Best RC Trucks in 2022 Reviews

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Choosing the best RC trucks for your little one can often get pretty challenging. You are going to figure out how you like your kids to play, their favorite type, and the good performance of the product.

After all, with hundreds of models to choose from, how do you even find out which one is the best? We understand your problem and that is exactly why we have come up with these detailed reviews of the top leading RC Trucks in the market. Browse through the list for a better grasp on choosing the very first RC truck for your child or yourself.

List of Top 10 Best RC Trucks in 2022 Reviews:

10. New Bright Grave Digger Truck

New Bright 2430 Monster Jam Grave Digger RC Truck

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If you are looking to splurge in a perfect gift for your little one, the Grave Digger from New Bright can be your go-to option. This truck arrives with some of the best features that will make gaming fun and more enjoyable for your kids. Although it does not have an extraordinary built, going by the price, it totally seems to be worth your money.

Like most other Grave Digger trucks, this one too comes with a wired antenna and the basic left/right steering. Overall, the features seem pretty decent, and going by both the looks and the tweaks, we would recommend this product for your little one.

What We Like:

  • It comes with the basic left/right steering function.
  • This one features a long antenna.
  • The bright red color makes it super attractive.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The speed is not so fast.
  • Its battery life does not last very long.

9. ARRMA Brushless 4WD RC Short Course Truck

RC Truck

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This brushless RC Truck from ARRMA is best for both kids and adults. Whether you want to rack it on-road and off-road, it deals with them all. With the maximum speed of 50 + mph, it is going to be fun for off-road adventure. Its 1/10 radio control is very powerful to keep the truck going on most terrains.

What is more, users can still continue with the game even under the rain thanks to its waterproof feature. It has a brushless motor that operates at 100A ESC and 3200Kv making it one of the most powerful RC trucks to choose from. Using 2 pairs of AA batteries, users can enjoy the game going within hours. For racing without using ratio, it also has an inbuilt battery that is compatible with some certain chargers.

What We Like:

  • It runs up to 30+ mph which is very fast.
  • The radio of 1/10 scale, it deals with most of the terrain types.
  • It is also assisted by the 2.4 Hz radio system.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price seems very high.

8. Click N’ Play Remote Controlled Car

 Click N' Play Remote Control Car 4WD Off Road Rock

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If you are looking for a top-notch remote-controlled car, that does not compromise on quality, this product from Click N’ Play will definitely fit your needs. With this unique RC car, your child will get the chance to pull stunts for several hours down the line. The product is resistant to collision and it’ll perform exceptionally well in any and every weather.

What We Like:

  • The product is lightweight and resistant to the collision.
  • It is also highly resistant to skid.
  • This RC Truck is greatly durable.
  • Its powerful motors can reach 6.2 km per hour.
  • It Operates on AA batteries.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It might only be suitable for kids.

7. Fistone RC Truck with Allow Shovel Loader

 Fistone RC Truck Alloy Shovel Loader Tractor 2.4G Radio

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Like every other product from Firestone, this truck manages to top our charts owing to its excellent craftsmanship and high stimulation. Furthermore, the car operates on 400 mAh batteries; which lets your child enjoy uninterrupted gameplay for 15-20 minutes. The exterior is made from high-quality material and it also remains cool despite the powerful stimulation. As for the remote control, it works up to 300 ft long. Thus, this allows your kids to enjoy playing with the long distance.

What We Like:

  • It comes with an alloy shovel loader.
  • The product operates with high performing 400 mAh batteries.
  • It has a long-lasting body & performance.
  • This one is made from Non-ABS materials.

What We Don’t Like:

  • You might encounter some difficulties to get a new charger if you lose one.

6. Cheerwing 4WD Off-Road RC truck

 Cheerwing 4WD Off Road RC Monster Truck

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This remote-controlled car from Cheerwing is packed with some of the best features. To begin with, its full-function steering will let you change the forward and reverse the direction of the car flawlessly. Additionally, the design is powered by a superior anti-collision feature that works through different terrains without any inconsistency in the first place. In addition, the car is also backed by radio control technology that can be used by multiple players at once.

What We Like:

  • It is highly resistant to the collision.
  • This product is also backed by the basic forward/reverse function.
  • The car works through different terrains flawlessly.
  • Being Powered by radio control technology, it offers a powerful performance.
  • It offers 2 color options: Red & Blue.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The charging time can be up to 8 hours which is too long.

5. StudySet Remote Controlled Car

 Studyset 2.4G Remote Control Military Truck

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If you are looking for an RC car that will operate in every possible terrain without the slightest glitch- this remote-controlled car from Studyset will make the cut. Backed by 2.4 G remote controller, this car can operate in forwarding, backward, left and right motions without any issues at any cost. Then, the truck design is pretty realistic and the rubber wheels prevent it from skidding on slippery slopes.

What We Like:

  • Works on tough terrains.
  • Backed by a 2.4 remote controller.
  • The truck design is pretty realistic.
  • The motor is extremely powerful and speed is unbelievably high.

What We Don’t Like:

  • You might need to assemble it yourself.

4. Fistone RC Trucks, Racing Cars

 Fistone RC Car 2.4G High Speed Racing Cars

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If you are looking for a top notch car with powerful motor and excellent durability, this RC car from Fistone is one of the best options. The car is supported by electric energy that provides exceptional performance irrespective of the terrain. Additionally, it also comes with four stable spring systems that firmly adjusts the movements and ensures that your kids get to enjoy the best from the device.

What We Like:

  • Exceptional speed at 20 km/hr.
  • Backed by four wheel suspension unit that prevents the car from shaking.
  • Backed by 2.4 G remote control that lets you operate the car from a distance of 164 ft.
  • Battery set is eco-friendly.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This truck is not a waterproof product.

3. IMDEN Remote Control Car

RC car

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IMDEN Remote control Radio Truck is an all-terrain car that is best for both on-road and off-road racing. With this truck, you will be able to rach up to 30+ mph. which is supported by 390 brushed motors. Featuring 4 big wheels, it is also capable of rolling on the dessert too. The wheels are also best to bounce too. Besides, its remote control is designed to be effective within the range of 260 feet. For this reason, it is long enough for your kids to enjoy the fun racing.

With the remote controller of 4 directional features, the kid is able to control the truck to drive forwards, run backward, turn left, or right. FYI, this RC truck runs by using 7.4V batteries that can be recharged afterward.

What We Like: 

  •  It is best for all types of terrain racing.
  • Thanks to the 4 directional controlling system, it is able to go forwards, drive backward, turn left, or right.
  • It operates using a 7.4 V rechargeable system.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It charges very long time and will be run within 30 minutes long only.

2. Hosim Large Size High-Speed Remote Control Truck 

RC truck

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Always want to experience high-speed racing? You can always experience that on this RC car from Hosim. It has a large build and comes with 4 large wheels. Therefore, it is suitable for racing outdoor, on-road, and off-road. Thanks to its 1/10 large scale size, and 2.4 Hz powerful motor, it is totally powerful. In addition, it will allow you to race with the max speed of 46 km/h which is super duper fast.

More importantly, the wheels are the product of durable rubber using anti-skid technology to ensure smooth running down on the rock, rugged terrain, or on a normal road. Users will be able to control it using the remote control within the range of 262 feet. Also, the battery is 1600mAh which can last up to 20 minutes if you run it within the top speed.

What We Like:

  • It has a large battery capacity of 1600 mAh.
  • Its anti-skid wheels will ensure smooth running on most of the terrains.
  • Users will be able to control it at the top speed of 46 km/h which is really fast.
  • The remote control works within a range of 262 feet long.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price is a bit high.

1. Legendary 1:10 Scale Large RC Cars

high speed RC car

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Like the previous one, this car will allow you to run at a high speed of 48 km/h. The difference is that even with the top speed, users will be able to keep racing up to 30 minutes long. Its 1:10 large scale is also the same, and it is also supported by 2.4 Hz radio powerful motor too. This RC truck is totally suitable for both young and adults as it comes with 2 speed settings: low & high.

For a beginner, a low speed is highly recommended. With this product, users can control the truck within a 250 feet area. Because its large wheels are anti-skid, it is suitable for most types of terrains, be it on-road or off-road.

What We Like:

  • It races within a very high speed of 48 Km/h.
  • The truck can run within 30 minutes long even when it is in a high-speed setting.
  • It works well within the area range of 250 feet.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is a little bit high in price.

Buying Guide to Choosing Best RC Trucks

Are you looking forwards to having fun racing with your children or your mates? Then, you should check out all of these top best RC trucks above. Alongside that, taking a look at some tips below might help you to decide which one to choose better.

Consider Battery Capacity.

It is a quite necessary thing to think about the battery capacity of the RC truck because you do not want it to stop working when you are using it. Running out of battery can happen if you are not careful when choosing a battery, or choose the battery with low capacity. But, this thing will not happen if you choose the right RC truck with high battery capacity. Normally, a good RC truck would last up to 30 minutes for its high-speed operation. Still, some can only go up to 15 minutes long when it is in its high-speed setting. 

Consider Durability

Knowing about what material the company uses to make an RC truck is also very important. The one you choose must come with good producing materials. For example, you should get the RC truck that is made of soft silicone PVC because it can last for a long time, and nothing can damage it easily. Moreover, soft silicone PVC can handle the heat very well. On top of that, try choosing the RC truck that is highly waterproof. For this reason, it is going to make your outdoor racing become more fun. 

Consider Ease of Use

All people surely want to use the things they buy without adding or doing something more, and of course, they want to use it with happiness. That is why you need to consider the ease of use of that product. You need to know what product that does not need you to do anything more on it to use it properly. That product has to be good on its own. For example, its charging time, its waterproof feature, its 4 directional controlling functions should be under your consideration. 

Consider Its Max Speed

You should consider the speed of an RC truck. Also, knowing that how fast you want to have your RC car run is also a crucial thing. If you choose the one with the speed of lower than 40 or 50 MPH, the truck will be a little bit slow, and you can use it to race with your friends’ truck. However, if you decide to choose the RC truck with more than 50 MPH, you will feel the speed of the truck, and you will enjoy it while using that thing. Plus, you challenge your friends to race their car with yours as well. 

Consider Its Wheels

Another factor to consider is its wheels. You might want to use the truck to play on different path situations and terrains such as on the sand, on the road, on the zigzag dirt road, etc. As a result, the wise choice for you to choose is the wheels that can be used in the desert or sand. At the same time, the bouncy wheels which will help when your truck falls for a small hill and bumps on the dirt. That feature will not damage your truck bumper and the wheels on the truck. Not to forget, you should check whether or not the wheels are the product of anti-skid. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the RC cars or RC trucks?

A: An RC car or an RC truck is a small car that you can control the RC trucks or car with remote control, and it operates and works as an actual car.

Q: What causes this car to work? 

A: Some of them consume gas, but most of them consume rechargeable batteries or rechargeable batteries. 

Final Thoughts

Well, now that you know which RC trucks make the cut, explore your options, and choose a product that is truly the best, both in terms of features and price. Since each of these trucks are top-rated products, you can always count on them for superior performance and unbelievable tweaks. Happy shopping!

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