Best Mouse Traps in 2022 Reviews

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Rats and mice are infectious animals. They have the capacity to spread harmful diseases among human beings. It was James Henry Atkinson who invented the first mouse traps in the world in the year 1897. Years ago, purchasing a mousetrap was a very ordinary ordeal. It was a simple task as the options to choose from were limited. But, in today’s world, that is not the case. There are so many different types of mouse traps that a consumer often gets confused.

Word of advice, before you purchase a mousetrap, read up on the pros and cons of the different types of mouse traps and then, purchase the one that suits your needs best.

List of Top 10 Best Mouse Traps in 2022 on

In 2022 so far, these have been the top 10 mouse traps sold:

10. Sensitive Mice Traps Catcher with Bait Cup Reusable

 Mouse Trap, Rat Trap 6 Pack Rodent Killer Clip, Sensitive Mice Traps Catcher

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It is a mousetrap with an innovative design, incredible efficiency, and enhanced durability. The primary materials that have gone into its making are plastic and stainless steel. Plus, its build is extremely sturdy. Coming to the size, its dimensions are that of 5.5 x 3 x 3 inches. The package includes 6 mouse traps, all with the same design. One reason why people love this mouse trap is its ease of use that is combined with great efficiency.

A sensitive trigger system kills the rat without giving it a chance to escape. When compared to other mouse traps, setting this one up can be a bit difficult though. Another plus is the fact that the bait cup that it comes with is reusable and removable. The entire mouse trap is washable thereby allowing users to maintain their hygiene.

What We Like:

  • Made out of top quality raw materials
  • Sensitive trigger system that results in maximum efficiency
  • Ergonomic design accounts for the convenience of use and easy maintenance
  • Sturdy build, long-lasting mousetrap

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is quite difficult to set up.

9. ROCKBIRDS Mouse Trap

Mouse Traps

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ROCKBIRD is a humane mouse trap that can catch up to 4 or 5 mice. The product is designed to be safe around both elders and kids. And, even if you happen to step on it, it will always be okay. Another good thing about this mouse trap is that it works very silently. Additionally, the set up is totally easy. However, it seems to be space-consuming a bit.

Users just need to put the bait on the inside and once the mice smell it, they will run into the trap themselves. By the time they know it, it will be trapped and cannot return back out. Besides the conveniences it offers, the product is also simple to maintain. Featuring stainless steel construction, it is made to last.

What We Like:

  • It has a durable and large construction that can catch up to 4 or 5 mice.
  • The product is easy to set up.
  • It is very safe and does not cause pain if you happen to step on it.

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is quite big, so it needs some space for the setup.

8. Authenzo a Pack of 6 Mouse Traps

Mouse traps

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In case you want to buy mouse traps in bulk because you need to use it very often, we highly recommend this product from Authenzo. It is a pack of 6 mouse traps that you can use all in once by setting it at different places. Since they are all reuseable products, after a single use, you can just clean them up and reset them up again.

Although, it can be a bit difficult to set up if you are new to that. This is because the set up of the bait can also cause pain if you happen to touch the trigger. Most importantly, the price is very affordable. In less than 20 bucks, you will receive up to 6 mouse traps.

What We Like:

  • It comes with a very affordable price tag.
  • They are reusable products.
  • It can be washed and easily maintain.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is a bit difficult for the set up.

7. FABU Plank Mouse Trap

FABU Plank Mouse Trap from Oak Wood

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Another plank mousetrap, its design is somewhat similar to the model above. Yet, the utility that it has to offer is pretty much the same. The dimensions of this particular plank mouse trap are that of 10.2 x 3.7 x 2 inches. What sets this plank mouse trap apart from other such designed mouse traps is the fact that it comes with a ramp included. The ramp is foldable and thus, easy to store.

The plank for this mouse trap is made out of premium quality Oakwood to account for greater durability. It uses a bucket trap mechanism system and thus, avoids the use of toxic chemicals to kill. An auto-reset feature allows one to capture more than one mouse at a time. Thus, in every sense of the word, it is an effective and efficient mousetrap.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Auto-reset feature, allows you to catch more than one mouse at a time
  • Made out of top quality Oakwood, water-resistant and durable
  • Use the bucket trap mechanism that doesn’t use toxic chemicals to kill

What We Don’t Like:

  • You need your own container when setting this up.
  • The container should be large enough that the mouse cannot escape.

6. Snap-E Mouse Trap

 Snap-E Mouse Trap-6 Pack

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A traditionally designed mousetrap, the package includes 6 identically designed mouse traps. Since it is traditional, it is one of the easiest mice traps to set up and yes, it’s still effective. The dimensions of this mouse trap are that of 8 x 6 x 3 inches and it’s made out of a combination of plastic and steel. Although its design is traditional, its make is not so. Unlike the traditional mouse traps, it actively resists stains and foul odor.

It is extremely durable and can be used for years together without a fault in its efficiency. It is quite efficient as it can catch a rodent from the front, side, or even the back. Setting it up is perhaps the easiest and cleaning it too, is not a hassle.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Convenient maintenance, need not touch the rodent at any point of time
  • Extremely durable
  • Extremely efficient; can catch a rodent from all sides

What We Don’t Like:

  • It requires high caution when you try to set up the bait as it is a bit dangerous.

5. Kat Sense Mouse Trap

 Kat Sense Mouse Trap by, Rodent Traps

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The unique design of this particular mouse trap gives it certain benefits over other mouse traps. Strong capturing power, a highly efficient trigger system, and quick set up; these are its distinguishing characteristics. It comes in a set of 6. The physical characteristics of all 6 mouse traps are the same. Its dimensions are that of 8.9 x 4.3 x 1.7 inches. A bait cup is seamlessly integrated into its design and has the capacity to hold solid and liquid attractants.

The entire mousetrap is made out of polystyrene, a durable and odorless material. It is extremely easy to set up and clean. Once a rodent enters the mousetrap, the sensitive and all-powerful trigger system will ensure that the job is done effectively, in a more humane manner.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Sensitive, all-powerful trigger system that adopts a humane approach towards killing the rodents
  • Durable, on account of sturdy construction and quality raw materials
  • Easy maintenance, easy to clean on account of material used for its construction

What We Don’t Like:

  • Surprisingly none.

4. ASprint Mouse Traps

ASprint Mouse Trap

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Another one of those uniquely designed mouse traps that try to dispose of rodents in a more humane manner, the dimensions of this particular model are that of 6.7 x 2.4 x 2.6 inches. Extremely easy to set up, all that one needs to do is place it next to a wall and once a rodent walks in, the spring door gets activated and traps it inside. Thus, this mousetrap doesn’t really kill a rodent, it just traps one. See-through design allows the mousetrap to blend into its surroundings seamlessly and trick the rodent into walking inside the trap.

Setting up the bait, too, is not a problem. Depending upon how you use it, it is either a disposable product or a reusable one. At no point in time do you ever need to physically touch the captured rodent? The humane approach towards extermination makes it an easy to clean product as well.

What We Like:

  • Unique, sleek, see-through design that improves the chances of catching a rodent
  • Extremely easy to set up and bait
  • Reusable product, thus durable
  • Easy maintenance, easy to clean
  • Humane rodent-catching system

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike.

3. Havahart 0745 One-Door Animal/ Mouse Traps

Havahart 0745 One-Door Animal Trap for Chipmunk, Squirrel

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Very simply designed, it’s a steel cage-like mouse trap with dimensions that are of 17 x 6 x 6 inches. A gravity action door is its modus-operandi, that’s the system that it uses to catch rodents efficiently. On account of its large product dimensions, this can easily be used to catch chipmunks or other similar-sized rodents that can fit into the trap.

The design of this particular mousetrap is patented. Furthermore, it has been designed in a manner so as to ensure that the animal that’s trapped inside doesn’t get hurt while getting trapped. Sturdily built, it enjoys great durability and comes fully built and assembled.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Uses a gravity action door with sensitive triggers to trap the rodents
  • Humane rodent-catching system
  • Sturdily built, long-lasting
  • Specially designed to protect animals from sustaining injuries in the process of getting trapped and, while being trapped inside

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is space-consuming.
  • The trap is a bit heavy.

2. Authenzo 2022 Upgrade Version Humane Mouse Traps

mouse traps

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A uniquely designed mousetrap, for a more humane approach towards dealing with rodents, it’s designed to catch rodents rather than exterminate them. It’s a new model, 2022 release with certain upgrades. The material for one is an upgrade. It’s made out of top-quality, durable ABS plastic. See-through design allows the mousetrap to blend into its surroundings seamlessly.

It has a few extra air holes to ensure that the rodent does not suffocate when trapped inside. It’s extremely easy to set up and bait. At the same time, it’s equally easy to clean. You just need to rinse it with water.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up and bait
  • Unique see-through design with extra air holes for the rodents welfare
  • Made out of top-quality raw material, accounting for its durability
  • Humane rodent-catching system
  • Easy maintenance, needs to be just rinsed with water

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike.

1. Victor Original Mouse Traps

 Victor Original Mouse Traps 16 Pack

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Nobody will have any difficulty identifying this as a mousetrap. It literally looks like one of those olden day mouse traps that one’s accustomed to seeing in cartoons. One gets 16 mouse traps, all of which are of dimensions: 7.4 x 5.9 x 2.5 inches. Keeping in line with tradition, it is completely made out of wood. It does its job using a wire snap trip along with a metal trip petal.

Its design makes it the ideal mouse trap for runaway trapping. It is safe to use around kids and pets and is extremely, extremely simple to set up. Another great benefit of these mouse traps is that they are all of the reusable-disposable kind.

What We Like:

  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Operates using a wire snap trip and a metal trip petal system
  • Ideal for runaway trapping
  • Easy maintenance, easy to clean
  • Reusable-disposable product

What We Don’t Like:

  • You need to be really careful when setting up the bait.

Buying Guides To Choosing Best Mouse Traps in 2022

A house is a place that you live in every day, so it needs to be cleaned and hygienic. Besides, A mouse is a really annoying animal that can destroy things in your house, and it will make your house very dirty. So, you might need to find the best mousetrap to catch the mouse in your house. However, do you know the ways to pick the right mouse trap for yourself? We assume that some of you do not know how to buy a mousetrap. So, we want to help you today to find the best mouse trap on the market. Below are some buying guides that we have prepared for you specifically.


There are a lot of types of mouse traps on the market, such as the one that will instantly kill the mouse, the one that can catch it, and the one that will chase the mouse away. You need to think and choose one type in order to buy the right one and put your house. The ones that are popularly used by people are the ones that can catch it without killing it and the one that will kill it immediately. These 2 types are very good, and they work pretty well too.


Knowing what is used to make a mousetrap is a really good thing as well because you will be able to know about your mouse trap durability. There are a lot of mouse traps, and most of them are made differently. It can be made out of wood, it can be made out of iron, or it can be made out of plastic. So, we highly recommend going for the one that is made out of iron because it is really durable, and you can also use it for a very long time. Moreover, the one that is made out of iron can keep the mouse secure, and it can never escape.

Ease of Cleaning

Last but definitely not least, you need to look clearly at the ease of cleaning. But, why do we need to care about it? That is because this point will make it easy for you to clean the trap after using it once. It is a simple thing to clean anything after using one. For a mousetrap, you need to always clean it after using it already because the last mouse might have bacteria in it. So, cleaning it can also make the place you put the trap at clean as well. You should not buy the one that cannot be washed and cleaned easily. The one that you are supposed to go for is the mousetrap with an easy way to clean.


For some people, setting up a mousetrap is quite hard and takes a long time. So, to make it even easier for you, you need to know if the mouse trap comes with the instruction of setting up or not. That is because that little thing is very important. Another thing you need to look at is how easy the setup process is going to be. Make sure you read reviews online and pick the one with an easy setup process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What home remedy can I use to get rid of mice?

A: For a home remedy, you can make use of a tube or used kettles for a trap set up. Also, peppermint oil also does a great job.

Q2: What food is irresistible to mice?

A: Normally, mice cannot resist foods like honey, syrup, cheese, hot dog, cooked meat, chocolate, or peanut butter.


This list pretty much includes one of each of the different types of mouse traps that are being sold in the market. For this reason, this makes it easier for customers to find the one that best fits their needs and requirement. If you have not got one for your home yet, you can pick the best one from the list above. Happy shopping!

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