Best USB Wall Chargers 2022 Reviews

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Finding the perfect USB charger doesn’t have to be a daunting task, especially in the age of social media where everyone is able to review and rate the hottest items on the market. Since all of these products have been tried and trusted the score board is up and these products are what people are saying is the best on the market. In this list compiled below the work has already been done for you, all you have to do is see which features fit best for your needs and pick one of the best USB Wall Chargers below!

The Best USB Wall Chargers 2022

#13 Amoner Wall Charger

best USB Wall Chargers in 2022

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The Amoner Wall Charger is compatible with almost any device which makes it perfect for users who have multiple devices they wish to charge, even at the same time since there are two ports that you are able to plug your devices into. With safety features that give you comfort in knowing that your devices won’t over charge or over heat and cause damage. It has 5V output voltage and 24 power voltage which means your phone will charge fast. The only downfall of this charge is if you are using an extended charging cord you will see s significant reduction in how fast your device charges since the length of the chord slows down the charging process. The Amoner Wall charger is considered to be one of the best usb wall charger 2022.

#12 Hootek 2.4A Dual Port USB Travel Wall Charger

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This USB charger has a flat thin design unlike its competitors which prevents the kids and pets from accidentally pulling it out of the wall while running around. It also has a mechanism that prevents it from over heating which is great for houses with multiple plug-ins being used at the same time. With a USB Output: Dual USB Port, Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz , Output: DC 5V-2.4A. This charger is great for travel as well because of its shape and won’t take up too much space. With a standard charging time this USB port is a great buy for those who are always on the go. The only downfall is some customers say that the port itself makes a high pitch noise while in use.

#11 KOZOPO USB Wall Charger

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This USB port is your standard “iPhone” like cube that has two USB ports that allow give off an input of : AC 100~240V 50/60Hz and an output of: 5V/2.1A 10.5W. Its size is 1.44*1.24*1.20 inch which is small and compact and perfect behind the desk of your computer. The only thing is that this USB charger is only compatible with Apple products, and doesn’t have as fast of a charging time compared to other customer reviews on other products.

#10 YOKERSU Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Fast Charging 2Pack 6FT Data Sync Transfer Cord with Port Plug Wall Charger

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This USB charger is also only compatible with apple products, and has a thick braided material cord that users love because it prevents wear and tear that is often seen on uncovered cords. With a fast charging speed this product is one of the best wall charger on the market and gets a lot of repeat customers. With 10.5 watts and heat resistant technology this is a must have for iPhone users.

#9 USB Charger, Anker Elite Dual Port 24W Wall Charger, PowerPort 2 with PowerIQ and Foldable Plug

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This product uses PowerIQ and VoltageBoos combined to provide the fastest charging capabilities there is. This product also has a plug-in that folds in when you are not using it which is perfect for travel use and people on the go. Users love this product because of its durability and lightning speed charging component. It also has one of the longest warranty’s compared to others with an 18 month time frame you are able to return if you are not happy with your purchase. With a blue LED light that glows up to let you know the charger is in use, its a perfect contestant for being the best wall charger of 2022. The only downfall is that this product was designed for iPhone users only so if you do not have an iPhone you will have to keep shopping.

#8 USB Charger, Anker 2-Pack Dual Port 12W Wall Charger with Foldable Plug, PowerPort Mini

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If you like all the specs about The Anker USB Charger then you will love this one even more because of its smaller size. The mini offers everything that the larger version has but is in a more compact device that gives you more room to plug other things in as well. With just a slightly shorter wattage at 12W, this device still has a fast charging speed with a smaller size of 1.2 x 1.3 x 1.5 in. The only real con about this product is its smaller wattage but if you need the compact dimensions of the mini then less wattage may be the only downfall you will have to work with.

#7 Pantom 2-Pack Wall Charger Adapter Plugs with 2-Pack 5-FeetLightning Cables

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The Pantom wall charger is a great buy for iPhone users because it has been apple certified to be compatible with its products which means it won’t have that annoying pop up message saying “not compatible” when you go to plug it in. With a compact size this product is great for tight plug in areas with heat resistant technology to prevent over heating and damage to your devices. This charger can be used for any device not just apple which makes it versatile for any product you may own. With a size of 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.4 inches it runs on a standard wall charger size and weighs 1.6 ounces. Customers say the only thing that could make this product better is if it had a better charging time.

#6 Fast Charging Travel Wall Charger – Syncwire 31W/6A 2-Port USB Plug with US UK EU Adapter

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The Syncwire makes the perfect travel charger for almost any user because of its compact dimensions and versatile device abilities. With up to 3 amps per device plugged in this mini travel charger offers one of the highest speeds of any travel charger on the market. Syncwire USB charger passes the safety regulations of the UL 60950, CE and FCC test. It is certified by UL, CE and FCC. Customers say while the charger works great and quickly it tends to lose its power after months of using.

#5 Multiple USB Wall Charger, [22W/4.4A] LENCENT 4 Port USB Travel Adapter, All in One USB Charger Plug

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Lencent is one of the largest USB charging ports with the capability of charging up to 4 devices at one time. This product is great for the classroom and work setting where multiple people can charge their devices at one time. Users who have bought this product say while it is great to share with others it significantly affects how quickly their device is able to charge because of sharing the power. With a size of 2.56 x 2.36 x 0.98 in it may take up a good bit of room on your plug in, but it compromises with the fact that it can turn one plug in, into 4. With 22W power this device is perfect for sharing with others or charging multiple devices at once.

#4 USB Wall Charger, Charger Adapter, Ailkin 2-Pack 2.1Amp Dual Port Quick Charger

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With an output total current of 5V/2.1A and input with 100-240V this charger is a must have for people who need high speed charging capabilities without the hassle. This light weight charger is perfect for personal use, to be able to charge your devices quickly and use on the go. The company offers a 12 month warranty to any customer in the event of the product not working to its full potential. With a size of 1.33” x 1.33” x 1.81” this product can be purchased in multiple colors from pink, green and purple. Customer who have purchased the Ailkin charger say their only complaint is the device tends to over heat when used over a long period of time.

#3 USB Charger, 6 Port USB Wall Charger – Seenda USB Charging Stations

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For people who are running a lot of devices at one time, this product is for you. This wall charger contains SIX ports to plug in all of your devices. With 2.4 amps charging power per device you can guarantee you won’t find anything else like this in stores. This product is great for traveling with friends and family and has heat resistant technology to prevent overheating when in use. Customers say while they love the product, it tends to start running slower after time especially after using all 6 ports frequently. With multiple colors to chose from and a smart LED light to let you know when its in use this charger is perfect for vacation.

#2 AmazonBasics Dual-Port USB Wall Charger for Phone, iPad, and Tablet, 2.4

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Amazon is known for their personal brand name products and their wall charger is no different. With thousands of reviews the only con is that they just can’t get enough. With a slender build and energy efficient “shut off” feature that prevents the use of over heating and energy waste, this charger is perfect for people who want high power charging speeds without costing the environment. With a 2-port 24-watt USB wall charger this product is great whether you are at home or on the go. Amazon also offers a 1 year warranty on its product to ensure you get what you paid for.

#1 iPhone Charger, WELAKER Data Sync Transfer Lightning Cable

iPhone Charger, WELAKER Data Sync Transfer Lightning Cable 2Pack 6ft with Dual Port Wall Charger

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The Welaker wall charger is a dual port charger that offers a 110V – 240V charging capability with safety qualities that prevent overheating and energy waste. With a copper cord you are guaranteed to get a fast charging time and reduce energy waste. This product is great for users who want a standard input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz. Many users say while the product is great it can often make a buzzing sound if used for a prolonged period of time

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