Top 14 Best Deck Sealers in 2019 Reviews


There are many options when you decide to adorn the appearance of your residence. It is possible to beautify your residence when you create an exquisite entertainment spot using a deck. The conventional look of your surrounding will be revamped with the use of decent quality, attractive desk. However, with the passage of time, the desk may get damaged due to weather conditions, rot, mildew, and several other factors. Fortunately, there is a solution to this. The market offers special kinds of deck sealer to alleviate such hassles. Deck sealers are alternatively referred to as deck stains. They target to maintain the original condition of your deck so that its appearance stays intact for years. There would be zero effects of deterioration. With a broad assortment of deck sealer brands and the models offered, you may get perplexed. So, go through the below products to get an idea about the finest deck sealers:

List of Top 14 Best Deck Sealers in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

14. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH.041851-16 Transparent Waterproofing Stain:

 THOMPSONS WATERSEAL TH.041851-16 Transparent Waterproofing Stain Woodland Cedar

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The transparent waterproofing stain for deck consists of the exterior wood stain and wood protector. This sealer allows your deck to exhibit natural wood grain and quality. At the same time, it also intends to add subtle color to your existing deck surface. Now you can decorate your deck in the desired manner since this stain is made available in varied deck stain colors. Once you begin using this waterproofing stain for the deck, you will be stunned to see its easy application.  There would be no negative impacts of rainfall or water. Basically, the appearance of the stain is purple milk but actually, it solidifies into an elegant dark brown color. This deck stain product is capable to seal any cracks and pits.


  • The Thompson water seal prevents water damage on your deck.
  • Presence of the advanced polymers offers fade resistant color.
  • The use of coating provides protection against mildew and UV damage.
  • It can be flawlessly applied to freshly cleaned damp or even on the dry wood.

13. DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain:

 DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain

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Mentioned in the product name, this 1-gallon wood stain is essentially a water-based semi-transparent stain that can be applied on a wooden deck. Since it is an environmentally friendly wood stain, you need not concern about the safety of your deck.  Its functioning enables the wood grain to depict through with an exquisite finish. This finish is essentially semi-transparent and shows natural matte beauty. Generally, the DEFY Extreme wood stain can be applied on wood decks, outdoor patio furniture, playsets, and more.

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  • Implementation of the zinc nano-particle technology works as a sunscreen for your wood. So, your deck would stay protected against the harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • High durability is presented since this wood stain product is prepared from the superior quality resins available. These resins provide excellent resistance to fading as well as darkening.
  • In its functioning, the small zinc particles will be spread all over the stain. This assist to reflect harmful UV rays; also, it avoids premature graying and the concerns of color loss.

12. CoverSeal AC30 Gloss Wood Sealer, Durable:

 CoverSeal AC30 Gloss Wood Sealer

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CoverSeal AC30 gloss is identified as hard-wearing, a fast setting acrylic sealer that is water-based.  The wood sealer is recommended for use on wood, tile and several hard surface flooring. After its application, a tough, vivid, clear surface is presented that protects the deck against stains. Also, there would be no damaging effects of water on the deck.


  • This version of the wood sealer from CoverSeal is resistant against UV. Also, it is non-yellowing, fast drying, low odor, perforated, abrasion resistant and VOC compliant.
  • Your deck surface will stay unaffected against water, oil drops, and grease.

11. CabotStain 140.0003460.005/3460 Australian Timber Oil:

 CabotStain 140.0003460.005/3460 Australian Timber Oil Penetrating Oil 1 Quart

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Effective results are guaranteed when you use this Australian timber oil on surfaces like teak and mahogany. In addition to these two surfaces, this oil protects several premium exotic wood surfaces that are utilized for preparing deck and outdoor furniture. High effectiveness can be justified from the fact that this timber oil product penetrates deep inside the thick resin-rich woods. Ultimately, it conveys natural wood depth and finishes.


  • In the formula of this CabotStain deck sealer product, complex translucent iron oxide pigments are included. They guarantee a long-lasting UV-absorbing surface rich.
  • The oil would dry to a flat, semi-transparent toned finish.

10. DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain:

 DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain, Crystal Clear

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Some of the essential traits of this 1-gallon exterior wood stain are its high durability and the use of high-quality resins. Basically, this stain product is prepared using the superior quality resins that provide superb resistance against darkening and fading. In the end, you will perceive a decent quality wood stain capable to last longer.


  • This exterior wood stain product is environmental-friendly and its formula is water based.
  • It avoids the graying created due to the damaging impacts of the sun.

9. Rust-Oleum 01901 Coppercoat Wood Preservative:

 Rust-Oleum 01901 Coppercoat Wood Preservative, 0.88-Gallon

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Designed primarily for protecting deck or deck floor end cuts, this wood preservative would aptly justify your investment. It is an excellent deck sealer from Rust-Oleum to prolong the life of pressure treated wood. Being stainable and paintable, this wood preservative employs a see-through green color that naturally fades as time passes.


  • Recognized as an insecticidal preservative, this deck sealer avoids rot, decay and termite damage.
  • It stops the surface growth of fungal organisms like mildew, mold, and streaking fungi.

8. Thompsons Water Seal A11701 1-Gallon:

 Thompsons Water Seal A11701 1-Gallon Advanced Maximum Strength One-Coat Waterproofed

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Equipped with the great strength, the water seal deck sealer from Thompson is uniquely formulated for wood. Basically, it is a one-coat waterproofer that intends to offer the one-coat greatest strength protection. This is made possible through the use of a coating that defies mildew and damage due to UV rays. In this way, your wood will be able to maintain its original color and finish.

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  • The A11701 water sealer offers long-lasting beading and protection against water.
  • Through its patented formula, this 1-gallon waterproofer allows its user to clean the deck surfaces in a single day.
  • Its multi-surface waterproofing is ideal to protect wood, concrete, and brick. Moreover, it enables your wood to assume natural finish in less time.

7. Defy Extreme Wood Stain Light Walnut 1-gallon:

 Defy Extreme Wood Stain Light Walnut 1-gallon

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The sole specialty of this 1-gallon wood stain product is it incorporates the execution of the zinc nano-particle technology. This technique assists to protect the deck against premature decay resultant due to the UV rays effect. It is generally observed that this walnut finished wood sealer provides protection to your deck for a long period. The reason behind this is it is prepared from decent quality resins.


  • Compared to other deck sealers, this wood stain product prolongs the quality of your wooden deck tad more.
  • Its formula is water-based and it is semi-transparent to employ the greatest effectiveness.
  • No need to strip the surface for performing maintenance coat.
  • It is completely safe to use and environmental-friendly.

6. Tall Earth TEESWT5G Eco-Safe Wood Treatment:

 Tall Earth TEESWT5G Eco-Safe Wood Treatment

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A single application of this wood treatment dives deep into the wood to present long-lasting effects. During its use, there is no need for flaking, scraping, or reapplications. In most cases, this eco-safe deck sealer works perfectly on decks, fences, furniture, and different marine applications. The deck surfaces would get extreme protection against mold, moss, damp rot, fungus, and dry rot. There would be no requirement of scraping and you just need to apply it once. Actually, there are several environmental benefits of this Tall Earth deck sealer product. So, there would be no harmful residues left behind.


  • The formula of this eco-safe wood treatment ins VOC free, non-toxic, voc free, and garden safe.
  • The included components penetrate deeper to make sure lasting effects are guaranteed.
  • After its application, it offers an exquisite silver or brown aged finish. Actually, this finish is based on wood type.

5. Thompsons WaterSeal TH.A21711-16 Advanced Natural Wood Protector:

 Thompsons WaterSeal TH.A21711-16 Advanced Natural Wood Protector

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One more wood protector product from Thompson in this list, this wood sealer employs long-lasting coating. This coating is capable to resist the growth of mildew; also, it resists fading and UV damage. In a single day, through a single coat, you could apply this natural wood protector to wet or dry wood both. Applying this coating on your deck, stay stress-free about water damage, mildew, coloration or UV damage. The major advantage is it is extremely simple to use.


  • This water-based water seal is recommended for easy soap and water cleanup.
  • The versatility of this waterproofer sealer allows you to use it on fences, decks, outdoor furniture and also exterior wood.
  • The advanced protection is delivered against water damage.
  • Its maximum strength delivered in a single coat makes sure the results are effective.

4. BOND DISTRIBUTING LTD 00200 00200 Gallon Natural Wood Stain/Sealer, 4 g:

 BOND DISTRIBUTING LTD 00200 00200 Gallon Natural Wood Stain

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There are no skill constraints when it comes to the use of this natural wood sealer since beginners and professionals both can use it. Its working mechanism rejuvenates the original finish of the wood surface. When a DIY enthusiast wishes to revamp the look of the decor of a home, this sealer is a perfect product.


  • A single application of this wood preservative stain provides the natural finish on any wood surface.
  • Unlike other cheap quality wood stain products, this one would crack, overlap, chip or flake.

3. Thompsons TH.010100-18 Clear Multi-Surface Aerosol Waterproofer:

 Thompsons TH.010100-18 Clear Multi-Surface Aerosol Waterproofer

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Capable to stain multiple surfaces, this aerosol waterproofer retains the elegant finish of the wood. In addition to that, it defends the strings that fasten the individual chimes to the wooden top based platform. In this way, it prolongs the chimes’ life. It works as a penetrating sealer for dust-proofing and concrete hardening. Moreover, it fulfills ASTM C309 specifications for concrete healing.


  • The 010100-18 sealer would successfully seal any porous material against the harm caused by water. Also, there would be no harmful effects of stone, concrete, brick, plaster, by and asbestos.
  • When you use it in the form of an additive, it defends the paint against severe weather conditions.

2. Ready Seal 512 5-Gallon Pail Natural Cedar Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer:

 Ready Seal 512 5-Gallon Pail Natural Cedar Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer

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The Ready Seal stain is dedicated to enhancing the wood’s natural beauty enabling the finish and texture of the wood to stay visible. Essentially, this exterior wood stain is an oil-based, semi-transparent type all-inclusive product. There is no doubt regarding its compatibility since it can be applied on every exterior wood projects. The corresponding formula pierces deeply to retain the wood from the external elements like mildew, mold and harmful UV rays.


  • It is possible to apply it through roller, brush or spray. Without any issues of lapping, this sealer could be applied either wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry.
  • There are no limitations regarding the temperature range. Also, its application does not need dilution prior to spraying.

1. DeckWise Ipe Seal Hardwood End Grain Sealant:

 DeckWise Ipe Seal Hardwood End Grain Sealant for Fresh Cut Board Ends or Turning Blanks-Deck Sealers

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Made popular through its easy application, this hardwood end grain sealant guarantees exceptional results. Its use may cause shading or color modifications in wood, based on dryness, species or other factors. In order to perceive the best results, you need to test the samples and allow them to provide results for 48 hours. There would be excellent protection provided to the structural integrity of the hardwood decking.


  • This wax emulsion sealer is specially designed to avert dry splits in lumber, sawn logs, and some other exposed face grain.
  • A unique, strong bond is created that prolongs the life of the deck board.
  • A quart of end sealer encompasses about 500 square feet of decking.

Concluding Note:

The use of quality deck sealers is recommended to make sure your decks stay in proper physical shape without compromising the durability. The deck and other surfaces will stay protected against harmful UV rays, mold, mildew, and other damaging factors. Besides, most of these deck sealers are waterproof.

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