Top 7 Different Eye Colors & What They Say About You

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Do you believe that the eyes are the windows of a person’s soul? We use our eyes to portray emotions and connect with other humans. As soon as you look at someone, you begin making assumptions about their personality and overall being. One of the fascinating things about eyes is that they are so many different variations.

While there are only a handful of different eye colors, there are many different shades of these colors. The color that appears along the iris of your eye will depend on genetics. Depending on the color of your ancestor’s eyes, your potential for having a particular eye color is limited.

So, you will find different ranges of eye colors in various regions around the world. Overall, brown is the most dominant color, but there are plenty of other shades and colors. Some people think that the color of your eyes says something about your personality. As with other factors that you cannot control, such as your astrological sign, some people feel that various iris colors have specific meanings.

What does the color of your eyes say about you? Find out by taking at the list of the top 7 different eye colors and their meaning.

#7 – Brown Eyes

brown eye

Photo by Vanessa Bumbeers on Unsplash

Brown eyes are actually the most common eye color in the world. Though, the exact lightness or darkness of the color can vary. Brown is the dominant color and in some regions it is the only iris color that you will find.

Darker brown irises are typically found in people of Semitic descent, such as the Jewish and Arab populations located throughout the Middle East. Lighter shades of brown are more common throughout Europe, the Americas, and parts of Asia.

People often think of people with brown eyes as being confident and polite, but can have difficulty expressing themselves. Other common personality traits include being independent, caring, creative, and optimistic.

#6 – Hazel Eyes

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are the result of Rayleigh scattering. The inner part of the iris tends to appear brownish, while the outer part of the iris is greener. Though, some people with hazel eyes also notice a shifting of colors depending on the lighting. Hazel eyes are more common with people of Caucasoid descent, especially in areas where there is a mixture of people with blue, brown, and green eyes.

Hazel is a beautiful color that comes across as a mixture of brown and green. Many people associate hazel eyes with elegance and courage. They tend to adapt to different situations easily. Hazel eyes can also appear mischievous or sensual at the same time.

#5 – Gray Eyes

grey eye

Gray eyes are less common, but can be found in various regions of the world and different ethnic groups. The regions with the largest percentage of gray-eyed people include Northern and Eastern Europe. They can also be found in the peoples of smaller areas throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

People with gray eyes are considered naturally dominant and make great leaders. They tend to have a lot of passion and devote themselves to anything that they attempt to accomplish. Despite the dominance that people with gray eyes can exude, they are also thought to be gentle.

#4 – Green Eyes

green eye

Green eyes are similar to blue eyes in the sense that the color you see is not truly the color of the iris. You are seeing the result of the iris reflecting wavelengths of light differently. Originally, people with green eyes were only found in the south Siberian region, dating back to the Bronze Age. They are most common in people of Northern and Central European descent.

Green is a refreshing color and people with green eyes are thought of as a breath of fresh air. If you have green eyes, you may also have a zest for life. People think of you as mysterious and enigmatic, along with vibrant and full of life.

#3 – Black Eyes

black eye

No one has completely black eyes, but very dark brown eyes can appear almost black. People with very dark brown eyes are typically of Jewish or Arab descent, particularly in regions throughout the Middle East.

Due to the dark and mysterious nature of very dark eyes, people with black eyes are considered secretive. Despite their dark and mysterious nature, they are also thought to be very trustworthy and great confidants. They are practical, thoughtful, and hardworking.

#2 – Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are one of the most common eye colors, after brown. Though, technically, there is no blue pigmentation. So, how do the eyes appear blue? Blue eyes have low concentrations of melanin, which changes the way the iris looks. Longer wavelengths are absorbed by the dark underlying epithelium. The shorter wavelengths are reflected and undergo Rayleigh scattering. This causes the blueish color that we see when looking at people with blue eyes.

People with blue eyes are considered thoughtful, kind, smart, and good observers. This is one of the most desired eye colors. Blue eyed people stick to their commitments and are always there for their friends. Full of youth and energy, blue eyed people are great companions.

#1 – Red and Violet

Red and Violet

Red and violet eye colors are among the rarest eye colors. Occasionally, when someone has a severe form of albinism, their eyes may appear red or violet under certain light conditions. This is the result of very low quantities of melanin, which allows the blood vessels to show through. Depending on the lighting in the area, the eyes can appear redder or violet.

What does having red or violet eyes say about you? It says that you are a truly original individual and unique in your own way. You may seek your own path in life and are more likely to be independent and resourceful.

Those are the top 7 different eye colors and what they say about you. Keep in mind, these assumptions about what different eye colors mean about people is purely based on common stereotypes and preconceived notions. This is a natural part of life and we use these assumptions to help us identify with each other and tell each other apart.

What color are your eyes? Do you agree with the personality descriptions? Hopefully, you had fun exploring the top 7 different eye colors and what they say about you.

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