Best Glass Cutting Tools in 2020 Reviews

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Many of the people who require glass cutting tools are not glaziers and they are simple DIYs. For them, cutting different hard materials becomes a difficult task in absence of a suitable glass cutting tool. At first glance, it becomes difficult to come to a decision which glass cutting tools to go for becomes they come with lots of features and utilities. Also, glass cutters are the tools you cannot afford to buy repeatedly if the first purchase goes wrong. Therefore, it is perfect to look at the best glass cutting tools as below:

List of Top 10 Best Glass Cutting Tools in 2020 Reviews

10. AGPtek Professional Grade Glass Cutter Tool

 AGPtek Professional Grade Glass Cutter Tool

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The glass cutting tool offers excellent quality cutting at the competitive price. When you try it, you find that it is best convenient for cutting mirrors, glass bottles, stained glass, window panels, tiles, etc. It is used for many other DIY projects.


  • This glass cutting tool is very simple to use. The reason is the wooden handles are engineered so well that they can impeccably fit within your hands without any concerns like shattering or straining your hands.
  • It comes with total 6 cutting blades capable to create a smooth and clean cut, irrespective of whether you carve curve lines or straight lines.
  • You will find that it comes with two different notches which help you to divide pieces of glass. The purpose of two different notches is to conveniently use either of them based on varying glass thickness.

9. ZUOS Glass Cutter Tool

 ZUOS Glass Cutter Tool

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This glass cutting tool from ZUOS is outstanding for cutting glass as well as many other DIY projects. It is capable to cut windows, mirrors, stained glass, glass shelves, etc.


  • It is proficient to cut even the thick glass and acknowledged for making the beautiful and neat section.
  • The product is ideal for cutting craft work, glass artwork and can be used for some household uses.
  • The design is seamlessly prepared to conveniently fit inside your hands.
  • You will find that the tool is durable because it comes with total six tungsten carbide cutting wheels.
  • Its cutting life exceeds 20,000 meters and it can outlive other glass cutters also by up to 35 times.

8. BOSI Heavy Duty Metal Handle Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tool

 Professional Carbide Tungsten carbide Alloy Handle Oil Feed Glass Cutter

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Being light in weight and sleek in design, this glass cutter tool from BOSI is also one of the best one to have.


  • The glass cutting tool is found to be self-oiling whenever pressure is applied.
  • It comes with an automatic oil dispensing system which takes care that the wheels are lubricated every time a person cut.
  • You can cut glass materials with thickness ranging from 2mm to 193.
  • As it comes with the durable brass body, it can enable you to control the cutting fluid level.
  • You can turn its glass cutting head by 360 degrees.
  • Its cutting wheels are engineered from strong carbide and its plastic handle provides flexible gripping.

7. ATHOMEY Glass Bottle Cutting Tool

 Glass Bottle Cutter, DIY Cutting Machine kit for Cutting

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As implied from the name, the glass cutter can cut round bottles as well as other bottle’s shapes like square, oval and jars as well


  • Users are amazed by its results because the glass cutting tool can seamlessly cut the glass materials. Even the thickest champagne type bottles can be easily broken down by this tool.
  • If you apply some creativity and handmade practice, you can easily decorate your beautiful life by cutting glass materials in the desired shapes.
  • Just apply the consistent pressure on the blade and you can cut it.

6. IMT Pencil Style Glass Cutter

 IMT Pencil Style Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tungsten Carbide Tip

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The present glass cutting tool from IMT comes with CE and SGS certification. There are no concerns found till now among the users using it.


  • It comes with two replaceable cutter head for different use. One of them, you can use to cut glass with thickness 2mm to 6mm while the other one, you can use it to cut glass with thickness 6mm to 12mm.
  • The tool is the perfect one for stained glass, diamond, as well as minerals cutting.
  • It comes with an appealing pencil style, which provides durability, comfort, and high performance to its users.
  • The tool’s handle comprises the cross-hatched barrel which can provide you with a sturdy grip.

5. Bememo Glass Tool Kit

 Bememo Glass Tool Kit Includes 1 Piece 5.5 Inches

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Bememo glass toolkit is an ideal tool for cutting and preparing glass artwork. The tool is also suitable for cutting stained glass as well as other craft items.


  • The glass cutter tool comes with a protective cap designed to secure the tungsten carbide point when it is not taken in use.
  • Its carbide scribe pen is convenient to suit for creating precise fine lines over the materials such as glass, stainless steel, hardened steel, etc.
  • You will admire its handle design which is convenient for the human hands to grasp it.
  • Its surface is smooth and its grasp place is slightly dull polished, in order to provide easy grasping.

4. Adaone Metal Handle Pencil Style Glass Cutter

 Adaone 5mm-15mm Metal Handle Pencil Style Oil Feed

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Adaone glass cutter tool is very easy to carry because it comes in a tiny size. It is an ideal tool for cutting work and household use.


  • Its glass cutting head is actually replaceable and capable to rotate up to 360 degrees.
  • The enticing features are -anti-skid durable metal handle, comfortable holding, beautiful handle design, and convenient for long-term use.
  • It is useful to make sharp cutting because its cutting head is made sharp and fluent.

3. IMT Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter

IMT Pistol Grip Oil Feed Glass Cutter Tungsten Carbide

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You can use this glass cutting tool without any doubt because it has passed the CE, SGS certification.


  • The glass cutting tool comes with refined oil feed system which employs an automatic oil dispensing mechanism to maintain lubrication in the wheels.
  • The design is of unique pistol grip type which lets it easy to hold.
  • You will not get fatigue while using it and you can cut glass neatly with fewer efforts.
  • The product comes with two replaceable cutter head for different glass thickness.

2. Red Devil 106370 DIY Glass Cutting Tool

 Red Devil 106370 DIY Glass Cutter

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The present glass cutting tool is used for general cutting and it is made up of zinc die-cast.


  • It comes with precise wheel protrusion for providing complete versatility on round or straight cuts.
  • The operation of cutting is cushion-smooth which ensures clean cut whenever you employ it.
  • The steel wheel is incorporated for the do-it-yourself craftsman.

1. KEWAYO Glass Cutter Cutting Tool

 5mm-15mm Silver Pencil Oil Feed Carbide Tip Glass Cutter Cutting Tool-Glass Cutting Tools

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If you are looking for a durable glass cutting tool with great precision, go for this one.


  • The tool’s shank is manufactured out of high-quality aluminum alloy and the surface treatment employed is oxidation coloring.
  • Its durable brass body allows you to check the cutting fluid level.
  • You can turn its glass cutting head up to 360 degrees.
  • The YD-05 high-quality alloy is used to prepare its cutter wheel to make sure the cutting is accomplished smoothly.
  • Its oiling system implements the advanced 360-degree oil mechanism for better lubrication.

Concluding Note:

The choice of good glass cutting tool can make it useful for cutting purpose and makes your purchase worthy. All of the discussed glass cutting tools come with great precision, neat cutting, and many useful features.

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