Best Off Road Go-Karts in 2019 Reviews


Summer vacations are about to start and kids are already super excited about their holidays. On the contrary, their parents are super worried, because they don’t want their kids to spend their joyful holidays in front of the TV sets or gaming consoles. So, parents, don’t be worried as there is one middle solution is present to reduce your worry. Yep, indulge your kids in the outdoor activities such as go-karting which is the best activity to keep your kids busy in the summers. Because there are numerous cool and colorful off road go karts are available in the market. Don’t trust us? Then yourself check out the Top 10 off Road Go Karts of 2019:

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10. Razor Force Drifter Kart

Razor Force Drifter Kart

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Razor has been always known as the well-reputed company who had provided speed and innovation together. In their new electro-powered Force Drifter Kart, they have provided 120 mph speed and super slider wheels to
fulfill their promise to next level.


  • Satisfied speed and super easy hand brakes.
  • Easy to slide rare wheels for sharp turns.
  • Molded rubber wheels to offer amazing friction.
  • Super electronic speed of 12 mph to make your neighbors jealous.

9) Razor Dune Buggy

Razor Dune Buggy

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Well, revive some 70’s fun with your kids and try out buggy rides this time. The super cool and the perfect ride for the toddlers to have safe and grounded fun. Razor Dune Buggy is very colorful and funky go-kart ride and highly suitable for the young kids.

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  • Vertical storage capability that saves lots of space.
  • Powerful and controlled speed of 9 mph for young kids.
  • Easy hand brakes and bucket backseat are the best from the security concerns.
  • Knobby tires make the riding experience smooth and bump free.

8) Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

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Let’s bring out durability and speed both together to your home with this go kart. This particular go kart is designed for kids who love to break things easily. So, if your kid breaks all his toys quickly, then give him the challenge to break this well steel structured Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart.


  • Steel body to offer long durability.
  • Low profile aluminum wheels are molded with the rubber.
  • New rear axel upgraded for easy movement of steering.
  • High speed, thumb trigger acceleration control, and chained motor features will keep you on track.

7) Coleman Powersports Go Kart

Coleman Powersports Go Kart

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If you want something powerful, secured and heavy build structured go-kart ride for your family. Then, turn to Coleman Powersports go-kart as they understand the value of family fun, and that’s why they offer ride which can
be enjoyed by the whole family together.


  • It has bolstered seat and four-point safety harness to keep you securely tucked behind the wheels.
  • Modern technology and easy start features of go-kart make it very comfortable for kids.
  • The 196cc engine promises some great speed and power.
  • It is a family ride, so it is designed to carry weigh up to 400 lbs.

6) Go Kart ScooterX Sports Kart Go Cart

Go Kart ScooterX Sports Kart Go Cart

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Okay, so your teenager loves speed and badass style, then buy ScooterX Sports Kart for him. Because the stunning speed and rustic design of the kart will make your kid super happy. This ride is perfect for on and some off-road fun with your kids and their friends.


  • Easy 4 Stroke pull start and centered clutch for a safe ride.
  • For easy movement, it has butterfly steering wheels and hands brakes for abrupt stops.
  • Moreover, 196 cc engine offers few great features related to speed.
  • Rear coil suspension and tubular steel design are suitable for some off-road fun with your gang.
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5. KANDI 110cc 2-Seat Go Kart

KANDI 110cc 2-Seat Go Kart

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Okay, so if you want to ride with your partner in crime, then KANDI dual seater and high powered go-kart are ready for you. The kart is very finely designed, and all the latest technology is used in it for some cool experience. Moreover, the power of engine and suspension is of very high quality also.


  • The power of 110 cc single cylinder engine can keep you moving forever.
  • Rear wheel drive ignition and automatic reverse drive will make your ride bump free.
  • Butter like CDI electric start brakes can prevent numerous accidents.
  • With dual seats, you can ride with your buddy also.

4. Monster Moto MM-K80- BR Black Frame with Red Graphics Go Kart

Monster Moto MM-K80- BR Black Frame with Red Graphics Go Kart

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Monstrous ride for people who loves power beneath them. But, while designing this power-packed go-kart ride safety and security are considered primarily. The special attention towards the safety of the rider and of the ride itself has been given while manufacturing this monstrous ride.


  • The special color scheme is used to help the driver, like green on the gas paddle means go, and red on the brakes mean stop.
  • Comfortable formed bucket seat with a seat belt is installed from the security point of view.
  • The 79.5 cc heavy overhead valve engine can offer stunning performance and power.
  • Super grip tires and padded steering wheels add the extra layer of security net to the kart.



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So, if you want something useful yet fun oriented go-kart for your adolescents, then you will never get a better option. TRAILMASTER Reverse ride is highly adjustable and very easy for kids to operate it without any extra knowledge.

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  • Back of the kart can be easily adjusted with the paddles according to the height of your kid.
  • Heavy duty frame with the hydraulic disk brakes system makes it the perfect ride for your kid.
  • The minimal speed of 30 mph is a perfect fit for residential areas.
  • This kart offers dynamic 200 cc engine.

2) Coleman Powersports Go-Kart – KT100

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This ride will stick with you for ages as special attention is paid to the heavy build-up of the kart. The heavy-duty 16- and 13-gauge tubular construction has made the long life of the kart. And, moreover, a rugged clutch and chain drive gives the KT100 go-kart a huge lifespan.

Durable Features

  • The bolstered seating and four pointed harnesses have covered the security concerns very deliberately.
  • The 98 cc engine and easy pull start system.
  • This machine is one tough cookie with the easy clutch and paddle system.
  • One button engine on and off feature makes it super fun to run.



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So, the featured go-kart on this list is the TRAILMASTER – XRX. This slightly expensive, but packed with lots of fun go-kart has numerous utilities and features stored up for us.


  • It has excellent mini 163 cc kids engine.
  • The rustic suspension and speed limit controller are few security packed features of our ride.
  • It has few interesting features like automatic CVT transmission and LED headlight.
  • Custom adjustable paddle size makes it easy for short height kids to drive it.


Well, parents now if you want your kids to play outdoors this holiday season, then you have to invest in one safe and secure go-kart ride. And, on this particular list, all the best of best go-kart rides are mentioned. So, immediately pick one cool ride for your kids and let them explore this hot summer outdoors.

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