12 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

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When astronomers look for signs of life on other planets the first thing they search for is water because water is necessary for life. A human will typically die after three to four days without water. This is because our bodies are made up of about 65% water, and every cell in our body needs it to function properly. How do you know if you are getting enough H2O? Your body may send you some of the following 12 tell-tale signs:

Drinking Enough Water

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12 – Your Lips are Cracked and your Skin is Dry

You have applied ChapStick and lotion but still, look like you’ve been rolling in chalk. Your body needs more water. Hydrating from inside is just as important at hydrating from the outside. Dehydration is one of the number one causes of dry lips and skin. Drink water to deter dryness.

11 – You are Struggling to Lose that Extra Weight

Water keeps your metabolism cranking. It’s like a fat-burner in a bottle. When you increase your water intake, you help your body to burn calories more efficiently. On another note, lack of water makes you feel hungry when in fact you are actually thirsty. Drink some water before you gobble down high-calorie snacks. It may just solve two problems. Here is a fun way to calculate just how much you should be drinking based on your activity level. Try CamelBack’s hydration calculation: http://www.camelbak.com/en/HydratED/HydrationCalculator.aspx

10 – You get Charlie Horses and Other Muscle Cramps

Water helps keep your electrolytes, potassium, and sodium levels in harmony. Changes in electrolyte, potassium, and sodium levels due to lack of water can cause your muscles to seize, resulting in painful cramps. This is especially true when your body loses water through sweat. Whether it’s hot or cold outside….hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

9 – You get Urinary Tract Infections

Not drinking enough water is a trigger for a urinary tract infection or UTI. If you are not urinating at least four times per day, you could be setting yourself up for a very unwanted UTI. Water plays an important role in flushing out bad bacteria that would otherwise collect in your urinary tract. Eight glasses per day keep the bacteria away.

8 – You Can’t Go #2

When you can’t “go” you may think of running to the convenience store for laxatives, but the real problem may be your water intake. Water aids in digestion and keeps your intestines lubricated. When the intestines aren’t lubricated they soak up additional water from your digested food when it’s on the way out. This causes the stool to harden and compact thus causing constipation.

7 – Your Wrinkles are Poppin’

As you age, it is even more important to stay hydrated, especially if you want to stave off wrinkles. In the later years of our lives, our bodies have a difficult time retaining moisture. This leads to dehydration, and then the wrinkles pop out much to our dismay. Wrinkle reduces with water from the inside to have a beautiful exterior!

6 – Your Bad Breath Lingers

We need saliva to keep bad bacteria at bay in our mouths. We can’t produce saliva without drinking adequate amounts of water because water is vital in the production of saliva. When our mouths get dry, the bad bacteria are offered an optimal place to thrive because there isn’t enough saliva with its anti-bacterial qualities to flush it away.

5 – Your Body Temperature is Irregular

Water helps regulate our body temperature through sweating and respiration. Your body uses water to produce sweat to cool you off and to keep internal organs from overheating. It is especially important to guzzle water if you work hard and play hard outside. When you don’t drink enough your body can’t regulate its temperature resulting in symptoms such as feeling too hot or too cold, cramps, rapid heart rate, dizziness, and excessive fatigue. This could lead to a heat stroke which is very compromising to your health and could result in death.

4 – Yawn! You’re Exhausted

Over 70% of Americans do not drink enough water on a daily basis. Many people blame exhaustion on lack of sleep and don’t realize that lack of water can be the culprit. This is because when your body realizes you are not giving it enough water, it wants to slow you down to prevent further dehydration. Boot your energy with H2O!

3 – You had Muscles Last Week! Where Did They Go?

Lack of water can lead to decreased muscle mass. Our muscles need water to contract, and Bodybuilding.com reported that now studies are showing that without enough water to fill muscle cells during workouts, you are at risk of losing muscle volume as well. In essence, if you are trying to build muscle in the gym, you better feed their thirst! Take your water jug in the gym with you to stay hydrated and so you don’t lose your bench by walking to the water fountain.

2 – Your Urine has Never Been that Color Before

Have you ever looked at your urine in the toilet only to find it super dark and concentrated? Bleck! This means you must drink more water. Your urine should be light in color. To get your urine color back to normal, drink water throughout the day. Keep water at your desk or find a nice water bottle to tote around with you. Before gym time or outdoor exercise drink two cups and then drink throughout the workout.

1 – You Can’t Quench Your Thirst

This is the first symptom of dehydration! Don’t ignore it. You should have been drinking that H2O throughout the day, even when you didn’t feel thirsty. At this point, you definitely need to be finding an ice-cold glass of refreshing water! So, what are you waiting for? You’re done reading this article; go get some water!

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