26 Things Every New Parents Need to Buy

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The delivery of a child is a joyous moment for every parent. It is the desire of every parent to see genuine smiles on the face of their child – one that signals satisfaction. Parenting, therefore, is one that demands to become responsible for a new face in the home – and you sure want to do this in the best possible way. There are a few things that should be in place as you expect that little bundle of joy so you are well prepared in advance.


Photo by Ana Tablas on Unsplash

#1 Stroller

A comfortable, easy to move stroller would help you move your baby around anywhere you go. It is better to use a lightweight, collapsible stroller – it will come in handy in the long run.

#2 Good Stack of Diapers

A good stock of diapers is a need – notwithstanding the type, whether it is a cloth diaper or a disposable one. It is best to always have a good quantity at home to avoid running out of diapers at odd hours.

#3 A Diaper Bag

A stylish, multi-purpose, diaper bag that can serve as your bag while comfortably carrying your baby’s gear is ideal. With the many pockets of the diaper bag, everything you need is safely in the bag.

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#4 Baby Carrier

Carrying your baby around will become an easier task with this invaluable item. You would want to purchase one that is comfortable to wear with easily adjustable straps on your hips and shoulders so you evenly distribute the effect of the weight.

#5 A Travel Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow may not easily come to mind. However, you would not want to feel uncomfortable nursing your tot while traveling. An adjustable nursing pillow that can easily fit into your travel bag is a great addition to your baby collection.

#6 Nursing Wears

A nursing mom should have fashionable nursing wears that will allow her to feel good while ensuring she and her baby are covered if there is a need to breastfeed in public.

#7 A Safe Car Seat

Baby Car Seat

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Without much saying, this is a great addition. It is even more vital to consider the safety of the baby seat you want to purchase as the comfort and safety of your baby are your top priority.

#8 Disposable Sanitizers

You have to always be conscious of your baby’s surroundings especially their immediate table. With disposable table sanitizers, you can easily wipe off any dirt and dispose of them. This will help you get rid of germs and keep your baby healthy.

#9 Sleep Swaddler

Asleep swaddle ensures your baby is well wrapped, warm and without any troublesome fasteners to restrain movement.

#10 A Sleep Sack

A baby could get out of a swaddle blanket but you can be sure they are protected with a sleep sack. It provides total coverage for the baby and also makes them feel comfortable. This is recommended for babies that move more vigorously while sleeping.

#11 Laundry Detergent

A baby’s skin is very sensitive. It is, therefore, necessary to use organic detergents to prevent any adverse reactions to your laundry detergent.

#12 A High Chair

You would not want to leave your baby out alone while you are set on the dining. Your little should feel right in the mix and a high chair helps you achieve that. You could use it at home, at restaurants and it could serve as a travel chair.

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#13 A Baby Swing

You would not always be available to pay close attention to your baby so you need to put arrangements in place to keep your kid busy. While you are trying to get your laundry done, fix something to eat, or clean up the house, your baby should also feel busy – without distracting you. A baby swing is a priceless partner.

#14 A Baby Crib

With the baby crib, your baby is not only safe, but they also provide the perfect height for them to stand, play, and even chomp away on. It is important though, to get a rail guard to prevent your kid from teething on the rails.

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#15 Teething Toys

It is almost normal for babies to bite away on just anything they can lay their hands on. With a soft, natural rubber, non-toxic teether, your baby would be busy and happy.

#16 Travel Lap Tray

Along with a stroller, you can get a lap try – which is similar to regular trays to fix up your baby’s food or set up toys for play. It is especially important for travel. With this lap tray, your baby will hardly feel the stress of travel as they will be occupied for as long as the journey lasts.

#17 Knee Pads

When kids learn to crawl, their knee is always at the receiving end. With crawling knee pads, you ensure nothing happens to their knees while they go on exploring as much as they would enjoy.

#18 Construction Toys

Once your baby has developed to some level, a beautiful house toy, plate utensils, and car toy could feel attractive. If you get them these toys, they would keep on learning and developing their thinking caps as they grow until they finally solve the puzzle.

#19 Formula Dispensers and Sterilizer

You could store milk in a formula dispenser to make feeding a lot easy – and this is normal. However, you need to make sure these bottles are in top condition. You can also store these bottles in special bags to keep them safe and clean.

#20 Footed Pajamas

For the first few weeks after delivery, your baby could easily mess up their wear. You would not want to spend over ten minutes dressing your kid up with beautiful wears to get it messed up the next minute. Pajamas come in handy – easy wear, also easy to remove and your baby is also very comfortable in this.

#21 A Digital Thermometer


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In the first few weeks of your baby’s life, you may be faced with taking care of fever frequently. A rectal digital thermometer will give you an accurate reading of your baby’s temperature – even more precisely than ear and forehead thermometers.

#22 A Nail Clipper

Baby nails can grow really fast and they will definitely scratch you up a few times! Care, however, needs to be taken to ensure you are accurate with getting a fine grip on the tiny fingers.

#23 A Baby Food Maker

You can actually avoid purchasing pre-made baby foods in superstores with a baby food maker. It gives your baby a fresh, preservative-free food at the comfort of the home.

#24 A Baby Diary

Here’s one very important book many parents already regret not starting with. You could record daily notes the things the baby does – a treasure they will grow to cherish.

#25 Infant Bath Tub

When the baby bath tool fits into the bathtub, it makes bathing your little cutie all the more fun. Adjustable bathtubs are also ideal as they can fit into a small bathroom space.

#26 Baby Socks

This is definitely a must-have to ensure your baby feels comfortable and warm.

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