Best iPad Keyboards in 2022 Reviews

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Apple is one of the leading technology brands in the world. First, with its revolutionary product, the iPhones, come with other devices. Since then, it has expanded its range of products, from iPhones to Macbooks, to iPads. Even with the existing Macbook, Apple ipads have started to become a portable computer.  Simply said, many have shifted from carrying a heavy laptop to carrying an iPad. It has the combination of the iPhone and the Macbook functions, which is why it is ideal to many. Still, you need good-quality iPad Keyboards to function it greater. 

The apps support many things from photoshopping to drawing animations, even to working. Keyboards are easily connected to the Ipads if one ever needs to sit down and work. To make your iPad a perfect device for all kinds of use, you would need a very good ipad keyboard. Here, we listed 10 of the best Ipad keyboards you can find. 

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10. Power adds iPad Keyboards + Leather Cover for iPad Air/ Air 2

Power add iPad Air/ Air 2 Keyboard + Leather Cover

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An ultimate, comfortable, and convenient Bluetooth keyboard which is certainly the best product available on the market. It is compatible with Ipad Air 1 & 2. It is detachable with the Ipad which saves you a lot of hassle instead of the wired one. The best part of this keyboard is that the Bluetooth system allows the Ipad to sleep or wake when you open or close the keyboard. That means you don’t necessarily have to press the rear button of the Ipad.

Moreover, it includes a premium leather case made from synthetic material. Thus, it is very durable and gives a comfortable touch. Even better, you would not need to spend extra cash to buy a cover for your keyboard since it comes with the keyboard. You would never have to worry about scratches, dents, and stains. 

Product Features:

  • The Bluetooth system gives you a long range of 10 meters of operating freedom. Technically, your keyboard does not have to be necessarily next to your Ipad. 
  • It has a built-in premium battery that lasts for 72 hours once charged. Simply charge it before use and you can work for endless days.
  • It is protected by a 24-month Poweradd limited warranty. 
  • User reviews claim that it is fast, efficient, and comfortable for high-speed typing. 

9. OMOTON Ultra-Slim iPad Keyboards for iPhone and other Bluetooth Enabled Devices

OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple iPad, iPhone and other Bluetooth Enabled Devices

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An attractive and sturdy keyboard is what describes best for the Omoton keyboard. Its sleek and aesthetic design gives you a luxurious touch and navigation. The keys are strategically designed similar to that of the MacBook’s. Therefore, every typing happens in a very comfortable and convenient way. Superb white color shows off the elegance and enhances the look of your iPad.

It is one of those wirelessly connected keyboards via Bluetooth 3.0 that provides the ultimate user experience even from a distance. Plus, it allows for a 10 meters working zone, so you can work and type at your own convenience. 

Product Features:

  • A very outstanding feature is that it is compatible with iPads, iPhones, Laptops, Tablets, and other devices that support a Bluetooth connection. It is indeed versatile since you don’t necessarily have to own Apple products. It pairs greatly with other brands, too. 
  • Another plus is its high-capacity battery with 30-day continuous use and automatic sleep mode. Charge it once and you can use it up to a month.
  • Upon purchase, you are given with 1-year limited warranty.

8. ONHI Wireless Bluetooth iPad Keyboards for iPad Pro 10.5 with Case

ONHI iPad Pro 10.5 Keyboard Case with Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

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It features an ultra-stylish case and premium quality keyboard for a great user experience. The specially designed material features an aluminum case to protect your iPad from dents, scratches, and downfalls. High-quality finish with trending colors like rose gold makes a great choice of this product. Keys on the keyboard are designed for durable and long-time use. It is connected wirelessly to the Ipad, saving you from the tangled wire issue. 

Product Features:

  • Available in four vibrant colors that suit best to your style and preference. 
  • Keyboard and case attachment gives you the feel of using a laptop. 
  • A smart function to sleep or wake your Ipad by opening or closing the keyboard. 
  • When attached, you can rotate your Ipad 360 degrees or flip it 180 degrees to suit your visuals. It is perfect for screen sharing.
  • Upon purchase, you are given a 1-year worry-free warranty. If you want to change your mind, there is a 30 days refund policy, too.

7. COO New iPad Keyboard Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

COO New iPad Keyboard Case with Bluetooth Keyboard

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This features a versatile keyboard and compatible with every model of iPads. It is made with soft and durable PU leather cover with microfiber lined interior. Hence, it is almost impossible to get it dirty or torn. The keyboard and the case are very lightweight, so you can slip it in your handbags or backpacks. The keyboards are white and there are colors of the cases you can choose from. Perfect key spacing ensures that you can use the keyboard comfortably and whatever speeds. 

Product Features:

  • It has built-in 8 magnets to easily convert your Ipad into a laptop anytime and anywhere. Also, you can adjust the angle accordingly to suit your visuals, whether you’ll be working or watching movies. 
  • The sleep and wake function allows both of your keyboard and Ipad to save its battery life.
  • When charged, the keyboard can be used continuously for more than 40 hours.
  • This product covers a 12-month manufacturer warranty.

6. New Trent iPad Keyboard Case

New Trent iPad Keyboard Case

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Heavy-duty construction and premium quality design are the specialties of this keyboard. This smart keyboard is compatible with all the generations of iPads except iPad Pro 10.5. It comes with a detachable cover that you can take out and use the iPad without the keyboard. Connecting the iPad to the keyboard gives you the feel of using a mini laptop.

Product Features:

  • It is compatible with iPad Air/ Air 2/ 5th Gen / Pro 9.7
  • The case has a 360-degree rotatable swivel for an ultimate viewing experience. 
  • Ergonomic and optimized key design for comfortable typing with great accuracy.

5. Favor-mates Keyboard Case for 2017 New iPad 9.7 inch & iPad Air

Favor-mates Keyboard Case for 2017 New iPad 9.7 inch & iPad Air

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Attaching this keyboard to your Ipad would make you feel like you’re using a compact and mini laptop. This keyboard case is specially engineered for the 2017 new iPad 9.7 inch and iPad Air. You can enjoy the perfect viewing angle with the 130-degree rotating clamshell cover. Available in four different colors, this keyboard case is one of the choices for many satisfied customers.

Product Features:

  • It includes 7 backlight color selection and 3 modes of brightness settings. You can definitely use the keyboard work at night or even in the dark. 
  • Strong and sturdy cover attached to the keyboard provides all-around protection to your iPad. The material ensures your Ipad and keyboard are safe from bumps and scratches.

4. Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

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The Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case is a match made in heaven for Ipad Air 2. At the same time, it is probably a disadvantage too, since it is only compatible with Ipad Air 2. The keys on the keyboard are efficiently designed for a comfortable typing experience. It also includes an intelligent cover with the keyboard that sleeps or wakes your iPad when you open or close the cover. 

Product Features:

  • It has one of the longest battery life among similar products. If you use the keyboards for 2 hours daily, you can use it for up to 6 months without charging. 
  • Please bear in mind that it is specially designed for iPad Air 2.

3. Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

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With unique backlight colors, this is one of the most versatile iPad keyboards you can get. It also has LED backlights with two adjustable brightness levels. It certainly allows you to work easier at night with the lights on. This keyboard has broad compatibility with various kinds of OS like Windows, Android, and Mac OS. The design is ultra-thin and compact which is easily fitted into your bags.

Product Features:

  • There are 7 unique backlight colors with 2 brightness levels to provide better navigation to use at night.
  • Its battery life is long-lasting. It can be used up to 6 months when charged if used 2 hours daily. 
  • You will receive a 24-month warranty when buying. 

2. Alpatronix iPad Keyboard + Leather Case KX100

Alpatronix iPad Keyboard + Leather Case KX100 - iPad Keyboards

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One of the best products in our list that delivers ultimate quality and premium typing experience. This keyboard comes with a heavy-duty case that provides full all-around protection for your iPad. Not only that, but it also has all the features you can find on the keyboard of a laptop. You can fold or detach the keyboard from the case as per your convenience. This keyboard supports the iPad 4/3/2/1 and iOS 10.

Product Features:

  • The ABS chicklet keys deliver the best and comfortable typing experience. It also allows for a faster connection to your Ipad. Moreover, it automatically connects to your Ipad for the second use and onwards. 
  • It has a long-range signal, which can be operated from a distance of about 30 ft. 
  • This device has strong and long-lasting battery life with 120 hours working time and 800 hours standby time.
  • It is covered by a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

1. Fintie iPad Pro and Air Bluetooth Keyboard and Cover Combo

Fintie iPad Pro and Air Bluetooth Keyboard and Cover Combo - iPad Keyboards

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This is the best selling iPad keyboards available in the market. Specially designed to be used for iPad Pro 9.7 inch and iPad Air (2013). It comes with a PU leather cover that provides full protection to your iPad. It has a cut out at the back to reveal the Apple logo. You’ll surely like the ultimate comfort while typing with this keyboard.

Product Features:

  • The product features a keyboard and case combo with full-sized keys for better typing experience.
  • You can change the angle from portrait to landscape however you like.
  • There is a great variety of designs and colors to choose from.
  • It is value for money regarding its function and styles. 
  • Perfect to be carried in your bag and use anywhere.

Buying Guide to Choosing iPad Keyboards

The iPad supports practically any wireless keyboards. Yet, there are many of those keyboards specifically designed to be compatible with the iPad. Generally, these types of wireless keyboards are meant to provide versatility and convenient typing for users. Some of it also includes iOS special function keys like those you can find on Macbooks’ keyboards. Meanwhile, some of the keyboards themselves come with a protective case. So, users do not necessarily spend extra cash on the case. Others, however, are sold separately. Regardless of the design or portability, most come with the rechargeable battery life that most last up to months. Therefore, it can be understandably overwhelming to choose the right wireless or so-called Bluetooth keyboard for you. Here is a buying guide that breaks down the details in Ipad Keyboards so you’ll make the best purchase out of it.

Removable or Nonremovable?

We understand that having a physical keyboard helps you to type faster and is super convenient. Having your keyboards removable or nonremovable is pretty much the same if you mostly use your Ipad to work. However, if you mostly perform non-typing tasks, the unremovable function may not be for you. To be said, it may be necessary at all. The removable function offers the most flexibility. Whether or not you’ll be working or just texting, you can attach the keyboard at your own convenience. 


Normally, the thinner the keyboard, the thinner the case, which can be lightweight for users, but it can also give an uneasy feeling of typing. The same thing applies to the size of the keyboard. The smaller it is, the more portable, but also the more crowded the keys are. The stand-alone keyboards are larger in size and width of the standard layout. This means that although they are not as portable, they provide convenient typing experience like that of the real computer. If you are more of a touch typist, you can opt for a portable wireless keyboard. If you want to enjoy the same typing experience like on a computer, go for the stand-alone keyboards.  

Types of Ipads

First-generation Ipad users pretty much have most options with the keyboards. However, some models of keyboards are an older accessory. A few keyboards are specially designed for the second and third generations. There’s no need to worry much because most of the keyboards can cater to most, if not, all the Ipads. 


Q1: Does Ipad 9.7 support keyboards?

A: Surprisingly, the new 9.7 inch Ipad is not compatible with the Apple Smart Keyboard. If you are looking for a physical keyboard that goes with this new Ipad, take a look at our top 10 best Ipad keyboards. Although they are from different brands, they sure are compatible with the 9.7 Ipad.

Q2: Are Ipad keyboards worth it?

A: You can find most of the best Bluetooth keyboards available on the market that can pair with the Ipads. You do not necessarily have to go for a specially designed keyboard at such a painstaking price. Our top 10 best Ipad Keyboards can be mostly paired with any types of Ipads. So, if you ever changed to a newer model, the keyboard will still be compatible. 


Getting a quality keyboard to go with your Ipad would allow users to achieve its full potential. Most importantly, our top 10 best Ipad keyboards go with almost all models of the Ipads. From various styles and designs, portability, and usability, we hope you choose the perfect keyboard. 

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