Top 10 Reasons for Legalizing the Death Penalty

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Whether to legalize the death penalty or not has been a concern in many countries worldwide, resulting in its abolishment in most States. Since killing someone is beyond humanity and respect for human life, it resulted in most States rescinding the death penalty. It is a decision that was agreed upon since we live in a humane and a much-modernized life where there is respect for human life. However, legalizing the death penalty plays a crucial role in reducing crime rates since fear is instilled in people, making them do the right thing. Also, for serious crimes like murder, it is only just to erase such offenders from existence, which will prevent a recurrence of such crimes.  Below are the ten main reasons why the death penalty should be made legal.

death penalty

1. The constitution permits the application of the death penalty.

To be more specific, the United States Constitution allows the death penalty to be carried out appropriately and according to the constitution.  In 1960, the death penalty was used not according to the body since it was unusual and cruel. It resulted in the death penalty being rescinded by 1972 and resulted in arbitrary sentencing.

Later on, the death penalty was reinstated effectively by 1977 in Utah, where a person was killed. After testing the need for a death sentence, people saw the need to reformulate it and make it legal. Thirty-six States in the United States reinstated the death penalty since there was no motivation to suspend it. Despite the death penalty facing alot of challenges, the constitution was later approved to lower the crime rate. It is not only punishing the criminal but also making people learn from the consequences of such crimes. Fear of the outcomes is instilled in people, making them behave appropriately.

2. It acts as a way of reducing crime rates.

Over the years, research has been carried out and has proven that legalizing death punishment helps reduce crimes in our society. Studies show that the killing of a guilty murderer spares some lives. Similarly, if no judgment for a liable killer, it is anticipated that more deaths may occur.
Therefore when the death sentence. Many people will also change their behaviors for the better to avoid facing the same trial. On the contrary, if the death penalty ends up being commuted, people feel at ease and relax, and the crime rates tend to rise, putting other people’s lives at risk.

3. A death penalty allows criminals to pay for their actions.

In every action that one takes part in, they should pay the cost by facing the consequences, whether positive or negative. Therefore people opt to do the right thing at the right time, place, and appropriately to elude facing such punishments. Consequences help in maintaining law and order in society. The same case happens to violent criminals charged with serious crimes such as murder should face the consequences of their wrongdoing.

Most people often confuse revenge and retribution. In retribution, one pays a debt they own to the society, which in most cases is in equal amount to the crime they have taken part in, while revenge is a quick reaction that is done by those affected by the crime. Hence death sentence is not a form of revenge but retribution, especially when a person is proven guilty for murder. Because killing the offender, it gives the same impact as taking someone’s life. Therefore, it is appropriate for a murderer to be sentenced to death and not a rapist because the effect of the two is very different. The most appropriate consequence of homicide is the death penalty.

4. A death sentence reduces the financial burden of a country or state.

The research was carried out whose results showed that a death sentence’s overall cost is much lower than the price of one having lifetime imprisonment without temporary parole. Many expenses are resulting in a 2% increase in the total amount per year in life imprisonment. It is because in a life sentence, the trials and appeals for the hearing of your case are high, and the amount that will be used for treatment when one gets sick is still high.

When one is approaching old age, they are predisposed to many underlying conditions and require special treatment. Hence, increasing the cost of living for the individual because of specialized care, good nutrition, and treatment costs. Besides, it saves one the pain and suffering that occurs during old age.

5. It is a way of delivering justice to the victims of the crime.

The death penalty is one way in which the victims of murder and other serious crimes receive justice. Through retribution, criminals pay for their actions, making the victims feel that they have attained the justice they deserve. Without the death penalty, there is no other way to make murders pay for taking someone’s life since no further punishment has the same impact as murder.
When no justice is served in a country or society, it ends up collapsing. Therefore offenders should be held responsible for their actions. Even though having someone killed is not what one wants, murderers make themselves vulnerable to the death penalty when they first took away a life. A death sentence also offers psychological support to the victims. Since the victims become relieved, knowing that justice has is served for their loved ones.

6. The death penalty is a way of protecting society.

Criminals, especially murders, should be given a death sentence because they put others’ lives at risk once alive. The guards in prisons, other prisoners, and the community have their lives endangered once a murderer is kept alive. Some murderers have blood on their hands such that taking away another life to them is not a struggle; thus, they should be assassinated to ensure the members of the community are secure.

The prisoners, community, and guards have their life at risk in the following ways. For the guards, the offenders may assault them and may end up killing or hurting them. Prisoners who live with such criminals are at risk since most of the time, they live together in prison and may end up annoying each other. The one imprisoned due to murder may become very aggressive and fight the other prisoner to death or badly injuring them. If, by chance, the criminal escapes from prison, the life of members of the community are at risk. Hence the best way to avoid the illegal being a threat once more is through a death sentence.

7. It is the only rational punishment for crimes such as murder.

Most people argue that only God has the right to take away human life, which is true since human life is sacred. However, murders go beyond humanity, resulting in them facing a death sentence to hold them responsible for a crime they committed. And because they chose that path for themselves, they too deserve to be assassinated.

The most appropriate way of ensuring such criminals pay for their crimes is by killing them. Because the weight and impact felt for having killed someone cannot be relieved by any other form of punishment if it were for other ordinary crimes, a second chance when they are sorry for what they did and are ready to change.

8. Offers the victims a chance to move on

Irrespective of the facility that a murderer is being held captive, the victims still feel insecure because the criminal may, by chance, escape from prison. After this, they may begin threatening the victims for being imprisoned and may want revenge, thus putting the victim’s life at risk. Hence a death punishment is the only way to assure the victims that they are secure since they get convinced that the offender will not return.

When making any decision involving such a case, the victims’ rights should always lead, followed by those of the criminal. The law should not grant the offender the freedom to harm other prisoners without doing anything wrong. Similarly, they should not be allowed to make threats to the community, mostly the victim’s family members.

9. A death sentence ruled out according to one’s race.

One is convicted for a death sentence with less consideration of their race since they have committed the crime irrespective of being white or black. There was an argument that if a white was found guilty for the murder of another white or black, the punishment was only a death sentence, but if it was a black was found guilty, they were not killed. Later on, these allegations were false because both the white and the black were all judged evenly, and if found guilty of a murder crime, they were given the death penalty.

After a study was carried out, those arguments were wrong because one was killed. After all, that is what they deserved after being found guilty and not because of their skin color. Hence legalizing the death penalty will give no one a chance to be accountable for their actions simply because they are of a certain race.

10. Death sentences are not judged according to your social class.

This argument of one being given a death sentence because of their social class is similar to discussing one being given the death penalty due to their race. Since the poor cannot afford trained lawyers, they lose the case because they cannot handle such cases. But this is not the case in recent years because the cases involving murder are allocated unqualified attorneys with little skills and are also compensated. Therefore they cannot protect you if you committed a crime. The kind of judgment made is passed in the type of evidence provided and correct, but not according to the social class.

Also, today, the advancement in science has occurred, which helps in reducing mistakes during conviction. In most cases, when a death sentence is passed, it is usually final, and it cannot be avoided. It makes many people fear this form of judgment since one may be convicted of murder but maybe due to mistakes that may occur during conviction that leads to one being killed. However, there is no room for such errors in a judicial system since one is protected from being given a death penalty that they do not deserve. Additionally, a high standard of proof is needed, and the judges take the case seriously, ensuring no errors when passing the judgment.

Suppose the person who has been convicted for the death penalty is not satisfied with the judgment they are allowed to appeal to the high court, and the cost of the appeal is funded. Here most of them are likely to relieve their death sentence rather than continuing with the death sentence. Evidence can now be obtained from minor samples due to improvements that have occurred in the field of science. Hence ensuring that no one can be convicted of a crime, they did not commit.

The final judgment is passed after considering whether the evidence is believable by the judges and what evidence technology has proved to be true. It ensures no mistakes that might result in a wrongful conviction.

Wrapping Up

Allegations that most death penalties are given to someone because of their race or social class is false. But the judgment is made according to the evidence provided, which still undergoes some steps to ensure it the truth and is directly involving the offender before a final decision is made. Therefore, the death penalty is necessary and crucial, and it should be legalized to ensure criminals such as murders take responsibility for their actions. Apart from helping victims attain justice and move on with their life without worries or fear, the death penalty also prevents re-offending, which ends in putting people’s lives at risk.

However, if one is given a death sentence, one should not be exposed to a severe form of death, including being electrocuted and given lethal injections. It subjects the offender to a lot of pain and suffering. The offender should receive a painless death, which should be carried out by injecting some drugs that enable them to fall asleep, reduce the heart rate, and eventually cause death.

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