Top 10 Best Sleeping Bags in 2019 Reviews


No journey is complete without having a perfect sleeping bag that can take away all the fatigue and make you free fresh in the morning. Choosing a sleeping bag is a crucial part as it makes you continue your journey with ease. If you do not pay attention to selecting a sleeping bag, you may end up several restless nights. So read out these top 10 sleeping bags here and go with the one that suits you the most.

List of Top 10 Best Sleeping Bags in 2019:

10) Sleeping Double Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Double Sleeping Bag

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When it comes to a comfortable and cozy sleeping bag Sleeping fulfills your needs of decent sleep. Couples or families who often go on treks can purchase this sleeping bag and enjoy two bonus pillows.


  • This sleeping bag is ideal for two people
  • Dimensions: 87″ by 59″
  • Designed with a durable material with a waterproof shell
  • Interior lining that feels soft and makes it feel like your bed
  • It is snug and hugs you tight all night
  • Comes with a nylon bag. Hence, it is convenient to carry all the day

9) Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

Abco Tech Sleeping Bag

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These sleeping bags are incredible to have if you prefer to journey alone. These are designed for individuals and catch you well from all sides while you sleep, so you get a cozy night. The bag is designed for all four seasons so whether it is trekking, hiking, or just outdoor activities the bag can be your ultimate choice.


  • 100% waterproof and suitable for all seasons
  • It ensures ultra-comfort and durability
  • It can be easily folded or rolled up for portability
  • It has a quilted design
  • Double layer used with quality zippers to make you feel secure

8) Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag

Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag

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This sleeping bag specializes in cool weather and keeps you warm while sleeping. It is tested for very cold temperatures and has proven to keep the occupants warm and comfy. Coleman Cool Weather Sleeping Bag comes with the polyester cover, and soft tricot fiber is used for inner lining.


  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • Handles temperatures from 20⁰ F to 40⁰ F
  • Suitable for heights up to 5 ft. 11 in
  • Dimensions: 33 x 75 inches
  • The polyester cover used as a shell and tricot knit inner lining
  • It can be easily machine washed
  • Made for extended life and quality zippers

7) TETON Sleeping Bag – Sports Celsius XXL

TETON Sleeping Bag - Sports Celsius XXL

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Another great piece that comes from cold weather to keep the chilly vibes away. Perfect for any length of trekking that eliminates the need for sleeping outside and gives you a cozy aura.


  • Designed for two persons and fit snugly
  • Zippers allow you to attach the second bag for two persons
  • Additional pockets to keep your add-ons safe such as key and wallets
  • It comes in the form of mummy pattern
  • Promotes double-layer construction that ensures warmth and comfort
  • The shell is made if taffeta that offers the durability of years
  • Sturdy two-way zippers that come with metal pull

6) Coleman Sleeping Bag – North Rim Adult Mummy

Coleman Sleeping Bag - North Rim Adult Mummy

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Coleman mummy-style sleeping bag keeps you warm even when it’s freezing outside. It keeps you insulated throughout the night and gives you great comfort. The sleeping bag is giant enough that suits a height up to 6 feet 2 inches. The bag comes attached with a p[added hod to support your head.


  • Beats the cold temperatures and gives you warmth
  • A person having a height of even 6 ft. 2 inches can sleep comfortably
  • The cover is made of polyester with polyester lining
  • Foot area includes some extra room to keep your feet comfy
  • The construction features thermo lock tube that keeps the warmth inside

5) Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag

Coleman Palmetto Sleeping Bag

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Coleman sleeping bag is designed for cold temperatures, and so it is a perfect choice if you plan a trek in winters. It is lengthy and big enough to provide you a wide space so you can easily move. Polyester is used as the outer cover, and the inner lining is made of tricot fiber.


  • Made of polyester and cotton
  • Keeps the cold away by locking the warmth inside
  • Suitable for adults up to 5 feet 11 inches
  • The combination of polyester and tricot fiber offer you warmth and softness
  • Easy packing that just takes a minute

4) Coleman Sunridge Sleeping Bag

 Coleman Sunridge 40-60 Degree Sleeping Bag

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Another great piece from Coleman that keeps the cold at bay and offers you the warmth of 40-60 Degree. Plus a comfort that you crave for in winters, it is designed in the way that locks the heat inside the bag.


  • The manufacturing material is 100% Polyester
  • Coleman sleeping bags ensure the space for height up to 5 feet 11 inches
  • The liner feels soft that also brings warmness
  • It comes with Zip Plow system that does not allow the fabric to get caught while zipping
  • The company manufactures sleeping bags in several colors

3) Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

Ohuhu Double Sleeping Bag

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When you have Ohuhu as your sleeping bag, you don’t have to look anywhere else. This sleeping bag is capable of fulfilling any traveler’s comfort desires. It is best for two people as space can be divided into two separate sleeping bags. Those who love to travel as couples will surely love this sleeping bag.


  • The bag ensures 3D cotton filling that is best for comfort and warmness
  • The shell features polyester construction the lining promotes durability
  • It functions very well even when it is -5°C
  • The sleeping bag comes in three different colors: Black, Red, Blue
  • The package includes:
    • 1 x Double Sleeping Bag
    • 1 x Carrying Bag
    • 2 x Pillows

2) TETON Sleeping Bag – sports TrailHead

TETON Sleeping Bag - sports TrailHead

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This sleeping bag with a mummy pattern is great for outdoors or trekking purposes. It is suitable for individuals and for the solo trips it is an ideal product. Keep you warm when it is -7C outside. Also, it promotes a lightweight experience, so you don’t even feel it while holding on your shoulder.


  • It features a mummy pattern that goes snugly around your body
  • Work even in -7°C
  • Offers ample room for easy movements
  • Extra space as a foot box
  • The zipper that acts as an anti-snag
  • Promotes softness and compatibility while carrying
  • Doesn’t allow warmth using the lock feature

1) Coleman White Water Adult Sleeping Bag

Coleman White Water Adult Sleeping Bag

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Coleman, again and this time it is on the number one for this particular sleeping bag. This one ensures managing heat around your body when it is snowing outside. The outer shell comes as brushed polyester and the cotton flannel liner. It goes for almost all the lengths until it is 6 ft. 4 inches.


  • Polyester is used for the shell construction and cotton for the filling
  • Keeps you warm in even minus degree temperatures
  • Comes with a zip plow that ensures no snagging and offers easy rolling of the zipper
  • Smooth operation from opening to packing up


A traveler feels comfort when he packs all things wisely, and sleeping bag is one of the things. Getting it right can keep you from several sleeping circumstances, and we hope you will find your favorite one from the given sleeping bags.

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