Best Professional Chef’s Knives in 2019 Reviews


Knives are one of the most versatile tools in a kitchen. A well-made knife in the hands of an experienced chef is like an eloquent brush in the hands of an artist. A chef knife has many peculiarities starting from its design to its overall weight. This is why choosing the best chef knife can prove to be a nightmare for many. But don’t let fear deter you away as we have got the ultimate list of top 10 professional Chef’s knives in 2019

List of Top 10 Best Professional Chef’s Knives in 2019

10) Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife

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This knife serves as a great companion in your kitchen. If you are a chef or love to cook something new every day, then this one comes as an all-rounder. From soft meat to the roughest jackfruit, this one can cut them into perfect pieces.


  • 8-inch Victorinox chef's knife with Swiss Made quality
  • It can be used for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing
  • The blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel that promotes sharpness and a better edge
  • The pattern offers a slip-proof ergonomic experience
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty

9) Top Chef Professional Grade Knife Set – 6 pieces (colored)

Top Chef Professional Grade Knife Set – 6 pieces (colored)

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Anyone who wants a set of six fine knives can purchase this one. These knives work flawlessly and help you from normal slicing and dicing to advance culinary processes. So whether you need it for daily basis or any special cooking, it always gives 100% performance.


  • The materials used in these knives are food safe
  • High-quality stainless steel is used to manufacture the blades that offer stick resistant coating
  • Vivid colors keep them from cross contamination
  • Each knife has a different size: 8″ chef’s knife, 8″ bread knife, 8″ slicing knife, 6″ Santoku knife, 5″ utility knife, and 3.5″ Paring knife
  • Perfect for all whether it is meat or vegetables
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8) Kutt Chef Knife

Kutt Chef Knife

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If you wish to chop like a pro chef, then Kutt Razor-Sharp knife is the ultimate choice. It comes among the top 10 knives for its versatility and incredibility that make it a must-have knife for every kitchen lover.


  • The knife performs cut like a master chef with ultra-sharp blades that stay in shape for a long time
  • It cuts all the cooking material in uniform and decent looking shapes
  • The stainless steel used in the construction qualifies the required food grade tests
  • A sturdy wood handle comes along that provides an excellent grip

7) Allezola Professional Chef’s Knife

Allezola Professional Chef’s Knife

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If you want a budget knife with excellent slicing power, then Allezola is ready to serve you. It comes comfortably in both cutting and handling, so you don’t lose grip and accidentally cut yourself.It is a 7.5-inch knife that offers smooth and seamless cut to your vegetables or whatever you plan to cook.


  • The material used in manufacturing is high-carbon stainless steel
  • Blades are super powerful and glossy looking
  • 100% rust-resistant, so the appearance remains same for years
  • The handle is durable and promotes strength plus grip
  • Overall the knife offers an ergonomic design with 7.5″ length.

6) Maestro Cutlery Volken Series Professional Chef’s Knife – 8 inch

Maestro Cutlery Volken Series Professional Chef’s Knife – 8 inch

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It is an even more exciting knife that comes with a 90-days return warranty, what a rest. Well, people if you are looking for a budget knife but a hard-core knife then Maestro Cutlery brings you the perfect knife. It comes blessed with several amazing features.

  • It comes with a length of 8 inches
  • The knife is great with both vegetables and meat
  • Handles offer superb stability, and the construction uses black wood that is water and heat resistant
  • A complete rust resistance formula, so you won’t meet the stains
  • Ergonomic features plus smoothness to keep the hands soft
  • Lifetime warranty and 90-day money back guarantee
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5) AUGYMER Professional Chefs Knife – 8 inch

AUGYMER Professional Chefs Knife – 8 inch

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Those who are looking for an ergonomic feel while holding the knife and reliability of years can prefer this one. Kitchen enthusiasts are going to find it a non-slip well-textured knife, and the 8 inches will be a perfect piece for your hands.


  • The knife is manufactured using Japanese high carbon Stainless Steel
  • The material keeps up the sharpness and doesn’t allow rust to get on
  • A multi-functional knife that can be used from fruits and vegetables to carve the meat
  • The handle is slip resistant that doesn’t cause any pain to your palm
  • Comes in the gift box and a lifetime warranty

4) ZYLISS Control Chef’s Knife Set

ZYLISS Control Chef’s Knife Set

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This ZYLISS knife set surely adds elegance to your kitchen with its perfect functioning. This one really deserves a place here as the performance is top notch with the razor-sharp blade that cuts in just a blink.


  • The set brings you two professional cutting knives with the size of 8" and 6.5"
  • The perfect set for performing kitchen functions like chopping, mincing, slicing, dicing
  • The knife offers more controlling options when you use the Rock feature
  • It has perfect textures for setting all other fingers as well
  • The handle promotes antibacterial ability that keeps you germs free

3) Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife – 8-Inch

Hollow Edge Chef's Knife - 8-Inch

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Mac Knife is one of the amazing brands that manufacture knives of perfect quality for cooking purpose. From the design to the usability everything about Mac knives attracts users craving for an incredible piece of cutlery.


  • The knife’s blade is sharp and water resistant
  • The edges feel just right that provide a proper balance to your hands and cut down the ingredients very well.
  • Eight inches of knife feels perfect in hands that is good to grip and allows quick chopping
  • It looks beautiful and polished with a comfortable handle
  • The hollow dots on the knife offer a frictionless chopping
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2) Becozier Kitchen Chef Knife

Becozier Kitchen Chef Knife

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Anyone who wants a high-performance knife to improve their cooking experience can go straight to the link of purchasing. The knife is known for providing a combination of balance and style to your fingers. It makes the perfect gift for anyone that loves creating cuisines.


  • Ultra-sharp blade that provides fine slicing for every single item
  • German Stainless Steel is used to create this inspiring kitchen tool that passes the food grade test
  • The handle uses Glass Fiber 10 that means a much better grip than any other material
  • A Multi-Functional knife that can be used for vegetables, fruits, bread, meat, etc.
  • Moisture proof, corrosion free, and anti-crack knife

1) Chef Knife Newild professional Kitchen Knife – 8 inch

Chef Knife Newild professional Kitchen Knife – 8 inch

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Chef Knife uses the creativity in their cooking knives that i0s not just a blade but a legend of your kitchen. We recommend purchasing this knife that is totally worth the price for its innovativeness. It is one of the most versatile knives you can ever get that acts so sharp to cut into pieces in just seconds.


  • Made of high carbon stainless steel that is hand polished
  • The blade promotes anti-aging and acts as an ultra-sharp cutting agent
  • Keeps all the bad factors away such as corrosion, stickiness, bacteria, corrosion, etc.
  • Ergonomic design with beautiful pattern
  • Dimension: 8 inches for the blade and 5 inches for the handle


All these knives ensure you the important factors: good grip, proper weight and length, and sharpness. Having a fine knife means having an excellent dining experience. So check out all these ten best knives of 2019 and make your purchase.

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