Best Inverted Umbrellas in 2022

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Umbrella was first invented in oriental countries which are mainly in the East and Southeast Asia regions. Umbrella came from the Latin word, umbra meaning shading. Umbrellas provide shades and protect us against the sunlight rain. Some people can even use it for other purposes such as for fashion or photo shooting. There are different kinds of umbrellas. Inverted umbrellas which are created from combined new technology, give various benefits to users. They are more flexible and convenient. Usually, they are shorter and easier to carry around. Therefore, it is inevitable to have one at home, in a car, for traveling, or even going to school or work.

Walking around the sun is not healthy for the skin, but an umbrella can keep you cool as well as protect your skin from the UV. The weather has become more unpredictable these days, so if you do not pay attention to it you can get sick or sunburn. An inverted umbrella can become your personal guard and ease your concerns. The following section will give different choices of your ideal umbrella.

List of Top 10 Inverted Umbrellas in 2022

10. Lanbrella Compact Travel Umbrella

Lanbrella Compact Travel Umbrella

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Lanbrella umbrella is designed to fit with the modern style of traveling. Some people might be lazy to bring an umbrella with them because the old-fashioned umbrella is usually very long, not very flexible, and convenient. However, with the Lanbrella Compact Travel umbrella, you have no worry about it because it is created for efficiency and convenience. It does not only have a nice feature, but it also provides high quality.

With 210T Micro Weave Pongee fabric and DuPont Teflon technology, Lanbrella Compact Travel can be waterproof and get dry quickly. Also, it is superiorly rain-resistant with smooth fabric. Additionally, it has a folding and auto-close design that makes it easier to open and close, especially in a narrow space like coming out of the cars or shops. Lanbrella Compact Travel umbrella is well-equipped for traveling or personal carry. It saves space and easy to use.

What We Like:

  • With 210T Micro Weave Pongee fabric and DuPont Teflon technology, Lanbrella is waterproof and resistant to the rain
  • It is auto close and open that make it safer to close and open
  • The product is foldable and flexible that makes it easier to carry around especially in the wet season
  • Its canopy is quickly dried
  • It has many size choices rank from 42inches to 80inches
  • The umbrella provides a 100-day warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is limited in size and color.

9. Newsight Reverse Umbrella

Newsight Reverse Umbrella

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Unlike the common umbrella, the Newsight Reverse umbrella is designed with new creativity. Its dual 210T pongee fabric allows zero sunlight array transmission and can protect you from UV with more than UPF 50+. Because it has two layers of 210T pongee fabric, the Newsight Reverse umbrella is resistant to water and windproof which makes it safer for you during wet, rainy, and windy seasons.

It is foldable inversely and reversely, so it is suitable to get into a car without wetting your car seat and the floor. In addition, its C-shape handle gives your hands-free for phones, cups of coffee, or other things because you can just cross your wrist into the handle. It is even more efficient since the Newsight reversed umbrella can stand independently without an umbrella holder.

What We Like:

  • It protects us from UV by its dual canopy
  • The product has a high resistance to winds and waterproof
  • It is designed with a C-shape handle that provides extra convenience
  • This item is designed to self-stand
  • It provides a long warranty of at least 12 months

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not have an auto-open/close button
  • The umbrella does not have various size options

8. Refrze Waterproof, Inverted, Reversed, Compact and Folding Umbrella

Refrze Waterproof, Inverted, Reversed, Compact and Folding Umbrella

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You can tell, by seeing the name of the umbrella that it has multi-functions. Refrze does not only provide a waterproof fabric that can protect the UV, but it also gives an inverted and reversed ability that is more convenient while using it. Additionally, its 10 ribs and black metal shaft provide extra strength when it comes to rains and winds. It allows folding flexibility up to 10 inches which are very small and neat. You can put it in your small bag with no problems. With its upside-down design, Refrze does not take up much space when closing and opening. And its auto closing/opening button makes it more convenient.

What We Like:

  • It has nice features
  • The design allows waterproof, inverted and reversed flexibility
  • It has a strong shaft and ribs that are very resistant to the wind
  • It does not have too many color choices but many enough to make a good decision

What We Don’t Like:

  • It has limits size choices

7. BetterBrella Windproof Reverse Umbrella

BetterBrella Wind proof Reverse Umbrella

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BetterBrella is made of two layers of the canopy with strong ribs that perform wind and waterproof very well. The length from tip to handle is only 32 inches long with an extra-wide brim that protects you from moisture or wet walking under the rain. Its snag-free closing button allows the umbrella to be closed effortlessly with easy touch and reversely prevents the floor and car seats from getting wet after entering indoors or cars.

What We Like:

  • Its closing button is easy to use with just an easy touch
  • It has a wide and large brim that protects you from the sunlight and raindrops
  • It closes reversely by its dual canopy that prevents you from getting wet

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not foldable

6. Jaten Inverted, Reversed folding, Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

Jaten Inverted, Reversed folding, Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

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With Jaten’s creativity, the new umbrella design is uniquely made for extra convenience. Its length is 50.4 inches and the diameter is 40.7 inches long that provides enough space for two people with bags. When folded it is only 13 inches which are small enough to put in a small bag. Even though it has a large canopy size, the Jaten umbrella only weighs 1 pound because the ribs are made of fiberglass that makes the umbrella lighter.

The fiberglass ribs and 210T ultra-high-density polyester fabric make the umbrella highly resistant to the wind and water. What is more special about Jaten is that it has an auto-opening and closing button. It is more flexible when you are in a crowded and busy environment. Its reflective stripes at the edge of the canopy will allow you to be notified especially when you are in the dark.

What We Like:

  • It is very light which is convenient to bring with
  • It is large enough for two people
  • The reflective stripes
  • The canopy is designed artistically with white sprinkle like a snowflake on the canopy fabric
  • It provides a one-year warranty

What We Don’t Like:

  • It has limit color and size choices

5. Sharpty Inverted, Waterproof, Reverse and UV Protection for Women Umbrella

 Sharpty Inverted, Waterproof, Reverse and UV Protection for Women Umbrella

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Sharpty provides a new umbrella design that fulfills people’s demand for convenience. Its high-quality canopy is made of premium carbon fiber materials with two layers that provide strong resistance to the weather like sunny, rainy, and windy. The capacity to resist the wind is up to 40 miles per hour meaning it can endure the strong wind very well.

In addition, its C-shape handle design is very useful. It allows you to free your hands for a phone, a cup of a drink, and effortlessness to hold the umbrella by just resting your wrist inside the handle. You can even hold any shopping bags on the C-shape handle.

What We Like:

  • Its strong resistance and durability to the weather
  • Its canopy art design provides many interesting and beautiful styles
  • It is portable and flexible

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not foldable

4. Lanbrella Large Inverted Folding Inverted Folding

 Lanbrella Large Inverted Folding Inverted Folding

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Lanbrella provides a convenient and efficient kind of umbrella design. It is inversely folded that makes its 54 inches size folded smaller and portable especially suitable to bring along in the car or in a bag. Its canopy is well created by high density 210T waterproof material that allows effective waterproof performance. The canopy is compact and neat.

In addition, it consists of 10 reinforced fiberglass ribs and a strong shaft that provides strong resistance to the wind. What makes Lanbrella even easier to use is its auto closing/opening button. Just one click, it will open, and another click, it will close automatically. It saves time and provides a pleasurable feeling while using it.

What We Like:

  • Its easy auto closing/opening button gives us a sense of control over the umbrella
  • The ability to perform wind and water resistance of Lanbrella ease our concerns when traveling in a bad weather
  • It is portable, inverted, and flexible which is easy to bring along
  • The canopy is compact which looks classy and elegant

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is limited in size and color.

3. Siepasa Double Layer Inverted Anti-UV Umbrella

 Siepasa Double Layer Inverted Anti-UV Umbrella

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Siepasa provides a uniquely designed umbrella with high quality and many benefits. Siepasa’s ribs and stand are made of carbon fiber materials. They are very strong and resilient to the sunlight, windy, and rainy weather. The well-designed canopy provides the ability to be waterproof. The inverted and dual-layer canopy is to fold the top canopy when closing, so it will keep the water from leaking and wetting the car seats or floor. For this reason, it also provides safety when exiting and entering the car.

The umbrella is 42.5 inches in length and 31.5 inches when folded. In addition, the reversed folding design enables the umbrella to stand by itself which is useful in crowded places such as in the train. Siepasa also creates a C-shape kind of handle that gives extra convenience because by crossing your wrists through the handle, it frees your hands for other things like phones and shopping bags.

What We Like:

  • The non-automatic button gives you a sense of control over your umbrella
  • Its C-shape handle makes it easier to hold the umbrella
  • The ability and durability of the weather resistance
  • The reversed and inverted when opening and closing makes it safer and less awkward in the crowd.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike

2. Owen Kyne Windproof Double Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella

Owen Kyne Windproof Double Layer Folding Inverted Umbrella

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Owen Kyne provides interesting features and designs that are not only attractive but also effective. For example, the ribs and umbrella stand are made of stainless-steel frame that provides stronger support to the canopy that makes it more durable to breaking. Moreover, the handle is made of Carbon fiber which gives extra lightness to the umbrella. Therefore, the weight of the umbrella is only 0.53 kg while the surface arc length is 116cm, the diameter is 105cm with 82cm length.

You can trust the Owen Kyne umbrella for its capacity for weather resistance because its aerodynamic design ensures durability. With nano umbrella cloth and 210T pongee cloth, Owen Kyne umbrella provides a high-density compact that ensures waterproof and enables dryness quickly. The design also comes with a C-shape handle that is easier and more relaxing to hold. Owen Kyne umbrella is printed by advanced printing technology that results in high quality.

What We Like:

  • It is very light that is easy to port or carry around.
  • The canopy is waterproof.
  • It has nice and attractive features.
  • The ribbed frame and stand are strong and resistant to the weather especially the wind.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The stand is not foldable.

1. MRTLLOA Double Layer Inverted Umbrella with Anti-UV and Weather Resistance

MRTLLOA Double Layer Inverted Umbrella with Anti-UV and Weather Resistance

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MRTLLOA is another brand of umbrella that creates nice features and an efficient umbrella that is suitable for cars, gifts, anti-UV protection, and many more. Because of its dual canopy design, it is very convenient to have one in your car. Its lotus leaf canopy design provides trustworthy waterproof performance.

With its C-shape handle and manual closing/opening button, MRTLLOA certainly gives you control over your umbrella in any situation especially in crowded or narrow spaces, so you will not harm people around you. MOTOROLA designs for efficiency because it’s 8 steel ribs can transform into 8 legs that can stand by itself. Moreover, it is oversized that can fit another kid or two people.

What We Like:

  • It is oversized that ensures that our backpack will not get wet and it can fully protect us from the UV
  • It is highly resistant to waterproof and windproof
  • The item has many options of color

What We Don’t Like:

  • There is nothing to dislike

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Inverted Umbrellas

You use umbrellas during raining or to give shades to your skin and body. There are a lot of types when it comes to umbrellas. One of them is the inverted umbrella. This new concept of an umbrella might be new to somebody. If you are that somebody, we are here to assist you with a list of useful buying tips to help you get the best out of the best.


First of all, you might need to consider the size. What is the correct size for you? Just like clothes, umbrellas are also available in S, M, L, and XL. If you only need to use it alone, you might go for S. However, if you are going to use it with 2 people, we highly suggest that you go for M size or the standard size.


Choosing the right color of your umbrella can really indicate how much of the sunlight or heat it can block. If you choose every light color like pink, sky blue, green, white, it will help to reflect back the light making the umbrella able to block a lot of heat or sunlight from touching you. However. if you go for Black, Dark Navy, etc, the problem is these colors will absorb heat turning it to get even hotter for you.


A smart purchase is that you invest the correct amount of money into something that deserves it. For example, if the umbrella you are about to get is a little more expensive than the rest, check out what is so special about it that makes it more expensive than the others. Probably, it comes with an adjustable size or height? Maybe, does it come with color-changing during the day and night time? Does it come with a quick-dry feature or built-in double layers? Or probably, does it comes with an auto-closing function? Always compare the price to the special features the product can provide.

Benefits of Inverted Umbrellas over Normal Umbrellas

There are plenty of designs for inverted umbrellas. You can easily choose one to make your outdoor routines full of comfort in the rainy season. However, some of you might be a little confused about whether it is good to invest in an inverted umbrella or you should go with a normal one. Well, below, we have listed a few incredible benefits of an inverted umbrella. This information will help you in making an easy purchase decision:

No Drippings

You will be happy to hear that the best quality inverted umbrellas delivers the design using hydrophobic coatings. They do not allow raindrops to stay on the surface. Moreover, when you close the umbrella, the inner part comes outside, and the remaining raindrops are automatically trapped inside. Unlike normal umbrellas, they will not make your floor wet and avoid embarrassments in professional settings as well.

Require Lesser Space of Storage or Opening

It is usually difficult to open normal or traditional umbrellas in the crowded areas because they need wider space around. But users can open or close the inverted umbrellas in the smallest possible space. With such an innovative and creative design, they reduce the degree of wetness to a large extent. You can easily open them even while coming out of the car or door. It will never poke people around like those traditional umbrellas.

The Ability to Resist Strong Wind

These umbrellas arrive with the design of double spokes. Hence, they are not affected by the heavy flow of wind. If we talk about normal umbrellas, they become useless in heavy rains and windy weather. But these high-quality inverted umbrellas can protect you all the time with their durable and sturdy designs.


Another amazing feature of these inverted umbrellas is that they do not require special arrangements for their placement on the floor. Unlike traditional umbrellas, they do not fall towards one side; rather, they have a self-support system that allows them to rest on the ground in a more attractive way. These products enhance your style statement and prevent some unusual troubles about handling umbrellas as well.

Ergonomic handle

The inverted umbrellas come with the design of C shaped handle that sits perfectly on your wrist. It means you can use your phone or carry many other items while using these special umbrellas in the rainy season.

More Headroom

Most of the traditional umbrella users keep on complaining about their hair getting stuck in the hinges above. But this is not the case with inverted umbrellas. They will not destroy your hairstyle as they have more headroom.

Node Rib Bone Technology

The latest models of the inverted umbrella have the design of using node rib bone technology. With this, it becomes easier to reduce the wear and tear of the umbrella frame even with frequent usage. In short, these umbrellas feature the design to serve you in the long run without worrying about repeated repairs and maintenance.

The list of benefits shows the edge of the inverted umbrella on a normal umbrella. Now you might be aware of how these amazing umbrellas can serve you with more flexibility and higher durability. So, it is the right time to find the most attractive inverted umbrella online and place an order for the fast delivery at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Inverted Umbrella?

A: As the name indicates, the inverted umbrellas are almost similar to that of standardly ordinary umbrellas with the only difference that they pop up in the reverse or opposite direction. It means, instead of having to pull your umbrella downwards or upwards during the time of closing or opening respectively, these umbrellas work on a simple upward-opening mechanism. They are like a subversion of the normal or traditional umbrella.

Q: How many types of inverted umbrellas?

A: Some of you might be curious to know about the best type of inverted umbrella. Well, there are several types of inverted umbrellas, and each one of them has its special features and benefits.

  • Manual Reverse Umbrella: Its operation is almost similar to the normal umbrella and demand manual efforts for opening and closing them.
  • Self-Opening Umbrella: These inverted umbrellas appear simple to operate. Users simply need to press a button available near the handle and they will instantly open or close.
  • Led Reverse Umbrella: These umbrellas have energy-efficient LED lights to serve you in the dark hours. Moreover, they ensure higher visibility in the hours of the storm or heavy rain.
  • Transparent Reverse Umbrella: They offer high-quality design of waterproof fabrics and at the same time, provide quality protection from UV lights as well.
  • Reflective Inverted Umbrella: Here is another version of an LED umbrella that ensures better visibility during night hours and heavy rains. Many of these inverted umbrellas carry out the design to offer protection from UV rays.

Concluding Note

 Excellent protection and easy to use design are the important traits of the inverted umbrellas. They will appear attractive when carried and reduces the burden on your arm while you step outside.

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