Best Wireless Electric Dog Fence Systems in 2020 Reviews

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Many pet lovers buy a wide variety of pet accessories in order to facilitate their pets with great convenience. However, few of the pet owners usually overlook the pet safety. It is important to keep in mind that pet safety is the major aspect to focus on. Since pets like dogs and cats are adventurous and mischievous by nature, it is vital to install a pet accessory that averts them from going outside the home. Also, the accessory should allow easy entry and exit of the pet. The market is filled with wireless dog fence accessory that assures complete safety of your pet within the boundaries of your asset. They intend to give you peace of mind and ultimate pet safety. These wireless dog fence systems train your dog in addition to providing safety. Let’s have a look at the best wireless electric dog fence systems available in 2020 to make an informed decision:

List Of The Best Wireless Electric Dog Fence Systems in 2020 Reviews

10. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System:

 SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System:

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This Containment System manufactured by SportDog brand would let you set the precise boundaries for entry and exit of the pets.


  • In order to set accurate boundaries, this system comes with 1000 feet of wire, total 100 flags, a collar, and a transmitter.
  • This system is capable to cover 1 1/3 acres of land area along with the odds of expanding. It can be expanded to encompass a maximum area of 100 acres through the acquisition of SDF-WF Wire and Flag Kits.
  • It is found that the system is easy-to-install in case you wish to set up instant boundaries.
  • The built-in waterproof collar receiver directs a particular tone and vibration whenever the dog reaches the boundary. Later, the dog moves to one out of the four different static correction levels. Based on your pet’s temperament, you can choose the one.
  • It comes with the fence transmitter which can be mounted on the wall and it presents an incorporated lightening protector. This protector would prevent scratches from either lightning smack or power surge.
  • Its concealed fence can be easily enlarged to accommodate a large number of dogs by buying extra SDF-R Add-A-Dog Collars.
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9. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems:

 PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems:

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Presenting a secured wireless boundary, this wireless dog fence system from PetSafe helps to keep the pet secured in the yard that does not have fences to excavate or wires to bury.


  • The system is capable to encompass 1/2 acre of land.
  • You can adjust the pet’s rounded boundary up to 90 feet, and that too in every direction from the transmitter.
  • It comes with a waterproof receiver collar that is equipped with the low-battery indicator. The collar incorporates a total five different levels of static correction along with the tone-only mode for the purpose of training.
  • There is no inconvenience to set up this system; you can set it up in less than two hours. Thus, it proves to be an ideal system for RV camping and vacation homes.
  • If you use this system as directed, you can easily train your dogs in less than two weeks.

8. PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence:

 PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless Fence:

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Now you are able to prepare the secure stay for the dog in the yard with the implementation of the Stay+Play Wireless Fence by PetSafe Brand.


  • Just by purchasing extra petsafe wireless receiver collars, you are able to add a countless number of pets.
  • Basically, it is kind of rechargeable systems which can be installed in one to two hours. Moreover, it is quite portable, so it is ideal for travel.
  • Its rechargeable ergonomic collar is such that it could continue the operation up to three weeks in each charge. This is based on the frequency of use.
  • The Stay+Play system works to wirelessly accommodate your dog in an adjustable boundary which can be expanded up to ¾ an acre.
  • In total, there are five levels of correction along with the tone-only mode provided for training. T
  • You can carry it anywhere and can set it up easily.

7. Pet Wireless Electric Dog Fence by JUSTPET:

 Pet Wireless Electric Dog Fence by JUSTPET:

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You will be amazed to know how uniquely this wireless 2 dog fence system secures your dog.


  • Its appealing aspect is it would work to personalize a cordless circular shaped boundary that comes with adjustable levels, ranging from 10 to 900 feet radius. This type of arrangement creates a hidden round-shaped fenceless border for protecting your dog.
  • There are two modes i.e., vibration mode and static shock dog training mode that would automatically begin its operation whenever the dog surpass the set activity range.
  • This system presents high signal stability & accuracy. Its dog receiver collar is found to be safe without any installation hassles.
  • It facilitates quick synchronization to speed up the pet protection mechanism.
  • The water-resistant collar receiver is IPx7 rated certified and this suggests that there is no problem if the pet gets damp in the grass or rain.
  • Implementation of anti-over shocking design can be found in this product. This system is found to be harmless and secure for your dog.
  • During the situations when the transmitter shutdown or during a power cut, there is no need to concern about the pet getting shocked.
  • With the use of its durable and rechargeable battery, there is low power consumption along with mechanism of low battery alert.
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6. Bearmax Eletric Wireless Dog Fence Upgraded Indoor Outdoor Containment System:

 Bearmax Eletric Wireless Dog Fence Upgraded Indoor Outdoor Containment System:

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Equipped with cutting-edge 433 MHz wireless technology, this containment system offers the most stable signal output.


  • Using the 6-sigma quality management production as well as the 433 MHz technology, this advanced electric dog fence system functions very stably and capable to encompass an area of 600ft in radius.
  • There is no need of wire underground for installation of this system.
  • This system is competent to fit dogs whose size is 10 lbs. and higher.
  • For the purpose of safety, whenever the dog exits this pet containment system, its collar would begin beeping and then vibrates.
  • There is the implementation of dual battery design equipped with transmitters as well as receivers. Moreover, the batteries are rechargeable batteries and can work autonomously without making a connection to Wi-Fi and other communication signals.
  • The process to install this system is quite easy; just plug in the transmitter and start the training.

5. 1 Dog Wireless Pet Containment System – Rechargeable and Waterproof Collar:

 1 Dog Wireless Pet Containment System - Rechargeable and Waterproof Collar:

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The working process of this wireless pet containment system is based on the cutting-edge compact Wi-Fi radio transmitter and receiver collar system that works to effectively secure your pet.


  • This system is equipped with an anti-over shocking design which works to vibrate your dog for a maximum time of 54 seconds. Also, this design vibrates during the situation when the dog is exterior to the boundary zone or unable to receive any signal.
  • Overall performance is unparalleled because the use of advanced rechargeable collar does not make you purchase new batteries.
  • The collar is made up of water-resistant material that protects your dog when it is wet in the park or playing with a sprinkler or playing under the rain.
  • You can personalize a cordless circular shaped boundary equipped with adjustable levels, ranging from1 to 100, and encompassing area of 500 feet in radius. This type of arrangement creates an unseen spherical fenceless border to accommodate your dog inside.

4. Mockins 2 Collar Wireless Electric Pet Fence:

 Mockins 2 Collar Wireless Electric Pet Fence:

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Now you need to waste your time digging your yard and concealing the messy wires because this wireless-enabled electric pet fence from Mockins works to keep your pets secure without any trouble.


  • Your dog gets ample space to run freely because this pet fence system comes with a radius of 1600 feet.
  • Its transmitter strength can be easily tuned whether you are in the open air environment or have some hindrances like walls, trees, buildings, etc.
  • Packaging includes a rechargeable transmitter and a variable waterproof receiver collar that is capable to fit all the types.
  • Due to its simple set up, you simply need to pair the collars to the transmitter and then keep the boundary flags in the preferred location. Once all is done, you are ready to provide protection to your dogs.
  • There is no hassle of additional wires.
  • Its operation would begin through a warning beep as well as a blinking red light. After three warnings, this system would begin vibrating.

3. Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence – Safe & Unseen Pet Containment System:

3. Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence - Safe & Unseen Pet Containment System:

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If you are looking for effective dog training to let your dogs learn how to behave in the simplest manner then go for this containment system from Sit Boo-Boo. As per the preference, you can restrict the entry & exit, and sitting space of your pet.

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  • Your dog is benefitted with lengthy and customizable range. There is the inclusion of 955 foot of copper wire that can encompass 1.2 acres.
  • Using the in-ground cord, you are able to cover the area precisely and there are no hassles of radio holes as found in cordless alternatives.
  • With the help of advanced electric fence technology, the in-ground fence cords of this system would successfully set up an unseen boundary for the pets.
  • The working process is simple; just keep the cord in the shallow base in the region of the precise space you wish to protect. Once this is done, the transmitter will accomplish the remaining task.
  • It is found that the transmitter device is appealingly designed. The device utilizes the cutting-edge radio wave technology and presents five correction levels to train your dog precisely.

2. OWNPETS Dog Electric Fence, Wireless Invisible in-Ground Dog Fence System:

 OWNPETS Dog Electric Fence, Wireless Invisible in-Ground Dog Fence System:

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When you purchase this wireless dog fence system from OWNPETS, you are facilitated with effective and safe fence encompassed in a well-crafted unit. With the help of this system, you would employ precise control of the place where your fence is positioned. This way, it presents great safety with ease of set up.


  • Its collar is found 100% waterproof and consist of a total five levels of correction.
  • Names of the important levels out of these are static stimulation beep only, high static stimulation, low static stimulation, and medium static stimulation.
  • The in-ground fence cord abolishes radio holes which are usually seen in cordless systems. You are assured to get ten times the range of cordless solutions.
  • The length of cord is sufficient for encompassing about 1/3 of an acre. Moreover, it is expandable to maximum encompassing area of 5 acres using the 4000 feet of cord.
  • Entire system is invisible which employs ultimate protection to your pets in a unique way.

1. PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats, Waterproof:

 PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence for Dogs and Cats, Waterproof:

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You can install this in-ground fence system during your free time or weekend by simply installing the transmitter and concealing wires near your yard. This fence is capable to encompass a maximum area of 5 acres using extra flags and wire.


  • Entire system is protected and personalized to present your dog sufficient space to play within 1/3 of an acre of coverage.
  • Basically, it is expandable to a maximum area of 5 acres if you buy the flags and wires separately.
  • It comes with a lightweight receiver collar that is specially engineered for dogs weighing 8 pounds and higher.
  • In addition to being waterproof and adjustable, this system presents four levels of static correction accompanied with the tone-only mode in order to impart training.
  • You can easily make extra boundaries around regions including pools, gardens, and yards.
  • Using the surge protector feature, there are no severe influences of spikes or surges.

Concluding Note:

Protecting your pet from the harmful factors is utmost significant. You can pick one of these wireless electric dog fence system equipped with advanced features and well-crafted design. Your pet would feel safe, stress-free and comfortable while sitting inside.

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