Best Facial Tissues in 2019 Reviews


Nowadays everyone has a busy lifestyle and sparing some time from your fussy schedule to wash your face is just next to impossible. Especially if you are spending more than half of your time outside your homes you probably do not get the time to properly cleanse your face that leads to many skin problems such as clogged pores, acne, oily skin, pimples and lots more. All this happens due to the increased number of bacteria that develops on the unwashed and dirty skin. Thus, cleaning the skin properly becomes more important in order to avoid such problems and a good facial tissue must be there with you all the time be it office, vacation or anywhere else. Here we present you the list of TOP 10 BEST FACIAL TISSUES that will not only cleanse your face but also keep your skin glowing and fresh all day long!

List of Top 10 Best Facial Tissues in 2019 Reviews

10. Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues

Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues

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The name of this tissue itself is much cleaner. Jokes apart, these tissues are a good option for all those who have a sensitive skin and get rashes easily. With these Kleenex Ultra soft tissues, not only are they gentle to your skin but also will keep your skin oil and dirt free. Apart from cleansing your skin, it will also help you during toughest colds.

  • Ultra soft and durable cleansing tissue with 3 layers of thickness
  • Can be used for cold and cough or other seasonal allergies
  • Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and helps in preventing deforestation
  • The Kleenex flat boxes come in a variety of color and designs to match your home interior.
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9. Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues

Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues

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Another one form Kleenex, but this time with 30 extra tissues in a pack of 4. These tissues are easily disposable and are eco-friendly. If you want to buy facial tissues and are concerned about the environment, should probably buy these in order to save trees. Apart from being environment-friendly, they also keep your cleaner at a fair price.

  • Offers 2 ply durable 160 tissues for proper purification of your face and hands.
  • A perfect blend of softness and strength suitable for everyday use
  • Very effective during cold, flu, office, school or holidays
  • Effectively kills germs to promote good health.

8. Quilted Northern 3-PLY Ultra Facial Tissue

Quilted Northern 3-PLY Ultra Facial Tissue

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These 3 ply facial tissues from Quilted Northern is great to use anytime and anywhere, whether in the office, car, vacations or anywhere. Just pop it and boom, fresh glowing skin free from dirt and oil within few seconds. Plus the light soothing after fragrance is amazing. Comes in a pack of 16 so that it will be there for you whenever you need them.

  • Perfectly designed for taking off makeup, sputters and sneezes.
  • Smart cube boxes to fit any corner of your bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen, vehicle and wherever you want to keep them.
  • Each cube box contains 65 white, non-lotion sheets with easy to pop mechanism
  • Save up to 15% extra with Quilted Northern’s subscribe and save offer!

7. Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues

Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissues

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The third Kleenex tissue on our list and it contains 18 boxes with 75 facial tissues each. These are 3 ply thickness facial tissue papers that are much durable to clean any level of dirt and grease deposits from your face without tearing apart. Kleenex is a well known American caring for the people of the world since 1924 and providing the best ultra soft tissues while saving trees at the same time.

  • Suitable for the hydration of your skin and getting rid of dirt and excess oil.
  • Very useful during vacations, cold, cough or cleaning the hands during the unavailability of water.
  • Kills 99% germs off from your face and hands
  • Easily disposable and eco-friendly

6. Kleenex Ultra Soft & Strong Facial Tissues

Kleenex Ultra Soft

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Yet another Kleenex tissue but with some added benefits. These facial tissues are even stronger and softer as compared to the previous ones made it grab the sixth position on our list. A box of it contains 70 ultra soft and durable tissues in a pack of 6. With a 3 ply thickness paper tissue sheets, is very effective in the effective cleansing of your complete face with ease.

  • The perfect size of 8.2 x 8.4 inches make is great for the cleansing of your complete face.
  • It is ultra soft and strong and is very useful for wiping tears, fixing makeup smudges or stopping the sniffles.
  • The moisture locking mechanism present in these tissues provides a fresh and hydrated feeling to your skin.
  • The material it is made out of is very absorbent and disposable.

5. Puffs Ultra Soft Facial Tissues

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“Comforts needy nose” is what the box displays. Apart from that, it is very effective in the cleaning of your face and hands. A pack of Puffs Ultra Soft tissues contains 4 Cube boxes with 56 tissues per cube. It offers superior softness along with being durable at the same time.

  • Provides softness and strength at the same time, thanks to the air-fluffed technology.
  • Perfect for allergies, runny nose, flu or sneezes.
  • Creatively done cube boxes look perfect wherever you put them
  • Makes you feel fresh and active with just a swipe at your face.

4. Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues

Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues

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Kleenex is ruling our list with this being its fifth entry. Kleenex tissues are so durable and gentle to your skin that makes it one of the best facial and multipurpose tissue. With its effective moisture locking technology, you get a fresh and amazing feeling every time you use it. This one is a pack of 4 square boxes with 120 tissues each.

  • Made up of three layers for extra durability and softness
  • Got Cold or seasonal allergy? No worries!
  • FSC Certification makes it environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Well designed boxes with unique abstract patterns.

3. Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues 55 ct, 4 Pack

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Kleenex, no comments! Many of you might be thinking that we have been sponsored by Kleenex to fill this list up with their tissues, to clear your doubt, no we are not sponsored by them. Anyways, this Kleenex variant comes in a pack of 4 containing 55 tissues each. Good for the cleansing of your hands, face or whatever you want to.

  • It’s moisture locking technology keeps these tissues moist and fresh for longer period.
  • Perfect for daily use to clean your hands and face effectively while at work.
  • Place it anywhere boxes that are suitable for office, bedrooms, kitchen, vehicle or carry along with you every time
  • Great dispensing mechanism for quick use required during sneeze or allergies.
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2. EDI Ultra Soft Strong White Facial Tissue

EDI Ultra Soft Strong White Facial Tissue

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From EDI Supplies, these are a great ultra soft and strong white facial tissues. It large pack of this contains 3 rectangular boxes with 160 tissues each. What makes it special is the larger size tissues that are very useful for the complete cleansing of the face, ensuring the efficient removal of dirt and oil.

  • Larger and more practical sized tissues for the complete and proper cleansing of your face and hands.
  • 2 ply thickness ensures durability while being soft at the same time
  • Desirable for makeup smudges, sniffles and runny nose during cold
  • Flat rectangular shaped comes in three different colors with catchy texture

1. Silky Soft T100VAP 2-Ply Facial Tissues

Silky Soft T100VAP 2-Ply Facial Tissues

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If you are looking for a compact, easy to store and premium facial tissue for you or your hotel, then these Silky Soft T100VAP 2-Ply Facial Tissues should be in your cart. The lush 2 ply thickness makes it durable and quite absorbent. A pack of this contains 30 flat rectangular boxes with 3000 total tissues that are suitable to use anytime, anywhere and for any purpose!

  • It offers ultra soft, ultra durable and multipurpose tissues specialized in the cleansing of face, hands and prove to be a lifesaver during cold and allergies.
  • The compact rectangular size makes it easy to fit anywhere
  • Premium looking elegant box with decorated colors and elegant art.
  • 30 days 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied! What else do you need?

Tissues for all your issues!

Tissues are a necessity for everyone, be it young or old. They can be used in multiple ways, from cleansing your face, helping you during cold, cleaning your runny nose or sanitizing your hands before eating. These durable, portable and soft tissues promote a healthy lifestyle, keeping you and your loved ones safe. Our list of 10 BEST FACIAL TISSUES comprises of such tissues that have all the qualities which are a must in an ideal facial tissue. All you need to do is just grab one that best suits your needs.

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