Best Digital Calendar Clocks in 2020

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For many people, especially those of us that are aging, routine becomes important. It offers a normality of time and allows us to track the things we do during a day, which is why every adult needs Digital Calendar Clocks at home.

When you don’t have digital calendar day clock, you often don’t realize how you’ve let time go or even what day of the week it is. As you get older this slipping of time gets worse. For younger people hunger can signal lunch or dinner time, but when you start getting older you stop feeling hunger like you used to. This is why the presence of a digital clock can be very comforting. Its presence fills the emptiness of the home and reminds you of when you need to consider the time.

A simple clock with numbers that can tell the time or even a 24 hour clock with a calendar is something every home needs. The following is a review of 10 digital clocks we’ve found that meet our grade.

List of Top 10 Best Digital Calendar Clocks in 2020

1. 11.5 Inch Large LED Clock

11.5 Inch Large LED Clock

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The neat thing about this clock is the large 11.5 extra large display. It is ideal for the visually impaired person. The led display has 5 different intensity levels allowing the person to change the settings as needed. It comes with LED display for time, date, week and even the temperature.

The large display allows you to see the clock without the need for eyeglasses, and when viewed on its highest illumination setting can be seen from other rooms in the house. One of the nicest features about this clock is the indoor temperature setting. The clock can measure the temperature through a wireless indoor temperature sensor.

The clock has three different alarm settings that can help you wake up, remind you of a time you need to do something or the time to take medications. Aside from the great display features, this clock also has a two USB charging ports for android and IOS phones.


  • Charging Ports
  • Large Display for Elderly
  • Battery Backup


  • Styling Is Old School
  • Setting Up Is Tedious

2. New Version of The American Lifetime Day Clock

New Version of The American Lifetime Day Clock

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Here is a clock with an extra large impaired vision display. It comeswith battery backup and 5 alarm settings. This is a high resolution digital alarm clock with large numbers that allow you to easily distinguish the time of day, the day of the week, and month. It is all displayed in large clear numbers and letters. It is the only clock with 5 multi-functional alarms or reminders. It never forgets to sound the alarm, even when the electricity goes out, as this clock has a battery backup. The clock has a 1-year warranty and a 30-day return policy.


  • Impaired Vision Friendly


  • Nor Battery Operated
  • Doesn’t Reset Automatically

3.Aomago Digital Alarm Clock with Backup Battery and Temperature Display(℉/℃)

Aomago Digital Alarm Clock with Backup Battery and Temperature Display

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The standout feature for the Aomago is simplicity. The desk clock is very simple to use. It displays time, day, date and temperature. The layout is another nice feature here as the calendar sits on one side and is large enough to see by anyone (with or without eyesight problems). The alarm is loud and has a nice snooze feature allowing the owner to get an additional 5 minutes of sleep time. It is battery operated and works for any nook or cranny.


  • Large Calendar Display
  • Month, Date and Temperature Setting


  • Mid-Sized Digital Numbers
  • Poor Background Choice

4. Mooas White Modern Styled Multi-Function LED Clock

Mooas White Modern Styled Multi-Function LED Clock

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For a really modern and simple look the Mooas clock is a very cool option. This white 3D led clock is shaped like the numbers of clock. The display comes up in a bright white LED, making it stand out from the structure of the clock. It comes with a calendar feature, displays the temperature and has alarm settings to remind yourself of important tasks. This clock sits well on a desk, in a living room, kitchen, bedroom or on just about any table or shelf you want it.


  • Bright Led Light
  • Huge Number Display


  • Temperature and Date not Easily Visible

5. Marathon Alarm Clock

Marathon Alarm Clock

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The Marathon clock is a compact clock. It is only 4 x.5 deep x2.25 high in inches. The clock stands out for its ability to rotate, allowing the viewer to see the clock from any side. It can also be folded into its case which allows for easy travel. The clock displays time in 12 hour segments or in military time.


  • Compact Travel Ready Clock
  • Temperature and Date Settings
  • Battery Included


  • Numbers Are not Large

6. HIPPIH Digital Alarm Clock

 HIPPIH Digital Alarm Clock

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The perfect digital alarm clock for the bedroom, or anywhere you want a large LCD silent wall clock that is battery operated. The HIPPIH Utility Elegical Alarm clock is Known for its nice and large LCD display and its temperature and calendar features. This clock goes well in the kitchen, bedroom, family room, office, living room or anywhere you need a large display clock. It serves both standard 12 hour segments or it displays military 24 hour time and temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

HIPPIH is known for its quality products. The company uses strict quality control practices and materials. The led display on this clock is 11.5 inches tall and the LED light is dimmable. It displays the day, date and indoor temperature. It does have an alarm clock feature.

Another nice feature is that it has USB charging ports and a battery backup, in case of a power outage. It is a perfect gift for students, professionals or seniors who need to be reminded about certain things throughout the day.


  • Ideal for Heavy Sleepers (alarm features)
  • Place it Anywhere (wall, desk)


  • Simplistic Style

7. Raynic Digital Clock, Raynic

Raynic Digital Clock, Raynic

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It’s a clock with big letters. It displays everything about the day including a calendar, thermometer, USB charging ports and a huge 11.5 inch display. It offers a battery backup in case of power outages and an adjustable brightness display. The alarm clock offers great options for people with memory loss as it helps them remember important tasks like taking their medication. The large screen and alarm reminder helps people who need to remember things. Sometimes we become forgetful as we age, but the Raynic digital clock helps remind us of the date, day, time and the alarm tells us of times we need to conduct special tasks (take medication, eat, etc).


  • Large Number Display
  • Multiple Alarm Settings


  • Simplistic Design

8.​ Dayclox with Extra-Large Numbers and Non-Abbreviated Day & Month Display

Dayclox with Extra-Large Numbers and Non-Abbreviated Day & Month Display

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This is the perfect Senior clock. The dayclox offers a high resolution digital display that spells out the day of the week, offers the month and the date in large illuminated letters that don’t get anyone confused. It is ideal for people of all ages and looks good in an office, the bedroom, livingroom, the bathroom and just about anywhere. Features 8 languages, including English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Welsh. The one drawback is that this clock does not operate on batteries.


  • Large Display
  • Bright Leds


  • Non Battery Operation

9.​ Digital Calendar Day Clocks Extra Large

Digital Calendar Day Clocks Extra Large

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This clock is a consumer favorite because of its huge display. It is great for the visually impaired or for people who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimers.

It is an easy to read clock with a great large interface. The interesting thing here is that the clock has all the features of the others but it also displays morning, afternoon, evening, night and before dawn settings. These are nice additional elements for people who tend to forget the time of day and have a hard time remembering things. The clock has medication reminder settings and displays statements like “Take Your Morning Medication.” It can be programmed in several languages and has a special design for seniors and immigrants.


  • 5 Display Types
  • Dim and Brighten Feature


  • Simple Design

10. Marathon CL030033WH Atomic Wall Clock

Marathon CL030033WH Atomic Wall Clock - Best Digital Calendar Clocks 2020

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The stand alone Marathon CL030033 comes in White and this appears to be a real winner among consumer. There are a ton of good reviews for this clock. This Marathon atomic clock self-adjusts to the right time for the time zone the owner is in. You just need to insert the batteries that come with the clock and it sychronizes on its own with the atomic clock in Colorado. The clock works in all 8 time zones and can be used throughout North America. However, if something happens to the atomic sensor and the clock cannot synch there is a manual setting so you can set it. This clock automatically detects daylight savings times. The look of the clock is quite elegant as well. It has a brushed steel, contemporary design and can sit beautifully in any room in the house or office. The large numbers make it easy to see and it can even be hung on the wall if you want. However, it does have a fold out stand so it can sit on any table or desk as well. It works with standard am/pm time or military time and self adjusts using radio signals.

The number in the lower right hand corner is the seconds and the illuminated bar tells the user how well the clock received the atomic signal.


  • Atomic Clock Syncs with Colorado Greenwich Time


  • No LED Light
  • Not Compatible with UTC

Considerations to Keep in Mind

When shopping for one of the best calendar clocks and comparing the different features there are a few important questions to ask yourself:

How Much Does It Cost?

A good digital clock should costs about $50, although there are some models that have higher price points. Ultimately, the price you pay is determined by the type of clock you need and the features you want.

Can I Customize The Alarm?

When shopping for an older person, the alarm feature becomes a critical part of the clock. Older people tend to forget things and an alarm can offer a signal to take medications, eat or even call someone.

Does The Clock Sync?

People who have power outages may find that an automatic syncing clock or a clock with a backup battery is a better option than a standard LED display clock.

Is The Visual Display Bright Enough?

When shopping for an older person or for someone who is visually impaired you must choose a clock that has a brighter display and can be seen in the dark or one that has large digits so the owner can see it from far away.

Is there a visual display?

A visual display that shows the date, temperature, and other information can be helpful for some users, and displays that project the time onto ceiling or wall surfaces allow sleepers to check the time without rolling over.

What is the power source?

Assuming the alarm clock is AC-powered, cord length may be an important factor for users depending on their bed’s proximity to an electrical outlet (though extension cords can be used). Clocks with backup batteries are usually suitable for people who frequently lose power.

How big is the alarm clock, and how much does it weigh?

Though most alarm clocks are relatively compact and lightweight, some are more suitable for smaller spaces and travel than others.

Does the alarm clock feature USB ports?

These allow users to charge their smartphone, tablet, and other devices using the clock itself.

Is the alarm compatible with bluetooth speakers?

Because of their wireless connection, bluetooth speakers may be more suitable for some bedroom configurations than wired speakers.

Is there a trial period?

Some alarm clocks — mostly higher-end models — allow customers to return their alarm within a certain window period. Most, however, do not offer trial periods.

How long does warranty coverage last?

Most alarm clock warranties will cover the product for up to one year, but some alarm clocks do not come with warranties.

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