Best MacBook Air Chargers in 2022

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With the increase of model technology, there are also new innovations and great design with personal computers or laptops. Within this, there’re so many models of laptops. With quite different kinds of laptops, it offers a different design of the connector or port to charge your device as well. If you are a MacBook Air user, you might find it hard to choose the compatible device as yours. You might find it hard to choose the best charger to replace your original MacBook Air chargers.

Since there are many types of MacBook Air adapter in the markets with different features, it’d be difficult to choose. So here, we are going to provide you some sources of the best MacBook Air charger. There are a lot of different models with great different features of MacBook Air chargers that you might be looking for. 

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Below are our Top 12 MacBook Air chargers that our experts have chosen and tested so that we could bring for you detailed reviews along with the strengths and shortcomings of each product.

12. SorsnA Charger, Replacement for MacBook Air Charger

Macbook Air Charger

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SorsnA Charger 45W is will give a satisfying experience as it is well constructed and it is compatible with   MacBook Air 11″ and 13″ after 2012 with models of A1435, A1465, A1466. What is special about this charger is its charging speed and protection on overheating. After fully charged, it will automatically cut off, so there is no worry for safety.

This product is certified with CE/FCC/RoHS certified, 24 hours customer service, and 1-year warranty. It is also to store when you travel.

What We Like:

  • Reasonable price
  • Good service
  • Safe to use

What We Don’t Like:

  • Slightly less quality wire cord

11. SiliconV Charger Replacement for Mac Book Air 

white charger

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Inbuilt with smart LED light, SiliconV Charger AC 45W has the best quality hardware which provides reliable safety. It will safeguard your MacBook Air 11”/13” from overcharging, overheating, a high surge of current and voltage, and short circuit. Plus, it has a 70-inch long cord. This charger is compatible with MacBook Air 11”/13” (2012-2015 models).

If you always travel and bring your MacBook Air along, this charger will be a good companion as it is easy to carry and store. Furthermore, you can enjoy a 1-year warranty

What We Like:

  • Long cable
  • Reasonable price

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not compatible with MacBook Air model above 2015

10. MacBook Air Charger, 45W T-Tip Magsafe 2 Laptop Adapter

Macbook Air charger

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MacBook Air Charger by KETAKY is a 45W power adapter for MacBook Air models 11 to 13 inches. It’s even more convenient with two ports with T-shape for 2 devices connection as well. The two connectors allow you to charge with multi-devices with USB Type-C like a phone or with other USD devices.

MacBook Air Charger offers fast charging with the new technology of 18W Power Delivery. That allows you to charge your phone up to 50% battery in just 30mins. It is designed for long-lasting and durable use that provides the function to stay cool with the cord. More than this, It’s safe and high quality with a 2-years warranty as well. 

What We Like: 

  • The MacBook Air power changer is durable and long-lasting with the cord function to stay cool. 
  • It offers double duties. There’re 2 T-shape connectors, allow for USB Type-C that enables to connect with phone and other devices. 
  • The fast charging technology is quite great with 18W Power Delivery.
  • This power charger is compatible with MacBook Air 11 to 13inch. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is easy getting hot after long use. 
  • The price is slightly expensive. 

9. MacBook Air Charger, 45W T-Tip Magsafe 2 Laptop Charger

Macbook Charger

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With MacBook Air Charger by Rytaki to can get the full speed of charging your devices. That’s great for traveling with its design as compact and easy. It can perform multi-functions with the extra ports for other devices connections or phones with USB Type-C. The MacBook Airpower charger here is suitable for MacBook Air model 11 to 13inch.

With the new technology design of 3.0 innovation of 18W Power Delivery, it can charge your laptop and phone faster. You would like it with the rapid power delivery and its dual ports. That’s easy and convenient. Moreover, there’s 24 months warranty on the product quality as well. 

What We Like: 

  • The dual ports for other devices or phones with USB Type-C. 
  • The fast delivery power function with 18W Power Delivery of 3.0 new innovation technology. 
  • The quality warranty for 24 months. 
  • It’s compatible with the MacBook model 11 to 13 inch and USB Type-C. 
  • The price is so affordable. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The cord easily gets damage since it’s so thin that can cause a fire hazard. 

8. MacBook Air Charger 2 T-tip Magnetic Connector with Additional Charging Port

Laptop Charger

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This product is MacBook AirPower Charger by LB Little Big. That’s great for all MacBook Air users who are looking for a multi-function charger. It offers 3 the charge up to 3 devices in one charger. It is compatible with T-tip connector for MacBook Air model 11-13 inch. And it also offers for other devices with USB-C and L-tip connector as well.

Look how amazing this MacBook Air charger is. You might like it more with the best quality that can protect your devices from overheating. More than this, it made of recycled materials as well. You might like it with the 3-years warranty. 

What We Like: 

  • The 3 functions in one charger. There’re 3 ports in one charger that is compatible with the T-tip connector, USB-C, and L-tip connector. You can charge your MacBook Air model 11 to 13 inches. And at the same time, you can charge your phone or other devices as well.
  • The design is for a friendly environment made of recycled material. 
  • This MacBook Air charger can protect the devices from overheating. So, it’s durable. 
  • There’s solid quality with a length of 10ft long of the cord. 
  • There’s a 3-years warranty. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It’s a bit heavy that would not be great for travel. 
  • It made of plastic cheaply. 
  • The design of the power cord does not look attractive to plug very well. 

7. Mac Book Air Charger

Macbook Charger

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MacBook Air Charger by Hebest is perfect for fully charge for MacBook Air model of 11-13 inches. It offers such great features that you might like. There’s a magnetic DC connector for easy connection to your MacBook and safe. It provides safe along with this in which it easily disconnects the cord if there’s anything trip over. More than this, this charger contains 240 volts that’s great to use. It’s even attractive with the 90 degrees’ foldable plug. 

What We Like: 

  • There’s magnetic DC connector for easy remove the cord if there’s something trip over it. It’s designed for safety and security. 
  • The input voltage is 240 volts. 
  • The design with 90 degrees open-up and foldable plug is even more attractive. 
  • It’s fully compatible with the MacBook Air model. 
  • There is an 18-month warranty.
  • The price is so affordable. 
  • The strong power cord. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It would be great if it offers another extra port for other devices. 

6. DODAUG Macbook Air Charger

Charger for Macbook Air

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This MacBook Air Charger is perfectly designed for a relaxed life with fast charging and safe. It is universally compatible with 45W-T Charge for MacBook Air. There is also a magnetic DC connector for safety and security. It is easy to disconnect the cord if there’s something trip over there. This charger consists of a high-quality cord that’s durable. It is auto-recovery, and not overheating with smart control. Besides this, the design is great for travel with lightweight, easy, and compact. 

What We Like: 

  • This MacBook Air charger is a simple and easy design with lightweight that’s great for travel. 
  • It’s designed for safety with a magnetic DC connector to easily disconnect. 
  • The high-quality cord that stays cold during the charging, not overheating with smart control.
  • With a 45W-T connection, it’s compatible with the MacBook Air laptop. 
  • It performs well with fast charging. 
  • The price is so affordable. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • No extra port. 

5. USB C Charger, PowerLot 30W GaN Tech Charger

charger for Macbook

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The USB C Charger by PowerLot is such a great designed for various model connections. That’s compatible with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, and more. That’s so convenient with this wide compatibility with the USB Type-C connector. It’s even great with fast speed delivery power for a full charge as well. More than this, there’s a foldable plug that’s easy to store as well. It’s designed for travel, so it’s compact and lightweight. 

What We Like: 

  • It’s wide compatibility for various devices connection charging with USB Type-C connector. 
  • It’s designed for safe and fast charging with the new technology of the 30W power delivery charge.
  • There’s a foldable plug for easy storage in which you can just open up to use. 
  • It’s lightweight, compact, portable that’s designed for traveling. 
  • The price is affordable. 
  • There’s 24months-warranty. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It’d be more convenient if there are more extra ports. 

4. Mac Book Air Charger

charger for Macbook

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This product is Mac Book Air Charger by CLUU which is great for MacBook Air with a safe power adapter. There’s MagSafe 2 power connector that’s designed for safe and secure during the charge. It’s so convenient with a great design of LED light to indicate the status of charging whether it’s full or not. More than this, it consists of some great features with smart control to prevent overheating as well. 

What We Like: 

  • It’s compatible with MacBook Air with MagSafe 2 power adapter for safe and fast charging. 
  • Good service with a 1month refund for any issue regarding quality.  
  • There is a 12 months warranty. 
  • It comes with a 45W T-tip connection that is designed for MacBook Air charging. 
  • There are LED lights to provide a signal for charging whether it’s full or not. 
  • It consists of smart control to prevent the charger from overheating. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The price is fairly expensive. 

3. USB C Fast Charger for MacBook Air 2020/2018

Macbook Air charger

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This product is the USB C Fast Charger for MacBook Air by Knofarm. That’s great for MacBook Air users with a high speed of charging. Within the high speed of charging, it’s so convenient to save much time on charging. That would be great for you. Besides this, it’s designed for wide users with wide compatibility.

It is not compatible with only MacBook Air, but it also allows for other device connectors with 45W USB-C as well. It’s even comfortable with the design of lightweight that’s easy to carry out. It is simple, small, and slim that can replace the original charger. More than this, there’s a safeguard that’s designed to provide safety for overcharge and more. 

What We Like: 

  • The fast speed of fully charging within 1.5hours is quite amazing. 
  • It also has an 18-month warranty. 
  • This charger is designed for a wide connection with a 45W USB-C connector.
  •  It’s even convenient with the size, designed as simple, small, slim that’s easy to carry out. 
  • There’s a safeguard in order to provide safety for the overcharge. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The price is slightly expensive. 
  • There’s no extra port

2. Oracle.AD MacBook Air Charger

Macbook Air Charger

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This MacBook Air Charger by Oracle.AD is quite attractive with a durable cord and great for MacBook Air. There is 45W MagSafe 2 that’s compatible with MacBook Air. Besides this, the design is great with a strong cord that’s safe for long-term use. It can protect your devices from any risks like fire hazards or damage. Regarding the high quality of this charger, it can deliver power fast as well. That’s even great for travel with it’s easy and simple design. 

What We Like: 

  • The strong cord is great that provides safety for long-term use. 
  • It’s compatible with MacBook Air with its 45 MagSafe 2 connector. 
  • It offers a fast power delivery that can save a lot of time and money. 
  • It’s easy and compact that’s best for travel. 
  • The price is affordable. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • There’s no other extra port available for other device connections. 

1. Apple 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter

Macbook Air Charger

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This product is designed for Apple charging with 46W MagSafe 2 power connector that’s compatible with MacBook Air. Within this one charger, you can use it to replace the original one. It’s compatible with the MacBook Air model with 11 to 13 inches. More than this, there’s a magnetic DC connector to provide a safe in which it’s easy to disconnect as during the harmful situation. Moreover, the design is quite attractive. 

 What We Like: 

  • The design is attractive. 
  • There’s a magnetic connector for safe and easy to disconnect when there’s any harmful happen. 
  • It’s compatible with the MacBook Air model of 11 to 13 inches with a 45W MagSafe 2 power connector. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The charger is easily overheating. 
  • The price is quite expensive. 
  • Bad service.
  • The corded power is designed for too long that’s slow in delivering the power. 

Buyer’s Guide for Buying a Charger for Your Macbook Air

Deciding on which charger to get can be a hell of a task! To help with this challenging decision, we have a list of features for our readers that they should keep in mind when choosing one of the above chargers for their MacBook Air.

Compatible Connector or Adopter

In order to choose the best MacBook Air charger, the first thing you need to look at is the compatible connector. You need to make sure that it is compatible with the MacBook Air device or not. As the connector needs to be a USB T-tip connector that is suitable for MacBook Air. Besides this, there are some other options that you need to know.

Regarding the compatible connection with MacBook Air, you can also look at the other options as the product provided. That can be an extra port or another connector, allowing you to connect or charge other devices or not. Some even offer double ports or connector, some offer 3 ports, and some offers only one connector. It is optional, but if you find it is convenient to use, it would be great. 

Power cord

The power cord is another important feature that you might not skip in choosing the best MacBook Air charger. Since different models offer different features and designs, you need to look at a strong power cord of the charger. Normally, MacBook Air chargers are designed for a portable with lightweight.

At the same time, some offer a thin cord with low quality for reducing its weight. That is one thing you need to be careful. You need to look at a strong cord with a high-quality power cord for durability and avoiding any risk. With a strong power cord, it doesn’t only offer long-lasting but it also provides safe your MacBook as well. 

Power Delivery

Choosing a great MacBook Air Charger, you also need to look at another great factor which is power delivery. With power delivery, you need to make sure whether or not it can deliver power faster. Basically, the best MacBook Air charger is the charger that can provide this great feature of high-speed power delivery. It can also reflect the quality of the product as well. 

Portability & Foldable plug

As a MacBook Air user, you might need your charger to be portable and easy to carry out. That is another great feature that you need to look at. You might want to choose a charger with lightweight or designed for easy carryout and store. 

What is more, with the emerging of new design and technology, there are different products, models with a different design. Linking with easy to carry out, you also need to choose the foldable plug for easy storage. You might find it easy and convenient if you get the one that can be folded compactly. 


Make sure that the charger you’re willing to purchase is compatible with the model of MacBook Air you own. Manufacturers usually mention the models a charger can be used with so you should check them before ordering a charger.

Safety features

Look for safety features such as over-current, over-voltage, overload, and short circuit protection. You wouldn’t want to damage your MacBook due to any of these. Therefore, look for a charger with the above safety features so you can protect your notebook. Also, nobody wants to burn their hands due to an overheated charger: look for a charger that does not overheat and can resist low and high temperatures.


An original Apple charger costs around thrice as much as a regular replacement of some other brand costs. If you’re not willing to spend an amount as big as an 80 dollars, then you should go through the other replacements and compare prices to find the one that will provide the most value to your money.

Durability and longevity

Spending money again and again on MacBook chargers can be frustrating and annoying for anybody. Look for a charger that is made up of good quality material and has a flexible cable that does not get damaged or frays due to bending.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the type of Mac Book Air Charger?

Different models have different charging ports. In the case of MacBook Air, it encompasses the 45W MagSafe power adapter. This is the new concept added to the Air model, where prior models were supported with an ‘L’ style connector. If you have any of the below mentioned MacBook Air models, you this 45W charger will be compatible:

  • (11in, Mid 2012) MacBook Air
  • (13in, Mid 2013) MacBook Air
  • (11in, Mid 2013) MacBook Air
  • (13in, Early 2014) MacBook Air
  • (11in, Early 2014) MacBook Air
  • (13in, Early 2015) MacBook Air
  • (11in, Early 2015) MacBook Air
  • (13in, Mid 2012) MacBook Air
  • (13in, 2017) MacBook Air

Can you use your iPhone charger to charge your MacBook?

Generally, the iPhone charger is not built to deliver a high power, as required by the MacBook, which makes it incompatible to charge your MacBook. Even if you try to test the iPhone charger on your MacBook, your battery level will gradually drop regardless of the plugged-in charger.

The iPhone charger is intended for small devices, so it won’t be able to work with your MacBook. The power that an iPhone charger can deliver is commonly 5W, whereas the power required to charge your MacBook is 405, 60, etc which is far more than what an iPhone requires. So, even when you keep the charger plugged throughout the day, your MacBook won’t charge.

Can you use a MacBook Pro charger on a MacBook Air?

If you are using the MacBook Pro charger which is delivering higher power to what required for MacBook, it’s cool to use it without any problem. There will not be any problem using such a charger; however, it might be problematic if you are using the charger that is delivering low power to what is required by your MacBook. In such a case, there are high chances that the battery might be damaged causing further issues to your laptop.

Important information to share is, you should not use the high power charger all the time as it will also cause the problem to your laptop, affecting its life. Many of you might even get confused as the 85W and 60W chargers look identical, causing big confusion for you to choose until you read the details engraved on it.

Can you charge your MacBook Air with a power bank?

Yes, there are some good power banks that are capable to serve your needs and can charge your MacBook air without any problem. The power bank is capable to deliver the supply as required without any problem.

Battery drainage is the common and most annoying problem that most of you face during your work. However, the power bank is the best solution that can work for your MacBook air and deliver you the required supply. According to the stats, the power bank with above 10K storage can. However, it is still not suggested to use it until you have no other option to charge your laptop. When you have the charging adaptor, it’s better to consider it over the power bank.

Can you use your iPhone charger to charge your MacBook Air?

The MacBook Air requires 45W power for seamless charging, however, a standard mobile charger delivers only 5W output which is 9 times less than what your MacBook Air requires. So, using the iPhone charger for your MacBook Air is never a good idea. Even though, if you try to use the iPhone charger, you won’t be able to get any charging as the power is insufficient to deliver the right power to charge the battery. You will still experience the battery downfall which is a clear sign that the mobile charger is not appropriate for charging your MacBook Air.

There are some important questions related to the MacBook charger that every MacBook owner must read and keep in mind ahead of replacing their existing charger.

Will the wrong charger damage your MacBook?

The simple answer is YES. If you are purchasing an unauthorized or incompatible charger and is using it without proper technical consultation, there is a high probability your MacBook might get damaged. Also, there is a misbelieve that a high power charger will charge your MacBook fast, which is not true at all. The high power charger will deliver the power as required by your laptop, without affecting its functionality and backup.

What if you continue charging your laptop for long hours?

This is the most common problem that people face in their day to day life. In the initial days when you put your MacBook on power for long hours, the laptop works fine, but with the passage of time, the battery capability starts to decline and the battery potential lowers, causing quick battery drainage problems. That’s the reason you are always recommended to unplug the charger when not in use or the laptop is fully charged.

What if you buy a local charger for MacBook?

You are never recommended to purchase a local charging cable for your MacBook. The reason behind this is, you won’t be able to know the loose circuit or non-trusted components used in the charging cable, that might affect your laptop and harm its health.

So, this is all about the content that you should read before replacing your MacBook Air charger. Whether you are facing any issue with your existing charger or looking for an upgrade, it’s important to consider each and every point mentioned above before buying the new charger.


If you are looking for some great MacBook Air chargers, don’t forget to check out these sources provided! You might find it easy and quick in choosing the best charger with the great features as you need. We have provided you 10 sources of different MacBook Air chargers, we do hope that you can find the best one. As all of them are the best MacBook Air charger with different best features. And you might find it easy in choosing the best MacBook Air charger with our buying guide as a tip.

Within these sources and guides, you can save more time in searching for the best MacBook Air charger.  That’s compatible, durable, portable at low cost as you need. Thus far, you might love doing your work with your laptop charger even more. Then you would feel relaxed in working with the best MacBook Air charger that provides such great features. 

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