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Carrying out regular exercise at the gym is vital for the overall health of your body. Your mind and body would stay fit with the help of exercise at the gym. When you head out to the gym, there are many accessories and things you need to carry along with. This includes water bottles, snacks, a pair of gloves, shoes, workout clothes, keys, wallet, cell phone, handkerchief, etc. To carry lots of different items at the gym, you would definitely need a suitable gym bag. Also, a careful choice on this would enhance your look and style statement while you enter and exit from the gym. You would get a feeling of securely placing all your items in a single place. The choice of gym bag varies from person to person based on their gender, age, budget, etc. Let’s get acquainted with the best gym bags available in 2019 to make an informed decision:

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10. MIER Barrel Travel Sports Bag for Women and Men Small Gym Bag:

 MIER Barrel Travel Sports Bag for Women and Men Small Gym Bag:

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Suitable for both men and women, this gym bag is perfect for carrying to the gym and also for travel. This bag is exclusively designed for sports, gym, carry-on, travel, luggage, hiking, camping, adventures and many more.


  • This gym bag is uniquely designed to enhance the strength so that it would not easily rip off.
  • It is neither too big nor too small; therefore, it would conveniently fit people of all age groups.
  • You can put a wide range of items ranging from keys to sweatpants.
  • There is one separate compartment to keep your gym shoes, so the shoes would not create any mess with other items.
  • Its design is such that there is a front zipper pocket, the main compartment, a mesh pocket located on the end for the purpose of additional storage.
  • There is also an internal side pocket for securely keeping small items.
  • This bag is equipped with an adjustable and retractable shoulder strap for a comfortable fit and comfort.
  • There is the presence of cushioned wrap on the carry handles for enhancing the comfort.
  • The overall design is made sturdy and refined. You can easily access the items using the sleek SBS zipper.

9. Grip Power Pads Sport Large Best Gym Duffle Travel Bag:

 Grip Power Pads Sport Large Best Gym Duffle Travel Bag:

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Basically, it is a 2-in-1 gym bag with facility for dry/wet storage. You can also carry this gym bag for your travel trips.


  • If desired, you can carry this gym bag like a classic duffel bag using its removable shoulder band. Alternatively, you can also use the strong top handles or the double straps to transform it into a backpack.
  • There is a dedicated space for keeping all the essential gear with the facility of big main compartment along with front, left and right zip compartments.
  • Your wet gear would dry out on one end. There is the provision of the aerated dry/ wet compartment for circulation of air across wet towels, dirty shoes, and sweaty clothes.
  • The construction is made ultra tough with the help of PVC-coated type 600-denier polyester bag that avoids wear & tear.
  • Its base is reinforced with a board and secured using plastic strips for enhancing the durability.
  • Irrespective of how you tote it, this gym bag is quite comfortable to carry.
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8. Ultimate Gym Bag: The Crowdsource Designed 20” Duffel by FocusGear:

 Ultimate Gym Bag: The Crowdsource Designed 20” Duffel by FocusGear:

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The present model of gym bag by FocusGear features the improved design and sturdy construction to let you keep all the gym related stuff safely.


  • There is reinforced stitching arrangement at key stress points that incorporates shoulder band and side pockets.
  • In total, there are two wet pockets in this bag -one full-sized aerated wet pocket and the second is an additional hidden wet pocket.
  • It comes with the perfect holders to conveniently fit a 32oz water bottle and a protein shaker.
  • The internal pockets are capable to accommodate oversized phones.
  • Two wet pockets let you keep all the items conveniently. The big, ventilated pocket is ideal for keeping muddy shoes, whereas the tiny objects can be securely kept inside the second wet pocket.
  • The internal pocket lets you safely keep small items like phone, keys, wallet, etc.

7. travel inspira Duffel Bag For Women & Men:

 travel inspira Duffel Bag For Women & Men:

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When your cupboard is filled with lots of things, it becomes hard to make space for an additional gym bag. The situation becomes difficult when you wish to accommodate a massive gym bag. If you are looking to fit all the necessary things that you need to carry to the gym, a foldable gym bag is a perfect choice.


  • The fabric used in this duffel bag is found to be durable and water resistant.
  • The handles of this bag are sturdy and convenient to hold.
  • It comes with huge capacity and also can fast pack into itself for effortless carry.
  • It’s collapsible and foldable design suits well for your travel trips and cycling.
  • You can keep the smallest item like keys and even the biggest items like shoes.
  • There are no chances of dust accumulating on your items to carry.
  • Due to its waterproof design, this gym bag is perfect for taking it to hike or travel.
  • When not needed, you can fold this gym bag and place it inside your vehicle.

6. Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket, Royal Blue, One Size:

 Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket, Royal Blue, One Size:

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This Everest gym bag is capable to carry all the necessary stuff you need to carry for your workout. Presented in royal blue color, this gym bag comes with spacious compartments to safely keep all the items.


  • There are multiple sized compartments that include shoe slot to make it a perfect bag for different kinds of sports activity.
  • There is the inclusion of a special side pocket for safely keeping your shoes and other gears.
  • With the use of cushioned bottle holder, you can conveniently keep your water bottles.
  • There is an arrangement of roomy main compartment accompanied by the zippered clamshell opening.
  • In total, there are two front zippered pouches along with a mesh pocket.
  • It comes with an adjustable shoulder band that comes along with the metal connection piece.
  • For the purpose of easy carry, there is an arrangement of cushioned hook and look close handle.
  • This gym bag is perfect for accommodating workout suits, sneakers, and sweaty clothes.
  • Its pocket helps you to keep your wet gear from your other belongings.

5. Gaiam Metro Gym Bag:

 Gaiam Metro Gym Bag:

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You would find all the needful features and facilities as present in the normal gym bag. Not only a gym but you can also carry this bag for your travel trips, adventurous activities, sports activities, etc.


  • There is the use of nylon to present a comfortable feel when used.
  • The pockets are spacious and equipped with magnetic snaps for effortless access.
  • Its external pockets are ideal for carrying a water bottle and several other essential items.
  • To keep your small items safe, there is an arrangement of an internal zippered pocket, as well as, key ring holder.
  • You can choose from the wide range of colors including green, purple, charcoal and brown.
  • Arrangement of a spacious interior and multiple pockets are perfect for keeping all the items organized.
  • Due to its well-constructed design, this bag is capable to hold 20 pounds of weight.

4. Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket:

 Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket:

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Manufactured from the premium quality material, this gym bag from Everest is capable to present the most functionality anticipated for all the gym users. It comes with great ability to hold many different items. Therefore, it is a reliable gym bag for long-term use.

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  • A special side pocket is provided for keeping your shoes and wet gear.
  • If you want to keep your water bottles safely without any issues of water dripping then you can keep them inside padded bottle holder.
  • The main compartment is made special to keep all the necessary items.
  • Its pouches come with a front zipper along with mesh pocket.
  • You can use the adjustable shoulder strap to conveniently carry the bag.
  • The hook is cushioned and there is the presence of loop close handle & shoulder pad for convenient carry.
  • All the items can be kept organized because this gym bag comes with multiple compartments. There is a separate compartment for storing wet clothes.
  • There is the inclusion of a ventilator in order that the bag does not get smelly due to wet clothes.

3. Vooray Burner 16″ Compact Gym Bag with Shoe Pocket, Rose Gray:

3. Vooray Burner 16" Compact Gym Bag with Shoe Pocket, Rose Gray:

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The appealing quality of this compact gym bag from Vooray is the easy-to stuff shape that makes it a recommended choice for all the gym going people.


  • There is a wide assortment of patterns and colors to choose from. It is found that most buyers usually go for the rose navy floral print.
  • Important features of this bag are its water-resistant base, easy-to-clean nylon liner, ventilated side shoe pocket, and a fur-lined media pocket.
  • Its spacious size is capable to accommodate shower sandals, sneakers, workout clothes, and a makeup bag.
  • The arrangement of ventilated side shoe pocket ensures proper circulation of air.
  • Implementation of leather magnetic handles enhances the portability.
  • You can keep it safely on the floor because it comes with a hard-shell base that is water-resistant.

2. adidas Team Speed Duffel Bag (Medium):

 adidas Team Speed Duffel Bag (Medium):

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This duffel medium bag from Adidas is prepared for advanced team functionality. You can easily rely on the quality and long-term use of this bag since it is manufactured by one of the leading brands i.e., Adidas.


  • The gym bag comes with a big main compartment that highlights an internal zippered pocket for keeping all the valuables.
  • At one of its end, there is a freshPAK ventilated compartment that proves to be useful for organizing the smelly shoes and essential gear separately.
  • On the other side, there is the inclusion of zippered end cap pocket in order to facilitate additional storage.
  • Its front pocket comes with the spacious and easy-access features, equipped with key fob. It is found that this type of pocket is ideal for efficiently storing different items.
  • Users can carry it comfortably with the help of dual adjustable, removable shoulder band, cushioned air mesh shoulder cushion, and enclosed haul handles.
  • The base of the bag is ClimaProof water resistant which defends your belongings from the wet surrounding.
  • An additional side haul handle facilitates efficient storage of the duffel into any locker. Moreover, it also facilitates swift access to your gym bag within an overhead compartment.

1. adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag:

 adidas Diablo Small Duffel Bag:

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The small duffel bag from Adidas is just perfect if you are looking for a compact sized bag to accommodate necessary items for the gym. Since the gym bag owns the Adidas tags, there are no doubts regarding the quality.


  • The gym bag makes use of 100% polyester for enhancing the quality.
  • On its front part, it features logo screen print, top-loading main compartment and webbing carry handles.
  • For effectively carrying this gym bag, there is the inclusion of an adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Its size is found perfect for a rapid trip to the gym or workout.
  • This bag is capable of two fit two volleyballs due to its spacious construction. Also, you can put clothes and water bottles.
  • Its shoulder strap is found adjustable to let you wear at the desired length you prefer. Moreover, the haul handle is cushioned for enhancing the comfort.
  • You can conveniently include two pair shoes, two workout outfits, work clothes, laptop and shaving kit bag.
  • The gym bag comes with an optional plastic sheet which can be used on the base to maintain the shape.

A suitable gym bag lets you look fashionable while you step in and out of the gym. In addition to augmenting the style, the discussed gym bags are capable to accommodate all the required stuff. Now your gym experience gets exhilarating and even more useful with these gym bags.

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