Top 11 Best Slow Rising Squishies in 2022 Reviews

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To bring a smile on the face of kids, you can gift them their favorite toys to play with. There would be no kid in the world who does not love toys. Apart from getting fun, they develop many new skills when they play with toys. One of the best toys to gift to your kids is squishy. The squishy is basically a super soft foam toy that is specially designed to let a person hold conveniently in hand and can squeeze it.

This unique category of the toy is available in different sizes and shapes, ranging from brilliantly colored animal squishies to food squishy toys. There are certain kinds of squishies that are infused with different scents such as flowers, fruits, or candies. In this way, kids can obtain double fun by relishing a sugary scent of when squeezing it. Let’s look at the below-discussed best slow rising squishies to make a wise buying decision:

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11. Oh So Squishy Jumbo Squishies Slow Rising Panda Squishy Toys with Gift Bag

11. Oh So Squishy Jumbo Squishies Slow Rising Panda Squishy Toys with Gift Bag:

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“Oh So” Squishy is dedicated to delivering the best toys as per the demand of customers. The slow rising panda toy from this brand is elegant and fun to use type jumbo squishy used extensively for kids around the world. In this toy, the rise time varies from ten seconds and higher based on the size and design of the squishy. Your kids will experience excellent hand feel and these squishes are extremely soft to squeeze to put a smile on the face of kids.

What We Like:

  • This squishy toy is free of color defects or paints, rips, and tears.
  • They are jumbo-sized squishes that fit perfectly in the hands of people.
  • All these squishes are scented with cream, berry, grape, and melon smells based on design. 
  • During the manufacturing process, only the supreme quality materials are used and they are free from harmful chemicals, toxins, or bad smells.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not durable. 
  • Not suitable for kids under 4 years old. 

 10. BeYumi Slow Rising Squishy, Glasses Cat Squishy Toy

 BeYumi Slow Rising Squishy, Glasses Cat Squishy Toy:

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The BeYumu squishy is presented exactly as per the advertisement. This toy is a cute, soft, smelled, and slow rising toy with appealing colors. Kids will certainly love the cartoon type design featured in this toy. The inclusion of glasses and colorful design makes it an elegant piece of toy. Its slow rising and cute design entice the attention of kids and adults too. Not just for playing but this toy is used for photography, cabinet decoration, home decoration, furniture display, wall decoration, marriage decoration, teaching equipment, and art painting props .etc.

What We Like:

  • In the construction of this cat squishy toy, there is the use of polyurethane foam to present a soft feel in your hand.
  • Its size is excellent to fit in your hands and it comes with a slow.
  • The cat squishy toy comes with an excellent scent that pleases the mood of your kids. There are spectacles on the eye of this squishy to make them look professional.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Strong scent. 
  • Not slow rising. 

9.  WATINC Random 3 Pcs Jumbo Animal Squishy Sweet Scented Vent Charms Slow Rising squishies

  WATINC Random 3 Pcs Jumbo Animal Squishy Sweet Scented Vent Charms Slow Rising squishies:

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The jumbo squishy animal toys included in this package from WATINC are soft and cute looking for use in bags, cellphones, decorations, teaching aids, and keys. All the toy pieces included in the package are 100% brand new and they are slowly rising in nature.

What We Like

  • In the manufacturing process of these jumbo squishy, elastic environmental-friendly PU material is used.
  • The random expression pattern is indicated in this toy.
  • All the products from this brand are packed in blue plastic bags along with the logo ‘WATINC’.
  • These animal toys come with a sweet cream scent to entice your mind.
  • There is a hole inside the head behind a top layer of paint.
  • Names of three animals included in the pack are a pink cow, white unicorn, and roly-poly penguin.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the best quality control. 
  • Not durable. 

8. WATINC Random – Mini Soft Food Squishies

 WATINC Random 20 pcs Squishies Cream Scented Slow Rising Kawaii Simulation Lovely Toy Medium Mini Soft Food squishies:

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All the 20 pieces in the package are cream scented and they are slowly rising type toys. The color of these toys is exactly as per the picture and they feature a random expression pattern. Kids will be benefited to get small, medium, and large-sized scented squishies without any hassles. There are lots of different kinds of animal designs and shapes present in this package. You can use these products as toys for cell phones, decorations, collections, and teaching aids.

What We Like:

  • In all the squishies, the material used is flexible environmental PU Foam.
  • The average size of all the squishy toys is 4cm-8cm and thickness is 4cm.
  • They will smell like cream to rejuvenate your mind.
  • In this package, the pattern presented is animal, bread, cup, fruit, food, and ice cream.
  • Every squishy is separately packed inside the plastic bags and they are offered with 15 cell phone straps.
  • The largest squishy is palm-sized and it is equipped with metal keychains. On the other hand, the tiny squishy comes with unattached, thread type hooks.

What We Don’t Like:

  • All very small sizes, not a jumbo size as described. 
  • Strong chemical scent. 

7. Slow Rising Jumbo SQUISHIES Set Pack of 7 – Rainbow Triangle Cake

 Slow Rising Jumbo SQUISHIES Set Pack of 7 - Rainbow Triangle Cake:

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kawaii jumbo squishies pack from SYYISA features a colorful design and high-quality soft materials to fit conveniently inside your hands. All the squishies from this pack can be used at home, at the office, or on the road to convey a simple and effective way to remove stress. You will get popcorn, cones, cake, and many other fun toys in this pack.

What We Like:

  • In this pack of squishy toys, all the squishies are prepared from velvety-soft, strong and non-toxic type PU foam material. 
  • This material is lightweight, durable, and soft to touch.
  • This set is the only squishy set incorporated with an exceptional bonus pack consisting of scented stickers and 3D puffy stickers for the purpose of decoration.
  • All these toys are packed inside a huge plastic bag and they are individually wrapped as well.
  • This pack of seven squishies proves to be the ideal gift for different occasions like birthdays, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.
  • Most of these squishies depict food items to let your kids develop unique fantasy for food and health.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not all equal sizes in the package. 
  • Strong scent. 

6. WATINC Kawaii Jumbo Hamburger&Fries Set Squishy Slow Rising Sweet Scented Vent Charms Kid Toy Hand Toy

 WATINC Kawaii Jumbo Hamburger&Fries Set Squishy Slow Rising Sweet Scented Vent Charms Kid Toy Hand Toy:

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The kid toy squishes from WATINC are very cute and entice the attention of buyers in the first place. When you are confused about what to gift to your kid for their birthday, you can give them these slow rising squishies. All of them are offered in perfect condition and they are packed in cute packaging. In the pack, you will find squishy hamburger, ice cream, and fries set. All of them are adorable and fit well in your hands.

What We Like:

  • To convey a soft feeling, the sweetly scented squishies use elastic environmentally PU foam material.
  • These fun toys are ideal for cell phones, decorations, collections, and teaching aids. They are stress relief squishy toys to provoke your fun emotion.
  • In other squishy products, you may find a strong chemical smell. However, such a smell is not found in this toy.
  • The fries and hamburger are cream scented and they feel soft in the hand.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Strong chemical scent. 

5. Felix and Wise Puppy Dog Soft Creamy Scented Squishy Kawaii / Slow Rising Stress Relief Squeeze Toy / Bonus Puffy Stickers

 Felix and Wise Puppy Dog Soft Creamy Scented Squishy Kawaii / Slow Rising Stress Relief Squeeze Toy / Bonus Puffy Stickers:

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With the elegant white and pink color combination, the puppy dog squishy toy from Felix and Wise appears beautiful. This squishy kawaii toy is packed with extra protection packaging. The aspect that makes this puppy dog soft squishy toy unique is they will rise instantly without any hassles. It serves as an excellent toy for the squishy collection and helps to keep away stress. To use it, kids just need to hold or squeeze by palm, or they can just hug and squish by palms. Customers mainly use this toy for mood enhancer and as graduation gifts.

What We Like:

  • This creamy scented squishy will need only 27 seconds to rise.
  • You can use this product to gift someone because the height is 4.7 inches so it can easily accommodate the inside gift package.
  • This slow rising toy is suitable for hand exercise, diversion therapy, finger rehab, emotional expression, and stress relief. Besides, it works in the form of a physical therapy tool.
  • When you purchase this squishy toy, you will get a bonus of 3D stickers. These stickers will make kids busy playing for many hours.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not durable. Ripped easily. 

4. BUDI 30 Pcs Kawaii Squishies Slow Rising Jumbo/Medium/Mini Random Cake Bread Panda Bun

 BUDI 30 Pcs Kawaii Squishies Slow Rising Jumbo/Medium/Mini Random Cake Bread Panda Bun:

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The 30 pieces of kawaii squishies work as the simulation sponge food toys from the brand BUDI. Their unique quality is they are soft to touch and smell identical to cake and bread flavors. Whenever you squish it, you will observe that it would slowly rise back to the original shape at different speeds.

What We Like:

  • A wide range of bread, shapes, toast, cookies, cake, donuts, and many more toys are available in the package. 
  • It is quite easy to squish and press them to relieve stress. 
  • They come with a sufficient amount of straps. On the bread, you will find amusing and cute-looking facial expressions. Moreover, it can be connected to straps to create a pendant or key rings.
  • Due to the use of elastic friendly PU foam material, these squishies can sustain long-term wear.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not too squishy. 
  • Strong scented. 

3. Aolige Jumbo Cute Panda Kawaii Cream Scented Squishies

3. Aolige Jumbo Cute Panda Kawaii Cream Scented Squishies:

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The cute looking pandas are the prime preferences among kids whether boy or girl. In this squishy toy, you will find a jumbo cute panda presented in a cream scented manner and basically, it is a slow rising toy. The purpose behind the design of these scented squishies is to eliminate stress, to maximize the blood circulation, and to serve as a rehabilitation exercise. Users can also use them for festival items, interior decoration, and present these to the children. In addition, you can offer these toys as Halloween gifts, Christmas gifts, and festival items.

What We Like:

  • There is the use of environmental protection material like polyurethane foam (i.e. PU foam) in the making process.
  • The College panda squishies will feature the creamy flavor of a slow rising panda.
  • This product is specially designed to be small and lightweight so that kids can use it hassle-free. The weight is 210g, and it is extremely suitable for travel purposes.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Strong chemical scent. 

2. 6PCS Jumbo Squishies Slow Rising Strawberry Peach Banana Lemon Watermelon Pineapple Charms Fruit Squishies by SILVIA

fruit toys for squeezing

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If your kids are fond of fruits a lot then you can give them this set of squishies from SILVIA. Now your kids can experience the fun emotion to release and let the stress get removed when they play with these colorful and fun-filled squishies. The six pieces of squishies are huge like an adult hand. When you give a big squeeze, you will be stunned to see how to slow rising the fruit squishies actually are.

What We Like:

  • Kids are able to learn colors and information about fruits when they play with them.
  • The names of the six fruits included are lemon, peach, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, and banana squishies.
  • All of the squishies are amazingly textured along with crannies and nooks.
  • The use of PU foam conveys a realistic look.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Funky smell. 
  • Come smashed for some packages. 

1. WATINC Random 30 pcs Squishies Cream Scented Slow Rising Kawaii Simulation Lovely Toy Medium Mini Soft Food squishies

lovely squeeze

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The random 30 pieces of squishies from WANTIC are suitable not just for your kids, but even for adults. Both children and adults will get the ultimate fun-filled experience with them. The random expression pattern truly depicts the wide range of designs to engage kids to play for any hours.

What We Like:

  • Many of these squishes come with key chains.
  • The smell of all the 30 squishies is not so strong.
  • They come in medium size, in the range from 4cm to 8cm and thickness is 4cm.
  • All of them are cream scented; they can be used as a toy, charms for cell phones, gift collections, teaching aids, and decorations.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Random selection of the toys.

Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Slow Rising Squishies

Shopping for squishy toys is a fun thing to do. Especially since they come with enormous options for you to choose from. It is rare to purchase at the local stores if you don’t live in a region where squishy toys are widely popular. Thanks to the internet, you can now buy them online such as amazon. However, it is a different experience from buying in person. To ensure you are picking the right one for your kids or for your collection, here are a few features to look into before buying squishies toys. 

The material of the Toy

It is important that you have some knowledge of the materials that go into making the squishy toys. Especially for children, you must make sure that the materials are non-toxic and completely safe for kids. Polyurethane foam or PU material are two of the choices when looking to buy squishy toys. Most squashes products online normally listed so on the product description, so make sure you pay close attention to the product detail. 

Age of the Kid

Not all toys are suitable for kids. For squishies toys specifically, some of them are made out of chemicals such as paint or glitter that are used to design the toys. If children are too small, some of the toys might not be suitable for them in order to avoid choking hazards. 

Size & Dimension

The size and Dimension of the toys also play an important role when looking to buy squishy toys. Especially when you are trying to buy online, it is extremely hard to feel or see how small/big the product is. It is almost impossible to estimate the size through pictures. Make sure you read the product description for an estimation of the size or read the product reviews from previous customers for more accurate estimation. 


Durable toys are one that can be washed, cleaned, or used in the bathtub. Make sure that it is not easily torn or taken apart. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: what is a slow rising squishy?

A: It is a kind of toy that enables you to squeeze it and wait for a while for the item to get back to its original shape. Normally, it is known as the best therapy for stress relief.

Q: What is it made of?

A: The product is commonly the product of polyurethane or, in other words, foam or rubber foam.

Q: Is it safe for kids?

A: It would be better for a parent to find out whether or not the product they are about to get for the kid is highly approved by the health association or not. If it is also approved to be safe, you might still need to monitor your kids when they use it. This is because chances are kids might end up eating it since those squishes smell good and look just like foods or cartoons.

Concluding Note

The joy of watching how cheerfully kids squeeze the squishy and get involved in the eternal fun would obviously put a smile on your face too. All of these slow rising squishies are versatile and elegant in design, so they are certain to enhance the mood of your kids.

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