Best Wooden High Chairs in 2019 Reviews


Feeding a baby or toddler is one of the most exhausting times for the parents. Almost every kid is a fussy eater and does a lot of bothering while eating. This is when high chairs come to rescue. Long legged and raised to a reasonable height from the ground, they make the child gets seated at quite a heightened position. This ultimately helps the parents to feed the child comfortably. Since high chair such Wooden High Chairs makes the child sit at a high place, the name high chair is given.

High chairs are wide based so that they get maximum sturdiness and stability. Although heavy-metal construction is essential while manufacturing high-chairs, the ones made up of wood are reliable and perfect to use by all. This is the reason why people mostly prefer wooden high-chairs.

Today we have come up with ten best wooden high-chairs of the year. If you are looking for the same, the content below will help manifolds. So check out the products below and find the most suitable piece for yourself.

List of Top 10 Best Wooden High Chairs in 2019 Reviews

10. KegWorks Wooden High Chair

Children's Commercial Wooden High Chair - Best Wooden High Chairs

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Coming from Keg Works this amazing wooden high chair is made up of high-grade wood that makes it highly durable and worthy. From the design of the chair to the presence of every vital feature, all contributes to making it the best to splurge.

Key Features:

  • It is made up of commercial grade wood that enhances its durability.
  • There are safety harness straps in the chair to keep the baby safe.
  • The chair gets stacked for easy storing.
  • The dimensions of the chair are 19 3/4″L x 38 1/4″H x 19 3/4″D.
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9. Costzon Baby Wooden High Chair

Costzon Baby High Chair Wooden Stool Infant Feeding Children Toddler Restaurant Natural

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Coming in natural wood color this wonderful high-chair from Costzon provides a perfect place to make the child sit for happy feeding hours. The solid construction makes the chair sturdy, stable and perfect to use anytime.

Key Features:

  • The chair comprises pyramid design to avoid tipping.
  • The sturdy construction makes the chair highly stable and reliable for the child’s use.
  • Due to the non-toxic finishing, the chair becomes smooth to use.
  • There is adjustable safety harness for maximizing the safety of the child.

8. Guidecraft Espresso wooden Doll High Chair

 Guidecraft Espresso - Dark Cherry wooden Doll High Chair

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The dark cherry color of this fantastic wooden high chair makes it perfect for a child to use it for her dolls. It can comfortably fit 18 inches American dolls to make the playtime more enjoyable and fun.

Key Features:

  • It is made up of high-grade wood to enhance the durability.
  • It easily coordinates with other doll’s accessories to bring more excitement while playing.
  • The clear coat finishing makes it perfect to be used by the child for playing.
  • The assembled dimensions of the chair come out to be 11″W x 11″ D x 24″H.

7. Excellante’ Wooden High Chair

Excellante' Wooden High Chair, Walnut

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Coming from Excellante in Walnut color this high wooden chair seems perfect to use by all. From the use of high-grade materials to the presence of every desirable feature, it becomes one of the most alluring product to splurge.

Key Features:

  • It is made up of commercial grade solid wood to provide stability.
  • The harness straps make the child safe and secure while sitting.
  • It comprises pyramid design to avoid tipping completely.
  • The chair gets cleaned with just one swipe.

6. Winco CHH-101 Wooden High Chair

Winco CHH-101 Unassembled Wooden High Chair

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The natural color of this wooden high chair makes it look highly alluring. Other than the color, the use of high-grade wood and presence of desirable features enhance the worth of the chair manifolds.

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Key Features:

  • It is made up of high-quality rubberwood for an enhanced life.
  • The chair is designed in such a way that it becomes reliable to use for the babies and toddlers.
  • It is sturdy and has a stable base.
  • The chair lasts longer and is highly durable.

5. A sunflower Wooden High Chair

Asunflower Wooden High Chair Adjustable Feeding Baby Highchairs Solution

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Perfect to use for the fussy eaters, this wooden high chair elevate the baby to your height and make the feeding time easy for you and fun for the baby. It comprises adjustable legs and harness for extra support and stability.

Key Features:

  • The chair comprises wooden legs and seats made with PP materials.
  • It is A-shaped chair so that maximum support and stability can be maintained.
  • Due to the presence of 7-stage adjustable footplate, the feeding time becomes fun and enjoyable for the child.
  • The chair is easy to maintain and gets cleaned with a single swipe.

4. Weiketery Wooden Folding Baby High Chair

Wooden Folding Baby High Chair With Tray Adjustable Bamboo Height Chair

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The users love the wooden high chair from Weiketery due to the presence of many desirable features. With the adjustable tray feature, the feeding time becomes enjoyable, and thereby kids finish their meals easily in lesser time and efforts.

Key Features:

  • It is made up of natural bamboo which makes the chair highly reliable.
  • It is recyclable and bio-degradable as well.
  • The presence of one portable booster seat the chair becomes easy to fold and store when not in use.
  • It gets accustomed to three different levels of height for easing the usability.

3. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair With Tray

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The wooden high chair from Abiie is perfect for the babies with the age of 6 months and above. It has the maximum holding capacity of 250 lbs which make it ideal to use. Made up of natural wood and encompassing olive cushion it is one of the best wooden high chairs to splurge.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a tray to keep the meals for easy feeding.
  • One can accustom it to the desired height with almost no efforts.
  • The warranty of three years makes it alluring for the parents to consider.
  • There is dual restraint system for enhancing the quality of the chair manifolds.
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2. Spuddies Wooden High Chair

Spuddies 4 in 1 Deluxe Wooden High Chair

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Coming in light brown color this wooden high chair from Spuddies is a multi-functional chair which can be converted into a high chair, floor seat, booster as well as stand as per the needs. It fulfills the requirements in different ways and thereby one of the most lucrative product.

Key Features:

  • There is a large feeding tray in the chair to make the mealtime happy.
  • For enhancing the safety issues, there is a 5 point harness as well.
  • It gets assembled easily in few minutes.
  • There is extra storage space at the stand.

1. ELENKER Wood Baby High Chair

ELENKER Wood Baby High Chair with Tray

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The best in the category of the wooden high chair comes from Elenker which also makes a perfect to gift to present to the parents. From the use of high-grade materials to the inculcation of every desirable feature, this product has become one of the most promising products to use.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a tray to help to feed the babies easily.
  • The use of natural bamboo makes the chair durable and long lasting.
  • The height of the chair can be adjusted as per the requirement.
  • Due to the compact design and easy to fold feature storing the chair when not in use become possible.

Having one of these wooden high-chairs would not only help you feed the baby easily but also provide a safe and secure place to make him sit. The use of high-grade wood has provided the desired sturdiness and stability to these wooden high-chairs. So if you want to make your purchase lucrative picking one of these would help to fetch the best result. Order your favorite product now.

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