Best Lightweight Luggages in 2020 Reviews

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The need for luggage arises to all of us at one or the other instant. If the luggage is made lightweight then you can seamlessly carry it to airports and travel destinations. With the majority of airlines charging immense fees for heavy bags, it is critical to travel with light loads. It frequently happens that luggage weighs around 10 pounds or more. Thus, it limits the number of belongings which travelers can bring along. Moreover, it even restricts them to check a second bag as well. Though being light in weight, it can seamlessly accommodate every valuable to be taken along. Whenever you decide to go on a trip with heavy loads, have a look at these 10 best lightweight luggages bag in 2020:

List of Top 10 Best Lightweight Luggages in 2020 Reviews

10. ORKAN Luggage Set

ORKAN 2PCs & 3 PCs & 4 PCs Luggage Set Travel Suitcase set

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The lightweight luggage from ORKAN brand comes with rigid polyester construction.


  • The luggage bag comes with easy maneuverability.
  • Its smooth gliding zippers facilitate convenient packing and unpacking.
  • The tote bag comes with the piggy band for effortless transport.

9. Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight Suitcase

Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight Softside 24 inch Expandable Suitcase With Spinner Wheels

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The construction of this luggage bag from Lucas is made lightweight in order to avoid airline fees. It comes with appealing purple color to lure the customers.


  • The luggage comes with a fully lined interior that has many pockets to store your belongings orderly.
  • For easy portability, it comes with 360-degree spinner wheels that facilitate easy transport over a wide range of surfaces, particularly in airports.
  • There are handles installed on the bag which makes grip comfortable and would not hurt your hand.
  • The luggage bag is seamlessly expandable for additional packing capacity whenever the need arises.
  • Its aircraft grade aluminum handles are made extra lightweight and it also maintains a high standard for the purpose of shock absorption and durability.
  • The bag comes with 4-directional spinner wheels which are basically ultra lightweight and prepared from 100% virgin PU material. This ensures the capability to sustain long-term wear.

8. IT luggage Lightweight Spinner

 it luggage World's Lightest 27.6" 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner

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The collection of lightweight luggage from this brand is made varied with its strong design DNA. There are many elegant colors of the bag to meet the style statement of different people.


  • This luggage bag comes with total eight wheel rolling system.
  • They are made up from high-density polyester fabric as well as it highlights a sturdy fiberglass frame.
  • There is a sturdy locking handle mechanism which is prepared from a single piece of aluminum.
  • The comprehensive spinner rolling case presents style and storage whereas its lightweight design allows you to travel with comfort.
  • It comes with a multi-stage type push-button locking handle which is designed from a single piece of aluminum.
  • For the purpose of crease-free packing, it comes with a spacious flat packing bed.

7. TravelCross Boston Lightweight Luggage

TravelCross Boston 19" Carry On Lightweight Hardshell Spinner Luggage-Lightweight Luggages

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Lightweight luggage bags from the brand are engineered to suit your trip. The bag is characterized by a spacious design that comes with a compartment for laptop and tablet storage. The luggage bad was manufactured to fulfill the traveller’s needs.


  • This luggage bag is made from premium lightweight and sturdy ABS material.
  • As per the IATA standard, the bag is convenient for cabin luggage, so it fits in overhead bins.
  • You can easily transport it because its super resistant trolley handle made up of aluminum can seamlessly fit on the palm.
  • The smooth-running spinner wheels are designed for easy mobility.

6. TravelCross Victoria Lightweight Spinner Set

TravelCross Victoria Luggage 2 Piece Lightweight Spinner Set

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TravelCross Victoria luggage bag set is developed keeping in mind the comfort and great performance within your reach.


  • Lightweight and robust ABS material is used in its construction.
  • It comes with major features like impact-resistant shell, spacious, lockable, and comfortable design.
  • You can easily grab its handle in your palms for easy transport.
  • There is an easy-access compartment which can accommodate a tablet or laptop within it.
  • There is no doubt in safety of valuables kept because it comes with a TSA-approved type of combination code lock.

5. TravelCross Chicago Lightweight Spinner Set

TravelCross Chicago Luggage 3 Piece Lightweight Spinner Set

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The luggage bag is intended to offer great comfort, portability, accommodation of valuables, etc.


  • The material used in its construction is durable so the bag fits your every trip.
  • It comes with a built-in lock to make sure there is complete security while carrying the valuables.
  • Its silent and smoothly gliding spinner wheels offer easy mobility.
  • The bag is IATA approved, so there are no doubts about its capacity.

4. Fochier Lightweight Spinner Suitcase

Fochier Lightweight Luggage Set 3 Piece Hardshell Spinner Suitcase

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Acknowledged by its durable and handy aluminum telescoping handle system, this luggage bag offers a smooth experience.


  • There are four multi-directional wheels which can smoothly and quietly glide through; making sure your trip is convenient.
  • The three pieces in a set can seamlessly fit inside each other. This aspect provides great convenience and saves the space for storage.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting ABS type hard shell material is used to secure the luggage bag against scratches.

3. inUSA San Francisco Luggage Bag Set

inUSA San Francisco SL 2-Piece Lightweight Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

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The product is assembled inside the USA from lightweight ABS material.


  • This 2-piece luggage set has dual spinner wheeled which attempts to provide seamless mobility.
  • A robust construction assures maximum strength, stability, and a water-resistant finish as well.
  • It comes with a retractable handle to facilitate easy transport.
  • There are wide varieties of colors available.
  • The built-in combo locks ensure complete safety of valuables.

2. Fochier Lightweight Luggage Spinner Suitcase

Fochier Luggage 2 Piece Set Lightweight Spinner Suitcase 20inch 24inch

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This lightweight luggage bag from Fochier is dedicated to providing high-quality carry bag experience for your trip.


  • There is no fear of scratches and abrasion because lightweight and durable ABS material are used in its manufacture.
  • The bright colors let your suitcase stand apart from the crowd at the airport.
  • It comes with adjustable 3-step telescoping handle as well as four multidirectional wheels to deliver easy movement.
  • Complete protection is ensured with the help of a 3-digit combination lock.
  • Its interior is fully-lined with a handy divider as well as a zippered pocket for conveniently organizing valuable items,
  • You can keep your clothes tighten with the help of crossed straps.

1. InUSA Luggage Lightweight Hardside Spinner

InUSA Luggage Royal Lightweight Hardside Spinner 32 inch

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The Royal collection of lightweight luggage bag from InUSA is fashionable and is prepared from a material that comes with a micro diamond finish for offering impact resistance.


  • The design is made sophisticated with four spinners which silently glide through entire 360-degree wheels to convey easy mobility.
  • It comes with full interior fabric lining as well as straps to protect your belonging.
  • For easy portability, it comes with a push-button locking internal retractable trolley system.
  • There are ergonomic GEL handles located on top and sides for convenient lifting.
  • The four side studs enable the luggage to stay erect across its side.
  • There are wide varieties of colors available.
  • The mechanism of push-button locking ensures a high level of protection.
  • The spinner wheels roll smoothly for easy transport.

Concluding Note:

There are many luggage companies that have presented lightweight bags, capable to stay durable enough to sustain wear and tear. These lightweight luggage bags are capable to carry a heavy load and valuable belongings as well with complete safety.

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