– How to Find People with ZabaSearch in 2021

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The ZabaSearch platform scraps the publicly available data across the web and combines it in a database. People can access and search this database with the help of its search features which are accompanied by a few clicks of buttons. You can use this service without any charge to find people or their addresses or phone numbers. Stick to this article to learn more about How to Find People with ZabaSearch.

ZabaSearch is a prevalent tool that is used to find people without spending your fortune. With this platform, you can find contact information of people across the US. The information could vary, depends on your needs and available data. It can include their names, phone numbers, addresses, businesses addresses, ages, and more. Besides, the platform also provides you premium services like the background check, for which you need to pay a nominal charge.

According to some statistics, ZabaSearch holds three times more listings as compared to white pages or other major information platforms. The best part is, there is no registration required, you can start searching your required information in no time.

What you can find on ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch contains enough inclusive information that lets you know where a person lives in the US. Some specific information like phone numbers and other particulars depend on the availability which may vary from person to person.

How do you get it on ZabaSearch


When you start a search on ZabaSearch with a person’s name, you come up with a list of people along with an option to view their full specifics. You can choose from the list, after selecting a specific person, you will see his/her address, contact number, and age, along with a map leading you to his/her residence. Also, when you open up a profile for a specific person, you will find here the option of “more information”. You can explore more about a person’s specifics by using this option. This layer of deep information includes the person’s other phone numbers, public records, and property archives. To access this extra information, you need to pay some amount through another website Intelius, which is the ZabaSearch’s partner company.

Free vs Premium ZabaSearch

The simplest is the free method through which you can use a person’s name to find free available related data. Here you can limit or filter your search for a particular state or area. For instance, if you are looking for a person living in LA, simply put his name and select LA from the list available on the ZabaSearch homepage. Otherwise, you can use the phone number of a specific person to find the related information.

There is another way which is used for deep search by accessing the premium features of this platform. To go premium, you will be redirected to the ZabaSearch’s partner site Intelius. Here you can pay and get the additional phone numbers of the person. You can also do a background check by looking into public records. Premium charges vary from search to search. If you need information about social networks, it will cost you around $1. Alternatively, looking into public records for a person’s marriage or divorce history will price up to $2. If you want to go deeper into a person’s criminal records, judgments, and lawsuits, you need to pay around $40.

Is the source of ZabaSearch reliable

It is not completely defined by where this platform collects this information. But the company claims that it has access to a broad range of public records. Also, the company does not edit or update the information in real-time, instead, it keeps on adding additional information as a sperate entity. For instance, if a person changes his address over a while, the ZabaSearch does not over-write it but adds the new addresses along with the existing ones. Moreover, the site allows you to remove your profile from its database through simple available options. You need to fill out your information form along with your email address, and it will take up to seven days to get your data off the records.

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