Best Scratch Off Maps in 2022

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When you travel to a lot of different places across the world, it is essential to keep a record of the places. This record will assist you to retain the memory of the place and the location. In simple terms, scratch-off maps are basically the maps in which you can scratch off certain sections. Then, it might show different colors to mark as the places you have already visited. These kinds of maps are eye-catching to human eyes and can be depicted in many different ways. You are able to keep a personalized record of your travel trips. They a fun way to display the places you traveled to.

Depending on the home decor, you can choose the one with complementary styles and designs. When you hand scratch-off maps on your door or wall, it will remind you of the pleasant moments you experienced during your travel. To occupy your walls or doors with colorful scratch-off maps, continue reading the following sections.

Check Out The Best Scratch Off maps On in 2022

10. Scratch Off Map of The World, Detailed Travel Art Poster by Newverest

 Scratch Off Map of The World, Detailed Travel Art Poster by Newverest:

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The scratch-off map from Newverest will give you the inspirational feeling about your next adventure. At the bottom part, there is the bucket list of your travel to instill thrilling scratch-off goals in your mind.  It serves as a travel art poster when you hang it on your wall or door. For a travel enthusiast, this map proves to be a wonderful gift idea.

In addition, this Newverest world map is equipped with all the essential things to effortlessly track your travel. It includes stickers, push pins, a scratch tool, and more.

What We Like:

  • The scratch-off map is printed on 250GSM paper and it is packed in a solid storage tube.
  • Its bold colors and smooth design allow this map to work as an art piece and as an adventure poster.
  • Every US state and Canadian counties are sketched to let you find them easily.
  • The process of tracking is simplified with the use of incorporated pushpins and a scratch-off tool.
  • There is the availability of detailed insets to depict Southeast Asia and Europe.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is limited to black color only.

9. SEE MANY PLACES .com Scratch Off US – USA Ma

scratch-off maps of US

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There should always be time to celebrate where you have been to and mark them as memories to look back to. With this scratch-off USA map from SEE MANY, you can vividly remember the places so well. Designed to be a lot more unique than the others, when you scratch off each place, the map will show up a very realistic remarkable point of that certain area. For example, if you scratch off the state of Florida, it will show you the beach, sea, and seashore.

What is more, the map is very easy to scratch off. You can simply use the included plastic pick to scratch any area on the map. The golden polish will come off and it will never result in tearing or anything. Arriving with the size of 28 x 22″, you can stick it up on the wall of your bedroom, living room, or office.

What We Like:

  • It offers a very unique post-scratched area showing up with the remarkable point of the location.
  • The polish is in gold which is very eye-catching.
  • It comes with a size that is not too large and not too small. Thereby, making it suitable to be hung on the wall.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is not a world map; it is only the map of the U.S.A.
  • The product also comes in Gold color.

8. Travelisimo Scratch off Map of the United States

USA's map

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If you are a fan of beautiful handwriting and not the picture, we think that this one is the most suitable scratch off map for you. Although when you scratch any certain area off it does not show the image, but it displays in the name of each state you have traveled to. For example, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and more.

Besides this, you will also obtain 10 flag sticks that are in 4 different colors – blue, red, green, yellow. This means that while you scratch the areas you have traveled to, you should mark the places you plan to visit in the future with the flag. You can either stick the map on your wall or simply roll it down so it will appear with the Statue of Liberty. For your information, the size of this product measures roughly 12 x 17 inches.

What We Like:

  • It comes in 10 flags letting you mark up the places you wish to visit next.
  • The size of this map is 12 x 17 inches which are not too large and not too small.
  • When you roll it down, it will display the picture of the Statue of Liberty.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Since it is not the world map, only the states in the U.S.A appear.

7. Jetsettermaps Scratch Your Travels United States of America (USA US) Watercolor Art Map

 Jetsettermaps Scratch Your Travels United States of America (USA US) Watercolor Art Map 12x18in Poster:

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Jetsettermaps took enough care to let this scratch-off map work as an artwork displaying the bold and dynamic watercolors. This map is packed in a stylish tube for ease of storing or gifting. The artwork functionality is clearly suggested from the name of this scratch-off map. This traveling map functions as an art map and it would fit any 12 x 18 inches frame flawlessly.

What We Like:

  • There is great simplicity to scratch your travels –simply make use of a coin to eliminate the gold foil on the states you already visited. When this is done, the map will disclose original watercolor painting.
  • The map is presented on thick white poster paper to make the look appear shiny. The shiny look allows you to clean the scratched off chips using a wet cloth.
  • When you frame it, there are no imperfections.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only gentle scratching is required. If you happen to scratch a little harder, the watercolors can come off.

6. Scratch Off World Map by Goodies4lifes

 Scratch Off World Map by Goodies4lifes:

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You can be prepared about the next travel destination with the help of this latest scratch-off world map from Goodies4lifes. When you hang this map on the wall of the home, your guests get an idea about your traveling journey. What is more, you can directly gift this world map to anyone because it is packed inside a decorative tube cover. The Goodies4lifes travel map is targeted to work as a fun decorative item on the wall or door of your home or office.

To depict the places you visited, you just need to scratch off the gold enclosed region. When you do this, the color will be revealed in the background. Uniquely, it comes with the traveler story collector tool to scratch your footsteps and narrate the stories to your families and friends.

What We Like:

  • You can effortlessly use the world map with the use of included accessories. This includes accessories bag, black cloth, and the scratch pen tool.
  • It will conveniently fit on the standard size frame without any hassles.
  • The product is highly resistant to tearing.
  • It is a premium product of the UK.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price tag is a little more expensive in comparison to other scratch-off maps on the market.

5. Divalis Scratch Off World Map

word map target

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Just by a quick glance, you can already tell that this is one of the premium-quality products. It comes in a combination of black and golden colors. When you scratch, the area that you have traveled to will display in golden colors. Other than that will remain in sleek shiny black finish. Apart from scratch, you will also receive a lot of pins so that they can be used as the tools to mark your next destination. With an ideal size of 34 x 22 inches large, it looks gorgeous to display in your living room, office, or bedroom.

What We Like:

  • The size if a lot larger than other products.
  • It has a good contrasting color of gold and black.
  • This map also comes with pins for planning the upcoming destination.
  • It arrives in a nice tube packaging.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some details can be missed.

4. the WDS Store Scratch Off Map of The United States 

scratch off map

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Although this one is not the world map, it is still perfect for those who are the minimalists and plan to travel to the United States. The map comes in 50 states’ destination and is the size of two hands holding. This way, it is very easy to pack inside your backpack and go with you to any places. Each state is designed in different colors including purple, pink, yellow, blue, green, and a lot more. Thus, when you finished traveling to all the 50 states, you will receive a very colorful poster to stick on the wall.

Talking about the scratching effort, it is very simple. All you need is a coin and gentle movement to scratch on the surface. It is as simple as you scratch the crayon color off.

What We Like:

  • It is very minimalist and comes in colorful style.
  • The map features up to 50 states.
  • It has very reasonable pricing.
  • Because it is tear-resistant, it will not get torn apart.
  • It only requires very little effort in order to scratch.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is only the map of the United States.

3. MyMap Gold Scratch Off World Map Wall Poster with the US States:

3. MyMap Gold Scratch Off World Map Wall Poster with US States:

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When you wish to use a jumbo-sized world map to clearly depict different places, go for this one from MyMap. This gold scratch off map comes in vibrant colors and has a sufficient size to fit on the wall or door. Once you frame it, people can easily know the places you traveled and the places you intend to travel to. A custom scratch-off map is readily available to occupy a place on the wall or door of your home or office. On this map, each and every country is shown in a brilliant color popping off in contrast with the background. Overall, the color of this scratch-off world map is stylish black with a superb gold coating.

A person of any age can use it effectively. You just need to use the included scratch tool or the coin to discard the gold scratch coating. Finally, you will be able to depict the countries you visited. Its dimensions are twenty-five inches tall and thirty-five inches wide, so it is simple to frame it. The included scratch tool is simple to use because all you need to do is unleash the gold foil encompassing the already traveled places.

What We Like:

  • It comes in a jumbo size so it is very large to display on the wall.
  • The product is available in a lot of vibrant colors.
  • Once scratched, it displays very brilliant contrast colors popping up.
  • It does not require so much effort to scratch. You can simply use a coin.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The used materials are just paper. Thus, it is not waterproof.

2. Scratch Off Map of the World Scratch off Map with Outlined Canadian and the US States

 Scratch Off Map of the World – World Scratch off Map with Outlined Canadian and US States:

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The XL scratch off world map possesses vintage-inspired colors that are designed exclusively to contrast perfectly with the background. You may find the imperfect bright colors in many other scratch-off maps, but such is not the case in this map. Its vintage-style design works to provide a delicate and classy appearance to your room.

Along with this Sojourner map, you will get a big map of dimension 33¼ x 23½ inch on silk paper, a gift ready tube, and an eraser. The foil is uniformly designed to incorporate patterns of the ecological landscape and terrain of the earth. Therefore, an excellent level of craftsmanship is conveyed in its foil design.

What We Like:

  • In order to make sure the scratch-off world poster appears, the included eraser assist to discard the residual debris when you scratch off any place.
  • It requires no effort in scratching off the polish.
  • The vintage style is something rear, so you can appreciate the compliment it offers to the room.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is made of paper and it is not really waterproof.
  • Extreme care is highly required.

1. Scratch Off World Map + Premium Scratch Off USA Map:

 Scratch Off World Map + Premium Scratch Off USA Map:

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There are a lot of people who have a burning desire to travel around the world but cannot show it off exactly. They can do this with the use of this world map. All the travels and adventures you have completed can be now highlighted on this map. With the help of this map, an illustrated bucket list is readily presented to excite you about your forthcoming trips. In poor quality scratch off maps, it is difficult to scratch any places. However, this scratch-off world map makes use of premium quality material to rub off a particular place easily.

It comes with the customized tube packaging equipped with an extraordinary tag name. On this tag name, you are able to write the name of the receiver to make it a wonderful gift piece. There is a special ”From:” and ”To:” section to astonish anyone with this customized gift. In the package, there is the availability of free accessories to improve your scratching experience.

What We Like:

  • There is the availability of a guitar pick scratchers to make the scratching experience supreme. Furthermore, the use of memory stickers helps you to spot your travel memories.
  • Arriving in a premium tube packaging and a name tag, it can be one of the most precious gifts to anyone.
  • This map is the product of top-grade materials, so it will not tear off when you scratch so hard.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Nothing to dislike

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Scratch-off Maps

Traveling is a part of life. It is a part of learning from the environment surrounding yourself. If you are a travel enthusiast, you would always want to keep a record of your traveling. Besides taking notes of how your journey was, why not add another remarkable thing to your list? That is to scratch the places you have been to on the scratch-off maps.

No matter if you travel the world or your own country, you can always look back at the map or pinpoint your next destination. With the right scratch-off match, there is no effort in keeping your record. Below are some useful tips you should take into consideration prior to purchasing any scratch-off maps.


First and foremost, let’s think about the size. Are you a minimalist? or perhaps you want to frame and hang the map on the wall? deciding on the size you want may help you to go direct with the one that best meets your needs. In the above list, there are both small and large maps for you to scratch. Even though they are different in size, they allow you to scratch with very little effort, they display very beautifully contrasting. and they can be easily maintained.

Ease of Scratching

The next thing to consider is the ease of scratching on those maps. Of course, you bought it because you want to keep records of your traveling. You would never imagine that when you scratch, the whole map would just be torn apart, wouldn’t it? That is the reason why it would be a lot better and more assured if you can find something that easy to scratch. With what we have highlighted so far, they can be scratched off by simply using a coin.

Used Materials

Coming up next, you would also want to consider the used materials as well. Let’s choose between plastic and paper. Do you think you often carry it along? If that is the case, we highly suggest that you go for a plastic one. This is because it can be water-resistant, and more durable for folding back and forth. However, if you plan to frame it and put it on the wall, you might just need to go for a paper one since it is not too thick and can be put into the frame more easily.

The World Map Vs. A Country Map

Last but not least, let’s think about the difference between the map. There are two types of scratch-off maps – the World Map and the country map. If you plan on traveling the world, you may want to choose the world map. However, if you only want to travel locally, there is also a country map.

For instance, there is a scratch-off map for the United States. Some come in 50 states whilst the others are up to 52 states. There is more than just the map of the U.S.A. If you already have an idea of what country you want to explore, it would be more convenient for you to go directly to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a scratch map?

A: The scratch-off map normally comes in both small and large sizes. It is a map that allows you to use corn or any other scratching tool to scratch the surface of some location on the map. Then, it will show up the contrasting colors. Usually, the multi-colored maps are covered with top golden foils that can be scratched off with gentle effort. Moreover, some maps do not only feature the name of the location but also the remarkable point that represents the place.

Q: How big is a scratch map?

A: There are a lot of sizes of a scratch-off map. Some can be 81.9 x 58.2 cm, some can be 33.25 x 23.5 inches, and some can be just 17 x 23 inches.


When you came home after traveling to different places across the world, it is best to keep a reminder of the places to recollect your experiences. The above-discussed scratch-off maps prove to be the best ones to reveal the traveled places and places yet to travel. Now you can travel freely without worrying about how to showcase the traveled places and the next travel destinations.

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