Best Spiderman costumes for Kid in 2022 Reviews

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It is Time of the Year to Suit Your Toddlers with These Spiderman Costume for Kids

Spiderman costume for kids was inspired by the movie that was made under Marvel. The movie itself received huge support and was very popular until now. Many contributors have made the customs in the market and the similarity made people confused as well as hard to get the high-quality one.

To help you with that, here we have the top 10 best Spiderman costumes for kids that you can easily get with quality trust. Check out the top pick and add to the cart for your beloved child during their special day.

List of Top 10 Best Spiderman costumes for Kids in 2022 Reviews

10. Suit Yourself Halloween SpiderMan Costume for Kids

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Suit Yourself is actually suit as its name due to its very special design. This spiderman custom comes with the spider hat or webhead where your child can perfectly look like the character in the movie. Moreover, this custom is also suited with Halloween occasion with the red and blue jumpsuit. Plus, for being real, it also includes the black spider insignia which is looking great with the babies.

Licensed by Marvel, this suit is officially legal and that makes this product include all the safety you need for the kids (shock is not included). Therefore, no radioactive is made which is pretty good to wear for your handsome young man. Plus, it includes a snap closure for easily take off. More precisely, it comes with a chart that classified the size, height, chest, waist, and weight. Thus, you can get the right size and it fits.

9. Suit Yourself Pink Spider-Girl Halloween Costume for Girls

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Come in with the top number 9, this spider custom is for the girls. Spider-Woman custom from Suit Yourself will defeat a Spiderman custom with its bright pink. The heroine time is just put on the pink spider suit. This custom is featuring with sleek black eyes mask where the Spider-Woman can hide her identity and defeat the bad guy out there. 

What is more, the dress is made with black long-sleeve web-printed satin. Besides, the mini skirt is designed with rolled hem and web-printed tulle overlay (boots is not included). Suitable with Halloween occasion with its no radioactive so the kids can play out there or join the party with their friends. Additionally, this custom is a great idea for a birthday gift, Halloween suit, and more. Check out the size chart for the perfect fit.

8. Rubie Marvel Spiderman Costume for Kids & Toddlers

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This is the Marvel Spider-Man Toddler Costume from Rubie. This custom’s fabric is made of Polyester hundred percent. In this way, the fabric will help the custom more durable and tough so that the kid can perform all of his action without worry about rip or tear. On top of that, the suit has printed design all over plus, including the hook and loop closure at the back for a quick change. So, the kids will feel the brand-new suit of Spiderman to catch the thieve. 

Furthermore, for looking great and look great as the actor in the movie, this suit is designed with the pad. The pad on the chest and arm make this spiderman custom looks like a real muscle plus, it also helps the kid not to feel pain during their mission. Besides, Spiderman is not supposed to show their real face so that they need a mask. Is that so, this suit is included the elastic mask band so that the boy will enjoy their cosplay without failing. Suitable with the boy aging from 4 to 6 years old. 

7. Rubie Costume Co. Deluxe Spider-Man Costume 

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Rubie Spiderman custom is licensed by Marvel and become the luxury custom that your kid will definitely love it. The custom is designed with dark blue and red with web printed as well as black spider insignia. Moreover, the mask is fit and breathable so that your little spiderman can perfectly hide his identity and play around with joyful. 

Similarly, if compare to the top number 8, this jumpsuit is made with high-class padded on the chest and arms. In this way, your boy can be assured of safety during their playtime. The size of this custom is suited with approximately 3-5 years old boy within 44 to 48 inches of height plus, 25 to 26 inches waist. Therefore, Rubie is recommended you buy a larger size if you doubt the size.

6. Riekinc Kids Black Spiderman Costume for Kids

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In this top 6, you will have a black spiderman suit from Riekinc. This black spiderman custom is made with the polyester of 90 percent and 10% spandex stretch fabric. In this way, besides having a great appearance, this jumpsuit is perfectly tough due to high-quality materials and look great during Halloween occasion. Perfectly for Halloween gift, birthday present, and more.

Over and above that, this bodysuit covers your body from neck to toe. Plus, it has a zipper in the back from the neck to the waist so that the kids can get the quick change easily. The mask is breathable and easy to put on with the zipper. Additionally, the suit is handsomely designed with spider web printed and white spider insignia on the chest. Therefore, your child will enjoy wearing the suit and use their unlimited power to save the world with the deluxe suit. 

5. Dressy Daisy Boys’ Superhero Spiderman Spiderman Costume for Kids

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Dressy Daisy is the adorable Spiderman custom that suitable for the kid with size 2-8T. The suit including with top, pant, and mask which is breathable as well as large cutout eye holes. On top of that, thanks to its high-quality material of Polyester fabric that made the suit more durable and ensure overtime use. In this way, your adorable boy can put the suit on and save the world as their imagination.

Over and above that, the set is printed with black spider web and spider insignia for both front and back. The color is bright so that the kid can shiningly play with joyful. Besides, this suite is ideally great for Halloween, theme party, and present for birthday. More precisely, since it doesn’t have a fake muscle so that even the girls can wear this suit. Notably that the duration of shipment is a bit longer for who outside and it normally takes 8-12 days in the US.  

4. Cubcoats Spider-Man – 2-in-1 Transforming Hoodie and Soft Plushie

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This is the 2 in 1 spider man transforming hoodies and soft plushie. Having this spiderman custom, your little one will enjoy wearing all day since it is pretty portable. In this way, the kids can either be wearing it as spiderman custom or turn it into a very cool hoodie with soft fabric. Most importantly, the custom is absolutely durable which is you can wash it for over 100+ times.

Besides offering you with the most comfortable, this custom is designed for healthy wearing by made from non-allergic material. On top of that, the front zipper is smooth and easy to pull. Plus, this soft and polyester fabric is suitable for a present to your little one during their birthday, first-grade enrollment, Christmas, and Halloween. If you have doubts about the size, please look at the size chart for 100% fit.

3. Rubie Marvel Classic Child’s Spider-Girl Costume

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Rubie comes with a reasonable price and place in the top 3 which is you should have your eyes on. Besides, this custom is made for your spider-girl who wish to save the world from the villain. Furthermore, the fabric of this custom is made of polyester so that your spider-girl can move freely and ensure frequently wash. It comes with eye-mask with spider web printed, metallic bodice, and blue glitter overskirt.

Moreover, this custom is licensed by Marvel on producing so that the quality is ensured for you. To be aware that the costume always has a different size from clothing. Therefore, do not buy based on your child’s cloth size but take a look at the size chart. Aside, this custom is suitable to give as the present during Halloween and Christmas also ideally for a birthday gift.

2. Snow Flying Superhero Zentai Spiderman Bodysuit

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snow flying comes with the full coverage from head to toe with its child 3D custom. Having this suit for your boy, they will ultimately love and can use for cosplay events at school. Moreover, the suit itself is very stretchy and thanks to the material of Lycra Spandex fabric. Thus, it will be a tight fit to the body so that it looks much similar to the real spiderman. Besides, it also features 90% of polyester fabric that made this suit even more trusted and worth to buy. 

If we look at the suit design, this custom is made with black and red and white spider web printed over the body, arms, and ankle. Plus, there is a dark red spider insignia in the front that make the suit even more powerful. What is more, the face is covered by the breathable spider mask and see-through. Notably that the suit is a design based on the movie called “Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse” which is literally inspired movie. If you’re not satisfied, feel to return and make a replacement.

1. Aodai Superhero Spiderman Costume for Kids

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In the top number 1, you will get the spiderman custom from Aodai that design unique and the price is affordable. It comes with headwear that surely covered the face of superhero and dresses that guarantee fit due to its durable zipper. Like this, getting this custom for your young gentle boy, he will enjoy joining cosplay at school, catching villain with their squad, and suitable to wear during Christmas. 

Over and above that, thanks to Polyester Lycra fabric that makes the suit is more flexible, durable, and 100% satisfy you. More precisely, the custom is designed with 3D printed spider web and insignia that makes it more real to the real spiderman. Plus, it has 4 available sizes including XSmall (4T), Small (5T), Medium (6T), Large (7/8), and XLarge (9/10). However, for more detail regarding the size please take a look at the size chart. Money-back is a 100% guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Buying Guide to Choosing the Right Spiderman Costume for Kids

As your kid is growing up every day so, buying the right spiderman costume for kids is important. You do not want to spend time waiting for the shipment and end up with a non-fit suit for your kid. Besides, it is also crucial to know the quality of the suit. Therefore, to help you with that, we have several points for you to take a look before deciding to get them.


 Spiderman customs for kids ranging from different styles that you can get from two sides wearing, full-body coverage, and eye-mask. The most popular styles are full-body coverage. This is because the real spiderman always wearing this suit so the kid can feel relate if they have the most similar one.  For two sides wearing also popular since the kid can wear it as the spider custom or turn to the other side for normal hoodies during the school day. The eye-mask also great since it can hide the identity of the owner plus, the kids can breathe well, see well, and easy to take on-off.


For color, it very optional based on your kid’s favorite. However, the most similar color to the real spiderman suit is black & red and red & blue.  For black & red, it is commonly made within these colors based on the current suit of Spiderman. The one that comes with red & blue is ideally shiny, eye-catching, and based on the previous movie of spiderman yet still popular till now.


It is better to measure your kid’s body size before buying the custom. This is to avoid the wrong side and spend time waiting for the replacement. However, since the size of the kid is hard to measure, each custom has come with the size chart. Like this, the size chart will measure size, height, weight, and more so that you can measure your kid accordingly.


The custom has different features regarding the design. Hence, you can choose from 3D design printed or normal printed on the fabric.  For one that comes with 3D printed, it is always made with stretchy fabric that is comfortable and flexible. Plus, it looks almost the same as the real suit of spiderman. The normal printed also great since most of them are made of polyester fabric. So, they look stunning and durable as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we wash the costumes with a machine washer?

A: Some outfits allow you to wash it with the machine while some are not limited to machine washer at all. Since it is very stretchy, we highly recommend users to wash it by hands instead.

Q: How much does a spiderman costume for kids cost?

A: Normally, it would cost between under $100 to $150 per set. It also depends on how many items coming with the kit.

Concluding Note

The custom is really popular among the kids. Spiderman customs is commonly one that the kids always want. Therefore, to help you with finding the best suit of spiderman, we have the top 10 best custom you can check with detail. However, as you have seen, there are many types of designs on each custom. So, please take a look at the buying guide before adding it to the cart.

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