Top 7 Popular Types of Nose Piercings

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Piercings have been a part of different cultures for thousands of years. In fact, human remains dating back more than 5,000 years ago had earrings. References to nose piercings have been in documents from as early as 1500 BC. There are also references to nose piercings in the Bible. Abraham’s servant gave Rebecca a nose piercing.

In Western culture, most forms of body piercing, other than the ears, did not gain any popularity or presence until after World War II and entered mainstream culture in the 1990s.

Depending on where you live or your religious background, the piercing can take on varied significance. In some cultures, piercings can be religious, while in others it is simply an aesthetic or a form of self-expression.

Nose piercing seems to have originated in regions of India, as early as 1500 BC. It is a custom in Hindu culture for women to wear a nose stud, once they reach childbearing age. It is typically placed in the left nostril.

If you have considered getting a nose piercing, you may be interested in learning about the top 7 popular types of nose piercings.

#7 – Vertical Tip

Vertical Tip Piercing

The vertical tip, or rhino, piercing is one of the rarer piercings. The piercing runs vertically through the tip of the nose. The holes are located just above the tip of the nose and just below the tip of the nose.

The only piece of jewelry that really works with the vertical tip is a curved barbell. Due to the difficulty of the piercing and the limited jewelry choices, the vertical tip is one of the least used locations for nose piercings.

#6 – Septril Piercings

Septril Piercings

The septril is located along the very bottom of your septum. It takes time and can be rather painful. Though, this can vary based on your septal cartilage. Septril piercings are not very common, but they have been gaining in popularity in recent years.

A delicate piercing, the septal is typically paired with a small barbell or a small stud. An eyelet is used for the stretched septum. You need to be careful with the care of the skin and area surrounding the piercing to prevent the skin from closing up.

#5 – The Nasallang

The Nasallang

The nasallang piercing is a tri-nasal piercing. It goes through both nostrils along with the septum. Though, on the surface, it appears like to symmetrical nostril piercings.

Typically, a straight barbell is placed through the piercing. This is another piercing that is not entirely common – especially considering the fact that the same appearance can be achieved with two nostril piercings.

#4 – Septum


The septum is a fairly common piercing and has been gaining popularity lately. The actually piercing should be done by someone that has skill with septum piercings. The location is difficult to determine and requires specific knowledge. You need to be able to determine exactly where the septal cartilage begins and ends.

What type of jewelry can you use with your septum piercing? Most people choose captive bead rings or circular barbells. You can try other types of jewelry, but these are the most commonly used.

#3 – Bridge


The bridge piercing is located close to the surface and does not pierce any cartilage or bone. A circular or curved barbell is often chosen to go with the bridge piercing. You have to use caution with the bridge piercing, as migration can occur.

When migration occurs, your skin begins to push the piercing towards the surface of your skin. If this happens, you should remove your jewelry and allow the piercing to heal. Once healed, you can choose to have the bridge pierced again. Despite the potential for migration, the bridge is still one of the top popular types of nose piercings.

#2 – High Nostril

High Nostril

The high nostril is simply a nostril piercing that is located higher along with the nostril. Many people choose this location when they want to additional piercings along with the nostril, for layering piercings.

Since the location is higher than a standard nostril piercing, you are limited in jewelry options. A small l-shaped nose pin is often used; though, you could probably use any small stud, as long as you are careful. Some doctors advise against the high nostril, as it is located closer to your nasal cavity and could potentially interfere with filtration. While your jewelry is in place, you may find that sinus discharge is annoying to deal with.

#1 – The Standard Nostril Piercing

The Standard Nostril Piercing

At the top of the list is the standard nostril piercing. This is the most traditional nose piercing and the earliest known location for a piercing along with the nose. The exact position can vary but is typically located along the upper curve of the nostril. Some people choose to pierce one side or both, but the left nostril is the most common position.

You can use a wide variety of jewelry with a standard nostril piercing. Anything from a nose hoop to a circular barbell. In Hindu culture, women often use a small stud and the piercing is located on the left nostril.

There you have it – the top 7 popular types of nose piercings. After ear piercings, the nose is the most common spot for a body piercing. Both spots have been found in documents and human remains from thousands of years ago. Over time, people have found various positions and locations for piercing, but the standard left nostril piercing remains the top choice.

If you decide to get one or more nostril piercings, think about the different locations. You are not limited to just one option. Also, make sure that you choose someone that has experience with nostril piercings.

At mall kiosks and other spots where ear piercings can be found, the person working there may not have knowledge of all of these locations. A few of the spots require specific knowledge of where the cartilage is located. Not piercing in the exact right spot could result in damage to your nose, septum, or cartilage.

As with any body piercing, there are plenty of types of nose piercings. They can have a cultural, religious, or aesthetic purpose and remain a popular choice for common body piercings.

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