely pure food grade mineral oil which is USP certified as well as NSF approved. It is widely used for cutting board oil, butcher block oil, soapstone oil, wood tinge, laxative, lubricator, and bamboo oil


  • The oil works to avoid the growth of bacteria and inclusion of food smell. So, you can keep the food products crisp as well as fresh.
  • You can pour it easily and also store it in the bottle.
  • It works to reduce the friction in the cutting board.

8. WoodWorx Cutting Board Oil Conditioner

WoodWorx Butcher Block and Cutting Board Oil Conditioner

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This product from WoodWorx brand reaches deep into the wood to protect wood from cracking and drying out. The finest approach to protect wood surfaces is to let it stay away from liquids.


  • It comes with a feature to extend the wooden vessel’s life by eliminating foul smell and moisture.
  • The wood used in your cutting board remains intact and does not dry out.
  • It works as a conditioner to smoothen the working of the cutting board.

7. Bartow and Sons Vegan Cutting Board Oil

 Bartow and Sons Vegan Cutting Board Oil

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Recognized as a natural, vegetarian formulation for bamboo, wood as well as butcher cutting boards, the product is recommended for use. It is prepared from original plant-derived oils, and also it is safe to use. The oil does not use any hydrocarbons or synthetic additives.


  • It comes with protection feature that works by allowing the oil to penetrate bamboo and hardwoods like cherry, maple, and walnut to seal.
  • The oil is an all-purpose kind and can be used on salad bowls, kitchen utensils, wooden serving bowls, chopsticks and picture frames as well.
  • It is safe to use as it does not use any petroleum byproducts or damaging carcinogenic ingredients.

6. CLARK’S Cutting Board Oil (16oz)

 CLARK'S Cutting Board Oil

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With the long-term use of knives, soap, water, and temperature varition, it is certain that wood starts to warp, dull, and show wear. So, high-quality conditioning oil is required in such cases. This product penetrates deep into the cutting boards, bamboo cutting boards, butcher blocks, wood utensils, salad bowls, and wood countertops.


  • It makes use of standard and high-quality materials in its manufacture. The oil is perfectly combined with natural lemon and orange oils.
  • The oil is completely safe to use because there are no tree nut allergens used. Therefore, you can prepare meals without worry.
  • Oiling on regular basis prevents the wood from splitting, drying, or cracking.

5. Greener Chef Mineral Oil FREE Cutting Board Oil Spray

 Food Grade Cutting Board Oil Spray

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Manufactured with pure walnut oil, this cutting board oil is found to be food grade, food-based, food safe as well as edible.


  • The oil revitalizes, preserves, hydrates, restores, conditions, seals, and penetrates deep inside the wood to protect against water or liquid. This ensures protection against cracking and drying.
  • It makes use of absolute biodegradable, non-aerosol, and a propellant-free type spray which works to keep the oil fresh inside a BPA-free bladder till 24 months.
  • It comes with an advanced three mode dispenser which allows you to stream, ooze, or spray based on the particular application needs.

4. Caron & Doucet – Coconut Cutting Board Oil

 Caron & Doucet - Coconut Cutting Board Oil & Butcher Block Oil

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If you are willing to get a premium cutting board oil prepared from highly refined coconut oil, this product is for you. It is being improved with food grade essential oils.


  • The product is manufactured in a way to prevent your wooden butcher block or cutting board from absorbing unnecessary liquids.
  • You can wash the cutting board easily.
  • There are no chances of unpleasant smell with use of the oil.

3. CuttingBoard Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards

 Food Grade Mineral Oil for Cutting Boards

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Now maintain and restore your bamboo, wood and butcher blocks cutting board by the application of this food grade mineral oil.


  • It makes use of the highest quality white mineral oil for the purpose of food contact with tamper seal.
  • The product is packed with vitamin E for additional shelf stability as well as wood absorption.
  • You can protect and restores the wood of your cutting board by this oil because it works to hydrate and penetrates deep inside the wood to prevent cracking and drying
  • The inclusion of push applicator cap and easy squeeze bottle lets it easy to use.

2. John Boos Cutting Board Oil

 John Boos Cutting Board Oil and Cream Set

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Whenever you are looking to apply a swift, professional and direct way to apply the oil to a cutting board, go for this product. It can be conveniently applied to the butcher blocks, cutting boards, wooden bowls, and utensils.


  • The oil contains unbleached beeswax as well as a food grade mineral oil.
  • It comes with high wax content which offers you a long-lasting moisture barrier, thus sealing the top part of the wood surface.
  • It can penetrate deep inside the grain of the wood surface for protecting and revitalizing the wooden fibers.

1. Howard BBB012 Cutting Board Oil

Howard BBB012 Cutting Board Oil-Cutting Board Oil

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This cutting board oil from Howard is a deep penetrating type of oil and recognized as an absolute pure USP food grade mineral. The product is odorless, tasteless, colorless, and will never get stale.


  • It works impeccably for the preliminary oiling of cutting boards as well as butcher blocks.
  • There is no inclusion of gluten, nuts, or other allergenic materials.
  • It comes with a thin viscosity which facilitates deep penetration within the wood pores that conveys the natural wood color and avoids cracking and drying.

Concluding Note:

Now you have lots of options to choose among for your cutting board. Whichever products you choose from above, it is assured that your cutting board stays protected for the long period.

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