Best Portable Toddler Beds in 2022 Reviews

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Portable Toddler Beds are the beds for children that can be movable and easy for traveling or outdoor use. Actually, it is so convenient for any parents who love to travel with their kids. This kind of bed is great for children with a good night’s sleep while traveling. With portable toddler beds, every parent can enjoy their trip well with safe, secure guarantee, and comfort along the way. By this, you do not need to carry a lot of inconvenient stuff for your kid to sleep while being on a trip. In addition, you can place portable toddler beds anywhere for your kid to have a good sleep.

There are so many types of portable toddler beds. And, here we would like to provide you some sources of the best portable toddler beds. That would help you find out your favorite, safe, comfortable portable toddler bed for your beloved little one. 

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10. Disc-O-Bed Youth Kid-O-Bunk

portable bunk bed

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This bed is very best used and comfortable for your kids with a versatile-use as a bunk, a sitting bench. This is one buck with three options including versatile, sleep solution for a kid on go, and its dimensions. That is even convenient with two single cots for your kids. It is designed for any parents who love to travel with portable, compact, and modular. Besides this, there is an ultra-string for both indoor and outdoor use as well. This bed is designed with no middle brace, without a mattress required to comfort your kid.

And it is even comfortable with a high-grade polyester sleeping deck. More than this, there is a frame to prevent rust and powder-coated steel. It can tolerate the weight of up to 200 LBS. You do not need tool assembly, you just packed and stored and zippered. It also included polyester bags for easy storage and 2 transportation bags.

What We Like: 

  • This bed can use as a bunk, a sitting bench. 
  • There are three options in one buck.
  • There are two single cots. 
  • Its design looks cool that can be portable, modular, and compact. 
  • It is enabled for indoor and outdoor use with high-grade polyester sleeping deck. 
  • It is even comfortable with no middle brace and no mattress needed. 
  • There is less tool to store and pack it. 
  • There is a frame manufactured from anti-rust, powder-coated steel. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • This bunk is not for little baby age under 3. 
  • It is fairly expensive.

9. KidCo P3010 Peapod Portable Indoor Outdoor Travel Bed

Portable Toddler Beds

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This portable bed is an indoor and outdoor travel bed with cranberry color. With its great design and colorful color makes your child even feel more comfortable and relaxed. This bed is for children aging from 1 to 3 years old. There is a lightweight mesh around which is great for airflow and serves as an insect protection screen.

Besides, it is included anchor straps that are easy to use. More than this, there is a micro-lite sleeping pad arriving as a ready to use item. Within this portable bed, it can keep your baby safe outdoors. Moreover, it is handy that it’s easy to carry on with the size of the luggage, making your trip perfect with your little kids.

What We Like: 

  • It looks great with the design and colorful, suitable for little kid. 
  • The product is lightweight and portable. 
  • This travel bed is for 1-3 years old kids, with its convenient feature to easily move. 
  • There is lightweight mesh around as insect screen and airflow. 
  • Coming with anchor straps, it is easy for the assembly. 
  • It is pre-assembled with a micro-lite sleeping pad. 
  • The price is so affordable. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is not a safe guarantee for month old baby. 
  • The bed is a little tricky and confusing in folding it back up. 
  • It is quick hard to clean unless you use a hose. 

8. Alvantor Portable Bed Canopy, Bed Tents with Portable Frame

portable bed tent

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Never miss camping just because you have little kids. Take them with you. This product is an upgraded 2 in 1-bed tent patent-pending construction as a twin size. This tent is best for outdoor or travel. It helps you easily access the two side-door design. That would prevent it from collapsing, staying without bending, without leaning off, pretty stable, without metal frame being ripped. There are some best features of this fiberglass pole frame that are light, not rusty, stay in shape, stable, and durable. It’s very quick and simple to set up and take down.

You don’t need to be attached to the bed frame. The design looks innovative with quick and solid pop-up and flexible rips, fiberglass rods that help keep its shape and stability. There is high-quality pongee fabric, breathable, and soft. The zipped doors can prevent mosquito net on top of the head and under the foot yet still providing airflow and light. Besides, there are twin beds curtains that you can create your sleeping space anywhere.

What We Like: 

  • The bed is a versatile usage. 
  • It is easy to clean and washable. 
  • Many colors are available to choose from. 
  • There is the dual side-door design as a twin size as 2 in the 1-bed tent. 
  • Because it has a strong pop-up and flexible rips, fiberglass rods that help keeps its shape and stability.
  • Convenient to set up and take off. 
  • There is a high-quality guarantee. 

What We Don’t like: 

  • It is a required mattress, but no mattress included. 
  • This bed tent is not for babies, but it’s wide use for adults as well. 

7. Idea Nuova Disney Frozen 2 Foldable Slumber Cot with Detachable Printed Sleeping Bag

portable toddler bed

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Disney Frozen bed by Idea Nuova is perfect for your little ones to sleep over, and easy transport. This portable bed can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s designed with a slumber folding cot with Elsa and Anna characters that make your toddlers love their sleep. Besides, the slumber sack is easy to clean and washable. There is a durable metal of slumber cot and soft and comfy polyester nylon of a sleeping bag. It’s very easy to use, set up, and break down.

It is perfect to keep your kids off the ground with a deflated air mattress. Another best feature is easily folded with a carry bag for travel and easy to store. Moreover, the sleeping bag can be washed by machine washer and easily removed. The foldable cot can also be washed and taken care of with just a piece of damp clothes.

What We Like: 

  • The design looks great for toddlers with Elsa and Anna characters. 
  • It can be portable for indoor and outdoor use. 
  • Its sleeping bag is compatible with a machine washer and easily removed. 
  • The durable meter of slumber cot and soft and comfortable polyester nylon of sleeping bag, make the toddle enjoy their sleep. 
  • It is easy to install, carry, and break down. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The cot folds are two separate seats with a bump in the middle, make the kids uncomfortable to a sleepover. 
  • Talking about the price, it is a bit expensive compared to other similar products. 

6. Kid’s Floor Pillow Portable Bed Cover

Kid's Floor Pillow Bed Cover - Use as Nap Mat

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This is a floor pillow bed cover, can be used as a nap mat, portable toddler bed for sleepovers, travel, or napping. There is super-duper soft and high-quality fabric. What is more, it is very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin types. Thus, it is best to use for your toddlers. The bed is able to be used both outdoors and indoors. With its versatile usage, it is not only comfortable but also lovely and entertaining thanks to its colorful and great design. You can fold it into a floor lounger seat or set it flat to serve as a pillow. 

More than this, it is so convenient that it can be used in the playroom for kid’s entertainment, afternoon napping time, stay overs guests, or overnights. The product is simple to take care of. Users can simply wash it by a machine washer using cool water and tumble dry it low as well. This way, the fade-resistant will remain fresh and brand new. Most importantly, there are two sizes available that fit perfectly for elder kids, teenagers, as well as adults.  

What We Like: 

  • This product comes with a price that is affordable. 
  • The very soft premium fabric is great to use for kids to enjoy their moments. 
  • It is totally comfy, cute, fun with a good design, and colorful. 
  • The bed is convenient and can fold on a floor or lay flat as you want. 
  • It is easy to clean and washable. 
  • There are two sizes available to choose from. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • There is no pillow included. 
  • It just a cover only. 

5. Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, Includes Sleeping Bag and Travel Case, Navy

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This product is a cot portable toddler bed for outdoor and indoor activities. It’s quick and convenient with no set up required in which the cot is simple to fold. So, it’s easy to use. That can be used for napping, traveling, sleepover, and so on. There are sleeping bags and navy included as well.

It is foldable with the My Cot folds to a fraction of its size for storage and travel. Besides this, it’s durable since all steel frames are lightweight and can hold up to 75 pounds. It’s more comfortable with a fitted sleeping bag and a removable pillow. It’s good for travel and easy to carry with its lightweight.

What We Like: 

  • The price is so affordable. 
  • It is even comfortable with a fitted sleeping bag and removable pillow. 
  • The item is fordable with its folds to a fraction of its size that is easy to store and travel. 
  • It is durable with steel frames that are lightweight but can hold up to 75 pounds. 
  • There can be washable. 

What We Don’t like: 

  • The middle bund of the cots makes the kids feel uncomfortable. 
  • It does not recommend for more than 2 years, old kids. 
  • There is a space issue since it’s so small. 

4.  Flisko 2 in 1 Travel Lightweight Crib & Bassinet

portable toddler bed

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This is a 2 in 1 travel crib and bassinet bed that’s a great use for infants and toddlers. It’s a safe design for infants with a supportive build and durable frame. There is a premium-quality rugged material that prevents it from falling and collapsing. It is lightweight that is easy to transport. This one is good for travel and storage thanks to the ideal design of a sleek and collapsible mechanism. The travel bassinet is easy to carry and turn it into a comfortable backpack.

More than this, it is easy to swift and simple assemble with no required extensive setup. You can place it anywhere. It’s comfortable and cozy with ultimately soft and comfortable breathable mesh fabric and mattress pad. Moreover, it’s so convenient with its multifunctional that can swap the crib out for a bassinet. And, it can be used for a baby play yard and converted to something as you need.

What We Like: 

  • There are a protective structure and a strong frame that are safe designs for infants. 
  • It is good-quality rugged materials to help prevent any collapsing.
  • This bed is lightweight and portable. 
  • The sleek design and foldable feature is design for travel and easy storage. 
  • It is simple to assemble and fold down. 
  • There are soft and comfy breathable mesh fabrics and mattress pads; making your toddlers feel comfortable. 
  • It is multifunctional that can covert as we need. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is a bit expensive. 

3. hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

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This is such a safe inflatable travel bed with a portable blow-up mattress for kids. This product comes in such a modern design of an inflatable toddler bed that weighs lightly, transportable, and of premium quality. It can inflate in less than 30 seconds and matches with all standard crib covers and blankets.

It can fold, roll, and go that is simply perfect for camping, sleepover, and more. What is more, it makes inflation and deflation fast with the turbopump and leak-proof quick-release air valve. Moreover, there is an extra tall and long safety guarantee standard for your child.

What We Like: 

  • This product is a great modern design with an inflatable toddler bed. 
  • It is a lightweight, moveable, and a high-quality guarantee. 
  • This one can inflate in less than 30 seconds fast. 
  • It suits all standard crib sheets as well as a blanket. 
  • The item is possible to fold down, roll and go which is pretty convenient.
  • It is extra longer and taller that’s safe for kids. 

What we don’t like: 

  • The mattress part is easy to leak and could not hold the air. 
  • There is a bad smell of plastic.
  • Its price is fairly expensive. 

2. Baby Delight Go with Me Bungalow Deluxe Portable Travel Cot

portable travel cot for kid

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This product is a great use for indoor and outdoor like napping, playing, sleepovers, camping, or beach trips as well. It’s a removable canopy that can block 98% of UVA and UVB rays. It is easy and compact with folds for portability. In addition, there is a strong and stable metal frame that can hold your children up to 75lbs.

Not to mention, there are also mash walls surrounded to prevent your little one from dropping. Moreover, the fabric can easily wipe clean as well.

What We Like: 

  • It is the removable canopy.
  • This bed can block 98% of UVA and UVB rays. 
  • The item easy and compact fold for portability. 
  • It is a strong and stable metal frame. 
  • The product is totally safe for a toddler since there are mash wall surrounded 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • It is fairly expensive. 

1. Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed with Travel case and fitted sheet

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet and Travel Case-Portable Toddler Beds

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The cot portable toddler bed by Regalo is a great to use for traveling with lightweight. This is so convenient with no set up required that the cot’s simple fold. It’s quick and easy to use as well. More than this, it’s durable since it is made with all-steel frames with light-weight. It can hold up to 75 pounds. With its pink color, this cot is perfect for your little girl to sleepover and play. Moreover, it also includes a fitted sheet with pink color as well. And it’s washable with waterproof nylon.

What We Like: 

  • The cot is lightweight that is portable and easy for traveling. 
  • No set up required, so it is easy to use. 
  • Being made of waterproof nylon, that is washable and durable. 
  • There is a steel frame with light-weight that can hold up to 75 pounds.
  • The price is affordable. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • The cot is easy to break the bond. 
  • There is no locking mechanism that the toddler is easy to fall down.

Buying Guides To Choosing The Best Portable Toddler Bed

Parents need to treat and take care of young children the different ways from teenage children because they are really sensitive. The way they sleep, the way they eat, and the way they play are all different from the way teenagers behave. As parents, you need to look for a perfect portable toddler bed for your children. We know that some parents might have no idea on choosing the right one because that might be their first time. You no longer need to worry because we are here today as the ones who would give you some buying guides. Buying guides below are pretty helpful for all parents, and you can make use of them in order to make your buying process work smoothly.


First thing first, you need to know about the size of the portable toddler bed. More than that, you also need to look at the size of your children’s bodies as well. Then, what you need to do is to choose the toddler bed that can support your kids’ bodies well. If the size is too small or too big, your kids might not feel comfortable sleeping on it. Furthermore, that might cause some serious injuries to your children as well. That is the reason why you need to look at the size wisely and carefully. The key thing to remember, if there is no exact size that fits your kids’ bodies, you should pick the one with a bigger size. The reason is that the bigger one still can have your kid sleeping on it.


The second point is a really necessary thing to look at, and that is about the weight of the toddler bed. We want you to know what the weight of the toddler bed is. What you should look for is the one that comes with really lightweight. That is because our main purpose is to focus on portability. If a toddler bed comes with a really heavyweight, how can it be portable. Moreover, if that has a heavyweight, it will make it hard to bring it with you when going on a trip. The thing is that you need to make sure you buy the one with lightweight. You have to remember that it does not matter if you pick the lightest one or not.


Finally, yet importantly, you have to look clearly at the quality of the portable toddler bed. The first thing you need to look at is the waterproof capabilities. When a bed comes with a waterproof rating, you do not need to worry about spilling water on it. Moreover, you also no longer need to be worried about leaving it in the rain. The next thing you need to be looking at is the making material. As most people see, portable toddler beds are mostly made out of nylon and high-quality fabric. That is because those two materials are durable, and they can hold up weight well. Therefore, we highly recommend going for the portable toddler bed that is made of those two things.

Concluding Note

Portable toddler beds serve as a versatile and comfortable bed for toddlers, allowing them to lie in a way they want. Parents can have any of these beds to let their toddlers experience extreme comfort while sitting, sleeping, or playing over them. These are our recommendations for any parents who are looking for great portable toddler beds for their kids. There are mainly different types of travel beds with different functions and features. So, you can choose your favorite among all the best sources we provided.

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