Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets in 2022 Reviews

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Motorcycle riding is a pleasurable experience especially when the vehicle is equipped with all the advanced functionalities. It happens occasionally that while riding a motorcycle, you need to pick calls or you wish to listen to your favorite music. Keeping these things in mind, the market offers wirelessly operated headsets. These headsets are equipped with cutting-edge functionalities and they are flexible to use. When you equip Bluetooth headset on your motorcycle, it is possible to seamlessly communicate while simultaneously focusing on the road for riding.

You can communicate wirelessly with your hands present on the handlebars. The advent of modern technologies fulfills these kinds of requirements and makes your investment-worthy.  With the use of suitable motorcycle Bluetooth headsets, it is possible to make phone calls in a hands-free manner and enjoy music too. To experience the ultimate freedom of communication while riding your motorcycle, look at the below-discussed finest motorcycle Bluetooth headsets:

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10 THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

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THOKWOK motorcycle Bluetooth headset is featured with full-duplex intercom realization which is the key feature. By having this function, this Bluetooth can allow you to communicate with the highest speed of 80km/h-110km/h(50mph-70mph). Additionally, for the longest distance of 800-1000m, you still be able to communicate with the team with no obstacle. 

What is more, it is also equipped with the best noise cancellation, DSP echo as well as noise restriction technology. By having these technologies, this Bluetooth headset is perfectly let you enjoy all by yourself and fully use even in the crowd. Once it is connected to your phone, it completely works with almost everything including answering calls, using GPS, rider group chats for 3, music, and more. 

What We Like:

  • It provides a long connection range between 800 – 1000 m.
  • This headphone works up to 8 hours straight per full charge.
  • Built with noise restriction technology and DSP echo system, you will never hear other disturbing noises from outside.
  • The hand-free feature allows users to answer the call, using GPS, listening to music while riding.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not come in pairs. Only 1 headset provided with this purchase.

9. FreedConn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headsets

 Helmet Communication Systems,FreedConn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset:

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Boosting your confidence with the FreedConn Bluetooth headset. FreedConn uses an LCD screen on this Bluetooth headset which is the smartest way to make it more attractive and gain all attention. Moreover, this Bluetooth headset comes with a set of two and ultra-lightweight with 0.1 pounds. It is compatible with Mp3, mobile phone, and GPS. 

On top of that, FreedConn Bluetooth headset is equipped with a hard mic system that easily installs with the helmets. Furthermore, this system allows you to communicate effectively and comfortably even a long distance up to 800M (875 Yards). Besides, within the high speed of 120KM/H (75MPH), you can pair to the other two drivers and chit-chat along the way. Good to use during the off-road trip as it can be resistant to water, sun, and dust. 

What We Like:

  • This motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headset is capable to support speed up to 120km/h and the greatest distance supported is 800m.
  • Implementation of the Bluetooth 3.0 technique ensures a seamless connection to your phone. Besides, you are able to play music and can establish a connection with the Bluetooth GPS system in a simple manner.
  • Its Hi-Fi speakers allow the rider to relish clear voice and music from devices like a cell phone with the help of Bluetooth A2DP technology.
  • There is a huge LCD screen depicting lots of information.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is fairly expensive.

8. Amazingbuy 2 Sets Vnetphone V6 BT Intercom Bluetooth Interphone

 Amazingbuy 2 Sets Vnetphone V6 BT Intercom Bluetooth Interphone:

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Amazingbuy offer wide range with more pair to the intercom. Having Amazingbuy Bluetooth headset with you, your driving as a team during the mission or off-road trip is not a big deal anymore. Thanks to its wide range of intercom, this Bluetooth headset allows you to pair with other 5 people at once. Plus, you all 6, stay connected within 1200 meters with high ideal speed up to 120km/h speed and 7 hours talking time.

If we are talking about how good it is on noise cancellation, this device is equipped with noise DSP cancellation. Thus, it highly suppresses the unwanted noise and helps you to stay focused. Besides, it is also resistant to the weather and waterproof so that you can ensure long-lasting use with this handsome Bluetooth headset. To boot, once it is connected to your phone, you can enjoy using GPS, music, radio, compatible with iPod, and more.

What We Like:

  • This Bluetooth headset kit comes with the 1200 meters talking range intercom. You can effortlessly mount it on vehicles like a motorcycle, ski, snowmobile, ATV, etc.
  • Its communication system is capable to support the maximum speed of 120km/h up to 7 hours of talking time.
  • There is the facility of the audio navigation from the GPS line-in based audio interface.
  • It comes with important features like DSP cancellation and protection against severe weather.
  • The headset owns the potential to pair six interphones It is possible to transit to any two of the interphones.
  • It can function seamlessly with any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, MP3 Stereo music, and This is done using 3.5mm audio input.
  • The buttons present on the body of the headset are made from rubber and plastic. These materials ensure stable structure and protection against water.

What We Don’t Like:

  • If it is often used for listening to music, the bass system needs to be improved.

7. LEXIN 1pc FT4 PRO Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

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No matter if you are on-road, off-road, or need an accompanist, you can always count on a LEXIN Bluetooth headset. Having this device with you, you will always stay connected with crystal clear and loud sound from your favorite music or radio. Like this, no matter how far you go, this device can accompany you with its loudest as a speaker. 

More precisely, this device is more than a Bluetooth headset, this device is equipped with a headlamp and optional SOS mode. In this way, you can use these functions during your low/high situation easily – very portable, and useful. Besides, this device also allows you to pair the Bluetooth with 4 people for chit-chat along the way. Plus, it is ultra-resistant with water, noise-canceling allows for 15H talk, and 7 color RGB LED Trim light customizable. 

What We Like:

  • Coming with a headlamp and optional SOS mode, it also allows you to use these features during the needs of your low ad high conditions. 
  • You can also pair the Bluetooth with up to 4 users.
  • It works constantly up to 15h when it is on the talk mode.
  • There are 7 color RGB trim lights available on this headset.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is a single headphone, but a pair.

6. Geva Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets


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For those who love listening to music or busy people who are on the phone frequently, this device is the best for you. Connect Geva Bluetooth headset with your smartphone and you can handsfree answer or make a call. Besides, it also uses voice announce while coming to call, allowing communication in 1090 yards. In this way, your phone is safe in the pocket or bag and your driving is safer. 

Over and above that, this device uses an HD stereo that provides you with a clear and HD sound. In this way, thanks to its CSR Bluetooth 4.1+EDR IC that equip inside. More precisely, Geva Bluetooth headset has a wide battery capacity of 450mAh which is rechargeable. Plus, once it is fully charged (4h), you can enjoy using it up to 10h. Notably that it can connect to phone and tablet computers.

What We Like:

  • It supports hands-free call answering.
  • The system also utilizes the voice-announce to alert you to know who you receive the call from. Thus, no need for you to take a look at who’s calling.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some can experience wire loss.

5. Cardo Unisex Adult Freecom Bike Bluetooth Headset

 Cardo FRC40002 scala rider FREECOM 4 - Bike to Bike Bluetooth 4.1 Motorcycle Communication System with HD Audio:

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Coming to the top number 5, you will get to see a classic Bluetooth headset that gloves your helmet with its sleek and handsome appearance. This device is compatible with almost all types of helmets, which is great. Meanwhile, its look is designed with aerodynamic and sleekness that makes you more confident to stick it with you during driving. 

Just connect it to your smartphone, play some music, or put the radio on, you will be satisfied with its superb good sound. In this way, thanks to its 40mm ultra-thin HD stereo speakers that a new update to fit with your demand. Besides, the battery life is way better after improving so that it can stay up late with you until 13h straight. Be able to connect to 2 devices, use GPS navigate, and waterproof and dustproof (IP67). 

What We Like:

  • This Bluetooth 4.1 based motorcycle headset supports universal pairing to facilitate intercom conversations. It is possible to make conversations with non-Cardo headsets.
  • It comes with the remote control and effortless setup mechanism through the Cardo Connect app.
  • There are no ad effects of water and dust on this headset.
  • It can deliver 13 hours of non-stop talk time.
  • Its compact design and intuitive flat panel interface are blended with the latest technology to present a seamless

What We Don’t Like:

  • It only comes in a single unit rather than a pair of two headphones.

4. Sena Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

bluetooth headset

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Group riders are very popular in this era. Those who are joined with the group rider are mostly an activist or off-road group who love adventure. Having more than 10 people in a group, communication along the way may be difficult. Like this, Sena Bluetooth headset for motorcycles is made just for you. This device allows you to stay connected with 24 participants and a near-limitless number of riders. Besides, as long as you stay in the range 5 miles / 8 km, you will efficiently and conveniently intercom. 

Over and above that, it can easily connect to your smartphone and access to music, radio, phone call, and GPS navigation. On top of that, thanks to its Voice-activated digital assistant that allows you to access Siri or Google for emergency use as well as map guiding needed. Includes WiFi Cable, download, and install for the update. 

What We Like:

  • There is a voice-activated digital system that enables users to get in touch with Siri or Google in case of an emergency.
  • It supports the connection range of 5 miles or 8 km.
  • You can connect up to 10 people in a group.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price is kind of high.

3. Yideng Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmet

3. Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmet Intercom interphone walkie-talkie for Motorcycle Motorbike Skiing:

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Yideng uses Full duplex communication, the system that allows you to connect with other people easily through Bluetooth. In this way, you can pair up with other riders in between 50 -75 mph speed and 800-1000 m distance easily. Furthermore, when you connect to your phone, you can efficiently intercom, access to music, and be able to answer incoming calls automatically. 

Besides, you also feel free to use handsfree on reject or redial the last phone call and switching songs up & down. On top of that, this device is also great for noise-canceling that helps you to stay focused and away from disturbance while driving. Most importantly, it is suitable for almost a type of full-face helmet and is resistant to water. Stay smart, stay connected with Yideng.

What We Like:

  • It comes with the Bluetooth Intercom 3.0 system for supporting the speed up to 60 mph to 80mph. You are able to converse with 2 to 3 persons via Bluetooth intercom function.
  • The ease of installation and waterproof functionality make sure the correct position of the microphone and receiver in the helmet.
  • When riding, you can enjoy music, make the call, and can access GPS.
  • There is an absence of background noise in the incoming and outgoing audio output with the help of advanced noise control technology.
  • This model of motorcycle Bluetooth headset is compatible with Bluetooth enabled cellular phones. It can be suited to any kind of helmet for motorcycle riders.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It comes in 1 single headset only.
  • The headset does not support ejeas e6 intercom. It can only be connected to Sean.

2. Honshoop Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

 Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System with HD Audio and Advanced Noise Control (Single):

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Ranged in the top pick of number 2, this Bluetooth headset is designed with a unique shape that looks good while you wear it. What is more, this device is featured with CVC 8.0 technology that effectively suppresses all those unwanted noises that disturb your activities. In this way, you can enjoy your favorite music and important communication all of the time. Plus, it also comes with two microphones for better communication. 

Over and above that, this device is literally fit with your style with its portability. This means to say that, the angle of this device can be adjusted to 270-degree and 180-degree of rotation. Additionally, it also comes with three sizes of ear gel (S, M, L) so that it helps you to feel more comfortable to wear. Besides, with its long battery life, this device can stay up to 24 hours, plus compatible with almost all devices.

What We Like:

  • The headset allows the user to adjust it to a different angle up to 180° rotation.
  • With its long-lasting battery life, you can stay on call up to 24h long which is good for long-distance riders.
  • It is made to be able to connect to different devices.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The connection range is not very far. It can only support up to 1.2 miles or 2 km.

1. Cardo Unisex-Adult Scala Rider PACKTALK Duo-Bluetooth Headset

 Cardo Unisex-Adult Scala Rider PACKTALK Duo-Bluetooth 4.1/DMC Mesh-Technology:

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Welcome to the top number 1 of our product. Cardo Bluetooth headset for motorcycles is famous for its name since 2004 as the world leader in motorcycle communication. Like this, having this device with your helmet will make you more confident and own the most advanced motorcycle communication system on the market. Within this device, moreover, allow you to connect with two groups not more than 15 riders and stay connected within the range 8 km / 5 miles.

By having the ability to be resistant to water, this device is ideal for adventure trips with riding groups. Besides, it is equipped with DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) as well as 4.1 Bluetooth. In this way, you can easily connect this device to your phone easily and access to music, GPS navigation, and more. More precisely, this device allows you to talk to 13 talking times with interchangeable boom and corded microphone options. Plus, it comes with an elegant box that makes it even more valued and attractive.

What We Like:

  • Its functionality is dedicated to supporting a maximum of 15 riders. Ideally, it is possible for this device to work in 1,600 meters of range.
  • Its 40mm-wide speakers are intended to present clear and high-quality output. This output streamlines the conversation and talk or music-listening experience.
  • Using private mode, it is possible to address the group of people simultaneously.
  • Supplementary features included in this headset system are automatic volume adjustments, built-in FM radio, excellent audio mixing algorithms, and hassle-free music sharing.
  • It comes with a long battery life intended to offer maximum talk time of 13 hours. When riding the motorcycle, you are able to charge your battery.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Price is the only concern.

Buying Guides To Choosing Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets

Riding a motorcycle to work or anywhere else can be a very boring thing to do in your daily life. That might require some tools in order to make your motorcycle riding experience more pleasant. There is a thing that most people usually use while riding a motorcycle which is a Bluetooth headset.

Looks like you are looking for a good one for yourself as well. However, do you even know the tips and tricks to choose the best product out of the best? That why we decided to be here to give you some buying guides that might help you out of this tough time.

Battery Capacity

When it comes to talking about the electronic device, you need to think of the battery capacity. You need to think the same way when you are looking to buy the right motorcycle Bluetooth headset. So, what you need to really know first is the battery life when using it, and the standby time.

Well, you do not need to be very worried because most motorcycle Bluetooth headphones can usually last up to 15 hours. That means you can get it through your entire day easily. Moreover, those products that you see on the market can last about more than 150 hours in standby mode which is really impressive.

Microphone Quality

Have you ever been worried about the quality of the microphone when you are talking with your phone when wearing a headset? That is a thing that most people usually think of because they do not know whether they sound great or not. To stop yourself from being worried, you need to know about the quality of the audio of the headset’s microphone first.

So, can the microphone that you choose absorb your voice well without any noise? You should pick up the one that comes with noise-canceling technology which is really useful for you to communicate by voice.

Bluetooth Signal Quality

Last but not least, we want to talk about the Bluetooth signal quality of a motorcycle Bluetooth headset. That is one of the most important things because you need to care about the range that you can still keep communicating with your riding mates. The one that would really like to recommend to all of you is the one that can still be connected in a range of 1.6 kilometers which is really far. Do not buy the one that has a low connecting range because you may not be able to talk to your teammates well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do motorcycle Bluetooth headsets work?

A: The Bluetooth operation panel will be put on the outside of the helmet and the headset will run underneath the edge of the helmet. The microphone will be in front of your mouth in the helmet.

Q: How do bikers talk to each other?

A: Bikers do talk to each other by using the microphone that comes with a headset and use a headset to listen to what mates say? This is really convenient because it is easy for them to talk even if they are far from each other.

Concluding Notes

The finest motorcycle Bluetooth headsets are always dedicated to present stress-free riding experience without distractions. When you use any of the discussed headsets, you attain the ultimate freedom to converse with friends and relish music, FM radio, and GPS system without any chances of risks. There are no doubts regarding safety while riding.

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