Top 12 Best Foosball Coffee Tables in 2022 Reviews

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At professional level or just for fun, there is a trend of playing foosball in recent times. Playing this game is essentially an art and you will always avail thrilling experience while playing it. If you decide to play it professionally, you will be able to compete with your own skills in an efficient matter. Alternatively, if you play it just for fun, you will get rid of boredom. Upgrading the traditional foosball table concept, the present market offers foosball coffee table. Perceptible from the name, this table signifies a smart blend of the functionality of a foosball table and a sleek coffee table in a single furniture unit. Generally, the top of a foosball coffee table is encompassed with tempered glass. So, you can always keep an eye while indulging in the play. To make the most of foosball game playing experience yet relish a sleek design of the coffee table, look at the best foosball coffee tables below:

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12. Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table:

12. Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

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A classic yet functional foosball coffee table, this furniture piece is prepared out of the decent quality materials and superb craftsmanship. Its overall structure showcases alluring features of accents and detailing. In its configuration, you will see that the wood frame would support a red and blue team. Moreover, the frame is controlled from every side through 3 distinct wooden handles.

While playing the game, foosballs would be effortlessly returned via a stainless steel ball return. Besides, they are placed back in play via the slots of the table’s either side. The score can be kept easily through the wooden scoring beads positioned on either end. It came to know that the game is surrounded by a top of the glass. So, the game table is made convenient for putting drinks while gameplay.


  • You may use the table as a coffee table to serve drinks for guests.
  • It comes with the solid hardwood construction along with sophisticated accents and hand-carved detailing.
  • Important components are the octagonal handles, telescopic rods, and adjustable leg levelers.
  • Presence of the sleek glass top will make the overall appearance stylish.

11. Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42″ Table:

11. Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42" Table

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A highly versatile foosball coffee table in the current market, the table can be quickly transformed into dining tables. The reason behind this is it contains a top cover identical to other typical tables for holding foodstuffs and drinks. At first glance, you will feel its appearance resembling the Chicago Gaming Signature foosball coffee table. This is due to the point that they boast similar designs. With the dark brown color, it will appear contemporary.


  • There is a shelf under the playing field which can behave as storage space.
  • Excellent visibility is depicted through the decent quality clear glass, so the gameplay actions can be clearly seen.

10. Steve Silver Cocktail Table with Foosball:

10. Steve Silver Cocktail Table with Foosball

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A double duty furniture piece from Steve Silver, this foosball table can function as a cocktail table. When you desire to play foosball game, it can be quickly turned into the fully functional foosball table. Basically, it incorporates 6 handles, 2 foosballs, and an easy-to-access ball return on every end. There is the provision of a side entry port on the side to commence the game action. With the 5 casters being included, exceptional mobility will be conveyed. To store the foosball game accessories, the bottom shelf would function as storage.


  • Construction is accomplished using the tempered glass, chrome finished iron along with wood solids & veneers.
  • The tapered legs will guarantee superb mobility.
  • Out of the 5 casters, two of them are locking casters to enhance mobility.

9. Fairview Game Rooms Furniture Style Home Foosball Table:

9. Fairview Game Rooms Furniture Style Home Foosball Table

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A refreshing game like foosball would make your mood pleasant. Now you can refresh your mood by investing in this home foosball table. Providing a top quality table game playing feel, the Fairview table is dedicated to offering a decent appearance and superb durability. Its basic designs are intended to uniquely complement the appearance of any game room. The beautiful look is conveyed through its durable all wood type construction.


  • Veneer engraved cabinet supplements an appealing design and the Queen Anne Legs provides a royal look. The sleek look is brought by positioning score counters within the cabinet.
  • Its compact size allows the players to set it up anywhere and indulge in game playing.

8. BARRINGTON 56 inch Allendale Collection Foosball Table:

A premium quality foosball table from BARRINFTON, this table can even function as a durable coffee table. In its configuration, the superior quality construction is blended with classic design elements. A durable yet beautiful appearance is conveyed to match the décor of the game room. The 56-inch table serves as a perfect furniture piece for use in the office, home game rooms, basement, or apartment. Thus, you can enjoy nonstop foosball game playing with your friends or family.


  • The construction is successfully done using the sturdy bronze fixtures, spin rods, and the varnished ergonomic handles.
  • Proper stability is maintained by the sturdy hidden leg levelers, A-style metal leg design and apron.
  • The slick finished game playing surface allows you to smoothly and quickly play the game.

7. T&R sports 60″ Soccer Foosball Table:

T&R sports brand is renowned because it always pays close attention to the decent quality control function belonging from production processes. The brand considers that in the absence of the quality control, the number of faulty products that should be reworked, morseled or returned will significantly raise. The present model of 60inch soccer type foosball coffee table will appear stylish yet functional.


  • The steel ball bearing will enhance durability and elegance.
  • Its construction is successfully completed with the graining decoration MDF, black finish and 15mm chromium steel rods.
  • To hold beverages, there are 4 drink holders present on either side of the table.

6. Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game – 56” Standard Size:

6. Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game – 56” Standard Size

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The standard sized Rally and Roar Cortland foosball table are durably constructed using the premium materials. It’s top-notch craftsmanship guarantees that the game table can sustain prolonged use. The desire to play the foosball game in a professional sized foosball table is now fulfilled. The assembled dimensions of the game table are 56”L x 29.6”W x 34.5”H, so you could play like a pro or can just practice at the comfort of your game room.


  • Its oversized leg levelers are furnished with rubber finish to uniquely protect your surfaces. They assist to offer a uniform leveled game playing surface throughout the intense play.
  • Presence of finished rubber ring in the leg levelers averts scratches and wear & tear.

5. Berner 2 in 1 Foosball & Coffee Table:

5. Berner 2 in 1 Foosball & Coffee Table

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All foosball tables do not offer dual functionalities but this one does offer. A 2-in-1 table from Berner, this table is versatile and durably constructed. If you wish to shift it from one place to another, there will be no scratches on the floor.


  • An explicit conversation piece in a home or game room, this table is made fully functional with elegant solid wood construction.
  • Its configuration exhibits telescopic rods to effortlessly glide from side to side when you are busy playing.

4. Valley-Dynamo Tornado Elite Foosball Table:

4. Valley-Dynamo Tornado Elite Foosball Table

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The Elite foosball table is essentially a professional table for use at home or office. It is this elegantly designed table that depicts heavy gauge rods, dual ball returns and patented split bearings from Tornado. The last aspect mentioned above would simplify the maintenance and provide professional game playing experience.


  • The rods available on this table would function smoothly to enhance your playing skills.
  • To convey the sophisticated look, it boasts Victorian Cherry Laminate finish over a 1 1/2″ dense cabinet.
  • Stability is maintained by its variable commercial-grade leg levelers.

3. Tornado Sport Foosball Table:

3. Tornado Sport Foosball Table

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The Tornado Sport foosball table serves as the impeccable table for beginners and seasoned players. Its height-adjustable features, durable construction and elegant Mahogany Melamine finish allows would justify your investment. Since it comes already assembled, you just need to follow some instructions reference steps to begin using it. The type of coffee table you see in bars or pubs are exactly like this foosball table.


  • Process of assembly is not time-consuming and it is simple too.
  • There is the implementation of the Mahogany Melamine finish over a 1″ thick cabinet.
  • It comes with the height- adjustable legs along with boot levelers.
  • You may move it easily through the SureGrip black plastic handles.

2. Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table:

2. Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table

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Now occupy your home with thrilling feelings by setting up this chic soccer table from the renowned Hathaway. It’s bouncy, soccer-inspired design seems ideal for children. Quick, cutthroat play is facilitated through the steel rods and beautiful ergonomic grips. So, the players would avail great excitement at the convenience of their game room or office. The playoff foosball table is ideal for any age group individual. Generally, children would admire the competitive play and high-gloss graphics. On the other hand, adults will admire its durable construction and compact size.


  • It would be easy to score through its analog counters.
  • The structure is made secure and solid by utilizing the engineered wood construction to offer long-lasting stability.
  • Its built-in integrated leg levelers are quite simple to adjust, guaranteeing a uniform playing field.

1. Foosball Tabletop Mini Size by Rally and Roar:

1. Foosball Tabletop Mini Size by Rally and Roar

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Those indoor sports fanatics willing to indulge in the perpetual entertainment can definitely try out this compact foosball game table. Showcased in a classic design, this tabletop soccer product explores challenging game playing feelings within you. Being simple to play, this interactive game is suitable for 2-4 persons. Any kids, teenagers or adults can comfortably play with it.


  • In spite of being compact and lightweight, this versatile foosball tabletop presents spacious surface. So, it allows ample space for 2 players to play conveniently.
  • The durable build indicates longevity.

Buying Guide to Choosing the best Foosball Coffee Tables

It is not a difficult task to find a foosball coffee table online but it may be not straightforward to avail all the anticipated functionalities. The present market is loaded with plenty of brands that compete in order to provide the best foosball coffee tables. The below section would highlight the aspects to consider while purchasing such tables.

The type of material lays a prominent effect on your overall foosball playing experience. You may go for a plastic coffee table to set up it in your living room. Alternatively, you may go for a solid wood table that is durable, sturdy and made up of quality materials. Once the type of materials is decided, you need to consider the design and color of the table to complement your existing interior decor. You may attempt to merge it into your existing living room or den without spoiling its complete look. For instance, you may select an antique furnished table if the room possesses a vintage style look.

To remove the space issues, you need to first evaluate the space where you wish to keep this table. Subsequently, begin searching for the appropriate one suiting your measured dimensions. A foosball coffee table is always smaller in size than a typical size foosball table.

One of the most essential aspects to take into account is the budget limit. It is a fact that the high-quality materials tables would be expensively priced than the cheaply priced wood and plastic tables.  Those customers who are in a limited budget range, they can acquire a tabletop foosball table which allows them to effortlessly place it on a coffee table. The flat surface and the overall structure would finally save the money and space too. Having considered all these aspects, the choice becomes easy.

Concluding Note:

Being sleek, stylish, durably constructed and multipurpose, these foosball coffee tables let you gain thrilling game playing experience. There will be strong bonding built with your friends or family while you all play foosball games on these tables and drink coffee during the break.

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