Best Wireless Guitar Systems in 2019


Looking to perform on stage without the dangerous cables from your guitar to trip you up? Here are the best wireless guitar systems that really rock!

Ever since vocalists were able to fearless prance on stage with their wireless microphones, guitarists also wished that their guitars were wireless as well. Now the best wireless guitar systems can provide you with the freedom to roam around every part of the stage, and you won’t have to worry about tripping on the cables attached to your guitars.

Not all these wireless guitar systems work as well as you’d like, however. Some are much more reliable than others. To help you make your choice, we’ve listed the best wireless guitar systems that can provide you with both the reliable performance and the freedom on stage that you want. We count them down from the really good to the absolute best.

List of Countdown to the Best Wireless Guitar Systems in 2019

#13 JOYO JW-01 Rechargeable 2.4Ghz Audio Wireless Digital Guitar Transmitter Receiver

 JOYO JW-01 Rechargeable 2.4Ghz Audio Wireless Digital Guitar Transmitter Receiver

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As a longtime smartphone user, you’re probably very familiar with Bluetooth technology, right? That means the technology here shouldn’t be all that strange to you, with the Bluetooth transmitter on the guitar. This has the synchronization feature that lets you wirelessly connect to multiple amps.

The way it operates is quite simple, with a couple of small, pocket-sized devices along with a mini-USB style charger. It operates through UHF frequency which gives you that clear and faithful sound without suffering interference. This offers a reliable wireless connection as long as you maintain a distance of about 5 to 10 meters with a clear line of sight. The price is quite reasonable, and it sure offers a sound quality that matches a wired system. Even if you already own a more expensive wireless guitar system, you can use this for practice.

#12 Line 6 Relay G10 Digital Wireless Guitar System

 Line 6 Relay G10 Digital Wireless Guitar System

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The Line 6 brand has been around making wireless guitar systems for the last 2 decades, so they’re not exactly the new kids on the block. They sure learned a lot over the years, and now they offer next-gen technology with their dynamic range and wide frequency response. This is very easy to use, so it’s just as easy as plugging in the cables the system is designed to replace.

This works on a frequency band that keeps radio and TV broadcasts, as well as white noise devices, from interfering. You get a very clear signal instead for a range of about 50 feet indoors. It uses advanced Digital Channel Lock technology (DCL) to encode the signals to make them unique and distinct from Wi-Fi signals that can lead to interference. This will only broadcast when it’s properly connected and receiving a sound signal, so there’s no pop when you plugin.

This has a rechargeable battery, so there’s no need to carry batteries with you. You can recharge the transmitter simply by docking it in the receiver. It gives you up to 8 hours of playing time, and it should last 200 hours on sleep mode. It’s fully FCC-compliant and operates license-free globally.

#11 Muslady Guitar System Transmitter & Receiver 2.4Ghz

 Muslady Guitar System Transmitter & Receiver 2.4G Wireless Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery 30M Transmission Range for Electric Guitar Bass

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This Wireless Guitar Systems comes with a 280° rotatable ¼-” plug, which means you can use it for various electronic instruments. You can set the input jack in different positions, depending on which is convenient for you.

What really sets this apart is the terrific range, which can extend up to 30 meters. You can set this up and play around the house and the signal will still be perfect and interference-free even if the amp is in another part of the house.

This has a built-in rechargeable battery, and a full charge can give you a couple of hours of playing time. Your purchase also comes with a convenient USB cable for easy recharging.

#10 Nady Wireless Microphone System

 Nady Wireless Microphone System, Black, Single Transmitter/VHF

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If you’re a newbie, you may not have the budget for a really expensive wireless guitar system. But that doesn’t mean you need to di without, as you can get this Nady Wireless Microphone System for a pittance. But just because the price is low doesn’t mean its quality is absolutely cheap. Instead, you really get great value for your money.

This entry-level system operates in the high-band VHF range. You can get terrific high-fidelity sound without interference with a range of about 150 feet. If you can maintain the line of sight with the amp, you can extend this to 300 feet. The audio processing circuitry prevents problems like background hiss and loud inputs.

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Nady has been around since 1976, and they’ve sold lots of high-performance audio systems over the years, this one really is easy to use with intuitive controls, a body-pack style receiver and transmitter, and a collapsible antenna. For those on a budget, this one lets you rock for peanuts.

#9 Sennheiser XSW 1-Cl1 with MIC-500SEN

 Sennheiser XSW 1-Cl1 wireless headset microphone bundle

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This purchase comes with the ENERSOUND MIC-500SEN earset microphone, so that can be the advantage that can tempt you to go for this option. Sennheiser is after all known as a fine maker of microphones, but this wireless guitar system proves that the geniuses behind the brand are branching out.

This Wireless Guitar Systems have the rather typical setup of a classic wireless system. You have the bodypack transmitter to go along with the desktop receiver unit. It’s easy to set up, with features like automatic frequency management and synchronization through the remote channel. You can easily set up 10 of these systems all at once if you’re performing with a large ensemble band. This can also provide you with up to 10 hours of playing time.

#8 ZXK CO 5.8GHz Wireless Guitar System

 Wireless Guitar System - ZXK CO 5.8GHz Rechargeable Guitar Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver

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This is an exceptional option, and it uses the 5.8GHz band as this may be already congested by other wireless systems. This offers a very professional setup, with preset 4 frequency ranges that let you and your bandmates rock 4 guitars at once without interference from one another. The system also actively hops around the various frequencies to find and skip the sources of interference to make sure the signal is clean and the sound comes through perfectly.

Despite all these advanced features, this is great for a beginner and that includes the price. It basically plugs and plays, and the folding design makes it easy to carry around. Both the transmitter and the receiver can be rotated by about 200 degrees. The range can reach up to 50 meters if there’s no interference to worry about, and you can use this for up to 7 hours. The latency is a measly 6ms, so your music is transmitted virtually instantly.

#7 Ammoon Wireless Guitar System

 ammoon Wireless Guitar System 4 Channels Audio Digital Guitar Transmitter Receiver 300 Feet Transmission Range

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The Ammoon Wireless Guitar System has a new look, though the price is affordable as usual. But the look isn’t the only thing new about it, as it offers lots of upgrades on the previous version. Among the more notable enhancements is the new range, which was about 100 feet in the previous version. Now it’s up to 300 feet, so you really can perform all over the stage with no trouble while you keep far from the receiver.

This offers a stable and clear transmission for your signals, and you’re able to do simultaneous broadcasts on 4 channels. The built-in rechargeable battery here can play up to 5 hours with a full charge, and your purchase comes with a USB cable for recharging.

The plug of the transmitter can rotate 220 degrees, and it works on a variety of guitars. This can even work for a Stratocaster-style guitar with the vibrato system.

#6 Getaria 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System

 Getaria 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Digital Transmitter Receiver for Electric Guitar Bass

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This one can work for a wide range of instruments, as the ¼-inch plug can rotate by as much as 280 degrees. You can enjoy low latency and noise, with an effective range of about 30 meters and use this at home as the transmission can go through walls at a range of about 13 meters.

You can use 6 sets of this system at once without worrying about interference from one another, while a single transmitter can send signals to several receivers at once.

This has a built-in lithium battery which you can recharge with the USB cable that comes with your purchase. A full charge can give you several hours of uninterrupted wireless playing.

#5 Line 6 Digital Guitar Wireless (Relay G10S)

 Line 6 Digital Guitar Wireless

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This G10S model is different from the G10 listed earlier, and it many ways this is much better. It’s made to work with pedalboards, as it features a tough metal stompbox receiver. The setup is almost automatic, with the system locating and locking on the strongest available wireless frequency once you dock the transmitter into the receiver. Manual frequency selection is possible as well.

This gives you 24-bit audio at a range of up to 130 feet with line of sight. This even has a unique Cable Tone feature that matches the sound and response of an actual guitar cable.

The receiver has a rechargeable battery which lets you play up to 8 hours. That’s much longer than you need for an actual performance, but you’ll like this if you’re practicing with the band the whole day. It even goes into automatic sleep mode when you’re not playing.

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#4 LEKATO Wireless Guitar System

 LEKATO Wireless Guitar System Wireless Guitar Transmitter Receiver Rechargeable 4 Channels Audio Wireless Transmitter Guitar Set for Electric Guitar Bass Violin

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Some of these systems are more expensive than others, but this one is so cheap you might worry that it’s no good. But this works much better than what you’d expect at this price range. You can buy this as your first wireless guitar system and try it out, and you have a 12-month warranty to work with.

You’ll probably be very surprised at how good this works. It works for various instruments as the plug can rotate up to 270 degrees. It supports 4 sets of systems working one-on-one. The sound is fine especially when you’re indoors practicing with 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. The signals go over UHF and the latency is less than 4ms. The rechargeable battery works for about 4 hours, and the charging time takes only 2 hours. This comes with a USB cable that can charge 2 instruments at once.

#3 Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless System 2.4GHz

 Xvive U2 Guitar Wireless System with Rechargeable 2.4GHz Digital Guitar Transmitter and Receiver for Electric Guitar

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This is pocket-sized and foldable, so you can bring it anywhere. The jack can be adjusted so that it can easily fit into your guitar without any annoying protrusions. It works up to 70 feet with the lien of sight, so you can use this outdoors with no trouble.

This gives you 4-channel choices at 2.4Hz for license-free use, and the latency is less than 6ms. You may have trouble with Wi-Fi signals, but you can avoid the problem simply by staying away from them by at least 3 meters. The rechargeable lithium battery gives you about 4 to 5 hours of use.

#2 Shure PGXD14 Digital Wireless System for Guitar

 Shure PGXD14 Digital Wireless System for Guitar/Bass

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Now, this is not more expensive. In fact, it’s about 10 times as expensive as the Lekato on this list! But you sure get your money’s worth starting with the sound quality. Then you also enjoy the automatic frequency selection for an easy setup, plus it’s extremely reliable. This will just work, so you won’t have to worry.

If these aren’t enough, the playing time lasts for 10 hours and you only use 2 standard AA batteries. The range is also outstanding as you can go up to 200 feet away from the receiver. This comes with a bodypack with belt clip features including power, mute, and the battery status, plus a recessed dial with an adjustable gain of 26 db. The interface can even be locked to prevent any accidental change to the settings.

#1 Donner New Version Rechargeable Wireless System DWS-3

 Donner New Version Rechargeable Wireless System DWS-3 Digital Guitar Bass Audio Transmitter and Receiver-Wireless Guitar Systems

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Now, this is both good and affordable, which is a relief for so many of us who aren’t really professional musicians. But this can make you sound like a pro, with fantastic features such a high-quality tone with a delay of merely 2.5ms.

The jack can rotate up to 250 degrees, and that should let you use this for a wide range of instruments. The range is up to 100 feet, with 4 sets that can work simultaneously. A transmitter can also send signals to 3 receivers at once.

This features a rechargeable lithium battery, and you can get a full charge after just 2 hours of charging. This will then give you 6 hours of play and fantastic music.


To make your choice, you need to pick a guitar that offers acceptable tonal fidelity while providing you with the range that lets you move about. It should also be easy to use, so you can concentrate more on playing the guitar and creating your music. With the best wireless guitar system at your side, you should be able to rock the stage and set the music world on fire.

Thank you for spending your time reading our best Wireless Guitar Systems. I hope you one of these best Wireless Guitar Systems is can be your favorite.

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For every guitar enthusiast, today we have come up with best wireless guitar system to make their musical experience more enjoyable and fun. While playing guitar seems very blissful by every guitar player, tacking the different wires and the mess they create brings irritation. This is when a wireless guitar systems comes in handy.

If you are also one of those who loves to play guitar but fed up with correcting the tangling wires, the content below will help you manifold. Here, after carefully reviewing many products in the category, we have come up with top ten best wireless guitar systems to explore. So, check them out and find your favorite piece.

List of Top 10 Best Wireless Guitar Systems in 2019 on

10. Getaria 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System

The wireless guitar system from Getaria is known to fulfill every need of a guitar player. The presence of rechargeable digital transmitter-receiver ensures that it will work correctly for electric guitar bass violin and much more.

Key Features:

  • A perfectly designed audio transmitter and receiver set
  • Transmission range is around 30 meters with ultrashort delay
  • Comprises 1100 mAh lithium battery for long life
  • Support six devices at the same time.
  • 180 degrees rotatable.
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9. Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System

Coming in assorted colors and having a wide range, this wireless guitar system is yet another excellent product to ponder. Every feature of the product is highly enthralling which makes it valuable and best to use by the music players.

Key Features:

  • The 30-meter range makes it perfect to get a better line of sight.
  • 8 hours of battery life
  • Has broad frequency response between 10Hz – 20kHz.
  • Come with transmitter, receiver and other essential accessories.

8. ammoon UHF Guitar Wireless System

With an amazing transmission range for electric guitar bass, the wireless guitar system from ammoon is an excellent product to splurge for every music enthusiast. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery makes it durable that lasts for the longer duration.

Key Features:

  • Anti-interface and provides an ultra-short delay in processing.
  • Can support around four devices at a time.
  • Comes with USB cable to make the charging convenient and simple.
  • . User-Friendly interface and easy to carry.

7. New Version Donner Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System

This is a great wireless guitar system which is perfect for digital guitars. The ideal range and the user-friendly interface, all contribute to making it one potential product to consider. It is equipped with every feature guitar players craves for.

Key Features:

  • High-quality tone and ultra-short delay make it superb.
  • Latency is less than 2.5 cm.
  • Supports around four devices at a time.
  • Long battery life due to the rechargeable lithium battery.

6. Shure GLXD16 Digital Guitar Pedal Wireless System

Shure is known among the guitar players for manufacturing amazing products in the category. Their wireless guitar system is no exception and comprises worthy features. Being a wireless pedal system, the whole product becomes one of the best to consider.

Key Features:

  • Comes with Guitar Pedal Tuner and Receiver which is wireless.
  • Locking thread guitar cable assists in playing.
  • Compatible with four devices at a time.
  • Intelligent frequency management ensures opting to the best frequency.

5. Line 6 Relay G10 Digital Wireless Guitar System

Coming in black color, this is another fantastic wireless guitar system from Line 6 Relay. Perfect range and alluring features make it worthiest of all and an excellent accessory to have by the guitar players. Long battery life ensures you can play without any disturbance.

Key Features:

  • The transmitter is rechargeable.
  • Channels get set up automatically.
  • Passes audio when the transmitter is plugged in.
  • Eight hours of play time.

4. Donner Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System

Donner is a reliable name when it comes with accessories for the musical instruments. The high-quality tone and the ultra-short delay ensures that the player will get an excellent experience of playing the instrument.

Key Features:

  • High-quality tone with ultrashort delay.
  • Latency is 2.5 cm for better sound quality.
  • Rechargeable battery and 2.5 hours as the battery life.
  • 180 degrees rotatable head makes working with this device comfortable and hassle-free.

3. Donner Rechargeable Wireless Guitar System

This is another product from Donner which comes with alluring features and specifications. From the quality of transmitter to the high battery life, all contributes to making it one reliable and highly authentic product to have.

Key Features:

  • High-quality tone and ultra-short delay make it worthwhile.
  • Uncompressed wireless transmitting ensures perfect sound quality.
  • 200 feet range makes it ideal for stage performances.
  • Support three devices at a time.

2. Xvive U2 rechargeable 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar Transmitters

Xvive is well-known among the guitar players for getting wireless guitar transmitters. High compatibility with different devices and the ease of using contributes to making it one must-have product for all to splurge.

Key Features:

  • Comprises 1/4″ transmitter.
  • The user-friendly interface where plug and play are all that is needed.
  • Four channels can be played at a time.
  • Long battery life.

1. Xvive U2 rechargeable 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System

The best in the category of wireless guitar system comes from Xvive which provides a high-grade and top-notch class of accessories to the music players. Coming in grey color, this device is highly compatible and works perfectly in delivering the best musical experience.

Key Features:

  • The range is more than 70 feet with line-0-site outdoors.
  • Latency is less than 6 cm.
  • Broadcasts on four channels for superior performance.
  • Long battery life of 4 to 5 hours.
  • Frequency response is 20 Hz to 20 KHz.

These are some of those wireless guitar systems which are loved by the guitar players profoundly. The ease of using them and the way they make the whole playing process free of hassles, elevate their worth manifolds. So this is the primary reason why they have managed to make a remarkable place in the market and the heart of every guitar player. So, in which product you are investing?

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